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Subject: Oops!!
 Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 20:54:59 -0700
 From: Michael Judson Biglow   <>
 broken link:

Cousin Michael Judson

Subject:Susie T Kent Bigelow
Date:Mon, 2 Sep 2002 16:32:15 -0700 (PDT)
 From:Rita Strand <>
 I saw your web page for Hiram 8 Bigelow at  The caption below
the photo of Hiram's gravesite mentions "Susie was my
great grandmother and was a fascinating woman."  I
don't know if this is your comment or that of some
other contributor to your site.

I am writing because Susie T Kent was my gr-gr aunt.
I am related thru her brother Sanford Leroy Kent.  I
would appreciate any information you could share
regarding her, especially what she did that made her
such a fascinating woman!  I know that Sanford and
William (brothers) came west to Iowa after the Civil
War.  Sanford (my Great Grandfather) then brought his
family around 1910 to Oregon). Mary Etta or Mary Ellen
(Susie's sister)married Alexander Bucklass? but later
was found in Iowa living with Sanford.I haven't found
out anything about Susie's other brother Henry or
sister Caroline.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Rita Strand
4820 SW 175th Ave
Aloha, OR 97007
Ph: 503-649-9388

Subject: Alzina Bigelow
Date:Fri, 6 Sep 2002 15:55:42 -0400
and: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 19:58:12 -0400
From:"johnvw" <>
   Earlier in the week went to the library to check out the NYState Vital Records index to check fro a
death record for Peter Roberts, unfortunately found no record; however found the following listing for Alzina
Roberts, Plattsburgh, died  12 Dec 1913  # 56447.
        I have found some information pertaining to Jared Bigelows daughter Alzina and the identity of her
second husband and I thought it would be of interest to you, also some additional data on Amy's second
husband Stephen Caulkins.  First this started with the 1910 census data from Schuyler Falls where I found
Harvey Davis and his wife with an Alzina Roberts listed as Mother.  I went back and did a search through
all the Census data for Schuyler Falls from 1850 through 1910.  The results led to the following
information.  Amy & Alzina living with their mother Sally through 1860 in Schuyler Falls, both married
between 1860 & 1870.  Amy appeared on the 1870 and 1880 Schuyler Falls census with her second
husband Stephen Caulkins,  He obviously was not killed in the Civil War but may have been a casualty
(wounded).  After 1860 thru 1910 Alzina is not in Schuyler Falls.  Checking through some notes from old
searches and material found the following.........Married Peter Roberts of Plattsburgh and Alcina Davis of
Schuyler Falls on 15 Sep 1864  this is a listing from the Plattsburgh Newspaper either from Microfilm or
from 10,000 vital records of Eastern NY.  A check of the 1870 Plattsburgh census Pg 32 show Peter
Roberts listed as farmer with Wife (I had written Almyra, writing was tough to decipher) Alzina and her
Davis children, all of the names and ages  fit Peter had been on the 1860 census in Plattsburgh with Ethan
Roberts both listed as Blacksmiths.  I have not yet finished checking the 1880 Plattsburgh census material
but obviouly IF Peter is listed he will have died between 1880 and 1900
        I have taken the liberty of attaching some scans of the census (Did not do all) that I
felt could be of help to you.  Have also referred this to some Roberts descendants.  Randy
and Bob this I believe ties in to the Davis connections you referred to previously and for your info Jared &
Hiram Bigelow have markers in the Turner-Roberts cemetery in Schuyler Falls. I found it interesting that the
Bigelow site referred to Amy's wedding to her first husband Hiram French was performed by none other
than P.J. Roberts.   Please feel free to comment as still trying to follow through on material.  I neglected to mention
that I had also looked at the Peru census for 1840 (Prior to Schuyler Falls becoming a TWP in 1842)
searching for listings for Davis families  two came to the fore, one Gardner Davis the other a George Davis.
Gardner dies before the 1850 census and George is there on aat least two more looking at the individuals
and ages and this is only a guess my money would be on Alzina married to a son of Gardner, she may
have even been in the 1840 household.

     This is just a follow up on my previous mail......attached is the 1880 census sheet confirming Alzina &
her husband Peter Roberts in Plattsburgh.....for reference it is pg 47 of Dist-33   ED-4.

   1910 Davis.JPG
   1900-SF's Davis.JPG
   1900 Platts Davis F.JPG
   1860-SF's Bigelows.JPG
1880 Platts-Alzina & Peter.JPG

Subject:Farmington or Framingham?
 Date:Sat, 7 Sep 2002 12:33:29 -0500
From:"Thomas Pratt" <>

 Hi Rod,
I was browsing through your web site and came across the following in which
you note Farmington, MA - should that read Framingham, MA?
Abial Pratt is my 6th great grandaunt, thus the interest.
Thomas Pratt
Oak Park, IL

PS: BTW, Thomas Pratt is my 7th great grandfather.
14    Daniel 2 BIGELOW, fourth child and third son of John [1.] and Mary (WARREN)
BIGELOW, was born in Watertown, Middlesex co, MA, on 01 Dec 1650. He married
about 1688 Abial PRATT, daughter of Thomas and Susanna (Gleason) PRATT. He
settled in Farmington, MA as early as 1686, and was a tailor by trade. They lived near the
east end of what was known as Gleason's Pond. Daniel died about 1715, and his wife
outlived him. Births of his children are found in the vital records of Sherborn, of which
Framingham was then a part.
Daniel's wife said to be Abigail Pratt born ca 1658

Subject: John Clarkson Bigelow, Aberdeen, WA
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 13:11:01 -0700
From: "D Bigelow

My name is Denise Bigelow, legally adopted 1953 by John
Clarkson Bigelow and Shirley Romaine Plummer, of Aberdeen, Washington, USA.

My dad, John (aka Jack) C. Bigelow had someone do research on
our family about 15- 20 years ago, and told my brother (Todd Davis
Bigelow, also legally adopted by John C. and Shirley R. (nee Plummer)
Bigelow, that we were very distant offsprings of a Crusader family that
settled in England after being known in France as Bizalou (or a similar
spelling). He also said that our branch recently crossed from the midwest to the west

John C. Bigelow's father was Lee Bigelow (who married Dorothy
Girton to beget John and James Bigelow), who started a Ford, then
Bigelow Chevrolet, a car dealership/repair shop and gas station (in Aberdeen, WA),
supposedly the first which combined such services west of the Missisippi at
that time. As a sideline, I should mention that my maternal grandmother,
Heppie Plummer, had a direct lineage from Alfred Plummer, one of the founders of
Port Townsend and Masonic Lodge grand master of the State of Washington in 1892.

I believe that John (Jack) C. Bigelow registered my brother,
Todd Davis Bigelow, and myself with the Bigelow family decades ago. I do
not know whether he registered my twin sons, Sean and Zacharay
Bigelow. I did not take their father's (Jonathan Kellogg Rogers) name, but kept
the surname Bigelow, and so Sean and Zach remain Bigelows. They were born
in Seattle, Washington on December 2, 1990 and have become very
interested in hearaldry, knights and the like.

There is a heraldry web site that offers to sell family crests and maintains
that Bigelow family crest is the same as that which you cite
(possibly we are pretenders to that crest because we cannot prove) and the
site mentions our family being "seated from ancient times, long before the
Norman Conquest in 1066." Do you have any insight or research which would
lend credance to that site's claim?

We would like to know more about family reuinions in our area, how to
register my little family group, and how to add our information, bios or
photos to the family web site. This looks like fun!

My father, John Clarkson Bigelow (deceased 10/2000) John C.
Bigelow's father was Lee Bigelow (who married Dorothy Girton to beget John and
James Bigelow),

My boys are of an age where identity and family history has become
important, yet most of our local Bigelow family are deceased,
and nobody remembers where the records are, or if there are any
remaining. My father's brother, Jim (James Bigelow) died in a house fire (Central
Park, near Aberdeen, WA) a year ago last May, and many family
photographs and records were consumed in the fire.

I hope that posting this connects us to folks with
information or suggestions which may uncover more family connections.

D Bigelow 

Subject: Gale Bigelow page
 Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 23:28:39 -0700
and: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 14:08:41 -0900
From: Michael Judson Biglow   <>

Hi! Rod,
I got searching around the internet today for Bigelow stuff,
although  that was not my original intention; I've long forgotten what
that was!!
Anyway, I ended up on the Gale Bigelow page as a referral for
something completely different.  I hadn't realized that you'd put the
genealogy on the internet.  That is a great idea.

The URL about which I'm referring is:

Two people have written in a couple years ago and you posted
their email addresses.  I just tried to contact the Kent Holbrook guy,
whose address was He no longer has that email
address.  Do you by any chance have a current email address for him or a
postal address.

From what he wrote, I suspect he is a relative of Gale's of
some sort.  I have  things in which he might well be interested,  so I
would like to get in contact with him.

Cousin Michael Judson Biglow

Subject: Lovina Bigelow
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 17:36:05 -0700
From: "Tamera Lien" <>

I got an oops looking for  Lovina Bigelow who married Zachariah Rowley

Subject: Hi Rod
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2002 08:18:19 -0700
From: Martha Bowes <>

I have just visited your site and discovered the information
about the connection to the Baguley line taking us way back to the
1200s! I wonder, can I paste the letter (with your introduction) and photo by
Charles Chase Bigelow into my gedcom file, which won't be sold for any
profit, or should I contact Charles at the address at the bottom of the letter
and ask for his permission?

Are there any plans to put at your website the ancestral
pedigree going back to the Baguley Hall?
Martha Bowes
By the way, *many* links are not working from the General
Interest list.

Subject: Bigelow Cemetery, Jacksonville,FL
 Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 20:12:27 -0400
From:  "Dean Bird" <>

 Retired History teacher, Jax, FL. Do some Civil War reenacting. Girlfriend mentioned old
cemetery nearby. Checked it out...the Bigelow Cemetery. Your website great!!

Some tidbits of info:

Jacksonville City Council 2002, considering ord. to place "granite marker signs" on four
cemeteries...."Bigelow Cemetery" is one of them. (Ord# 2002-425, I believe)

Eugene Bigelow noted on your web pages as a "Confederate". He joined the "Bartow Cavalry"
under Captain John W. Brady on 14 Oct 1861, as a private. This unit became attached to
the 1st Cav, Reg. Florida State Troops. (What happened then, I will leave to someone else.
If anyone finds out...please notify me.)

Odd, four of the people died in 1868. Our "big" epidemics were Yellow Fever in 1877. Small
Pox in 1883, and the worst... Yellow Fever in 1888 which caused armed guards to be
posted, the politicians to desert town, threats against refugees from neighboring towns, mail
to be fumigated, etc...  (Perhaps there was a lesser epidemic in 1868.)

Regards,    Dean Bird of Jacksonville

Subject: 15thNYCavalry
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2002 21:07:38 EDT
Ran across your web site while doing a search on the 15th NY Cavalry during the Civil War.  My
GGGrandfather, Japer Burrows, served in the 15th Co. G.  I have learned quite abit about the 15th in
general terms but am now trying to hunt down some detail regarding their experiences.  Do you have
any recommendations or insight?
Was quite fascinated by your reference to Silas and his presence in the advance of the column as
bodyguard to Custer when the flag of truce was received.  I have been attempting to research and
understand the connection between the 15th and Gen. Custer as well as the 15th's extraordinary
experiences.  Not the least of which are the Appomattox campaign and surrender and the Grand
Review in Washington.
Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Dana Oakes

Subject: Reynolds Bigelow & Family
 Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 09:20:42 -0700
From: Melinda R. Piearcy <>
 Dear Rod,
        I have some good news and some bad news for the Reynolds Bigelow
side of the family. The good news is that I am just about done with the
Bigelow side of my family tree. The bad news is that my paper work is a mess
right now. If the Bigelow Society would give me the pleasure of letting me
update your records I would be very honored. I have been looking into my
family history for about 6 years now and it's been a very hard road to back
track on. When I am done I will be showing the family tree to my grandfather
who is Reynolds Bigelow  great grandson.
        Also I wrote you awhile back about changing my email address on your
web site. Please let me know if you get this email. I will put the old and new
email at the end of this email. Thank You, Melinda R. Piearcy

 Old Email - (no longer valid)
New email -  or

 Subject: Hello
 Date:  Tue, 17 Sep 2002 12:47:04 -0400
 From: "hissy" <>

I'm not really sure how I found my way here but I thought I would email, just in case you might be able to
help me.  I am looking for an Alex and Daniel Bigelow that might be living in the Grand Rapids, Michigan
area. Alex and Daniel are brothers, and I believe that they either worked for a septic company 40 years
ago, or it may have even been a family run business.   I'm guessing that they would both be somewhere
around the age of 70 years old now.  If you have any information, please contact me.

Subject: Sally Beaman
Date: Sat, 21 Sep 2002 16:07:53 -0700
From: "Jean Marston" <>

Thanks for your site.  I appreciate it very much.

I am a Beman researcher and I believe Sally was the daughter of Nathan Beman and Jemima Roberts.
Nathan was a pioneer settler of Chateaugay, NY and served in the Rev. War.

I have some Bemans listed---I am still adding information.

Thank you again.

Subject: query
 Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 14:04:46 -0700
 From: "Crista Cloutier" <>

I am writing about William Mumler (1832-1884) of Boston.  He
was known as the world's first spirit photographer.  When he began
taking photographs, he claimed that he was the chief engraver for
Bigelow Bros and Kennard.  This would have been around 1860-63 ish.

But the Boston Directory places him at that time at the
Washington House at 221 Washington.  Were any of the engravers working at the
Washington House?  Do you have any employment records?

FInally, when Mumler was arrested and put on trial, P.T.
Barnum testified that Mumler's employer had warned him about the
photographer. Do you know of any relationship or correspondence between the
jewelers and Barnum?

I appreciate any help you can offer. Please respond to my
e-mail address at
Crista Cloutier

Subject: Bigelow
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 16:11:08 EDT
Need help.

With children of Asa Bigelow and Abigail Washburn.  In particular, Louisa and Adeline.
Adeline is my GGGM.

Anything about birth and birth place of Adeline will be welcome.

Obituary of Asa Bigelow - appeared Troy Daily Whig July 24,1849; 3:1.

"In this city on the 20th instant, of a cutaneous disease, with which he had been
afflicted for several years, ASA BIGELOW, Esq., aged 79 years and 8 months.
The subject of this notice was a native of Brookfield, Mass., from which place he
removed to Worthington, and followed the business of a merchant; and was respected for his rigid integrity,
and honorable conduct and probity. He was appointed postmaster at that place, under Thomas Jefferson.
He removed to this city in 1803 or 4, and for several years was a merchant in company with Consider
White, then a resident here. During a residence here of 45 years, he has merited the respect and esteem
of his numerous acquaintances, and lived the life of a righteous, godly and upright man. Possessing
peculiar notions on the subject of religion, he never joined any particular sect; but by his example sought to
impress upon his family and friends, that to seek for truth in all things, and live as nearly as possible the
life of an upright man, would ensure that reward which is promised to the righteous."
Abigail Washburn

From an e-mail msg by Barbara Lenker 8/1/02:

I made a mistake on the information being in Consider White's Will. It
is a statement made by a researcher that Abigail was the sister of Sarah
Washburn and married to Asa Bigelow. No proof.

She ran across a list of organizers of Franklin Lodge A.F. & A.M.
(Masons) in the town of Cheshire, MA, ca. 9 June 1794 She found the name
of Consider White there. Other names of interest are Asa Bigelow,
husband of Sarah Washburn's sister, Abigail, Danforth White, Jesse
Whipple and Stephen and Asehel Potter. She found this info at NEHGS.
The above is further proof that Abigail Washburn married Asa Bigelow.

The note of Abigail's death was recorded at Worthington, MA, a stop by Asa on the way to Troy, NY from
Brooksfield, MA.

In the Vital Records of Worthington, MA it says, W Asa/ Dr of Noah Washburn of Hartford, CT., 28 Yr 1 M.
10 D. / N G. R. 6.
This means, died at age 28yrs 1 month and 10 days. G.R.6. means gravestone record, Center Cemetery.
There was no indication of what the "N" meant in the list of abbreviations.

Family Group Record
Husband: Asa 2 Bigelow
       Birth: 18 Nov 1769    Brookfield, MA
       Death: 20 Jul 1849    Troy, NY
      Father: Asa 1 Bigelow (b 13 Sep 1738)
      Mother: Rebecca Richardson (b 5 Jul 1743)
Other spouse: Hannah Hawkins (m 22 Jun 1826)
Wife: Abigail Washburn
       Birth: 11 Dec 1776    Hartford, CT
       Death: 21 Jan 1805    Troy, NY
      Father: Noah 3 Washburn (b 9 Sep 1741)
      Mother: Bathsheba Saxton (Sexton) (b 1742)
1 M Anson Wells ?? Bigelow
       Birth: bef 25 Mar 1792Hartford, CT
2 F Amelia ?? Bigelow
       Birth: bef 16 Jun 1793Hartford, CT
3 F Mary Ann Bigelow
      Spouse: Judge Archibald Bull , Esq (m 27 Dec 1827)
4 F Louisa Bigelow
       Birth: 1797
       Death: 28 Nov 1846    Troy, NY
      Spouse: Joseph Wickes (m 21 Nov 1820)
5 F Adeline Bigelow
       Birth: 1802           Has to be Worthington, MA-no it does not
        Will: 11 Jul 1873    Cayuga Co., NY
       Death: 31 Jan 1874    Port Byron, NY
      Burial:  Port Byron, NY
      Spouse: Nathan Marble (m 19 Feb 1822)
6 M Asa Washburn Bigelow
       Birth: 2 Jan 1805     Troy, NY ?
       Death: 9 Jul 1805     Troy, NY
Prepared 24 Sep 2002 by:
David Ervin Cummins, 3rd
4936 Windflower Cr
Sarasota, FL 34241-6260


Subject: Ooops.
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 22:03:00 EDT
From:Bob Bigelow

    New Bigelow to the society.  Tried to get to John Young Bigelow.  Got Ooops.

Another Ooops while trying to dig up Moses Willard
Bigelow, son of Asa Elijah  and Elvira Jane Mecham.
Until we meet again,
Bob Bigelow (12th gen)

Subject: King Philips War
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 11:51:36 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
From:  "Paul.Rox" <>
 Hi - I am presently researching my family tree, and know of my great
 grandfather (x9) fought in the war, yet looking thru all the names listed, I did
 not see his.
 He was Capt Andrew Edmunds..if you have any information re: him could you
 please let me know as I am unable to locate anything about him. I do know he
 was married to Mary Hearnden ( or Harrington ) and I have his family
 information ( his children ) but nothing on him...
 Thank you for your time
 Roxanne Wright

Subject: Error? Betsy Bigelow
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 19:19:47 -0400
 From: denise <>
 Dear Rod,

Betsy was born in Spencer, MA.  I think this is just a typo,
but thought I would let you know.


Rod Bigelow (Roger Jon12 BIGELOW)

P.O. Box 13   Chazy Lake
Dannemora, N.Y. 12929
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