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Subject: Minda Bigelow
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 21:54:10 -0800
From: Heidi Agin
Dear Rod,
While researching my Proctor line, I discovered a Bigelow connection. It contains a previously unidentified child of Uriah Bigelow and Abigail Pierce.  I have included the info as an attachment.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Heidi Agin

Minda Bigelow

1. Minda Bigelow  aka "Minde" was born 9 Mar 1752 in Norwich Twp, New London, CT.
Reference:  “Vital Recds. Of Norwich, 1659-1848.” Hartford, 1913. (2v.):300

Your site has been very helpful in my research, it's
very well set up.  I will keep you updated as I work on Minda ... I have
found a citation which refers to her as Mindwell and have started to do
some work under that name ... do you have any info that places a "Capt.
Bigelow" in Port Royal, Jamaica during the earthquake of 1692?  One
citation that I have names a Capt. Bigelow involved in rescue efforts of
some sort.  In the same breath, "the Captain's daughter, Mindwell
(Minde), married Reuben Proctor."  By record this would be Uriah, but
doesn't make sense ... I only have a snippet of the article and am trying
to track down the rest of it.  Talk at you later.
see /rod/uria4682.htm for the rest of info....................................ROD

Subject: Emma Innez
 Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 08:07:09 -0800
From: james o kellogg <>
I saw your message for Emma Inez Bigelow and the oops message. I would
like the information you have on her. I am related to Ebbin Monroe Berry
who was married to Mary Gertrude Bigelow. My grandfather was John
Sherman Berry. He was the brother of Ebbin. I have been writing and
e-mailing to a Norma Brasher. Have you heard from her? Her grandparents
were Gert Bigelow and Ebb Berry. I would be happy to share any
information with you.
Thank You,
Carolee Kellogg
see /rod/dan83799.htm .................................ROD

Subject: John Bigelow Home
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 11:29:35 -0500
From: "John Buczek" <  >
Found the attached picture on a post card.  The card is posted Sept 9, 1905 and is written to a Mr. L. B. Lawrence of
Northboro, Mass.
 I thought that this may be of interest to you.  I will send a second email which I have scanned in what is written.
 Both scans are at 150 dpi and the resolution is 300% so both files are large, however you can reduce them I am sure.
 I have added this to my web site on the history of Marlborough.  If you have any comments to add, I would appreciate them
so as I can add them to the site also.
 ............john buczek
see /rod/john3a.htm ...................................ROD

Subject: Benjamin BIGELOW
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 20:03:23 -0700
From: Allen Jess <>
 In The Payzant and Allied Jess and Juhan Families in North America, by Marion M.
Payzant, the children are listed as:

Luzana Ruth    1862-1953
Mary Blanche    1868-1942
Jonathan    ????-1953    had a son Roy
Emma    1874-1953    d. in Seattle, WA

I am researching the descendants of Lisette Payzant and George Jess, Sr.
I would appreciate if you could give any insight of these four compared to the
four children listed on your website.
Thank you.
Allen Jess
1011 Haythorne Road
Sherwood Park, AB    T8A 1B4

Subject: Bigelow web page
 Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 12:54:10 -0600
From:  "Janelle Dvorak" <>
I was doing some research on Libbie Howard Bigelow (my great grandmother Francelia Bennett Clay was
her aunt) and ran across your webpage.  Good work!
Janelle V. Dvorak

Subject:  Indian oil bottle
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 08:28:01 EST
From: Ron Pene

Dear Rod:
As a young boy, living in Eastern Utah in the 1950's, there was very little to do but roam the
desert, hunt rabbits and snakes. One summer I came across an old junk pile, seems to have been
there for ever. The rest is history, I spent the rest of the summer digging. I found some of the best
things to collect, among the treasures was a lot of old bottles.
One of my best bottles is the "HEALY & BIGELOW'S KICKAPOO INDIAN OIL" bottle, about 5 1/2"
tall, round, with a base of about 1 1/4" across. Most of the cork is still down in the bottle. This is
one of my best pieces, thanks for putting the history and information on the internet, it is good to
research all of my collection.
Thanks Again
Ron Pene
see /rod8/cha83425.htm .............................................ROD

Subject: Ellen Bigelow
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 11:21:12 EST
From: Jane Longan
 I am searching for an ancestor, Ellen Bigelow, born in Plattsburgh, New
York  (Clinton County) on May 2, 1855 who married Tilman Sears in 1876.  I am
interested in finding her parents' names.  If you have any information
concerning these people I would greatly appreciate your help.  Thank you.
Jane Longan

Subject: Loren Bigelow
 Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 14:00:36 -0600
From:  "B Slater" <>
 Loren Bigelow, who is a Free Methodist elder, had five children

Married Annie  or Anna S. Harding Date of death: 19 Nov. 1876 at the age of 26 6 mo.
Tombstone says – 28-7 mo’s-14 days /Place of death :  Mundy Twp, Genessee County Michigan
Birthplace: Pa. 8 Apr 1848
Married Loren Bigelow when she was 18 yrs old 31 May 1866
Died of Quick Consumption, please note she gave birth to twins 19 Nov 1876

              Emmet     born 1868 died 12/02/1871 age 2 yr,10 mo., 25 days

               Elmer A. born Jan 5, 1872 married Doretha Graham 20 Mar 1910

              Albert      born Feb    1874

              Franley/Francis Twins    born 19 Nov 1876

3 marriage: Mary Pickett Jewett had a son by first marriage named Albert Jewett born July 2 1872 died Sept 15, 1962 place
of death Flint.

Elmer Almond Bigelow had two daughters:

Marie Josephine Bigelow born 26 July 1910 died May 30 1953, died in Ottawa Co Mi.
married Willard Hoskins they had 5 children all living

Edna Bigelow Simons, married Leo Simons, they had 9 children all living now but one who died in an auto accident.
one of the daughters  of Elmer:
Edna D. Simons
birth:    9 March 1912
death:  17 March 1972
died of Hodgekins Disease ( cancer)

                     HARDING  - FAMILY OF ANNIE

Elisha G. Harding – native of Schoharie Cnty N.Y.   Father
Born 15 Dec 1814
Married: Steuben Cnty N.Y.
Died 23 Aug 1859    age 44 yrs, 9 mo., 8 days

Asureth ( Burdick) Harding                                        Mother
Born 1823-24
She died 31 Jan 1893 69 yrs old in Venice Twp Shiawassee co,  Michigan

Their children:

Merritt S. Harding, born in Bath Twp, Steuben County N.Y.

Hannah  (widow of Jacob Bently) they had 5 children


E.W. ( married Mina Davidson)

Anna S or F. Harding- born 8 April 1848 married Loren Bigelow when she was 18 yrs old. Married: 31 May 1866 died of
Quick Consumption 19 Nov 1876. 27 yrs old although this differs from Headstone in cemetery.  Please note she gave birth to
twins on this day.


Emma born 1855

Catherine 1857
see /rod8/lor83413.htm ............................................ROD

Subject: Poultney Bigelow
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 12:04:51 -0500
From: Jean Pike  <>
Ric Dragon has sent me a copy of your e-mail concerning a talk at the
Ogdensburg Remington Museum on March 20th.  I don't know if he had the time
to answer you for he was to go out of town on a business trip but I just
wanted you to know if I was closer I would surely be going to hear the
I have "whiled" away some of my winter hours on reading of Remington and
Poultney on such trips.  At first I was trying to locate perhaps what
Poultney would have done with his extensive collections of letters, etc.
with Remington.  I finally found that he must have donated this to the St.
Lawrence University and it must have been in 1925.  I really can't access
any of the info. for they indicate it is for "LIB USE ONLY" located in the
ODY Special Collections, Call # MSS. Coll. No. 008.  Also, Poulteny writes
of these trips in "SEVENTY SUMMERS".
Have you researched St Lawrence University Library on the Bigelow family?
They indicate an entry dated 1890!
I do hope that you are able to tape the talk and I know you will enjoy the
excursion.I was just rereading the article that Poultney wrote in "The
Quarterly Journal of the New York State Historical Assoc." in 1929
regarding Remington ( some extracts from unpublished letters) very interesting.  I,
also just came back from a walk around the ole Homestead - we had a light
snow yesterday but the crocus and the tulips are coming up.
Jean Pike
Bigelow Homestead - Malden-on-Hudson, NY
see /rod8/poultney.htm ..........................................ROD

Subject: Prynthia Jane Bigelow
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 06:30:13 -0500
From: "Vernon F. Hall" <  >
  I just found your web pages, wished I had some time ago.  I am a descendent of George L and Betsey(Ames) Bigelow.
Her parents were: Lemuel and Hannah (Chamberlain)Ames.  More directly, I am descended from George's daughter,
Prynthia J. and her first husband, Truman L. Hopkins b. 1838 in West Canada, son of Orrin W. and Sarah Hopkins who
died in Newaygo county 1892 and 1893 respectively. She had two maybe three sons with Truman, Charles b. 1869 (from
whom I'm descended) an Edwin A. and a Norman E. .  At one point I thought one, but I've found evidence for both Edwin
and Norman.  My research is not yet finished.
 I just wanted to drop you this quick line and will send more detailed info next week.  I would like to know though, where you found the information on the death of Prynthia, I've been looking for the last 8 years.
I got an email from a lady who mentions that George L. also fathered some Indian children. And of course there are several Native American names in Newaygo county in the early censuses, and in the townships where our Bigelows are, so I wouldn't be surprised. I'm going to go through my notes and share with you the info that I've gathered on my Bigelows. When I began the search, I only had my great grand father's birthdate and place. The breakthrough came when I contacted the White Cloud HS including a $20 check and received back the guardianship papers for Charles and his brother Edwin. Inasmuch as Truman had served in the 9th Ohio Cav Volunteers, his children were entitled to a $200 bounty upon his early death in 1872 (killed by a falling tree) In that document, it told that Charle's mother's name plus his maternal grandfather (George L.) who is named as guardian. George L. was listed in the Bigelow Genealogy and that's how I found a lot of my Bigelow ancestry.
I've also been in touch with another descendant of Pryntha's by her second husband, C. Howard. I say "C." because I've found several different first names for him, all begining with "C". The record is somewhat confusing because there is another C. Howard at the same time who was born in England. He, however, married a Kimball. There seems to be another error regarding the sister of Pryntha, Hannah Almira. It shows her death date as the same as Pryntha's. I don't have my notes, but I believe that is very incorrect. Pryntha and Hannah did not die on the same day. She remarried after Amos Lampman died in 1907. I will check and get the correct date, if it is in the record. I have all the microfilm for Newaygo county at our local FHC and will check on this Thursday. Found references to my Bigelows in the aforementioned microfiche at FHC including two letters and a story on Bigelow Creek in MI. These "Forge" articles were done some time ago, and it would be interesting to see if later issues had any information.
 Vern Hall
see /rod7/geo74626.htm ........................................ROD

   Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:34:20 -0800 (PST)
From: jessica vespa <>
YOur having a bit o trouble with your web page!!!!!! I
was just looking for any public records for
Hubbardston Mass or any geneolgy info canya give me
pointers? Ty Jessica Scott

Subject: Hi There
 Date: 20 Mar 2002 20:57:48 -0700
 From: "Larry David" <>
Hi Rod,

I see your name on the Bigalow family page.  Gussie May Bigalow was my
grandmother.  Are we related?

Larry David

Subject: Philemon Wright
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 14:49:03 EST
From:Jane Wright

where did you do your search?  Somewhere here I have an article published in the Ottawa Citizen some time ago, and it tracks Philimon's journey up to Canada.
I also know that up to a few years ago, the owners of his farm, had it on the market, but they wanted to be careful who bought it because it still had some of the original farm equipment.
I will try and look into this further, in this area every year, they have "Lumber Baron Days', and a great many of  the "Baron"s" family's
meet.  They do come from near and far.
They have compiled a great history, of all of the families involved in developing this area.  As a matter of fact, if you can prove your
ancestry, you can enter all of the exibits for free.  I have never gone, but apperently it is great fun.
This festival happens in a small community near Ottawa, called Renfrew.
You have really peaked my interest in the subject matter, so I will continue to search and let you know what I find.
By the way, the Govt. of Canada has some good information on their web site - keyword "archives"
Thanks again
Jane Wright

Subject: Rebecca BIGELOW
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 18:04:37 -0800
From: "Marcia Maloney" <>

I wonder why Cyrus Kingsbury, son of Rebecca is not listed in Bigelow
records.  He was born in Keene in 1799.  He has many descendants.

From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2002 3:21 PM
Subject: Rebecca BIGELOW
see /rod/reb54243.htm ............................................ROD

Subject: Susan Bigelow and William R. Rand
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 22:54:54 -0600
From:  "Susan B. Naumann" <>

             I am searching for the parents of my g. g. grandmother, Susan Bigelow (middle initial may have
       been "E").  According to OH census records, she was born in 1824, Baldwinsville, NY. She married
       William R. Rand (son of Daniel Rand whose father was Daniel Rand of Harvard, MA).William R.
       Rand's mother was Lois E. Tanner. Children of William R. & Susan (Bigelow) Rand: Alfred Thomas
       Rand, born March 12, 1844, Baldwinsville, NY (my g. grandfather)Alvira Rand, born about
       1846, Baldwinsville, NYOtis B. Rand, born about 1849, Baldwinsville, NY Later children, prob.
       born in OH: Alice Y. Rand, Ellen Rand, Willard "Willis" Rand and Fred G. Rand This family moved to
       OH where, in 1850, they were living in the home of William's parents, Daniel & Lois Rand (according
       to the 1850 census of Vienna, Trumbull Co., OH, District 142). Naturally, my first thought was that
       Susan Bigelow's father must have been Otis Bigelow of Baldwinsville, NY.  The fact that she
       named a son Otis served to bolster my theory.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no record of her
       birth. Any help will be tremendously appreciated!  Many thanks in advance to anyone willing to offer
       suggestions or supply information. Susan Bentley Naumann45 Apple Tree LaneWallingford, CT
       06492 E-Mail:

Otis may have been brother born in Portageville area not far from Leicester, Livingston co,
     NY where John Porter, another brother was born. Baldwinsville is further north near
     Rochester, NY.

15331.14      Daniel 7 BIGELOW,

Children of Daniel and Betsy (Ferguson) Bigelow, all born NY state and ages of some estimated from 1850 census
consequently the numbering may be out of order for an individual:

15331.141     Gilbert E., b 1818; was Speaker of Assembly, Dakota; 1874 and 1880 res. of Vermillion, Clay, SD.

15331.142     Otis, b 24 Aug 1819 Portage; d 13 Sept 1877 IA; m 29 May 1873 Mrs. Alvira Odessa (Deuel)
Gordon; res. IA; 2 children.

Children of Joseph (John) and Statira ( __ ) Bigelow:

15337.111t    Otis, b 24 Aug 1819 Portage (Portageville, NY)(see below), NY; d 15 Sept 1877 Strawberry Pt.,
IA; m 29 May 1873 Alvira O. (Deuel) Gordon.

Can you find out which family he really belongs to?                 Thanks again.     Susan
also see link below............ROD

Subject: Bigelow/Bowen/Fowler
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 15:27:18 +0000
From:  "Randy Reckeweg" <>
  My name is Annette Reckeweg, my husband is Randy. Researching his gen.
I've discovered your web site, very nice! Henry Bowen married Lydia Fowler,
dau. of Abigail Bigelow and Dijah Fowler. Henry Bowen is Randy's ggggg
grandfather. Iwould like to thank you very much for your information and I
to will send you any information you need that I can give if You wish.
Annette Reckeweg, Cooperstown, NY
see /rod/abigal4a.htm ..........................................ROD

Subject: oops
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 17:08:37 -0800
I was attempting to go to for
Alice Bigelow daughter of Asa Elijah Bigelow and got you oops message.
see /rod8/ali8734c.htm ...............................ROD

Subject: James Bigelow and Mary Stuart
 Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2002 23:41:00 -0600
From:  "Elaine Bigelow" <>
I have been researching without much luck.  I am trying to find a connection between these bigelows and the bigelows on your page.
They were supposed to have originated from Scotland and landed in Valdore Quebec. My father-in-law Stanley Nelson Bigelow was born in Wawa Ontario, (siblings: Ernest, Gladys, Janet, Hazel and Cecil), his parents were supposed to be Stuart and Bigelow from Wawa, or even Cochrane Ontario.  His mothers name was Grace and fathers name was Nelson or Stanley.  A Bigelow family member, sister Glady's or Janet was supposed to have done a crest, clan and genealogy trace which went from Wawa to Quebec to Scotland.  The Bigelow and Stuart lines were supposed to have crossed over either in Scotland or in Quebec where they were actually distant cousins who married and all can be traced back to Stuarts in Scotland, I have never been able to reach the people who might have this information.  I once saw a genealogy tree paper of this search (back in the days when I was too young to be interested in more than surviving with my family).  Nelson's wife Helena (Recker) was supposed to have submitted information to Pat Bigelow in Alaska, I actually telephone Pat, a very sweet lady, many years back and talked to her and she said they she could never connect these Bigelows to the Bigelow Society.  Is there any way to find out if Pat might have received the family tree record I speak about and have it put it in "an unfulfilled Bigelow traces file" with your organization.  Can you provide me with a direction to go in next?  I surely appreciate any assistance from you or your readers.  The reason I left out crucial information like dates, birthdays, etc are, I don't have any, anything I provide would be guesswork.  The only date I can provide without error is this:  Nelson Stanley Bigelow and Helena Recker were married in St. Theresa's Church in Windsor, Ontario in 1948, I believe it was an RC church because their children were all baptized RC.  Oh yes, one more important fact - Stanley Nelson Bigelow was a Baptist, the family was believed to have been Baptist as well when they lived in
 Nelson Stanley Bigelow and his spouse Helena Recker has died, as well, their son Ronald has also died.
I will send you my own grandchildren's information as well, (their father was Douglas, deceased).  Ernest, brother of Nelson Stanley has also passed away.  (I will be sending this page on to Ernest and Dorothy's son so that they may fill in the blanks on dates for Ernest's passing.
Elaine Bigelow
Winnipeg Canada

Subject: Elizabeth (Fife) Bigelow
 Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 00:28:06 EST
From: Paul Huey
I notice in the charts in your Bigelow Family Site a reference to
Elizabeth Fife, who died in 1846.  I am curious about your information on
Eliphaz Bigelow, whose first wife was Elizabeth Fife.  I have an ancestor
named Elizabeth Fife who came to America, but I don't even have her father's
name.  Elizabeth married John Somerville, and their daughter Rebecca (born
1786) married my ancestor, Andrew Huey of Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.
My Elizabeth (Fife) Somerville was born in 1754 and died in 1847 and is
buried in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.

    You mention also that your Eliphaz Bigelow resided in Huntingdon County,
Pennsylvania, so there must surely be a connection between these Elizabeth
Fifes.  When did Eliphaz Bigelow marry Elizabeth Fife?  Were there children?
Who were Elizabeth's parents?  I believe the 1830 census of Huntingdon County
lists a James Fife family, though I know nothing about them.  In fact I know
nothing at all about Elizabeth (Fife) Somerville except that she lived 93
years, and she came from North Ireland.  She also had Somerville granchildren
who lived on the Brandywine in  northern Delaware.
Paul Huey
Cohoes, N.Y.

Rod Bigelow (Roger Jon12 BIGELOW)

P.O. Box 13   Chazy Lake
Dannemora, N.Y. 12929
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