15336      Paul 5, son of Cornelius 4,( Samuel 3, Samuel 2,John1) BIGELOW and Mary (GRAVES) BIGELOW, was born 21 January 1741 at Westborough, Worcester county, MA. He was married in Upton, MA on 13 August 1761 to Hannah OBER. She was born 12 July 1743 at Upton, daughter of Ebenezer and Hannah (FISKE) OBER.
     Paul and Hannah Bigelow lived in Upton for a year or two, then moved to Westborough, where we find they were warned (according to the custom of the times) to leave town in 1763. They do not appear to have done so, as several of their children were later born in Westborough.
     The Bigelow history credits Paul with having served throughout the American Revolution. Massachusetts service records state that Paul served 11 days as a drummer in the local militia, on 19 April 1775, in the Battle of Concord and Lexington, and toward the end of the war served an additional few months.
     Paul and family moved to Windham county, Vermont at the end of the Revolution. He was ennumerated on the 1790 census at Dummerston, Vermont. Only three children were then living at home. In 1800 he and wife Hannah were living in Chesterfield, Cheshire county, New Hampshire, living next door to their oldest son, Ebenezer. By 1802 they had returned to Vermont, and settled at Brookline, Windham county. The Bigelow genealogy says that he removed to Montreal with his sons, but we cannot prove this. His death date is given as 01 March 1806, probably at Brookline. (We are attempting to prove the place of death and burial.) His widow remained at Brookline many years, but in 1826 removed with their son Job to Ashford, Cattaraugus county, NY. She died there 03 September 1835 age 91; there is no marker for her in the family cemetery at Thomas Corners, Ashford.
     Paul was a smith by trade. It is said he was a goldsmith, but a smith in that period was most likely to be skilled in all types of metal-working, from rough forge work to silver and gold smithing. (see below)
1790 census: VT-Windham-Dummerston-Paul Bigelow: l-1-3-0-0.
Mass Sold & Sale of Rev War, Vol II:
Biglow, Paul, Westborough. Drummer, Capt. Seth Morse's co., Maj. Gen. Ward's regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19,1775; service, 11 days; also, Private, Capt. Nathaniel Wright's co., Col. Luke Drury's regt.; rnarched from home Aug. 9, 1781; arrived at camp Aug.18, 1781; discharged Nov.18; service, 3 mos. 20 days, at West Point; residence, Westborough; enlisted for town for Southborough.

Biglow, Paul. Private, Capt. Joseph Winch's co., Col. Samuel Bullard's regt.; enlisted Aug.16, 1777; discharged Sept.30, 1777; service, 1 mo. 26 days, in Northern department. Roll sworn to in Middlesex Co.

Children of Paul and Hannah (OBER) BIGELOW:

15336.1+      Ebenezer, b 18 Oct 1762, Upton, MA; d at Brookline, VT after 1830; m ca 1795 Rachel Bishop; res Chesterfield, NH, and Brookline, VT. 9 children.

15336.2       John, b 07 June 1765 Westborough; served in Rev War and War of 1812; Howe's Bigelow genealogy says he was killed 27 Apr 1813 in the War of 1812, but family offers conflicting dates; m 09 June 1790 at Townsend, VT to Nancy Higgins. Family unknown. Allegedly lived Montreal.
Mass Sold & Sail of Rev War, Vol II:
Biglow, John, Westborough. Private, Capt. Nathaniel Wright's co., Col. Luke Drury's regt.; marched from home Oct. 8, 1781; arrived at camp Oct 23, 1781; discharged Mon. 21, 1781; service, 1 mo. 18 days, at West Point; residence, Westborough; enlisted for town of Southborough.

15336.3+      Joseph, b 22 July 1767 Westborough; d 8 Nov 1827 Montreal, Que; m 01 Nov 1791 at Townsend, VT to Sarah Higgins. Howe's genealogy says "with his brothers Joseph established the first nail factory in Montreal"; this operated as city Nail & Iron Works until it merged with other companies in the late part of the century, to become Stelco Ltd of Canada. 10 children.

15336.4+      Benjamin, b 02 Aug 1769 Westborough; d 6 Jan 1850 Norfolk, Litchfleld co, CT; m 29 Nov 1792 Eunice Aiken. At age 14 bought out his time from his father and became a nail manufacturer in Norfolk; served in the local militia as a captain. 4 children.

15336.5+      Cornelius, b 20 May 1772 Upton, MA; d 29 Aug 1861 Grand Ledge, Eaton county, MI; m (1) ca 1792 Persis Harris; and (2) 13 Sept 1835 Mrs. Elizabeth Proper) Ayers Wiltse; res VT, Que, NY, MI. 14 children.

15336.6        Elisha, b 05(12?) Feb 1775 Westborough; d 19 Mar 1776.

15336.7+      Hannah, b 05 Apr 1777 Westborough; d 04 June 1841, possibly near Troy or Albany, NY; m _ Wright. 4 children.

15336.8+      Elisha, b 30 Jan 1780 Westborough; d spring 1856 Newport, IN; m (1)1796 Elizabeth Cheney, whom he divorced in 1803; (2) 1805 Eliza Sumner, who died 1832; (3)1841 in VA a lady who died 1 Jun 1849 in Darwin, IL; (4)1855 a Mrs. Drummond in Newport, IN. Elisha was a manufacturer and inventor. Information on his family, all of whom were gifted and highly inventive, may be found in a 53-page book, The Genealogical Descent of the Bigelow Family, published 1923 by a great-grandson, the Rev. Lincoln Huntley. 4 children.

15336.9+      Mary, b 27 Aug 1782 (13 Aug 1782?) Westborough; d 11 Apr 1825 Albany, NY; m 06 Nov 1803 Josiah Winants; lived a number of years in Montreal, where her husband was prominent in affairs of St. Gabriel's church; they removed to Albany during the War of 1812. 6 children.

15336.A+      Job, b 29 Mar 1785 Brookline, VT; d 14 Mar 1866 Ashford, Cattaraugus co, NY; m Hannah Walker; res Brookline, VT and Ashford, NY after 1826. 10 children.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I, pg 115-116.
Howe, Bigelow Family of America; pg 106-107; #109-308;
Huntley, Genealogical Descent of the Bigelow Family;
archives of Stelco Ltd.;
vital records of MA, VT, NY, MI;
censuses of U.S., 1790-1860;
correspondence with Wiltse family descendants;
cemetery records of Cattaraugus, NY.
Subject: Possible link to Bigelow Family Tree.
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 17:19:20 -0600
From: Lynn Jones <>
I found a Cornelius Bigelow in your page, but it does not seem to be this one from what I can see.
Perhaps he is in there somewhere.   This information may be of use to you.. It was written by my Mom Mildred Dowd and
sent to Gayle Bowman-Gohlisch's Mother in 1989.. Mom is alive and well at 96.. She most likely got the information
from her father Robert Hamilton Dowd who homesteaded at Cypress River Manitoba..  I hope this interests you Rod.

                             GAYLE BOWMAN GOHLISCH FAMILY TREE

                                       BIGELOW LINE
Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2007 15:58:19 EDT
Paul Bigelow (259) was born 21 Jan. 1741 in Westborough, MA, and died 01 March 1806.  He married Hannah Ober, daughter of Ebenezer Ober and Hannah Fiske, on 13 Aug. 1761 in Upton, MA.  She was born 12 July 1743, and died 03 Sept. 1835 in East Ashford, NY.
It is interesting to note that the name Ober was originally written D'Aubert, being French.  The family had been Protestants who fled to England to escape persecution, settling there for several generations. Later the D'Auberts (or Obers) espoused the Puritan faith, and emigrated to Massachusetts, to the towns of Wenham, Beverly and Upton.  Hannah's father Ebenezer Ober moved to Newfane, Windham Co., VT before 1790.
Paul and Hannah Bigelow lived in Upton for a year or two, then moved to Westborough, MA, where we find they were warned (according to the usual custom of those times) to leave town in 1763.  Paul does not appear to have done so, as they remained there for several more years.
The Bigelow genealogy credits Paul with having served throughout the Revolution.  Massachusetts service records state that he entered the service at Cambridge on 19 April 1775 as a drummer in the Westborough company of minutemen.  He served for eleven days, and toward the end of the war served three additional months.
He moved to Brooklyn, Windham Co., VT after the war, appearing in the 1790 census in the town of Dummerston. Later he moved to Montreal, as did some of his children. He was a goldsmith by trade.  After he died, his widow moved to East Ashford, NY, to live with their son Job.
This information is adapted from p. 106 of the Bigelow genealogy, with additions by Patricia Bigelow.  (R‑29)
Children - Bigelow

   504.   Ebenezer Bigelow, b. 18 Oct. 1762 (Upton, MA), m. Rachel Bishop.  They married in NH, but later returned to VT.  9 children.

   505.   John Bigelow, b. 07 June 1765 (Westborough, MA), m. Nancy Higgins, 09 June 1790 (Townshend, VT), d. 22 April 1813.

   506.   Joseph Bigelow, b. 22 July 1767 (Westborough, MA), m. Sarah Higgins, 1 Nov. 1791, d. 08 Nov. 1827.  He and his brothers are said to have established the first nail factory in Montreal, Quebec.  Land grants in his name appear in Buckingham, Quebec as early as 1792.  Sarah d. 21 Jan. 1860, and was buried in Mount Royal Cem. with her son's family.  10 children.

   507.   Benjamin Bigelow, b. 02 Aug. 1769 (Westborough, MA), m. Eunice Aiken, d. 1850.  He bought out his time from his father at age 14, moved to CT, and became a nail manufacturer.  4 children.

   508.   Cornelius Bigelow, b. 20 May 1772 (Upton, MA), m(1) Persis Harris, m(2) Elizabeth Wiltse, d. 25 Aug. 1861 (Eaton Co., MI).  He lived in VT, Quebec, and NY, where he married his 2nd wife.

   509.   Elisha Bigelow, b. 02 Dec. 1774, d. 19 March 1776.

   510.   Hannah Bigelow, b. 05 April 1777 (Westborough, MA), m. Mr. Wright, d. 04 June 1841.  Lived in NY.  4 children.

   511.   Elisha Bigelow, b. 30 Jan. 1780, m(1) Elizabeth Cheney, 1796, m (2) Eliza Sumner, 1805, m(3) ‑‑‑‑‑‑, 1841 (VA), m(4) widow Drummond, 1855 (Newport, IN), d. 1856 (Newport, IN).  He divorced his 1st wife.  His 2nd wife d. 1832, and his 3rd wife d. 1 June 1849 in Darwin, IL.  Elisha was a manufacturer and inventor.  Information about his family, all highly inventive and gifted, is found in a 53 page book, The Genealogical Descent of the Bigelow Family, pub. 1923 by a great-grandson, The Rev. Lincoln Huntley.

   512.   Mary Bigelow, b. 13 Aug. 1782, m. Josiah Winants, 06 Nov. 1803, d. 11 April 1825 (Albany, NY).  They lived several years in Montreal, moving to Albany, NY at the outbreak of the War of 1812.  Her descendants have joined the D.A.R. on the basis of her father's Rev. War service, offering as one of their proofs her marriage record, to which Paul was a witness.  6 children.

   513.   Job Bigelow, b. 29 March 1785 (Brookline, VT), m. Hannah Walker, d. 14 March 1866 (East Ashford, NY).  Lived in Brookline, VT, and later moved to East Ashford, NY.  10 children.

Hi Rod:
Here's some updated info on my line:
 15336      Paul 5, son of Cornelius 4,( Samuel 3Samuel 2,John1) BIGELOW and Mary (GRAVES) BIGELOW,
Paul is a verified veteran in the Daughters of the American Revolution database.
That means his birth, death and spouse and any children that made use of his right to a pension are there verified as well. This provides updates death place and date.
Here is the information from the DAR ( attached)

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