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OLD Subject: William S. Bigelow family
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 16:36:43 -0700
From: "pat HARTSUFF" < virtuallynuts@msn.com >

I am in search of a William S. Bigelow spouse and dates unknown. What I do know is he had a son Earl E. who married to Elizabeth Henrietta Fuhlendorf. They in turn had a son named Howard Russel born 1920 (still living) who had a son Russel Duane (deceased) b. 12 Mar 1945 Stratton, Ks died 21 Feb 1992 West Richland, Benton County, Wa. who in turn had my son in law Ronald, who I am searching this line for. Ron was told by his father that they were related to Bob Ford of the Jesse James gang and that they were also of Indian descent. This is about all the info on this family that I have other tan some spouse and children.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you ahead of time,
Pat Hartsuff
Still looking for possible family..................ROD (see below)
Database has an Earl Eliphaz Bigelow, b 10 July 1898; d 05 Mar 1964; m Elizabeth Henrieta Fuhlendorf (b 27 July 1890)
No parents given for either; They had following children:
1. Floyd Byron, b 22 Sept 1915; d ___ ; m Ruth E. Lusby; 1 child: MaryBeth
2. Howard Russell, b 23 May 1917; d __ ; m Elendor R. Southard (1922-1966); 4 child.: Ronald, Joyce, Russell Duane? and Pameliah;
3. Alma, b 15 Jan 1919; d __ ; m Wilbert A. Becker; 3 children:
4. Louise Alta, b 26 Sept 1920; d __ ; m Gerth A. Dykes; 4 children;
5. Burl (twin), b 04 Jan 1925; d 08 Jan 1925;
6. Merl (twin), b 04 Jan 1925; d 23 Feb 1925;
7. Rose Anna, b 29 Nov 1927; d ___ ; m Gerald Eugene Tubbs; son Gerald jr. m Jody Cleghorn;

Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 09:47:29 -0400
From: "Fran" <fpittman@techwarrior.net>
Dear Rod:
I am so delighted to have found the family web site. As I am a novice at genealogy, your site has been a terrific resource! My line comes down through Andrew (6) Bigelow. His daughter, Mary Bigelow (15133.27), marries John Norcross in 1818. Their daughter, Anne Mary Norcross , marries Joab Woodward in 1858. Their daughter, Ida May Woodward marries my great- grandfather, Edwin E. Johnson in 1886. The rest is history!
As I am a member of a DAR chapter, I plan to do a supplemental for Andrew, as he served in the Revolutionary War.
Would love to have copies of source documentation (including title pages) for Andrew Bigelow and his first wife, Sarah Fawcett, for their births, date of marriage, and their deaths. If you know of anyone who has this information available, please let me know and I will contact them. As I collect more on this line, I will send it to you to be added to the Bigelow history.
Again, it is truly my pleasure to be completing another branch of the family tree!
Fran Pittman
642 Bonneau Lane
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
see and61332.htm .....................ROD

Received an advertisement for a Cemetery Records book for Arlington, FL area that includes the Bigelow Plantation cemetery. Offer is on link below:
cemhist6.htm ...................ROD

Eli Lovejoy Bigelow first appears on the U.S. census as head-of-household in 1840, as a young married man in Onondaga county, NY. In 1850 he was living at Cazenovia, Madison county, NY, with wife and two children. Eli had been born 22 Oct 1812 or 13 "in Massachusetts". A blacksmith by trade, he next moved to Yates City, Knox county, IL, where they were ennumerated in 1860, with one more child, born Illinois. The last child was born at Elmwood, Peoria county, IL, and there Charles and his wife remained until their deaths. His wife, Mary Ruth Long, daughter of Nehemiah and Sarah A. (Rouse) Long, was born 20 May 1820 at Pompey, Onondaga county, NY, and died Aug 1891 at Elmwood,IL. Charles died Jan 1890 at Elmwood0 They had four children in all:
i Edward, born ca 1845 Pompey, NY; died ca 1867 KS; marriage unknown,
ii Oldis or Elice C., born ca 1849 IL(male).
iii Ada R., born 1851 Elmwood, IL.
iv George Huggins, listed as 2nd child, born Pompey, IL on census, but de­scendants give birthdate 5 Aug 18_5_3_; died 6 Apr 1922 Hawcreek twp, Knox co, IL; married 15 Aug 1872 Ruth Belle Selby. 4 children. Again, descendants would like to find their lineage,
if you have an proof of descent from John Biglo, send email to ROD

Subject: Old Bible
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006
From: "Roger Bigelow" < biggie55@adelphia.net >

Rod, I am Roger Bigelow My dad was Harry Bigelow born in Thomson Ohio in 1900 of, Arther and Emma, He then moved to Canton around 1922 and Married Thelma Volzer. My sister Dorothy born 1923 and I was born in 1935. He had a brother George who remained in Thomson and had a son Arthur, a sister Verna who married Harry Cox in Canton, Ohio
I have attached some old Bible inserts that may have some connections. I am not very good at this, but do have some interest.
Thank You
See ..../rod8/lea83339.htm.......................ROD

Subject: Loring Bigelow, past president and editor:
Loring Bigelow has been in the hospital for almost two months after suffering a severe heart problem.
Loring is out of the hospital and recuperating at home. He has a care person who is with him and
Louise 24/7 and takes care of both of them as Louise is not in the greatest
shape. He had quite a struggle in the hospital and it sounds like they almost
lost him. He and Louise will both be 89 this year so his recovery will take some
I'm sure he would appreciate hearing from anyone
who would care to write. His postal address is:
386G Avenida Castilla
Laguna Woods, CA  92637-3777

New Note 01/17/06:
Hi Rod,
My great great grandmother was Mary Howe Bigelow, sister of Horace Bigelow of Worcester and White City. I have been told that he commissioned portraits of his five sisters (Electa, Cordelia, Mary, Anne and Ada) and that they hung in his roller skating rink at White City. Was it called Bigelow Gardens?
In 1982, the portrait of Electa was owned By Marjorie Field, late of Oregon. The portrait of Mary was owned by Dr. Richard Evans of Cleveland, and the portrait of Cordelia hung in the house where she lived and later owned by Willard Wheeler in Berlin, MA.  I have often wondered where Anne and Ada are! I have old Polaroids of the pictures of Electa and Mary. I would love to hear from anyone with more information about the portraits, and Mary Howe Bigelow in particular.
Regards, Bill
William Drury                                   Opera
Chelmsford, MA                              Railroads
wdrury@alum.mit.edu                      Genealogy
see ../rod8/hor82429.htm ........ROD

FROM: Lee Ann Hager hleeann@adelphia.net

Hello Mr. Bigelow,
My name is Lee Ann Hager and I have been researching some of my family history. It seems our lines share a common thread as my great grandparents are Samuel David and Renia Jane Bigelow.
I had run into lots of difficulty with the Bigelow line as my grandmother, Cylvesta Bigelow Marcum, could not remember much about her grandparents other than their names. I was very excited to see your page and be able to contact some folks who left information.
I wonder if any more information has been discovered about Renia Jane Thompson? Likewise, I have information on Samuel and Renia's children both from my grandmother and from the 1930 US census (you have listed three children, but I'm not sure Lewis is one of them):
Sons: Samuel, Earl, Grover, Lawrence and daughters: Cylvesta, Oray, and Virginia.
My grandmother is Cylvesta. I'm wondering if your reference to Lewis Thompson could be Renia Jane's father as his name was Lewis Thompson and his mother was named Betty (information from my grandmother).However, I do not have Betty's maiden name. Could this be they Betty Lee Bush you mentioned?
Again, any information is appreciated. Lee Ann Hager
see /rod9/geo96111.htm ............................ROD

From: Linda Smith  <  smit8698@bellsouth.net
I found your posting on the internet.  Thanks for the interesting information!  I have a question.  You wrote, "
Hannah (Washburn) Ackerly She was born 11 October 1810, according to Bible inscriptions."
   Do you perhaps have a copy of the Bible inscriptions?  Are there any of the Washburn family in it?  I am a descendant of Thomas Washburn; I believe that he was a brother of Hannah's.  I also believe that they were children of Jonathan Washburn and Hannah Drake, but I am hard pressed to be able to prove it.  If you are aware of any family Bible records anywhere I surely would appreciate knowing about them!  Jonathan Washburn was a Mayflower descendant.   Thanks
Linda Smith
Nashville, TN 
see zad63378.htm ......................................ROD

From: Richard Tunstall    rltunst@charter.net

Rod, unfortunately, my uncle, Folger Bigelow passed away in Lynchburg, VA - his father was Louis Bigelow and his grandfather was D F Bigelow. His daughter, Judy Bigelow Leslie and her two children Rick and Teri arranged the memorial service December 3, 2005. My two brothers (David and Dan), Dan's wife Jo, our cousin (Fran Gragg) and Folger's sister, Adele Gragg were able to attend the service. Folger was very intelligent, had a tremendous sense of humor, loved sports, was an avid tennis player and was a great ballroom dancer with his wife Ruth. We admired him greatly and he will certainly be missed. see /rod8/lou86333.htm ............................ROD
Also, In our local paper this morning, they had an article about Cindy Bigelow, the new president and granddaughter of the Bigelow Tea Co originator, R C Bigelow. Is she any relation to us?  see /rod8/wal86681.htm .....................ROD

12/17/05 From: Ray Iddings   ray@3rocks.org
I found a note on your website (http://bigelowsociety.com/rod/charles8.htm) stating:
Charles' journal records that he continued with bricklaying in San Francisco, then in 1867 worked at the New Idria quicksilver mine in Santa Clara county. >From 1867 to 1877 he was partner in a business (perhaps dry goods) on Battery Street in San Francisco. After selling his share in the business, he again returned to bricklaying, working on the San Francisco Customs House, and at jobs in Vacaville, Valley and Millbrae. He also built a house in the Mission District of San Francisco.” 
You also mentioned that Charles keep a journal of important events in his life. Could please share copies of the portion of his journal regarding Idria? I am president of the New Idria Preservation Project and very interested in discovering early document information about Idria.

Thank you,
Ray Iddings
New Idria Historical Proservation Project

Three Rocks Research

142 Iowa Drive
Santa Cruz, Calif., 95060
see link above .........................................ROD

I have recently updated many links with pictures of subjects, cemetery stones, and new info.
See links below::...ROD 12/22/05



From: Sandy   Sandbugee@aol.com
Date: 11/20/05
can you tell me where you got the names of lavina bigelow  the ones i have are nathan bigelow and abigail cary.. thanks
Sorry, that info was copied incorrectly. (see lavinia7.htm).....................ROD

From:Elaine Sortors   gmalaine@juno.com
Date: 11/22/05
Dear Mr. Bigelow
I am trying to trace some family members. I found a Sidney Augustus
Biegelow who was born in Somerset, Skowhegan, Maine, but could not find
any other information. Is this person one of your relatives, and if so
would you be willing to share any information you have?
Thank you,
Elaine Sortors
Crete NE
need help..................ROD

From: William Schutt  < wschutt@Rochester.rr.com > 
Date: 08/20/05Hi Rod I found this obituary of Harriet Bigelow in an old
book of clipping that had been packed away.  My Father has three big
suitcases full of stuff that I am slowly going thru.
take care Bill Schutt

see har72451.htm ......................................ROD

Subject: Marietta Bigelow
Phyllis Critz   <pcritz@sccoast.net>
Date: 08/20/2005
I understand the numbering system is the order of the children being born.  Olive and Owen are reversed.
  Olive Decker is the 2nd child of Marietta and Elmer Decker.  Her number should be: 
15336.54392 Olive Mae Decker.

15336.54393 Owen Decker

2.  15336.54394 is Wellington Decker.  You also show the same number for Elizabeth Ash. 
Elizabeth is the 4th child of Olive Mae Decker and Herbert G. Ash.  I believe her number then should be 15336.54392.4
Also under Elizabeth Ash and Edward Mikulich:  a daughter Phyllis Irene born 11 June 1936 in Wetmore, MI. Married (1) Joe W. Holman; (2) Donald Eugene Critz;  A son Edward Jack 18 Sep 1942 - 22 Sep 1942.
I don't think the step children names need to be shown.  They were all grown adults of this marriage. 
(Phyllis Irene Mikulich info will be listed in another area) 
Let me know if the above numbering system can be changed.
Thanks Phyllis.
see /rod9/mar95439.htm .....................................ROD

Note 08/02/05:

From: Brandon Killion  onewayout12@aol.com
Hello my name is Brandon Killion and I would like to give you some information so you could update your web site. My great-grandfather is Robert Morgan Bigelow, son of James Morgan Bigelow. Robert Bigelow died 25 Nov 1991 and he married Barbara Jean Webster and they lived in Long Beach, CA. I don't know if you post information on living individuals but I could give you just names. My grandmother (still living) is Robert Morgan Bigelow's daughter, Karol Bigelow and her 2 siblings are Janet Bigelow and Beverly Bigelow.
see /rod8/jam8321b.htm ...................................ROD

From: Rod
28 July 2005
I recently scanned souvenir booklet by Ella A. Bigelow of Marlboro, MA. This is the "Hide and Go Seek Home" of Gershom 6, Lambert 7, and Edward Lambert 8 Bigelow, etc. This was prompted by email below.................................ROD
From: Ryan Freedman" <  jrprince77@hotmail.com  >
Date: 07/26/05
I live in Marlborough MA, bought my house from a Bigelow.  The house has
been in the Bigelow family since they built it in the 1800's.  I found a
bunch of stuff in the crawl space that I just donated to the Marlborough
historical society.  But I still have access to it and have scanned in
pictures of some of it too if you are interested.
I found your website exptremely helpful in researching the people associated
with the stuff I found so I'd like to provide you with whatever info you
would like.  It appears that the people who lived in this house started with
Lambert (15182.47), then E.L. (15182.477), then George L. (could be Lambert
George, 15182.4772 ??), then his son Edward F who is not on your site born 1911.
see links above.................................................ROD

Name:  Jacque.... California
E-Mail:  jjaqpot@aol.com
Hi Rod,
Would you have any information on the John Fuller Mitchell the son of Irene Bigelow and Joseph Mitchell.

John Fuller Mitchell married my great grandmother Elizabeth A. Rossen in 1860
Cass County, Illinois, she had been a widow. They had two children born in
Roodhouse, Greene County, Illinois. Henry Mitchell born 1861 and Wilhemina
Mitchell born 1864.
This family is one of my brick walls.
Thank you for your time.

nothing from me, see ire72322.htm ......................................ROD

From: Frank M. Jackson   fjackson@tampabay.rr.com
Date: 14 July 2005 snail mail
I found your web site listing for Jerome Bigelow who married Luella Fletcher on 18 Feb 1868. The listing buts her birth date as 25 March 1838. This is almost certainly incorrect. I have the Fletcher family Bible and it lists her birth as 25 March 1847. Also her brothers journal for 1860 during which year she is a child and not an adult, which she would be if born in 1838.
My information on her mother, Olive Jane (Hunt) Fletcher, is very sketchy. If you have good information about her ancestry, I would be glad to have it......Frank
see jer79888.htm ..............................................ROD

Plattsburgh Press Republican: Obituaries: 3/18/05
Ruth D. Davis
Peru — Ruth D. Davis, 90, of Route 22, Peru, died peacefully Wednesday, March 16, 2005, at her home.
She was born in Moira, May 1, 1914, the daughter of Hiram Benson and Lydia (Bigelow) Drake.
She was a teacher at Peru Central School for many years.
Survivors include her daughter and son-in-law, Carol and Glenn Gallagher of Peru; and nine nieces and nephews, Sharon Rockhill, John "Jack" McKane, Charles "Chuck" McKane, Joan Pelkey, Robert Drake, Verne Davis, Nancy Orton, Ruth Pasqualle and Susan Chocianowski.
She was predeceased by her parents; and her husband, Kenneth F. Davis, Jan. 20, 1997; a brother, Raymond W. Drake; and two sisters, Marion W. Drake and Gladys D. McKane.
Calling hours will be held Friday from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. at the Hamilton Funeral Home in Peru. A funeral service will be held Saturday at 1 p.m. at the Peru Community Church with Rev. Dr. Robert Svenson, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in the spring in the Port Douglas Cemetery.
Donations in her memory may be made to the Peru Community Church or Hospice of the North Country.
see /rod9/lyd92263.htm ......................................................ROD

Plattsburgh Press Republican: Obituaries: 5/27/04
Clarence Bigelow
Westport — Clarence Bigelow, 85, of Horace Nye Home and formerly of Westport, died Tuesday, May 25, 2004.
He was born Sept. 27, 1918, in Westport, N.Y., the son of Henry and Anna (Mayo) Bigelow.
He was a member of the local Coachmen Club, Bessboro Ski-ters Snowmobile Club, Westport Fish and Game and the carpenter's local since 1954.
He served his country in the U.S. Navy during World War II and also served as a member of the Essex County Fair Board and was a model railroad enthusiast.
He is survived by three daughters, Kay Legacy of Westport, Janet Cowin of Port Henry and Bonne Daniels of Plattsburgh; one son, Jay Bigelow of Plattsburgh; one sister, Eleanor Sabol of Georgia; a sister-in-law,
Gladys Bigelow of Horace Nye Home; ten grandchildren; nine great - grandchildren; three stepgrandchildren; seven stepgreat-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews, including a special nephew, Vernon Lewis of Westport.
He was predeceased by his wife of 58 years, Shirley Bigelow; a sister, Esther Shepardson; and a brother, Gordon Bigelow.
Calling hours will be held Friday, May 28th, from 2 to 3 p.m. at W.M. Marvin's Sons Funeral Home in Elizabethtown. A funeral service will be held at 3 p.m. also at the funeral home. Burial will follow in Black River Cemetery in Westport.
Memorial donations may be made to the Alzheimer's Disease Assistance Center, Sibley Hall, Room 227, SUNY, Plattsburgh, NY 12901.
see edm76441.htm .bottom of page.............................................ROD

Plattsburgh Press Republican: Obituaries: 11/15/04
Gladys M. Bigelow
WESTPORT — Gladys M. Bigelow, 96, died Friday, Nov. 12, 2004, at the Horace Nye Nursing Home in Elizabethtown. Gladys was born Oct. 26, 1908, in Elizabethtown, the daughter of Gilbert and Sylvia (Collins) Lackey.
She is survived by one daughter and son-in-law, Dorothy and Raymond Fields of Westport; two sons and daughters-in-law, Gordon and Linda Bigelow of Westport and Spring Hill, Fla., and Roger and Bonnie Bigelow of Wadhams; six grandchildren, Danny Fields, Ricky Fields, Dawn Gay, Gordon Bigelow III, Scott Bigelow and Krista Bigelow; six great-grandchildren, Jennifer, Christopher and Covey Fields and Nathan, Jonathan and Anderson Gay; special friends, Sandy and Bernie Oliver; and several nieces and nephews. Her parents, husband Gordon, two brothers, Robert Lackey and Leroy Lackey, and two sisters, Viola Bond and Laura Smith, all died before her.
No calling hours will be held. A funeral service will be held at the United Church of Christ in Wadhams 10 a.m. Tuesday. Burial will follow in Riverside Cemetery in Wadhams. Donations in her memory may be made to the United Church of Christ in Wadhams or to the Wadhams Free Library, Westport, NY 12996. Arrangements are with W.M. Marvins Sons funeral home in Elizabethtown.
see edm76441.htm .bottom of page.............................................ROD

From: Karen Kotlarchik <kkotlarc@rochester.rr.com>
Date: 05/04/05

I'm writing in response to the wonderful article in the April 2003 issue of Forge, vol 32, no 2, pages 29, 30, 34, in which the dilemna of Aaron Bigelow was explained.
In looking over my reams of data on the NJ Bigelows, I believe I have one small piece to add to the puzzle.  This concerns the John Bigelow, son of John 4 (John3, Jonathan2, John1) Bigelow............................

see john4c.htm for more............................................ROD

From: Lisa <nichols@acsworld.com>
Date: 04/23/05
Dear Rod:
I am researching the Randolph-Alexander family history and was wondering if you could help me.  I was sent information on Lebbeus S. Bigelow and Priscilla Randolph by a distant cousin.  I noticed your E-mail on the information.
Priscilla (Randolph) Bigelow's sister, Salena Randolph, married James E. Hunter (great-grandparents).  Would you have any information or pictures on the Randolph family?  I have Family Group Sheets on the Randolph's and Alexander's from Greenwood Furnace State Park, Huntingdon County, Pa.
Also, I am looking for William Randolph (Born-1780, Died-1857) and Mary Dukeman/Duchmann (Born-1783, Died-1855).  William and Mary are buried in the Hill Cemetery, McAlevy's Fort, Huntingdon County, Pa. I understand there is a Native American heritage in the Alexander-Randolph family history.  Would you have any knowledge of this heritage?

I would appreciate whatever you would be willing to share.  Please let me know any costs involved.
 Ruth W. Nichols
see /rod8/leb83776.htm .................................. ROD
Date: 04/05/05
From: John Lekki    lekkij@alltel.net
Hello Rod,
My mom (Helen Lekki) has let me know about the Bigelow family genealogy,
that I guess is two volumes, from looking at the website. My grandmother
was Norma Mihlader (Bigelow was her maiden name) and so I am very interested
in this genealogy. Is it still available and if so how can I get a copy?

I think my mom has some updates that she would like to add to the genealogy
(at least to the copy she saw). Should she contact you to do that?

The Bigelow Society website is very interesting. I was glad to spend some
time reading the family history and would like to learn more.
John Lekki
see /rod8/mel87a58.htm .................................ROD

Subject: William Henry and Alice Betts
Date: 02/15/05
From: Clyde Rice < clideryce@starband.net >
Hi Rod!
My grandmother was Eva Bigelow, b. 1888, Whiting, IA. She married Hermon Hurley. She was the youngest daughter of William Henry Bigelow
and Alice Betts. Picture taken June 9, 1958, just a little over a year before she died. Clyde provided all the pictures on this page.
Clyde Rice

see /rod8/wil81172.htm ................................................ROD

Date: 02/16/05:
From: Frank and Margaret Gaze < gaze@clear.net.nz >

I corresponded with you some years ago about our family history.  This year is the 100th anniversary of my mother’s birth and I am compiling information for a centenary life of her.Looking at the website you maintain, I need to add further children of John Smith (8) Bigelow-28870.

You already have

  1. William 9 Bigelow (my grandfather)
  2. John Harold 9 Bigelow – a bookseller in Auckland until around 1960 

Then came: 

  1. Frederick (3 sons - ?, Terrence,  Brian) wounded in World War I
  2. Reginald
  3. Olive (Mrs Stewart – husband was a grocer and politician in Northland, NZ)

I hope I have them in the right order. We have lost touch with the next generation.

William 9 Bigelow had three children:

John E Bigelow b 1902 (2 children Margaret, Elizabeth, both alive)

Felicia Mary Bigelow b 1905 m Noel Shaftesbury Gaze 19 May 1932 (3 children Christopher Franklin, Olwyn Anne (m Halder), Stuart Goodwin, all alive)

Winifred Amy Bigelow b ?1907 m Douglas Bird (1 child: Barbara alive)  Winifred also raised three children of her husband by former wives.

I will probably be in touch with you later about other aspects of the earlier history.

What is unclear to me at present is which related families apart from my immediate ancestors travelled from Nova Scotia to New Zealand around 1850 and how many stayed. >From the family trees I have seen there seem to have been at least two other families who came here.


 Frank Gaze
see joh692c2.htm ................................................ROD

Subject: Al Wettel and Brown & Bigelow
From: Bruce & Terri Anderson <carmody5@ecenet.com>
Date: 29 Jan 2005
I have two framed prints by Al Wettel,
 "The Old Mill" and "Canal in Venice".
I would appreciate any information about the artist, value of the prints or where to find this information.
Thank you.

From:  Glenn Curtis  < glennputzy1@netzero.net
Date: 24 Jan 2005
Hi Mr.Bigelow I happen to have four prints from Al Wettel. The names of each print is as follows.1 Aiaborne Kitty Hawk 1903,2. Superstition Mountain-Stage from Phoenix to ?,3. Station Stop,4.Steamboat Days. To be honest with you, I'm trying to find all I can about these prints. And if they could be worth anything. I would appreciate it if you e-mail me back any info you might have.
Thanks Glenn Curtis

see /rod9/her92371.htm ..............................................ROD

Subject: Charles Bigelow
From: Glen Gould  < GlenGould@shaw.ca >
Date: 29 Jan 2005
I'm sending this e-mail to you in regards to Charles Bigelow. I've been living at my current address in Vancouver for almost 2 years now and I am still recieving mail for Charles. On one letter, I noticed the return address was "Bigelow Family Reunion". I don't know where Charles is these days, but if there is a forwarding address where we can re-route his mail, I'm sure he would appreciate it.
Glen Gould

From: Gloria Baragona  gloriabaragona@hotmail.com
Date: 22 Nov 2004
Looking for descendants of William Bigelow and Mary Kennedy. Today I received a copy of Hobart Bigelow's SocSec app. He was born in 1902 in Canajoharie, NY and listed William and Mary as his parents on the app. Hobart was my son-in-law's grandfather. I have not given this info to my son-in-law yet; it will be a Christmas gift. I would love to make contact with William and Mary's descendants and be able to provide info on them to my son-in-law. Thanks for any help you can provide.
see sil61633.htm ....................................................ROD        

Date: 01/26/2005 6:06:25pm 
Name: Anne Radthorne
E-Mail: aradthorne@aol.com
Location: Los Angeles, California
Comments: I was excited to find my g-g-g-grandmother Polly M Bigelow and her husband Zadock on your website. Contrary to the entry, I think they died in Ohio in 1892. You can find them online in the City Cemetery at Conneaut, OH. Zadoc is spelled w/o the 'k'.
see zad63378.htm ..................................................ROD

Date: 04 Feb 05:
From: Stephanie Reiner   farm@metroparks.net
I am searching for the Bigelow family that lived in Marcy, Ohio 1889-1913. I do not know their names, only that they came from Findlay, Hancock Co., Ohio. They may have traded farms with the Samuel Oman family in 1889. A couple of Bigelow are buried at The Trinity Lutheran Cemetery aboout 1 1/2 miles down the road from our farm. I am doing research on the people that inhabited a farm in Marcy from the early 1800's to 1970's. The Farm is an 1880s living historical farm. I just want to fill put family histories for our visitors. I would appreciate the help.
Stephanie Reiner
House Interpreter at Slate Run Living Historical Farm
see cha87552.htm .............................................ROD 

From: Daniel Bigelow
Email: bigelowfam@g2a.net
Date: 01/21/2005
Still a great site. Looking for info about Isaac III and his son Israel. Any one have some for me?
Also can't seem to find anything on Dr. Lebbeus Loomis Bigelow who moved from Mass. to PA.

Thanks for all the work you do on our family. I have concerns with the
Eliphas portion of my line. I found in census' from PA that there was an
Eliphaz D. and and Eliphaz C. According to the work I have, Eliphaz C. is my
ancester, but the dates on the census would have him too old to be in the
line where he is. Do you know much of this portion of the family?  
see /rod7/leb72373.htm .and /rod7/eli72377.htm ..............................................ROD

Sent: Sunday, January 16, 2005 11:16 PM
Subject: Brown & Bigelow Print

I have a  framed print (not dated) "Canal in Venice" by Al Wettel.  It was my grandmother's and she was born in 1891 and died in 1992.  Could you please, give me any information re: the print and the artist?  When I looked in the internet all I could find re: Wettel was your web site.  I would really appreciate anything you could share with me.
Thank you so much,
Bev in MN
see /rod9/her92371.htm ...........................................................ROD

Hi Rod Bigelow
I am researching the Schutt family tree and I might of found a mistake in yours (Monzo Schutt) I do believe is Alonzo Platt Schutt born on April 22, 1828
in Port Gibson New York and died June 22, 1913 in Port Gibson New York.
That is at least what my father had written down many years ago.
If you have anymore information on the rest of the children I would surely appreciate any help.
I am trying to go into more detail on the tree besides their name.
Like for John Schutt do you know anything about what he did in the war of 1812 rank or outfit he was in?
For Hiram I have his obituary from the newspaper that my grandmother had saved.
John would be my 3rd great grandfather and Seymour E Schutt is my 2nd great grandfather.
I have put in  pictures or newspaper articles that I can find to make it more of a history of the Schutt family not just a tree.For Hiram I have his obituary from the newspaper that my grandmother had saved with a picture and that is added.
Thank you,
Bill Schutt
My email address wschutt@rochesterrr.com
see har72451.htm ...................................................ROD

Subject: Bigelow Family
Date: 12/24/04
From: Clyde Rice  < clideryce@starband.net >
Hello, there guys!
My name is Clyde Rice and I am a Bigelow descendant, through William Henry Bigelow's daughter, Eva, b. Sept. 6, 1888, m. Herman Hurley, (not
And I do believe you have her death date wrong, it was summer time, not Jan.   I was in summer camp, IA. Air Nat. Guard, in Golfport, Miss. when
she died.  It upset me that the family didn't notify me, I would have been back for the funeral!  Either 1958 or 59, I will have to look it up.  She
was my mother, Fern Mildred Hurley's mother.
And Steve, if you are looking into Alice Betts, please contact me!  I just ordered a mtDNA test through Family Tree DNA.  This is the DNA line,
traceable through the female line, daughter, to mother, to grandmother, to g grandmother and on and on!  I need Alice Betts', mother's maiden name,
her mother's maiden name and so on!  As far as possible, this gives some deep ancestry knowledge on this female line!
I believe Alice Betts' mother's maiden name might have been Elwer.
(In the past year, I did this same thing for the male, Rice surname side of my ancestry.  We had been brick walled at the birth of my gg
grandfather, Ira James Rice, 1808, Greene Co. NY. for 40 years.  This accomplished a great breakthrough, and I have now pushed it back 200 more
years, and at least 6 generations!  It seems that the name wasn't always Rice, but Royce in CT. in the 1630's, and became Rice when my ggg
grandfather moved to NY!  The same thing happened to a lot of Royce lines, I find out after the fact!  The male is called the Y-DNA test as opposed
to the female mtDNA.)  So, it does work!  Up and coming technology!
Hey, if this should get through to only one of you, I hope the other can put me in touch!
Best wishes for the Holidays!
Clyde Rice
see /rod8/wil81172.htm ...................................................ROD

From: "Sandra Johnson" <kjohnson@ctaz.com >
Subject: New Bill Will Possibly Close Records to Genealogists
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 13:09:49 -0700

Hello my genealogy friends - I received this email from one of my genealogy mailing lists.  i have already written to my senators.  it was very easy and painless.  click on the senate.gov link and you can easily email your senator.  what i wrote was the second paragraph written below (with a few changes to have it read like "I" wrote it.  thank you,  Sandra ======================================
New Bill Will Possibly Close Records to Genealogists > >HR10, which was mentioned in  the 13 October issue of RootsWeb Review, has passed out of the U.S. House of  Representatives and  is now part of S.2845. The amendments suggested by David  Rencher in his letter to the bill's sponsor, Congressman J. Dennis  Hastert,  were NOT incorporated into this legislation. Thus, the  terms of HR10 will now  be considered by the Senate, as part of  S.2845. > >If S.2845 becomes law,  as now written, family historians will face some real challenges in attempts  to obtain birth records, even on long-deceased individuals. Specifically, what genealogists need to do is suggest to their lawmakers the addition of  Sec. 3061(b)(1)(A)(iii) that would read: "who is alive on the date that access to their birth certificate is requested."  This addition would clarify that the legislation (soon to be law) applies ONLY to birth certificates  of CURRENTLY LIVING PERSONS. If you do not know your U.S. Senator's e-mail address, you can find it at   http://www.senate.gov/
This bill can be found online at   http://thomas.loc.gov/
Enter:  S.2845 (in the bill number window)
Select: Item #3, 9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act (Engrossed Amendment as Agreed to by House)[S.2845.EAH]
Chapter 2: "Improved Security for Birth Certificates"
Chapter 3/Subtitle B "Identity Management Security"
Chapter 2 "Improved Security for Birth Certificates"

From : twinsrule@earthlink.net
Subject : oops  
Date : Mon, 13 Dec 2004 18:27:36 -0600
I was looking up my Great Grandfather Bert Elmer Bigelow on your site and
I  got an "oops".
Ditto with his brother John Warren
I enjoyed poking around your site.
Rebecca Bigelow
see http://bigelowsociety.com/rod8/ber84826.htm  ...............................ROD

From : Pat Kolesar <pkolesar@sasktel.net>
Subject : Bulletin Board Message from Anne Brown, 11/14/04  
Date : Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:10:23 -0600
Rod, I have a bit of information that may or may not be of interest to Anne
Brown who was looking for information about Richard and Martha Bigelow of NYC. 
I stumbled across a Richard and Martha Bigelow, originally from NYC, in the
course of researching my ancestors in Northwood, Worth County, Iowa.  Richard
and Martha turned out to be not related to me, so I'm afraid I didn't pay much
attention to them except where I got confused by records referring to "R.
Bigelow" where I couldn't be sure if they were talking about Richard or
Roswell, my GGG grandfather.  Richard and Martha had an adult son (sorry, forget
his name at the moment) also living in Northwood.  This would have been in the
1860-1890 time period.  I believe I've turned them up in the census at some
point in that time span, so perhaps it might help Anne to take a further look in
Pat Kolesar

Subject: Minerva Levake
Date: 11/30/04
From:  Sue  Renkert < suerenkert@gci.net >  
Hi Rod,
I could not get your search engine to work.  Also could not find what I was looking for by checking the index or the surname list (for Levake).  I wonder if you could help me. 
Two sites on WorldConnect cite your web page as the source of information on Minerva Levake Bigelow.
  • Burial: Bigelow Cemetery, Clyde, Iowa, Wisconsin 1
    1. Title: Bigelow Society Website
      Author: Rod Bigelow, Bigelow Society Inc.
      Publication: http://bigelowsociety.com
      Note: http://bigelowsociety.com
      Call Number:
      Media: Electronic
    Here is the date given:
  • Name: Minerva LAVAKE
  • Sex: F
  • ALIA: Mrs. Minerva /Young/
  • Birth: 1808 in , , Vermont 1
  • Death: AFT 24 JUN 1886
  • Burial: Bigelow Cemetery, Clyde, Iowa, Wisconsin 1
  • I have burial information on several Bigelows in Clyde Township, Iowa County, Wisconsin, but this Minerva is not included.  I would very much appreciate klnowing what information you may have on Bigelow/Levake burials in Clyde Township.  Minerva (Manerva) was the wife of David Bigelow, and apparently later of Noah Young.  I will be happy to share what information I have. 
    Thank you!
    Sue Renkert
    Fairbanks, Alaska
    Some of the pages still have your old e-mail address.  Also, I thought you would want to know that I found some dead links to pages formerly on slic.net and simplenet
    I know about those links being old, but it will take awhile to fix them as you bring them to my attention
    see dav6b264.htm ..................................................ROD

    Subject: Jediah Hathorn
    Date: 12/02/04
    From: L. Marchand    lmarchand@eatel.net

    Looking for ancestors of Samuel Bigelow spouse of Jediah Hathorn. You have it spelled Hathron should be Hathorn.

    see samuel4a.htm ...............................................ROD

    From: Anne Brown <awb@chesapeake.net>
    Date: 11/14/2004 Dear Mr. Bigelow, 
    There were two infant Bigelow burials in NYC in 1834 and 1836 that I am having a problem identifying.  The most likely parents seems to be Richard Bigelow and Martha Smith, but they don't quite fit in with all the other children born to this couple.  I'll attach an annotated vault listing.  If you ever have a chance, could you give it a look?  Some of the other families in the vault were connected to th American Tract Soc. in NYC, if this rings a bell. 
    Thank you for any suggestions - Anne
    * * * * * * *
    Anne W. Brown, Trustee
    NY Marble Cemetery

    Subject: Marion Bigelow Higgins
    Date: 09/30/2004
    From: Michael Judson Biglow < webmaster@biglow.iwarp.com >
    Hi! Rod,
    Did you happen to hear cousin Marion Bigelow Higgins being interviewed
    this morning on Morning Edition on NPR as one of the supercentenarians?
    The homepage has her picture on it today:
    You can listen to the interview; here are the instructions, etc.:
    "NPR : The Secrets of America's Supercentenarians"

    Please click on the headline or the audio icon to listen to the story
    using a RealAudio or WindowsMedia player. To download a player or to find
    solutions to common problems, please visit NPR's audio help page at

    Want a transcript of this story?
    Marion appears to be the only Bigelow making the list of world's all time
    oldest people, too. See:
    Cousin Michael Judson Biglow
    see links above and hen87111.htm......................ROD

    Subject: Harriet Herring
    Date: 08/28/2004
    From: James Standerfer   < jahnes@reddawg.net >
    Your website is fantastic. I am a descendant of John Bigelow, through Asaph (1745-1822) whose grand-daughter Harriet Herring married into the Fiske line (my grandmother was born Dorothy Fiske).Thank you, Dr. James Standerfer
    see deb54551.htm ......................................ROD

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