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        Bigelow connection
        Fri, 06 Apr 2001 15:12:39 -0600
        Robert and Jane Bigelow <bigelow@xpert.net>
        "gypsy (Bonnie Petee)" <gypsy@tir.com>, "Sheryl Gast" <hershe2@msn.com>,
        "Donna Cole" <mack@uber.com>
        Rod Bigelow <bigelow@slic.com>

Over the past few days, several of you have contacted me about
the relationship of  the Arthur Eugene Bigelow family to the Beemer
Family.  Here is what I think I know:

Arthur Eugene Bigelow 17 Sept 1852-5 Aug 1932 married Frances M Beemer
Their children:
  George Levi; 7 June  1882 - 10 Nov 1932   m. Francis Benjamin
  Charles Arthur; 2 June, 1885 - 9 Jan 1947 m.(1) Zillah A. Hanson
                                              (2) Marian (Schwartz)
  Allie (Sp?) A. 18 Aug 1886 - 5 Apr 1970(?)m.(1) Margaret McRae
                                            m.(2) Mable Mann
  Hosea Edwin; 8 Jan 1893 - 22 Oct. 1963    m.(1) Lula Nye
                                            m.(2) Leota Klish
  Jose Ethel;  8 Jan 1893 - 12 Jan 1965     m.(1) Arthur Johnson
                                              (2) Lyman McAuiffe
                                              (3) Ernest Moeller (Sp?)
  Hosea and Jose were twins, apparently

Charles Arthur + Zillah Hanson

 (a)Arland Eugene; 17 Sept 1908 - 19 Feb.1967
       m (1)(1936) Martha Louise McIlvaine (11 Aug 1906 - 26 Aug 1992)
         (2) Willie Maude (Pruett) Malone "Molly"

 (b) Charles Howard 8 Mar 1913 - 8Mar 1913

 (c) Hosea Hanson 12 Sept 1914 - ? m Jane Sandbeck
     2 children - Terry Bigelow and a sister.
          Terry and Kay live in Pleasant Lake Michigan

Arland Eugene + Louise McIlvaine

 (a) Robert C.  4 March 1937 -     m Jane McNiell Holmes (25 Apr 1950
- )
     No children

Arland Eugene +  Molly
  (a)  Richard (Malone) Bigelow by adoption of Tuscon Az.    m Bea
  (b)  Charles,of Columbia SC. now deceased       m Nancy
  (c)  Jon Bigelow of Dallas Tx.   m Laurie (Townsand) Berry
       They have two children from Laurie's first marriage
            Jennifer and Sara; both now married

Molly lives in Tuscon Az.

Most of this is from the unpublished work of Patricia (Mrs. E. L.)
formerly of Jonesville Michigan  The work was sent to me in 1976 and
not be the most current information.  Also, the information I have
you was hand-written and I'm not sure of the 1970 date for Allie A.,
seems awfully late for a Bigelow male.  The remainder of it is
memory and records, such as they are. My father (A. E. Bigelow was two
years younger than my mother (Louise M) so he was born in 1908 not
1918 as
Patricia Bigelow had it;  I assume the date is otherwise correct.

You three should get to know each other since you are all

"gypsy (Bonnie Petee)" <gypsy@tir.com>
"Sheryl Gast" <hershe2@msn.com>
"Donna Cole" <mack@uber.com>

Robert C. Bigelow

        Sun, 8 Apr 2001 19:30:27 EDT


Perhaps I spoke too soon. On looking at my data, I see that I have a
different birth date for Elizabeth Walker, than you have. My data came from
Worcester Town records, and shows;
"Eliza, d. of John and Mary, Dec. 23 1792".
Given the popularity of the name Eliza/Elizabeth, I could be mistaken in my
assumption that she is the one who m. Charles(6) Bigelow. The MA town records
are all I have to go by.
My Walker family, John (Jr) and Mary (Willard) left the town of Worcester c.
1800, and moved to Barre. John Walker died there in 1809, and is buried in
the Adams Cemetery. Mary Willard Walker remarried Lt Job Dexter.
But, just for the record, John Jr's father was Capt John(2)Walker, Loyalist,
and his father was Sgt William(1)Walker, who came with the Scotch-Irish to
Boston, c. 1719.

As I have said, I have interesting stories of this family and would like to
contact other descendants.
I was in the process of (finally) filling out Family Group Sheets on my
Walker line, but I'd better hold on Elizabeth until I can definitely identify

Julia Walker Ritterbush

        Myrick Family of MA
        Mon, 9 Apr 2001 23:12:45 EDT
My GGGrandmother was Clarrissa Myrick born in Boston, MA 23 Dec. 1798 or 1799.
We Know nothing about her parents or siblings. She married first John
Collins.  After his death she married William H. Webb(born in London,
England).  They had 9 children-all born in Jefferson County, NYS. Any
directional nudges for our research would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
very much.
Bonnye Bond
7327 Hidden Hills N.
San Antonio, Texas 78244

        Jacob Bigelow's book
        Sat, 14 Apr 2001 10:12:09 EDT

Dear Mr. Bigelow,

Do you know how I might be able to locate Dr. Bigelow's book titled
"Self-Limited Diseases"?

Thank you,

John Hart, D.C.

        Re: guest book
        Fri, 20 Apr 2001 10:24:22 -0700
        "Mary Fowler" <mmf111@msn.com>
                      It's on this page, down a way.  Mary Fowler

         Vol. 9, No. 2 April, 1980 --- FORGE: The Bigelow Society Quarterly --- Page 27

                               DUAL LINEAGE


Eugene Allen 10 Biglow, David Carlton Orvis 9, Adoniram Judson 8, Barna 7, Sialas 6, Solomon 5, Samuel 4,
                          Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1

 testEugene Allen 9 Biglow, Theodosia Isabel 8, Marcus Jame 7, Thomas A. 6, Gale 5, Jabez 4, Gershom 3,
                              Joshua 2, John 1

I am an authentic Bigelow. My mother, Theodosia Isabel Bigelow, was born in Grindley

Subject: Baguley web page
Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2001 16:03:09 +0100
From: Lucy Baguley  <   u16lab@abdn.ac.uk   >
  I searched through the web wondering if I could find some more Baguleys and I was pleased to discover your site. I'm a baguley but i
don't have a clue where i descended from so I'll have to look into that.
Lucy Baguley

Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 19:38:12 -0700
From: "beaty" <  beaty@gisco.net  >
I saw the name Wright listed with Bigelow, i couldn't find which Wright. my gr gr gr grandfather was J C Wright. he's buried in Maple Grove cemetery- Richville, ny. looking for any relations. beaty@gisco.net

Subject: Vol lll
Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2001 10:51:55 -0700
From: Joan Keeler <  fkeeler@juno.com  >
Dear Rod,
I am trying to compile info for Vol. lll about my immediate ancestors, generations 9 and 10 and myself and children.   I sent the following
questions to Jean Legereit awhile back. I have not received an answer (she is probably very busy and these are probably dumb questions)  so
I wonder if you could  give me some help with them?
I am the only offspring of my father, hence the Bigelow surname stops with me. Will you be following the same format as in Vol. 1 and2?  If so, I
will list myself ( as his child) under his write-up with a plus sign. after my number.
When I write the adult information on myself ,marriages, number of children, etc,  I assume I list my four children at the end of that
write-up,  each with their own number.    Since they are not "Bigelows" what should  I include after each of my childrens' names other than
their date of birth?  . Should I include their marriage date and to whom, and
their children's names also?
I notice there are very few photos in Vol.2 Since I have many photos of my parents and grandparents please  give me a guide line as to how
many to send. One of each person? family groups? I'm assuming you want only adult pictures, no babies or small children. Should I send any of
myself or my children or grandchildren. Will the photos be returned or should
Isend you disposable copies?

3rd question.  What is the time frame to get info to you for Vol.3--  Weeks or months?

Thank you for your help, Joan Biglow Keeler -- email -- FKeeler@juno.com

Rod Bigelow (Roger Jon12 BIGELOW)

P.O. Box 13 Chazy Lake
Dannemora, N.Y. 12929
< rodbigelow@netzero.net >