Abigail 4 BIGELOW

1596   Abigail 4 BIGELOW, daughter of Isaac 3 (Samuel2, Johnl) and Mary (BOND) BIGELOW, was born 13 April 1723, at Colchester, New London, CT. She was married, 18 December 1745, to Capt. Adijah (Dijah) FOWLER, son of John and Sarah (ABBE) FOWLER. He was born 10(19?) June 1717. They lived in Lebanon. Adijah served in the Revolutionary War, and commanded a company of militia from Lebanon at the Lexington Alarm (DAR records). Abigail died 09 June 1796 at Lebanon, at age 73. He on 14 December(Oct?) 1804 age 87, also at Lebanon. (see below)

Children of Adijah and Abigail (BIGELOW) FOWLER, all born Lebanon, New London co, CT:

15961.  Abigail Fowler, b 01 Mar 1747; no death date; m (1) ___ SKINNER, and (2) ____ DEAN.

15962.  Adijah "Dijah" Fowler, b 14 Aug 1748; no death date; m Mary ____ .

15963.  Sarah Fowler, b 07 June 1750; no death date; m Samuel COLT.

15964.  Lydia Fowler, b 07 Feb 1753; no death date; m Henry BOWEN (1748-1830) of Woodstock, CT; he was a Pvt. in Rev War. (see below) (see below)

15965.  John Fowler, b 05 Dec 1754; d __ 1834; m Anna SKINNER; he served in Rev War and claimed pension.

15966.  Mark Fowler, b 09 May 1756; d 27 Apr 1813 Herkimer, NY; m Miriam Sterling WARNER; he was a Pvt in Rev War.
(see below)

15967.  Amos Fowler, b 17 Mar 1758; d 30 Nov 1837; m Rebecca GILLETT; he was a Capt in Rev War.

Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
NSDAR, Patriot Index.
The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I pg 61-62
Subject: Founders of Groton, MA
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 10:11:06 -0800
From: Elinor F. Skeate <  ddskeate@owt.com  >

Your material is very helpful for tracing my Bigelow descent, from Abigail Bigelow who married Dijah Fowler. I am also tracing many Watertown, MA families as I put together the ancestry of the Founders of Groton, MA. (See my web page at http://www.bigskysoft.com/grotonma.  I have written a lot of Groton, MA families and am now working on My gg grandmother's line, Abigail Bowen, who is the Bigelow line, who married James Gordon Jr. in Rushford, NY.
Elinor F. Skeate, Kennewick, WA

Just a couple of things.
1.. This address for Elinor should be:  elinorskeate@yahoo.com
2.. Elinor has spent a week in the local hospital.  She was in ICU for 3 days but is getting better in the intermediate care unit at present.  She had a stroke but is doing fairly well at the present time. 
Dennis D. Skeate   ddskeate@owt.com
Elinor is of course the author of some 30 books regarding Groton, Mass. and vicinity:

Elinor F. Skeate: "Mason, NH Register" Information on the families of MASON, NH, compiled from church records,vital records, family genealogies, ...


Subject: Bigelow/Bowen/Fowler
Date:      Tue, 26 Mar 2002 15:27:18 +0000
Fom:   Annette Reckeweg <   reckeweg007@hotmail.com   >
  My name is Annette Reckeweg, my husband is Randy. Researching his gen.  I've discovered your web site, very nice! Henry Bowen married Lydia Fowler, dau. of Abigail Bigelow and Dijah Fowler. Henry Bowen is Randy's ggggg grandfather. I would like to thank you very much for your information and I  to will send you any information you need that I can give if You wish.
Annette Reckeweg, Cooperstown, NY

New Note 06/11/06:
From:  Barb Engvall   < bengvall@charter.net >
I just found your site and we are connected way back through the  first Isaac Bigelow as he is my 7th G. Grandfather.  My line goes  through his daughter Abigail who married Adijah Fuller and then  through their son Mark who married Miriam Sterling Warner. That line  eventually married into the Connecticut Booth family...
If you want it let me know and in what format and I will see what I  can do.
Barb Engvall
Selah, WA
Here is the information I have. I haven't added the rest of Abigail's children, so only Mark and his descendants are listed Of course,  
there could have been more children from him, but this is what I know of. I stopped with my grandmother, Edna Eiker, as the only one gone
in my father's generation is my dad, who was Conrad Lehfeldt. Hope this helps to fill in some blanks! If you find discrepancies please
let me know!
Files from Barb:
First Generation

1. Captain Adijah FOWLER. Born on 10 June 1717 in Lebanon, New London, Connecticut. Adijah died in Lebanon, New London, CT, on 14 December 1804; he was 87.
Revolutionary war: commanded a company of militia from Lebanon at the Lexington Alarm (DAR records)

On 18 Dec 1745 when Adijah was 28, he married Abigail BIGELOW, daughter of Sargent Isaac BIGELOW & Mary BOND, in Colchester, CT. Born on 13 April 1723 in Colchester, CT.
Abigail died in Lebanon, CT, on 09 June 1796; she was 73.

They had one child:
    2    i.    Mark Fowler (1756-1813)
Second Generation

2. Mark FOWLER. Born on 9 May 1756 in Lebanon, Connecticut. Mark died in Lebanon, Connecticut, on 22 Apr 1813; he was 56.
In the Revolutionary War in the Connecticut Light Horse; served in Capt. Daniel Throop's 2nd Connecticut Light Horse 1776 from Lebanon
On 11 Sep 1777 when Mark was 21, he married Miriam (Sterling) WARNER. Born on 8 Feb 1755. Miriam (Sterling) died in 1843; she was 87.
Widow of Reuban Warner

They had one child:
    3    i.    Mary Fowler (1792-1870)
Third Generation

3. Mary FOWLER. Born on 09 May 1792 in Litchfield, NY;. Mary died in Knox County, IL, on 19 Feb 1870; she was 77. Aunt Mattie’s records say death was 19 June 1870.
On 23 Feb 1814 when Mary was 21, she first married Isaiah FULLER. Born on 03 Aug 1789 in Litchfield, NY. Isaiah died on 04 Sept 1834; he was 45.

They had one child:
    4    i.    Nancy Fuller (1819-1899)

Mary second married M. Charles ENSIGN.
Fourth Generation

4. Nancy FULLER. Born on 10 July 1819 in New York. 1900 census: daughter lists birth location as Indiana. Nancy died in Knoxville, Knox, IL, on 08 Feb 1899; she was 79.
died in knoxville at home of Mary Booth Tate, her daughter. Obituraries of Knox County, Vol II
On 21 Feb 1836 when Nancy was 16, she married Edwin BOOTH, son of Agur BOOTH & Mary LEWIS, in New York. Born on 26 Feb 1810 in Stratford, Fairfield Cty, CT. 1900 census: daughter lists birth location as Maryland. Edwin died in Knox county, IL, on 25 Nov 1895; he was 85.

Tax roll - 1875 - property valued at $600
Tax roll - 1885 - property valued at $181

1850 Census - living in Noble Township, LaPorte, IN; occupation listed as Farmer
1860 Census lists birth location as Indiana; profession listed as Grocer
1880 Census - occupation listed as wagon maker

Death: Chronic inflammation of stomach and bowels.
For informaiton on the ancestors of Edwin Booth refer to the following:
Barbour Collections; Connecticut Vital records prior to 1850”,  Lucius B. and Lucius A Barbour, Connecticut State Library

They had the following children:
    5    i.    Lucinda H. Booth (1838-1871)
    6    ii.    Mary Booth (1842-1901)
    7    iii.    Asenath Booth (1852-1935)
Fifth Generation

5. Lucinda H BOOTH. Born on 24 Sep 1838 in Indiana. Lucinda H died on 7 May 1871; she was 32.

On 03 Mar 1855 when Lucinda H was 16, she married Lewis B. SEVER.

6. Mary BOOTH. Born on 22 Aug 1842 in Noble Twsp, LaPorte, IN. 1900 census lists birth as Aug 1843 and lists location as Indiana. Mary died in Knox County, Illinois, on 11 Oct 1901; she was 59.

birth and death dates verified from cemetery marker.

Obituary transcription: Tate, Mrs. Thomas, a resident of Knoxville all her life, died there early Thursday morning of heart failure. Survived by these children, Charles of Knoxville, Mrs. Carrie EIker, Galesburg, sons, Frank of Knoxville, John of Peoria, Cena Tate of Decatur, Jendie Tate of Knoxville. For many years member of Knoxville M.E. Church. Funeral tomorrow afternoon but time not announced. Published November 15, 1901 [a month after her death]. From Obituaries of Knox Co, Galesburg, IL Vol II.

1860 census lists profession as Seamstress

On 8 Oct 1861 when Mary was 19, she married Thomas Broaddus TATE, son of Milton Anthony TATE & Martha Ann BROADDUS, in Knoxville, Knox, IL. Born on 21 Sep 1836 in Macomb, McDonough Cty., Illinois. Thomas Broaddus died in Knox County, Illinois, on 7 Jun 1912; he was 75.

no dates on cemetery marker.
1860 occupation: Blacksmith
tax rolls 1875 - personal - $$135
Tate & Bros - $643
property tax rolls - 1885 - valued at $100
business tax - Thomas B Tate & Bro - 1885 -$575

As a boy, Thomas lived first in Hancock County, and then in Schuyler County. In 1860 he moved to Knoxville, Illinois where he was a blacksmith. He enlisted in 1862, and during teh Civil War advanced to the rank of 2nd Lieut in Co E, 83rd Infantry.

Thomas married Mary Booth on Oct 5, 1861 in Knoxville. Their home was the family gathering place on holidays and special occasions until his accidental death. Thomas joined two other men  in a partnership in 1871. THey opened a store and handled provisions and supplies, along with the blacksmith and wagon trade. Thomas served as an alderman for two years, 1871 and 1872; he was then elected Postmaster for four years, 1881 through 1885. He was elected as Mayor in 1887, for one year. Two generations of Tate brothers operated stores in Knoxville from 1873 to 1941. By October 1904 Thomas opened a Grocery Store of his own on the east side of the public square. He retired from business at the end of 1910 whilte still in good health. He was active in his church, a member of Post 239 G.A.R., and was idenetified with teh Masonic Order. On June 7, 1912, Thomas attempted to stop a runaway team on East Main Street in Galesburg on Friday afternoon at 3 PM. He was visitn his daughter, Marcia Stromberg. He attempted to stop the horses belong to the Ahlenius Grocery Co. by catching the bit and was thrown violently headlong against the curbstone. . His skull was gractured and he failed to regain consciousness.  From handwritten notes of Marcia Tate Stromberg

They had the following children:
    8    i.    Charles Edwin (1862-1925)
    9    ii.    Carrie Annie (1865-1932)
    10    iii.    Mary Nettie (1867-1950)
    11    iv.    Marcia (Mattie) (1869-1956)
    12    v.    Frank Milton (1872-1941)
    13    vi.    John Thomas (1874-1955)
    14    vii.    Asenath (1878-1974)
    15    viii.    Sarah Janette (1880-1918)

7. Asenath BOOTH. Born in 1852 in Knoxville, Knox, IL. Asenath died in Knoxville, Knox, IL, on 14 Aug 1935; she was 83. Buried in Knoxville, Knox, Illinois.

On 10 Nov 1885 when Asenath was 33, she married John Franklin HINTHORN, in Knoxville, Knox, IL. Born in 1858. John Franklin died in 1934; he was 76.
Sixth Generation

8. Charles Edwin TATE. Born on 6 May 1862 in Knoxville, Knox, IL. Charles Edwin died in Knoxville, Knox, IL, on 6 Sep 1925; he was 63. Buried in Knoxville Cemetery, Sec VII, Part 1. He was never married.

Charles was deeded property on Main St in Knoxville in 1901 and was in the grocery business until his health failed in the early 1920’s.

9. Carrie Annie TATE. Born on 16 Dec 1865 in Knox County, Illinois. Carrie Annie died in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, on 26 Dec 1932; she was 67. Buried in Puyallup, Pierce, Washington.

attach Aunt Mary’s memoirs here...

On 1 Oct 1890 when Carrie Annie was 24, she married Elmer Grant EIKER, son of John Calvin EIKER & Sarah Agnes ARMSTRONG, in Knoxville, Knox, Illinois. Born on 4 Dec 1864 in Knox County, Illinois. Elmer Grant died in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, on 23 Aug 1935; he was 70.

listed as a dairyman in 1900 census. Brother Roy worked as a laborer.

They had the following children:
    16    i.    Edna Marie (1891-1976)
    17    ii.    Eugenia Zippilla (1893-1909)
    18    iii.    Mary Agnes (1901-)

10. Mary Nettie TATE. Born on 16 Dec 1867 in Knoxville, Knox, IL. Mary Nettie died in Avon, Union Twp, Fulton Cty, Illinois, on 17 Jan 1950; she was 82. Buried in Avon Cemetery, Union Twp, Fulton Cty, Illinois. Religion: Universalist 1894 To Death.

Death certificate show mypostatic pneumonia as cause  death. It also indicatges that sh esuffered fromParkinson’s disease and arterio ‘schrosis’

Nettie grew up in Knoxville and attended the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, 1893. She suffered a fall about 1934 and after that she was never able to walk again. She spent the rest of her years confined to a wheel chair that was fashioned for her by her husband. She also suffered from some sort of ‘creeping paralysis”, possibly Parkinson’s disease. Willis Mummey was her primary care giver until she died, but he was often assisted by their daughter Marcia Powell. Nettie died quietly at home. She was a member of the Avon Universalist Church.

    19    i.    Unknown

11. Marcia (Mattie) TATE. Born on 15 Dec 1869. Marcia (Mattie) died on 10 Feb 1956; she was 86.

Marcia (Mattie) married William Matthew STROMOBERG. Born on 22 Jan 1866. William Matthew died on 28 Oct 1914; he was 48.

From Aunt Mattie’s notes: She said that William  had diebetes -- the doctor had given him six months to live (this was before the discovery of insulin.) She said that his mind was affected and under the influence of whiskey.

This was the reason she gave for him shooting the three children and himself. He also shot at her, hitting her in the arm, making her fall down the stairs.

This happened in the upstairs of their house on East Main St. in Galesburg. She lived there ‘til a short time before her death.

Another account: WIlliam operated a candy store on Main Stret in Galesburt. He had diabetes and his doctor had told hinm that he could not live another six months His mind was affected and he drank heavily. He rod a bicycle to go hunting and one day returned home, killed his three children, wounded his wie and then killed himself. (This version related by marcia Powerr.( Newspaper accounts at the time did not mention illness but did hint of alcohol involvement. Marcia Strombert lived in a house on Main Street in Galesburg until shortly before she died (she suffered from arthritis). Sh was well known as a button collector. Marcia (Mummey) Powell was named after he r aunt Marcia Tate.

They had the following children:
    20    i.    Joyce Adaleene (1895-1914)
    21    ii.    Ralph William (1900-1914)
    22    iii.    Lowell (1904-1914)

12. Frank Milton TATE. Born on 20 Jun 1872. Frank Milton died on 4 Nov 1941; he was 69.

On 21 Feb 1899 when Frank Milton was 26, he first married Sylver Belle WALLACE. Born on 16 Apr 1873.

They had the following children:
    23    i.    Thomas Brokaw (1904-1987)
    24    ii.    Mary Leona

On 22 May 1912 when Frank Milton was 39, he second married Susie McNEAL.

13. John Thomas TATE. Born on 16 Nov 1874 in Knoxville, Knox, IL. John Thomas died in Kimberley, Canada, on 16 Sep 1955; he was 80. Buried in Kimberley, Canada.

John abandoned his failing business, his wife and child and went to British Columbia, Canada. Once there he changed his name to J.C. Adams. His daughter, Anna, was raised by family in Illinois. John was referred to some members of the family as “Uncle Alias.”

14. Asenath TATE. Born on 14 Mar 1878 in Knoxville, Knox, IL. Asenath died in Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, on 12 Nov 1974; she was 96.

On 11 Dec 1902 when Asenath was 24, she first married William McCUMBER.

On 1 Oct 1910 when Asenath was 32, she second married John Virgil WEAKLY.

On 4 Apr 1935 when Asenath was 57, she third married David Henry WHITE.

15. Sarah Janette TATE. Born on 23 May 1880 in Knoxville, Knox, IL. Sarah Janette died in Nevada, Ohio, on 22 Oct 1918; she was 38.

Death due to stomach cancer
Seventh Generation

16. Edna Marie EIKER. Born on 18 Jul 1891 in Knox County, Illinois. Edna Marie died in Stanislaus Cty, California, on 26 Feb 1976; she was 84. Buried in Turlock Memorial Park, Turlock, Stanislaus, California.

Edna graduated from Park County High School in 190x Father Elmer secured her a job teaching in Pompey’s Pillar for the 190xx  school year. She lived in a boarding house where she met Will Lehfeldt. They were married in Sept 1910. Will farmed for a number of years, moving the family from Pompey’s Pillar to Broadview. In 1917, with 3 young boys and a daughter, they swapped farms with a family in Livingston, CA and drove to their new home.

Edna was active in the Extension service, providing demonstrations on food preservation. She was a wonderful cook, known for her fresh bread, cinnamon rolls and delicious Sunday dinners. For a number of years she was the librarian in Livingston as part of the Merced County Library system.

She also gardened extensively and also did fine crochet work and tatting.

Edna Marie married William LEHFELDT, son of Rudolph Carl Herman LEHFELDT & Maria SCHROEDER. Born on 10 Feb 1883 in Denison, Crawford, Iowa. William died in Atwater, Merced, California, on 20 Jun 1963; he was 80.

They had the following children:
        i.    Conrad Eugene (1911-2002)
        ii.    E (1912-)
        iii.    J (1914-)
        iv.    Bertha Louise (1915-1919)
        v.    MJ (1922-)
        vi.    W (1925-)

17. Eugenia Zippilla EIKER. Born on 29 Dec 1893 in Knox County, Illinois. Eugenia Zippilla died in Osborne, Montana, on 4 Nov 1909; she was 15. typhoid fever.

Died of Typhoid fever...buried in Huntley Cemetery. First female buried there.

18. Mary Agnes EIKER. Born on 13 Mar 1901 in Knox County, Illinois.

Mary Agnes married Lewis PICTON.

They had one child:
        i.    RIchard

19. Unknown.

Unknown married POWELL.

They had one child:
        i.    Richard

20. Joyce Adaleene STROMOBERG. Born on 20 Oct 1895. Joyce Adaleene died on 28 Oct 1914; she was 19.

21. Ralph William STROMOBERG. Born on 21 Nov 1900. Ralph William died on 28 Oct 1914; he was 13.

22. Lowell STROMOBERG. Born on 9 Aug 1904. Lowell died on 28 Oct 1914; he was 10.

23. Thomas Brokaw TATE. Born on 1 Aug 1904. Thomas Brokaw died on 5 Aug 1987; he was 83.

notes from Roselea Tate Hoare

On 13 Jun 1927 when Thomas Brokaw was 22, he married DeEtta Agnes YERBY. Born on 31 Jan 1907. DeEtta Agnes died in Feb 1997; she was 90.

They had one child:
        i.    Roselea (1928-)

24. Mary Leona TATE. 

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