15336.A      Job 6 BIGELOW, son of Paul 5( Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Hannah (OBER) BIGELOW, was born 25 March 1783 at Brookline, Windham county, VT. He left home early, and married Hannah Walker, born 06 September 1789. They lived at Brookline until 1825, when they moved to East Ashford, Cattaraugus county, NY and took up a large farm, building the home known as "The Breakers." They lived there over forty years, Job dying on 14 March 1866, and Hannah on 26 November 1867.

Children of Job and Hannah (Walker) Bigelow, the eight oldest born Brookline, Windham co, VT:

15336.Alt     Charles Chandler, b 18 Dec 1807; d 1 July 1890 East Ashford, NY; m 5 Feb 1828 Roxana Sampson. 10 children.

15336.A2t    Arnold W., b 20 Dec 1809; d 19 Dec 1868 Chicago, Cook co, IL; m Caroline Hubbard, res Chicago, IL. 6 children.

15336.A3t    Henry W., b 22 Aug 1812; d 11 Feb 1873 Chicago, Cook co, IL; m Sophia Day.

15336.A4     John H., b 8 Nov 1814; d 8 May 1815 Brookline, VT.

15336.A5     Sally W., b 25 June 1816; d 21 Dec 1889, East Ashford, NY, buried in Riceville Cemetery, West Valley, NY; m Dudley Day; res East Ashford, NY. (see below)

15336.A6     Bersheba, b 20 July 1820; d 25 July 1821 Brookline, VT.

15336.A7     Clarimond M., b 17 Sep 1822; d 7 Aug 1844 Ashford, NY; m Thomas Saind.

15336.A8t    Oliver G., b 20 Aug 1824; d_____; m (1) ca 1845 Mary Elizabeth Russell, and (2) ca 1872 Julia______; res East Ashford, NY. 10 children.

15336.A9     Maria, b 11 Feb 1826 East Ashford NY; died same day.

15336.AA    Hiram Ferdinando, b 1 Feb 1834 East Ashford, NY; d 9 Aug 1867 East Ashford, NY; unmarried.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol I, pg 242.
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
census and cemetery records Cattaraugus co, NY; see ashford1.htm
probate records Arnold Bigelow.
Descendant Query:
     Hannah Walker b 1789 in Vermont married Job Bigelow, (Paul, Cornelius, Samuel, Samuel, John) b 1785 Vermont.  I know nothing about Hannah Walker except what I read in the Bigelow Genealogy.  I would love to
learn the identity of her siblings and parents. Thank you.

Subject: Bigelow/Day Connection
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 01:12:53
From: Valerie Day <   >
First of all, thanks for a great website.
I have another Bigelow/Day connection. This is my husband's line. I hope someone may find the information useful.

Sally W. Bigelow (15336.A5 ) married Dudley Day, res. East Ashford, NY. Dudley's line is as follows:

1. Dudley Day, b. abt 1810, Winhall, Bennington, VT

2. Salmon M. Day, b. 10 May 1785, Winhall, VT m. Abigail _____ b. abt 1784

3. Ephraim Day, b. 10 Jul 1741, Colchester, New London, CT m. Sarah Ackley, b. 15 Sep 1743, Colchester, New London, CT

4. Abraham Day, b. 17 Mar 1712, Colchester, New London, CT m. Irene Foote, b. 18 Mar 1722, Colchester, New London, CT

5. John Day, b. 24 Sep 1676, Colchester, New London, CT m. Grace Spencer, 27 Jul 1674, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT

6. John Day, b. abt 1645 (not exactly certain of his wife and the mother of John. Is it Mary Gaylord, Sarah Maynard, or Sarah Butler?)

7. Robert Day, b. abt 1604 m. Editha Stebbins b. abt 1613

The above information is from the book by George E. Day, "Genealogical Register of the Descendants in the Male Line of Robert Day of Hartford, Conn., Who Died in the Year 1648."
Subject: Further Bigelow/Day Information
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 05:14:17
From: Valerie Day   <  >
Hi, Rod.
I forgot to mention in my previous message to you that the wife of Henry Bigelow (15336.A3), Sophia Day, is the sister of Dudley Day, who married Sally Bigelow (15336.A5 ).  Also, Sally's date of death is 21 Dec 1889, East Ashford, NY, and she is buried in Riceville Cemetery, West Valley, NY.
Does anyone have any information on the parents of Hannah Walker, wife of Job Bigelow (15336.A)? I have a theory that because her and Job's first child was named Charles Chandler Bigelow, Charles and Chandler must have been family names from her side, since those names do not seem to occur in the Bigelow line. Thanks for any input on this.
Valerie Day

Subject: Job Bigalow
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 16:52:43 +0000
From: "Valerie Day" <>
 I am writing to ask if you or any of your readers have information on a Job
Bigalow found in the 1810 census in Argyle, Washington County, NY, and in
the 1820 census in Greenwich, Washington County, NY.
I am trying to determine if he is one and the same as Job Bigelow
(#15336.A).  According to information you have posted, this Job is supposed
to have remained in Brookline, Windham County, VT until 1825, when he moved
to Cattaraugus County, NY. I have not been able to locate him in either the
1810 or 1820 census for VT.  Since he would have been married and had
children by this time, it seems he would have been a head of household.
The Job of Washington County has children listed in the census that would be
consistent with the children of Job of Brookline and Cattaraugus.
Thanks to anyone for assistance on this.
Valerie Day
Subject:Bigelow Society
Date: 02/11/2004
From: "Julie Cunningham"
I have found the Bigelow site to be a wealth of information. Thank you for
all of the hard work you've put into this research! I am a decendant of
Sally W. (15336.A5).
Thank you,
Julie Cunningham

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