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                   The Bigelow Society holds an annual reunion in different parts of North America every year.
We are planning a 4 night Cruise Reunion 2015
Royal Caribbean out of Port Canaveral, FL
Sailing 23 Feb to Bahamas Return 27 Feb 2015

See LINK for further details
The 2012 Reunion was postponed. The 2013 Reunion was in Schenectady, NY;
July 19-20 at Union College Library and Sat afternoon at the Homestead.
See LINK for more
The 2011 Reunion was in Alpena, MI
  on 09-10-11 September 2011

See link for more info on other reunions.
If you would like to join, it is only  $20.00  a year and includes  "Forge" the Bigelow Society Quarterly.
Make checks out to THE BIGELOW SOCIETY, Inc. and mail to the Treasurer:
Alan Bigelow, Treasurer
The Bigelow Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 4238
Ormond Beach, FL 


"Dedicated to the Bigelows who helped forge a continent" 

and to Don Bigelow, who helped everyone.

                         Don Bigelow of Michigan started his Bigelow Family Page about the same time I started this. Click on Don's Picture for a Picture of Don Bigelow. Check out Samuel 8 Bigelow (1860 - 1915) designed by Don Bigelow who died 01 June 1998......ROD
Descending from John Biglo, c1630, Watertown, MA
Vol I 503p (Gen 1-7); Vol II 794p (Gen 7-8+) Normally $60 each
Now $25.00 Each (Inventory Reduction Special)
Bigelow Society, Inc.

P.O. Box 4238
Ormond Beach, FL 
Email: > akbigelow@att.net

   I have hoped through these pages to attract more interest and membership in the Society. We welcome not only Bigelows, but all who are interested in their roots and in genealogy research. The Society believes that all Bigelows (and variations of the name) are directly descended from the union of John Biglo (1616/17-1703) and Mary Warren (1624 -1691) of Watertown, MA.  I have also started a History page with historical information that I have uncovered in my genealogy search.
See Comments on Coats-of- Arms: for more information on crest above, and link to more information on Baguley crest.
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