1682    Uriah 4 BIGELOW, believed to have been a son of Joseph 3( Joshua2, John1), and Sarah Bigelow, was born circa 1720's, with no record. The first mention we have of him is his intention-of-marriage to Abigail PIERCE (see below), 27 Nov 1748 at Weston, MA. Shortly after he was of Bolton at the birth of a child. Howe's Bigelow genealogy states that from the Registry of Deeds we learn that Uriah and Abigail sold to their uncle Ebenezer Sampson of Concord, their interest in the thirds of their grandmother Sarah Sampson of Concord and wife of Ebenezer Sampson of Concord, dated 18 Nov 1749. They were later of Stow, where Uriah died 3 Oct 1760. His widow Abigail married (2) 4 Oct 1763 at Harvard, Joseph KNEELAND.
     At Winchendon on 4 Jan 1765, the following: "To Richard Day Constable, You are in his Majesty's name required forthwith to notify and warn Joseph Kneeland and Abigail his wife, Joseph Kneeland jr his son, and Sarah Pierce Bigelow and Elizabeth Bigelow her daughters who came last from Harvard, and Hannah their daughter who was bound at Fitchburg, all to depart and leave the town forthwith, or suffer the penalties of the law in such cases made and provided."

We have no further record of Abigail, and following are the few details we gather concerning children of Uriah and Abigail (PIERCE) BIGELOW:

16821       Abigail, b 30 Jan 1750 Bolton, MA.

16822      Minda, b 09 Mar 1752 Norwich Twp, New London co, CT; d ___ ; m  28 Nov 1772 Reuben Proctor, son of Phillip Proctor and Phebe Hildreth, in Littleton, NH. Reuben was born 09 Aug 1751.
   "Mr Reuben Procter and mis minde Bigelow Bothe of Littleton,  November the 28: 1772. "    (see below)

16823       Delight, b ca 1754 Bolton, MA; d ____ ; (see below).

16824      Roger, b 1755 Sudbury; d 13 June 1838 Harvard; m 12 Nov 1776 Elizabeth RUSSELL; res Fitchburg and Harvard; Served Rev War. 8 children. (see below) 

1682?      Sarah Pierce, b ____ ; d ______ ;

16826      Elizabeth, b 19 Oct 1759 Stow, MA; d _____ ;.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. I page.71;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Harvard, MA vital records.
Subject: Minda Bigelow
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2002 21:54:10 -0800
From: Heidi Agin        heidi_agin@juno.com
Dear Rod,
While researching my Proctor line, I discovered a Bigelow connection. It contains a previously unidentified child of Uriah Bigelow and Abigail Pierce.  I have included the info as an attachment.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Heidi Agin

Minda Bigelow

1. Minda Bigelow  aka "Minde" was born 09 Mar 1752 in Norwich Twp, New London, CT.
Reference:  “Vital Recds. Of Norwich, 1659-1848.” Hartford, 1913. (2v.):300

“The vital records title is a set of two (2) volumes, on page 300 (in pt.1) of which is the following citation about Miss Bigelow: "Minda ye Daughter of Uriah Bigelow & of his wife Abigail was Born march 9th 1752." (spelling and punctuation retained from source)

The prefatory notes in the volume indicate that this citation was recorded on page 135 of the Norwich Town Book for Record of Marriages and Births, [beginning in] 1739/40. The information was copied from town records and then published in these volumes.”

I have found sources that put Minde Bigelow, wife of Reuben Proctor in respectively, Littleton, - MA or NH? - (Littleton VR records her marriage to Reuben there, record states that they are both "of Littleton"),Merrimack, NH (her daughter Susanna was born there), and Hartford, - ME or CT? – I now believe the Carpenter author, below, mistakenly thought Hartford, ME, since the birth record that I found is for, coincidently, Hartford, CT.  Or was the state line different?  I haven’t checked that possibility out yet.

Note on Minde’s daughters’ family (the Carpenter family) from:

A Genealogical History of the Rehoboth Branch of the Carpenter Family in America, Author: Amos B. Carpenter

"This branch was brought down from their English ancestor, John Carpenter,1303, with many biographical notes of descendants and allied families."

Bibliographic Information: Carpenter, Amos B. A Genealogical History of the Rehoboth Branch of the Carpenter Family in America. Amherst, Mass.:Press of Carpenter & Morehouse, 1898.

SETH CARPENTER 7 566, son of Elisha 161, William 18, Noah 38, Elisha 161.
Gen. 8. Children 17, b. in Sutton, Mass. (1459).

    I. NATHANIEL P. was b. July 27, 1786, in Paris, Me.; d. April13, 1807; he was a student in Hebron Academy; he committed suicide.
   II. NATHAN was b. May 25, 1788; m. Susanna Proctor, of Merrimack,N. H. (478) She was b. there April 15, 1788 and m. at Buckfield, Me.,March 3, 1811; removed to Foxcroft, March 10, following; she d.Sept. 11, 1860; he
d. April 20, 1872. A farmer.
     At that time the town contained only eight families. He, with others, laid the foundation of the flourishing academy and a Congregational church which are now exerting an extensive and salutary influence upon the educational and religious institutions of that section of the state.
       He was a very strict and devoted man, a deacon of the church. His wife Susanna was the daughter of Reuben Proctor by his wife Minda Bigelow of Hartford.Me., and sister of Miranda Proctor who married Seth Carpenter; father and son married sisters. She organized the first Sabbath-school in Foxcroft. and is still remembered as a remarkable woman and great church-goer. They have a glass canteen in this family that Major Reuben Bigelow carried through the Indian and French wars. Mount Bigelow was named for him. He was with Wolfe's army in Arnold's expedition to Canada.
     Mrs. Carpenter believed it her duty to consecrate her children to God in baptism. Elbridge G. was her eldest son and Mrs. Carpenter like Hannah of old would give her first-born son unto the Lord. Their nearest church was in Garland, six miles away from Foxcroft, through a dense wilderness: only a sled road a part of the way was cut out.  Mrs. Carpenter with her infant son and Mrs. Mitchel, her neighbor went to meeting at Garland; started on an ox-sled as far as the road was cut, then the two women mounted a horse, Mrs. Carpenter taking the babe in her arms, and found their way through the woods by marked trees; when Mrs. Carpenter was arm weary Mr. Carpenter. on foot, would take the babe, and by taking turns in this way they reached the church. On this day Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs.Mitchel made a public confession of their faith in Christ and on the same day Mrs. Carpenter consecrated her son to God
who afterwards became a very devoted servant and minister of Christ.


Minde married1 Reuben Proctor, son of Phillip Proctor and Phebe Hildreth, on 28 Nov 1772 in Littleton, NH. Reuben was born 9 Aug 1751.
   "Mr Reuben Procter and mis minde Bigelow Bothe of Littleton,  November the 28: 1772. "

    from:  RECORDS OF LITTLETON, MASSACHUSETTS.  Printed by order of the Town
    BIRTHS AND DEATHS From the earliest records in the Town Books begun in 1715.
    Mass. 1900  THE  PATRIOT PRESS,  CONCORD, MASS.page 186

    NOTE:  Here again, we see Littleton, MA – vs. Littleton, NH.  It’s got to be the state lines were different.

Info on Reuben's ancestry graciously derived from online database as noted, with correspondance address for Pat Thomas, owner of said database:


Pat Thomas
Post Office Box 885
Winona, MN  55987

(noted April 11, 2001)

Note: “Census date shows that Reuben and Minde Proctor lived in Merrimack Town until sometime between 1795 and 1800, at which time they moved to Hartford, Me. There may have been other children born earlier than what we have listed here. Reuben was Constable for Merrimack Town for many years before they moved.”

A Genealogical History of the Rehoboth Branch of the Carpenter Family in America by  Amos B. Carpenter. (Press of Carpenter & Morehouse, Amherst, Mass., 1898)

      On Reuben I have the following:

      Birth: ABT 1747 in Chelmsford, Ma.
      Death: 13 MAR 1825

Father: Phillip Proctor
Mother: Phebe Hildreth

Children of Minde and Reuben (from Carpenter book, does not include Hannah):

 Miranda Proctor
 Isaac Proctor b: 27 SEP 1786
 Susanna Proctor b: 15 APR 1788 in Merrimack, N.H.
 Abigail Proctor b: 31 AUG 1789
 Uriah Proctor b: 18 JUL 1791
 Rebecca Proctor b: 12 JUL 1793
 Charles Proctor b: 30 JUL 1796

Sources:  from the Carpenter book, above.

They had the following children:
 2 F i. Hannah Proctor2 was born 13th or 17th Jul 1778 in Merrimack, NH.

Hannah married Aaron Brown3, son of James Brown and Hannah Blanchard, on 5 Sep 1797. Aaron was born 17 Nov 1773 in Dunstable or Nashua, NH. He died 4 Apr 1844 in Canton, ME.
Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worchester County vol1 Author:Ellery Bicknell CraneCall Number: F72.W9C8vol.1This book contains ahistory of Worchester County Massachusetts. Volume 1 of 2. BibliographicInformation: Crane, Ellery Bicknell. Genealogical and Personal Memoirs ofWorchester County vol.1. The Lewis Publishing Company. New York. 1907.
Starts at page 227

James Brown (1) was the emigrant ancestor of Theodore P. Brown, ofWorcester, Massachusetts, the manufacturer of the Simplex Piano Player.He was born in Scotland about 1720-30. There is a tradition in the familythat he was wealthy, having with him a chest of gold. Owing to a storm orshipwreck the gold was lost. Besides the gold it is said he had twentyfine linen shirts that were also lost on the journey over. He was atailor by trade. He married Hannah Blanchard, of Dunstable,Massachusetts, and their descendants have been numerous in the vicinity.Dunstable is now Nashua, New Hampshire. He died in 1778. A copy of hiswill, dated October 10, 1778, is owned by Mrs. Wheelock. It is acertified copy made soon after the will was proved in the Nashua court.

It should be noted that James Brown, of Dunstable, was a lieutenant inthe battle of Bunker Hill, according to the history of Dunstable, and noother James Brown of the right age and description is to be found. Thechildren of James and Hannah (Blanchard) Brown were: John; James, settledin Waterford, Ohio, (Mrs. Wheelock has a letter written by him in whichhe mentions the death of his first wife in 1798 and his second marriage);Phebe; Hannah; Isaac; Daniel; Samuel; Aaron, (see forward). The willindicates that all but Samuel and Aaron were of age, as it specifies thatthe others receive their bequests, and the two youngest receive theirswhen they become of age.

(II) Aaron Brown, son of James Brown (1), was born in Dunstable or Nashua, New Hampshire, November 17, 1773. He was a soldier in the war of1812. He married, September 5, 1797, Hannah Proctor, daughter of Reuben Proctor, of Merrimac, New Hampshire. She was born July 13, 1778. He lived in Nashua and died April 24, 1844, in Canton, Maine, where he removed about 1815. He was a charter member of the Livermore Falls, Maine, Lodge of Free Masons and was a prominent man in the order. The children of Aaron and Hannah (Proctor) Brown were: James (see forward); Nancy, born at Dunstable, December 28, 1799, married Rev. (???) Bartlett; Larned Small, born in Dunstable, March 18, 1801; John, (see forward); Reuben Proctor, born in Wilton, Maine, January 28, 1805; Jefferson, born in Wilton, Maine, September 22, 1806; Arthur, born in Wilton, Maine, October15, 1807; Rebecca Proctor, born in Wilton, February 5, 1810; Abigail Bigelow, born at Jay, Maine, March 29, 1812; Susannah Carpenter, born in Jay, Maine, July 16, 1815; Hiram, born February 9, 1817, at Jay, now Canton, Maine; Orin, born October 20, 1818, at Jay, now Canton, died in Texas; Belinda Bartlett, born in Canton, Maine, July 1, 1821.

 3 F ii. Susanna Proctor was born 15 Apr 1788 in Merrimac, NH.
    Susanna married Nathan Proctor, son of Seth Proctor, who married Susanna’s sister, Miranda, below.
 4 F iii. Miranda Proctor.
Miranda married Seth Carpenter.
SETH CARPENTER was b. in Sutton, Mass., Nov. 23, 1762, and was the eleventh child of Elisha and Anna (Whitaker) Carpenter, and the great grandson of William, who came from Gloucestershire, England.

  from:  History of Paris Oxford County Maine

A History of Paris, Oxford Co., Maine from its settlement of 1880 with a history of the Grants of 1736 and 1771 together with personal sketches, A copious genealogical register and an appendix.

By: Lapham, William B. and Silas P. Maxim. (Maine: WM. B. Lapham and S.P. Maxim, 1884)

Other children of Reuben and Minda, as noted above:

 5. Miranda Proctor
 6. Isaac Proctor b: 27 SEP 1786
 7. Susanna Proctor b: 15 APR 1788 in Merrimack, N.H.
 8. Abigail Proctor b: 31 AUG 1789
 9. Uriah Proctor b: 18 JUL 1791
10. Rebecca Proctor b: 12 JUL 1793
11. Charles Proctor b: 30 JUL 1796

Sources, not listed in text above:

1 Records of Littleton, Massachusetts, Birth and Death, Birth and Death records from the earliest town books dating back to 1715.

2 Records of Births and Deaths, Maine Counties, Oxford/Canton 1939, Maine DAR Genealogical Records Committee Report, Series 1, v 78, National Headquarters, DAR Genealogical Library, 18 & D Streets, Washington, DC.

3 Records of Births and Deaths, Maine Counties, Oxford/Canton 1939.
Your site has been very helpful in my research, it's
very well set up.  I will keep you updated as I work on Minda ... I have
found a citation which refers to her as Mindwell and have started to do
some work under that name ... do you have any info that places a "Capt.
Bigelow" in Port Royal, Jamaica during the earthquake of 1692?  One
citation that I have names a Capt. Bigelow involved in rescue efforts of
some sort.  In the same breath, "the Captain's daughter, Mindwell
(Minde), married Reuben Proctor."  By record this would be Uriah, but
doesn't make sense ... I only have a snippet of the article and am trying
to track down the rest of it.  Talk at you later.

Long Note:
Subject: Uriah/4 BIGELOW
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 13:33:51 -0500
From: "Dwight E. Beman" <  73362.3230@compuserve.com  >
 Recently I visited your Bigelow Society site at bigelow.simplenet.com/rod/uria4682.htm and thought I might mention whom I
have as (probably) the Abigail PIERCE, wife of Uriah BIGELOW, along with their "other" marriage intention, in Stow:
"Abigael Pierce &  (U)riah  Bigelow" on 17 Dec 1748 at Stow, MA. [1]
[1]:unknown author, "Vital Records of Stow, Massachusetts," NEHGS, Boston: 1911, p. 183.
I have Abigail identified as probably she born 7 May 1729 in Lexington, MA, daughter of William and Abigail PIERCE in Charles  Hudson's "History of the Town of Lexington, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, from Its First Settlement to 1868.  Revised and continued to 1912."  Vol. 1, History. (1913); Vol. 2, Genealogies. (1913). v. 2, p. 534.  I say "probably"
because she was the only proper-aged Abigail Pierce known of Stow by me (and I did look as best I was able <g>), though I have not run across anything fully proving it.  Her father joined the Lexington church 29 Jun 1735 (Hist. of Lex.,2:534), but was not on the tax bills after 1735 (same cite).  He had two children born in Harvard in 1739 and 1741 (Stow VR, pp. 78, 79), bought land in Stow in 1743 (Hist. of Lex. 2:534) and had children born there in 1743, 1747 and 1750 (Stow VR, p. 64).
The main reason I went to your site in the first place was that, although the above William PIERCE is the brother of an ancestor of mine, David, there is also a Charles Sumner BIGELOW (See below), other than the one in your data, who, by the similarity of that and other names, appears to be a likely candidate to be a member of the same BIGELOW lines and I would like
to know what, if anything, you might know about him and his ancestors (and how <g>).  This Charles Sumner's first wife, Abigail Alma PIERCE, was the sister of William ALBERT PIERCE, my great grandfather.  The Ira Ancil PIERCE mentioned below as the second husband of Delia Pearl BIGELOW was the brother of my maternal grandfather, William Dale PIERCE, mentioned below in note [1]. 12 JAN 2001  Prepared by: Dwight Earl Beman

                                FIRST GENERATION

1.    Charles Sumner[1] Bigelow[1]. Born, 15 Dec 1845, in WI. Died, 13 Apr 1931, in Lynwood, CA. Location: 1890, in Dodge Center, Dodge Co., MN[2]. Location 2: 1912, in Two Harbors, MN[3]. Occupation: M.D. Reference:20.6*1.
He married[1], first, Abigail Alma Pierce[1], daughter of Charles Truman Pierce and Polly Strickland, 19 Aug 1873, in Muscatine, IA. M Location, Oct 1884, in Cloud Co., KS[4]. M Location2: Oct 1890, in Dodge Center, Dodge Co.,
MN[4]. Born, 14 Dec 1851, in Mercer Co., IL. Died, 23 Nov 1910, in Hospital, St. Peter, MN[5]. Burial: 26 Nov 1910, in Riverside Cem., Dodge Center, Dodge Co., MN. Reference: 20.6.
"Abigail Alma Pierce was born in Mercer County, Ill., Dec. 14, 1851, and died at the Hospital in St Peter, Minn., Nov. 23, 1910, of heart trouble. On Aug. 29, 1873, she was married to Dr. C.S. Bigelow, of Muscatine, Iowa. They moved to Dodge Center, Minn., in 1890, where their home has since been. Her entire life was one of selfsacrificing devotion to her family and
her God, as she is remembered as a kind friend, a loving Mother, and a faithfull wife.
Besides her husband, two daughters, Mrs. G.A. Young, of Albion, Ind., and Miss Amy G. Bigelow of this village, and two sons, Charles E., of Madison Lake, Minn., and Albert S. of Dodge Center, all of whom were present for the funeral, are left to honor the memory of her past life. In addition to her own immediate family, she leaves one sister, Mrs. Chas. Muller, of Ames, Kans. and three brothers, W.A. Pierce, of Rice, Kans., M.W. Pierce of Grinnell, Iowa, and Truman Pierce of Wellston, Okla., none of whom were able to be present at the funeral. The services were held at the house by Rev. Colin Bain, on Sat. P.M.
at 1:30 o'clock, Nov. 26th, and remains laid to rest in Riverside cemetery beside those of one who had gone before to her great reward. 'After life's fitful fever (s)he sleeps well."'

+     2       i.  Delia Pearl[2] Bigelow.

       3      ii.  Amy Grace Bigelow[1]. Born, 1876. Died, after 1973. She married[1] Chris Darsnek[1]. Reference: 20.62.

       4     iii.  Charles Edward Bigelow[1]. Born, 1879. Died, after 1973. Occupation: M.D. Reference: 20.63.

       5     iv.  Alma Oliva Bigelow[1]. Born, 1882, in Claremont, Dodge Co., MN. Died, 1902, in Dodge Center, Dodge Co., MN. Reference: 20.64.

      6      v.  Albert Sumner Bigelow[1]. Born, 1888, in Cloud Co., KS. Died, after 1973. Reference: 20.65. He married[1], second, Neva B. Bromley[1], 1 Jul 1916, in Dodge Center, Dodge Co., MN. M Location, 1925, in Lynwood, CA. Died, 9 Jan 1953, in Lynwood, CA. Reference: 20.6*1/2.

                               SECOND GENERATION

2.    Delia Pearl[2] Bigelow (Charles Sumner[1])[1]. Born, 31 Jul 1874, in Mercer Co., IL. Died, 18 Dec 1943. Burial in Riverside Cem., Dodge Center, Dodge Co., MN. Reference: 20.61. She married[6], first, George Allan Young[1], 17 Aug 1897. Divorce, before 1915. Born, 15 Feb 1875, in KS. Reference: 20.61*1.

      7       i.  Paul Allan[3] Young [1]. Born in KS. Resided, 1970, at 194 Varsity Circle, Arlington, TX, 76010. Reference: 20.611.
      8      ii.  Otis Bigelow Young [1]. Born, 17 Nov 1899, in MN. Resided, 1970, in 1326, S. Thompson St., Carbondale, IL, 62901. Reference: 20.612.
She married[1], second, Ira Ancil Pierce, son of William Albert Pierce and Mary Arminta Livingston, 2 Mar 1915, in Besimer, MI. Born, 8 Jan 1874, in Mercer Co., IL. Died, 5 Mar 1941[7]. Burial: 1941, in Stockton, CA. Reference: 10.1.

                              NOTES AND REFERENCES

  [1]William Dale Pierce, Genealogy Collected by W.D. Pierce, Original MS, in custody of Dwight Earl Beman, 54 Main St., Nantucket, Nantucket Co., MA 02554. [2]Moved to.[3]Retired, and moved to where he had land in. [4]removed to.
[5]"Cause: Heart Trouble".[6]WDP Gladys Faye Probasco, Gladys Faye (Probasco) Pierce, Personal Memory, in custody of Dwight Earl Beman, 54 Main St., Nantucket, Nantucket Co., MA 02554. [7]"Cause: Heart Failure".
Dwight [73362.3230@compuserve.com] on Nantucket
Dwight Beman
54 Main Street
Nantucket, MA 02554
Subject: Help with geneolgy research
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 23:46:08 -0500
From: "David Pierce" <Romans58@wowway.com>
 CC: <jkeuler@tds.net>
I have read your web page on Uriah Bigelow.  http://bigelowsociety.com/rod/uria4682.htm
Do you have an email address for W.D. Pierce? (Note & References [1] )  Maybe you could forward this to him for me.
My G.G. Grandfather was also named William Albert Pierce (est birth 1840) Perhaps a grandson of your Abigail's brother of the same name.  I know that his second wife was Mary Ann and that he died in TX.
I would snail mail him but I'm going to Texas on Sunday and will drive to Bridgeport TX which is where W.A. owned property that he left his estate.Thanks
David Pierce
630-830-6854 (h)
847-632-2967 (o)

Note 2012: From: "Virginia Myers"  < v.myers5506@att.net >
<>I thought you might like to know what I have found about a Delight Bigelow.  Still not sure she is the Delight I am looking for but it is a potential fit. 
 The  records  found show that Uriah died about 1760.  This guardianship action was not taken until some years later and they were apparently teen agers who themselves asked for the action to appoint a guardian.  I also found an apparent record of their widowed mother - she had married a man named Joseph Kneeland and the two of them and two of her younger Bigelow children were "warned out" of Winchendon MA.  One of the children she had with J Kneeland was apparently "bound out" at the time of the warning action.  Seems like they were maybe considered vagrants and that might be why Roger and Delight wanted a legal separation from them.
    So someone named Uriah Bigelow had a daughter named Delight who was apparently the same age as a brother named Roger.  I have found stuff about a Uriah having a son named Roger in family trees on ancestry.com but I only use these as starting points but none of those trees mention a daughter named Delight.  Strange that she is so elusive. 

Rod: Documents provided by Virginia (that are now in Bigelow Society Library) state: "Judge John Chandler, nominates and appoints Ebenezer Bridger of Fitchburg, MA, Guardian of Roger and Delight (both fifteenin age) son and dau of Uriah Bigelow, late of Stow and county of Middlesex, MA dated 18  April 1769"
Also documents show a bond of 100 pounds apiece was posted by Isaac Gibson, surety letter of Obligation.

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