Edward 7 BIGELOW

15336.5D      Edward 7 BIGELOW, son of Cornelius 6 ( Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Persis (HARRIS) BIGELOW, was born about 1820 at Chatham, Argenteuil, Quebec. As a youngster, scarlet fever left him profoundly deaf and as a consequence he never learned to speak properly. He married about 1853 Joanna Maria Wilder, daughter of Chester and Mary Ann (McGrau) Wilder. She was born about 1834 in "Middle Canada". Edward was a shoemaker/farmer and died 22 May 1870 (age 50) at Ashford, Cattaraugus, NY. He is buried in Riceville cemetery there. Joanna Marie married (2) 02 January 1877 Benjamin A. King and we have no additional information on her.

Children of Edward and Joanna Marie (Wilder) Bigelow:

15336.5D1     Charles, b ca 1855 Ashford, NY.

15336.5D2     Addison, b 1857. (see below)

15336.5D3     Nellie, b 1860 Yorkshire, NY.

15336.5D4     Mary (Mae), b 26 May 1869, Springville, NY; d 04 July 1936 Cattaragus, NY; m 1888 Victor Henry Gerwitz ; (see below)

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Subject: Addidson Bigelow
Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 09:25:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: LaMerle martinez <lamerlemartinez@yahoo.com>
Dear Mr. Bigelow,
My name is La Merle Martinez.  I am the great grand daughter of Mary Bigelow.  I have been trying to find her ancestors and had a wonderful surprise to have linked her to your family and society.  Her father is Edward Bigelow and her mother is  Mary Wilder.
The question I have is about her brother, Addison Bigelow.  The pedigree's have him born in 1857.  I am looking for more information on him.  A death date, anything.  If you could help me with this, I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you,
La Merle Martinez

Victor Henry and Mae (Bigelow) Gerwitz
15336.5D4     Mary (Mae) 8 Bigelow, dau of Edward 7 ( Cornelius 6 , Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1) and Joanna Marie (Wilder) Bigelow, was born 26 May 1869 at Springville, NY. She was christened 27 October 1895- she became a catholic as an adult; St. Aloysius Church, Springville. She married Victor Henry Gerwitz in 1888. He was born 20 May 1867 near West Valley, NY, the son of Gerhardt and Maria Sophia (Schumacher) Gerwitz, and christened St. Aloysius, Springville NY. Mae died  04 July 1936 Little Valley, Cattaragus co,, NY, and Victor died 26 September 1947 Machias, NY. Both are buried in Liberty Park Cem, Cattaraugus co, NY.
15336.5D41     Merrill Bigelow, b __ 1886; d _____ ; father is possible Frank Clark. Mae lived with Mr. and Mrs Clark.  Mrs. Clark was invalid and Mae took care of her. Merrill was possible christened in Springville as Michaelum Gerwitz. This is all the information on him.

Children of Victor and Mary Mae (Bigelow) Gerwitz:

15336.5D42     Francis A. (Frank) Gerwitz, b 11 Aug 1889 Ashford, NY; d 26 Jan 1919 Ashford (age 30); m 1894? Orilla Sanford (1895-1968); 2 children; m date must be wrong- 1914?
15336.5D43     Mary Sophia Gerwitz, b 30 July 1891; d 22 Dec 1941; m Henry Harvey bef 1908; 1 child;              

15336.5D44     Joseph Peter Gerwitz, b 30 Aug 1893; d _ Oct 1983 Showlow, AZ; m 15 June 1930 Elma Giargi

15336.5D45     Magdelena Agnes Gerwitz, b 24 June 1895; d 27 June 1990; m 08 Nov 1911 Fred Nunweller; (see pic)

15336.5D46t    Raymond E. Gerwitz, b 26 Sept 1897; d 03 Aug 1970 Friendship, NY; m bef 1916 Laura E. Nelson (1897-1965); 7 children;

15336.5D47t    Agnes Gerwitz, b 16 June 1900; d 21 June 1974 Randolph, NY; m 27 Mar 1917 Wallace Grube (1900-1939); 4 children;

15336.5D48t    Victor Henry Gerwitz, jr, b 28 June 1902 Ashford, Cattaraugus co, NY; d 13 Dec 1980 Phoenix, Maricopa co, AZ; m 24 July 1928 Loma La Merle Wade (1909-1984); 3 children;

15336.5D49     Caroline Rose Gerwitz, b 10 July 1904 Buffalo, NY; d 24 June 1996 (age 91) Buffalo; m Howard Relyea
15336.5D4At    Theodore Allen Gerwitz, b 17 Sept 1906; d 28 Apr 1979 Holbrook/Scottsdale AZ; m 27 Oct 1930 Garnette Meadows; 3 children

15336.5D4Bt    Neal Eugene Gerwitz, b 17 Apr 1907; d 03 Mar 1970 NY; m 01 Jan 1929 Martha Merow; 4 children;

15336.5D4C     Edward Gerwitz, b 02 Feb 1913; d 01 May 1913 NY;



Subject: Mary(Mae) Bigelow
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2003 08:40:52 EDT
From: Christine Brister    Pooppoopdoodles@aol.com
My name is Christine Brister I would like a copy of the Gedcom ancestral file I am related thru Mary(Mae) Bigelow b.26 May 1869 to Edward and Mary Bigelow I have the family line of Mary(Mae) Bigelow and her husband Victor.  My email address is pooppoopdoodles@aol.com
Thank You    Christine Brister

                 This is everything I have found on Mary Bigelow

                 Victor Henry Gerwitz
                 b. 20 May 1867 near West Valley, NY
                 christened    St. Aloysius Springville NY
                 d. 26 Sep 1947 Machias, NY
                 m. 1888
                 Buried in Liberty Park Cem. Cattaraugus NY
                 parents: Gerhardt Gerwitz and Maria Sophia Schumacher

                 Mary(Mae) Bigelow
                 b. 26 May 1869 Springville NY
                 christened 27 Oct 1895- she became a catholic as an adult
                      Church: St Aloysius Springville NY
                 d. 4 Jul 1936 Cattaragus NY
                 Buried in Liberty Park Cem. Cattaraugus NY
                 Parents: Edward Bigelow and Joanna Maria(you have her as Mary) Bigelow

                 Children :
                 Merrill Bigelow
                 b. 1886
                      Father is possible Frank Clark.  Mae lived with Mr. and Mrs Clark.  Mrs. Clark
                      was invalid and she took care of her.  Merrill was possible christened in springville
                      as Michaelum Gerwitz. This is all the information I have and him.
                 Francis A. (Frank)
                 b. 11 Aug 1889 Ashford NY
                 d. 26 Jan 1919 Ashford NY
                 m. Orilla Sanford in 1894
                 Mary Sophia
                 b.30 Jul 1891
                 d. 22 Dec 1941
                 m. Henry Harvey bef 1908
                 Joseph Peter Gerwitz, b 30 Aug 1893; d _ Oct 1983 Showlow, AZ; m 15 June 1930 Elma Giargi

                 Magdelena Agnes
                 b. 24 Jun 1895
                 d. 27 Jun 1990
                 m. Fred Nunweller- 8 Nov 1911
                 b. 16 Jun 1900
                 d. 21 Jun 1974 Randolph NY
                 m. Wallace Grube- 27 Mar 1917
                 Victor Henry
                 b.28 Jun 1902
                 d.13 Dec 1980 Holbrook Arizonia
                 m. Loma La Merle Wade- 24 Jul 1928
                 Caroline Rose
                 b. 10 Jul 1904 Buffalo NY
                 d.24 Jun 1996 Buffalo NY
                 m.Howard Relyea
                 Theodore Allen
                 b. 17 Sep 1906
                 d. 28 Apr 1979 Holbrook/Scottsdale Arizona
                 m Garnette Meadows- 27 Oct 1930.
                 Neal Eugene
                 b. 17 Apr 1907
                 d. 3 Mar 1970 NY
                 m.Martha Merow- 1 Jan 1929
                 b. 02 Feb 1913
                 d.01 May 1913 NY
                 Raymond E.
                 b. 26 Sep 1897
                 d.03 Aug 1970 Freindship NY
                 m.Laura Nelson- bef 1916

                 This information is a combination of infromation from Don Gentner and Ellen Gerwitz.  If their is any other information you need please feel free to let
                 me know and If I have it I will give it to you      Chrisitne Brister 

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