Walter Stansbury 8 BIGELOW

16136.681       Walter Stansbury 8 BIGELOW, son of David 7 (  Isaac 6 , Nathaniel 5 , Nathaniel 4, Joshua 3, Joshua 2, John1 and  Mary (SMITH) BIGELOW, was born 25 February 1850 at Boston, MA and married Rosealthea "Nellie" Thompson of Southport,, ME. This family resided in Troy,, NY in the late 1880's.

Children of Walter S. and Nellie (Thompson) Bigelow:

16136.6811    Walter S. jr, b _____ ; d ____ ;

16136.6812    David Eustace, b __ca 11880 ; d _____ ; m(1) 12 Aug 1922 Ruth Campbell (see below);

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 448;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America, pg 438;
Forge, The Bigelow Society Quarterly, July 1974; Vol 3, No 3; pg 39:
"Won't You Have a Cup of Tea Co.?": R.C. Bigelow, Inc. Norwalk, CT.
The story of the founder, Ruth (Campbell) Bigelow, her husband, and her family;
Subject: Bigelow of RI/CT
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 and 04/01/06
From: Leonard Campbell   < >
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My great aunt was Ruth Campbell (and also Lois), daughter of Leonard Herbert Campbell.
I also sent the email that did not go through because I have switched providers.
I'm looking for the following:

First Generation
1. Walter Stansbury 8 Bigelow.
Walter Stansbury married Rosealthea Thompson.
They had one child:
        2       i.      David E

Second Generation
2. David Eustace 9 Bigelow., b ca 1890-95; d ____ ;
On 12 Aug 1922 David E first married Ruth Campbell, daughter of Leonard Herbert Campbell & Annie Cora Brown. Born on 8 Feb 1896. Ruth died in Norwalk Hospital, CT on 22 Feb 1966; she was 70.
They had one child:
        3       i.      David Campbell (1926- )
David E second married Lois Campbell, daughter of Leonard Herbert Campbell & Annie Cora Brown. Born on 7 Sep 1902 in Providence, RI. Lois died on 2 Nov 1996; she was 94.

Ruth (Campbell) Bigelow (1896-1966)

Third Generation

3. David Campbell 10 Bigelow. Born on 02 Dec 1926. Occupation: Pres, Bigelow Tea Co..

David Campbell married Eunice DeHann. Born on 30 Dec 1928.
They had one child:
        4       i.      Cynthia Ruth 11 (1960-)

From: Richard Tunstall" <
In our local paper this morning, 01/07/06, they had an article about Cindy Bigelow, the new president and granddaughter of the Bigelow Tea Co originator, R C Bigelow.

Leonard Campbell
Center Harbor, NH 03226

To: Leonard Campbell   < > This email did not work
In the Descendants of Robert and Elizabeth Mansfield, in generation 10 you list Ruth
Campbell (b. 2/8/1896, d. 2/22/1966).  You are undoubtedly aware that she was the founder of
the Bigelow Tea Company.  Do you have ANY information about the parents or earlier
ancestors of her husband, David E. Bigelow?  Was his middle name "Eustace"?  I am part of
the extended Bigelow family, and am trying to tie David E. Bigelow to our family.  Any input
you can provide will be appreciated!
From: "Al Streit" <

Bigelow History From:

                                                     Over 50 years ago my mother, Ruth Campbell Bigelow
                                                     changed the way we drink tea in the United States. An avid
                                                     tea connoisseur, Ruth thought tea drinkers like herself
                                                     would enjoy a more zestfully flavored tea. Happening upon
                                                     a special colonial recipe that called for tea to be blended
                                                     with orange peel and spices, she decided to try and
                                             re-create what she felt sounded like a wonderful idea. After much trial
                                             and error in the family kitchen, she finally hit upon what she thought was
                                             the best tasting recipe. After sharing samples with family, friends and
                                             acquaintances, one of them reported back that her new tea had caused
                                             nothing but constant comments. Thus "Constant Comment"® name
                                             was born.
                                             In the ensuing years, my wife Eunice and I along with our two daughters
                                             have carried on expanding Ruth's idea with many new flavors in tea,
                                             herb teas, green teas, and iced teas. Bigelow Teas have grown and
                                             grown until today you can find a generous selection in virtually every
                                             supermarket in the United States. Little could my mother ever have
                                             imagined that the little tea company she started so many years ago
                                             would sell over a billion cups of tea this past year.
                                             My wife Eunice and I hope you will enjoy your visit to our web site. Not
                                             only do we look forward to telling you about our teas but we also have
                                             some new products that we're very excited about. And our "On the Web"
                                             Gift Shop has some ninety different gifts that are sure to please family
                                             and friends. Hopefully, you can find just the right gift for that next
                                             One last thing, because we're a family owned company we can put lots
                                             of time and attention into each and every tea we make. Our goal is to
                                             make sure you get the best tasting cup of tea possible. Because we
                                             think flavor is so important, we overwrap and seal each and every tea
                                             bag in a stay fresh foil packet so that all the goodness stays in until you
                                             get ready to have a cup of tea.
                                             Please enjoy your stay with us. If you have any questions, suggestions,
                                             or thoughts you'd like to share with us just send them along. We'd love
                                             to hear from you.
                                             David C. Bigelow

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