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New note 2010:
From: "Paul Janzen"<>
Subject: Documents Regarding Russel Bigelow Circuit Riding Preacher
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2010 19:20:25 -0500

Hi Mr. Bigelow,

I am the eldest son of Tim Janzen from Portland, OR. I am doing a
research paper on Russel Bigelow (the Methodist Circuit-riding preacher
1793-1835) for one of my upper level courses in my History degree at
Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, VA.

I am wondering if you would have access to any original documents
written by Russel Bigelow such as letters, sermons, etc, or where to
find them.

Also, do you know any Bigelow relatives who might have such documents
in their possession, or who live in Columbus, Ohio and would be willing
to look through the archives for original documents by Bigelow?

Any way you could help me would be greatly appreciated.
See..../rod7/rus72323.htm .....ROD 2010

Date: Thu, 13 Aug 2009 10:04:44 -0400

Hello Rod,
I am hoping you can help me. I am descended from Warren K Bigelow, born
about 1800 in Oneida, NY, and cannot locate parents for him. They were
born in CT.
He had a brother Samuel, born about 1812, and he died in 1886 in Scott,
Ogle County, IL. His wife was Nancy Crill.
The spelling of their name varies, but is often "Bigalow."
I hope you can provide some insights - and thanks for a great website!
Stephanie Chase
(from Aquila Chase)
Any help?........................ROD
Subject: Looking for Bigelow info
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 11:41:22 -0500
From: Susan Williams < >
I am trying to locate a portrait owned by Horace Bigelow. He had 14
portraits by Edwin Billings. He donated 13 to the Worcester
Historical Society but they rejected 3, including one of Burnham
Wardwell (my great, great grandfather). H. H. Bigelow was a big
supporter of his. Do you know of anyone who might have any records
(wills, records of art, etc.) that could help me find out what
happened to the portrait? Do you know of the best place to post such a request?

Susan Williams
Any help?........................ROD

Subject: George Edgar BIGELOW
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 06:56:39 -0600
From: Susie Ford <>

Hello Rod,
My husbands adoptive mother was Elva Jane Bigelow, and grandfather George Edgar Bigelow. I haven't been able to access the Canadian portion of the Bigelow Family site to see where George might fit in. There are living descendants of George and Florence through daughter Audrey still living in the Pacific NW. Is there any truth to the tale of 7 Bigelow brothers fleeing Scotland in the 1800's to scatter across North America? Was Georges' father perhaps one of them? Thanks, Susie Ford

George Edgar BIGELOW
Birth: 20 Oct 1870 in Hastings, Ontario Death: 22 May 1935 in Vancouver, British Columbia
Marriage Florence May MONEY 1 Jun 1905 in Marmora, Ontario
1) Elva Jane BIGELOW b: 28 Mar 1906 in Rainy River, Ontario d: 25 Oct 1970 in Richmond, BC
2) Audrey May BIGELOW b: 5 Dec 1908 in Toronto Ontatio d: 26 May 1997 in Victoria, BC
Marriage: Ivan Conrad OSSINGER 13 May 1933 in Vancouver, BC
1) (living female) OSSINGER Marr#1 Mr. NICHOLS with 2 Children, Marr 2# Mr. EISENZIMMER
2) Lawrence Conrad OSSINGER b14 Nov 1934 Vancouver BC. d 11 Oct 1939 Bamfield BC
3) (living female) OSSINGER Marriage Mr. Bull with 2 Children
3) Edythe Elliott BIGELOW b: 9 Mar 1913 d: 29 Feb 1984 Vancouver, BC
No links found.......................ROD

Janice Farnsworth has transcribed many historical articles and full books; These are some of them online:



The First Century of the History of Springfield, MA, by Henry M. Burt. Vol 1;

The First Century of the History of Springfield. By Henry M. Burt; Vol 2;


I have been doing a lot of work using the Bigelow library files and other sources. Check out links below
and a lot more....................................ROD 02 Oct 2008

Subject: bigelow history request
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 10:51:36 -0600
From: "Rebecca Lear" <>
My name is Rebecca. I was wondering if you have info on my family tree. This is what I know.
Frank Anthony Bigelow (01-17-1886-born in Alleghany Co Pennsylvania)married Jennie Irene Fitz(07-27-1886-Tuscarawas Co OHio) but they both died in OH
they had kids born in Ohio and West Virginia
Earl Dale
Cleora "Sadie"
Dorman "Whitey"

Earl Dale Bigelow(02-21-1913-born in McConnelsville OH) married Bertha Evelyn Twiss of Wheeling West Virginia
they had
Donald Lee
Phyllis Jean
Richard Dale
Donald Lee Bigelow(05-28-1945- born in Fremont Ohio) married Margo Jean Marsh (12-07-1950- born Torrence Calif)
they had kids born in Carthage Missouri
Rebecca Jean
Christel Jean
Ginger Daun

I know alot of info on Earl down but dont have info on his father and his grandparents
Do you know anything that could help me?
Are we related in any way?
thanks Rebecca Bigelow

Unable to find ancestors...................ROD 03/25/08

Subject: Freeman Genealogy
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 13:40:01 -0600
From: "John Bircher" <>

Rod: I have been researching the Freeman ancestry for about 7 years now and am looking for ancestors for Asahel Freeman, b. abt. 1732, Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, New Jersey. He married Mary Morris in Shrewsbury on 27 Dec 1757.
I noticed on your web page reference to an Asahel Freeman Bigelow, and found the name too familiar to ignore. I’m wondering whether he might have descended from my Asahel Freeman? Asahel and Mary had 8 children, including Morris (b. 12/5/1757); Marssey (b. 11/19/1758); Ledia (b. 1/22/1761); Richard (b. 3/2/1763); Essec (b. 9/20/1764); Anne (b. 8/3/1766); James (b. 8/5/1770); and, Silus.
Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Obviously, I am willing to share whatever I have.
Warm Regards , John Bircher

Unable to find connection...................ROD 03/25/08 see ../rod7/asa71331.htm

Subject: Nathan Hubbard Bigelow
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 11:04:47 -0800
From: Greg Tweed <>

Mr Bigelow,
I am locating for a Saskatchewan mineral rights title holder named Nathan Hubbard Bigelow. Might this be the same individual in your family tree?

Gregory Tweed

The Preston Matthews Group Inc.

I don't know. see ../rod8/nat86a23.htm ....................ROD

Subject: Holden
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 09:45:07 -0500
From: "Ron Jobin" <>
Your web site is wonderful.
I found it on the web as I was researching the Holden family.
There is a  Holden branch in my family, however, I've not been able
to trace any connections to older generations beyond a George Holden who
was born in New York in 1857. He apparently worked or owned a brickyard that
provided stone for the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.
Do you have any knowledge of him
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Ron Jobin

see ../rod2005/holden05.htm ??????????????????????...............................ROD 2008

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