Loren Lyman 8 BIGELOW

159B3.413       Loren Lyman 8 BIGELOW, son of Hiram 7 ( Jairus 6 , Bond 5 , Elisha 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Lovantia (GORDON) BIGELOW, was born at Rush, Monroe co, NY on 24 October 1833.  He married three times.  The first marriage was on 07 December 1852 to Rachel S. Hallock.  She was the dau of Amos and Sophronia (Straw) Hallock, and born 08 April of 1838 PA, and died 04 September 1865. His second marriage was 31 May 1866 to Anna F. Harding, she born 09 April 1848 and died in December of 1876. and his third was in 1884/5 to Mrs. Mary Ann (Pickett) Jewett, the widow of Herbert Jewett. She was born 10 October 1856 and died 26 April 1933 Flint, MI.  Loren died at Grand Blanc, MI on 04 September 1918.
Burials: Loren and Mary Ann (Pickett) buried Bristol Cemetery, Flint, MI; Rachel (Hallock) and Anna Harding) buried Evergreen Cemetery, Mundy twp, MI;

Children of Loren and Rachel (Hallock) Bigelow:

159B3.4131     Emma R., b 15 Sept 1854 Genesee co, MI; d 17/18 Feb 1932 Shiawassee co, MI; m 30 Aug 1874 Elisha Davenport; 8 children; (see below)

159B3.4132     Gertrude, b 26 Aug 1856 Genesee co, MI; d 19 Mar 1922; m 30 June 1872 Jessie F. Davenport; 6 children;

159B3.4133     Winifred R., b 10 July 1865 Genesee co, MI; d 21 Dec 1926; m (1) William P. Lovejoy; m (2) _ June 1914 Dean Thompson; 1 child w/William;

Children of Loren and Anna (Harding) Bigelow:

159B3.413?     Emmet S., b 07 Jan 1869; d 02 Dec 1871 age 2 yr,10 mo., 25 days

159B3.4134t    Elmer Almond, b 05 Jan 1873; d 02 Jan 1960 Casnovia,, MI; m (1) Martha Personius, 4 children; m (2) Doretha (Dorothea) Graham, 2 children; (see below)

159B3.4135     Albert "Burt", b 07 Feb 1874/75 (was 6 on 1880 census); d 13 Sept 1962; m 06 Mar 1901 Myrtle Melissa Personius; (b 22 Oct 1881; d 22 Nov 1960 Flint; info from Myrtle's obit mentions 2 dau; one married Arnold Alles; another married Robert Standrige);

159B3.4136t    Franklin Orville "Frank" (twin), b 19 Nov 1876; d ____ ; m (1) Mary Remington, 4 children (div); m (2) 07 Oct 1900 Theresa Swinderman; 4 children; (see below)

159B3.4137t    Frances Julia (twin), b 19 Nov 1876; d 23 Sept 1935; m (1) Adrian Hill, 4 children; m (2) Ernest Gannsley (Gaussley?), 4 children; (see below)

Children of Loren and Mary Pickett (Jewett) Bigelow:

159B3.4138     Maude E., b 27 June 1889; d 04 July 1959 Flint, MI; m 12 Jan 1910 Lloyd Almon Torrey; 4 children;

159B3.4139     Mabel, b 17 July 1891/2; d ____ ; m 18 Nov 1914 Loren Louis Ketzler; 2 children;

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 437-438;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Merle G. Perry article in Flint Genealogical Society Bulletin;
vital records and census of MI;
correspondence with Bigelow Society members. 

159B3.4131     Emma R. 9 Bigelow, b 15 Sept 1854 Grand Blanc, MI; d 18 Feb 1932 Shiawassee co, MI; m 30 Aug 1874 Elisha Davenport ( b 19 Apr 1849 PA, the son of Benjamin and Harriet (Harding) Davenport; he d 09 June 1900 Venice, Shiawassee co, MI; 8 children

159B3.41311     Agatha Grace Davenport, b 28 May 1875; d 09 July 1958; m William Caldwell;
159B3.41312     Lewis Lyman Davenport, b 26 Apr 1877; d ___ 1972; m Nellie Jacobus;
159B3.41313     Walter John Davenport, b 13 Mar 1881; d 15 Oct 1938; m Zina Houghton;
159B3.41314     Maude Hannah Davenport, b 04 Dec 1884; d _____ ; m Eugene Walworth;
159B3.41315     Orpha Sophia Davenport, b 08 Mar 1887; d _____ ; m Claude Hunt;
159B3.41316     George Allen Davenport, b 04 July 1891; d 1960's Seattle, WA;
159B3.41317     Benjamin Earl Davenport, b 19 Dec 1893; d as a young man Vernon, MI; m
159B3.41318     Louella Harriet Davenport, b 08 Nov 1895; d _____ ; m Guy D. Blake;

159B3.4136t    Franklin "Frank" 9 Bigelow (twin), b 19 Nov 1876; d ____ ; m (1) May Remington, m (2) Theresa Swinderman; 8 children in all; Only three known
Child of Frank and May Remington?
159B3.4136?     Beulah. 10 Bigelow, b ____ ; d ____ ;

159B3.4136?     Bernice. 10 Bigelow, twin, b ____ ; d ____ ; m Leon Perry;

159B3.4136?     Loren William 10 Bigelow, twin, b ____ ; d ____ ; m  Freda Schneider; 1 child known:

          159B3.4136??     Loren William 11 Bigelow, jr, b 16 Mar 1929 Owosso, MI; d ____ ; m 09 Feb 1952 Naomi Romanzin (she b 22 Oct 1929 Windsor, Ont. Canada, dau of Peter and Irene (Venier) Romanzin); Loren was a traffic Clerk for Ford Motor co; in the Army 1951-1953; 2 children: David and Karen (FTM)  
(info from Big Soc Lib Family Group sheets)

Note 25 Apr 2008:
Subject: Bigelow History
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 07:47:13 EDT
From: Rlg2469@aol.com
I have just a couple of corrections for the Bigelow.  My husband, Richard Graham, is the grandson of Francis and Ernest Ganssley and have names, dates, etc. for their children, grandchildren, if you are interested.
 Jan Graham

More from Jan:
At this point I would only be able to give approximate dates for Frances Bigelow and Ernest Gannsley as we are in transit and want to run out to the cemetery where they are buried and then will send you correct dates.   Please note the correct spelling of Gannsley.  An interesting side note is that one of Frances' daughters by her first marriage married Ernest Gannsley's brother Elmer.
Frances had 4 children by her first marriage to Hill (buried in Shiawassee County, Michigan and 4 children by her marriage to Ernest Gannsley:
1 son died at 2 years old (buried in same cemetery and will get info for you this summer)
Evelyn Gannsley (Smith)(Sheren) - buried in Buckley, MI
Irene Grace Gannsley (Graham)(Hammel) - died September 10, 1978 - buried in Flint, Michigan
Leon Gannsley - buried in Shiawassee County, MI - also will get information.
Evelyn had 2 sons - Lee Smith - last known residence is Webberville, MI - 3 children (1 girl, 2 boys)
Clare Smith - last known residence - Tennessee - 2 children (boys)
Irene had 2 sons:  Richard L. Graham - born 4-30-35 
                               3 children:  Jo Lynn Graham b.11-27-57
                                                  no children
                                                  Julie Beth Graham (Kopko)
                                                   b. 4-26-59
                                                              2 children: Jeremy Kopko, b.
                                                                                        Steven Kopko, b.
                                                   Richard Alan Graham, b 7-24-65
                                                   no children
                              Ronald H. Graham - born August 5, 1938, died
                              September 1973 - no children

Author: Bonnie Slater   <budgethost@skyenet.net>
Date: 17 Mar 2002 6:43 PM GMT
  My Grandpa was Elmer A. Bigelow born around 1870/72- I haven't worked with this in awhile, his fathers name was Loren,
  and his fathers Hiram. All these folks in Michigan.
  I went to the Michigan Genealogy library in Lansing ....and found a book published. Once I hooked Hiriam up and kept
  going back in the book I ended up around 1600/1700 to a Biglo hall in England.
  It's really nice when someone else did all the work and put it in book form. I went to the cemetery of all these folks listed
  above and took pictures.
I see there is some mistakes, like one is the spelling of my grandma's name
...it is Doretha...I have her death certificate.  and  do you want any updates
Like children of Elmer and Doretha?
 Loren Bigelow, who is a Free Methodist elder, had five children

Married Annie  or Anna S. Harding Date of death: 19 Nov. 1876 at the age of 26 6 mo.
Tombstone says – 28-7 mo’s-14 days /Place of death :  Mundy Twp, Genessee County Michigan
Birthplace: Pa. 8 Apr 1848
Married Loren Bigelow when she was 18 yrs old 31 May 1866
Died of Quick Consumption, please note she gave birth to twins 19 Nov 1876

              Emmet     born 1868 died 12/02/1871 age 2 yr,10 mo., 25 days

               Elmer A. born Jan 5, 1872 married Doretha Graham 20 Mar 1910

              Albert      born Feb    1874

              Franley/Francis Twins    born 19 Nov 1876

3 marriage: Mary Pickett Jewett had a son by first marriage named Albert Jewett born July 2 1872 died Sept 15, 1962 place
of death Flint.

Elmer Almond Bigelow had two daughters:

Marie Josephine Bigelow born 26 July 1910 died May 30 1953, died in Ottawa Co Mi.
married Willard Hoskins they had 5 children all living

Edna Bigelow Simons, married Leo Simons, they had 9 children all living now but one who died in an auto accident.
one of the daughters  of Elmer:
Edna D. Simons
birth:    9 March 1912
death:  17 March 1972
died of Hodgekins Disease ( cancer)

                     HARDING  - FAMILY OF ANNIE

Elisha G. Harding – native of Schoharie Cnty N.Y.   Father
Born 15 Dec 1814
Married: Steuben Cnty N.Y.
Died 23 Aug 1859    age 44 yrs, 9 mo., 8 days

Asureth ( Burdick) Harding                                        Mother
Born 1823-24
She died 31 Jan 1893 69 yrs old in Venice Twp Shiawassee co,  Michigan

Their children:
Merritt S. Harding, born in Bath Twp, Steuben County N.Y.
Hannah  (widow of Jacob Bently) they had 5 children
E.W. ( married Mina Davidson)
Anna S or F. Harding- born 8 April 1848 married Loren Bigelow when she was 18 yrs old. Married: 31 May 1866 died of
Quick Consumption 19 Nov 1876. 27 yrs old although this differs from Headstone in cemetery.  Please note she gave birth to
twins on this day.
Emma born 1855
Catherine 1857

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