The DAY Family

These are the Headstones of Deacon John DAY; who died August 25, 1780; and his wife Sarah LOOMIS. The inscriptions are quite readable, and the stones were found in the cemetery rd cemetery outside Colchester in 1994.

I have recently posted a DAY Family Bulletin Board for queries and new information......ROD  4/29/99.

Editha (4) DAY
B:10 Sep 1705 Colchester, New London, CT
D: 19 Jan 1746
M: 11 Dec 1729 Colchester, New London, CT
To: David 4 BIGELOW..
8 children:  Azariah , Hannah , David , Amasa , Ezra , Daniel , Eli , Editha)

Editha's Father:
John (3) DAY
B: 24 Sep 1676 Colchester, New London, CT
D: 4 Nov 1752 Colchester, New London, CT
M: 21 Jan 1696 Colchester, New London, CT
To: Grace SPENCER (see (3) below)
B: 27 July 1674 East Haddam, Middlesex, CT
CHR: 24 Sept 1676 Hartford, Hartford, CT
D: 12 May 1714 Colchester, New London, CT
12 children:
Children of Grace Spencer and John Day are:

                i. LYDIA16 DAY, b. April 11, 1698, Hartford, Hartford, CT; d. November 02, 1763,
               Kent, Litchfield, CT.

               ii. MARY DAY, b. August 14, 1699; m. JONATHAN NORTHAM, December 20, 1722.

               iii. JOHN DAY, b. June 06, 1701, Hartford, Hartford, CT; d. August 25, 1780 Colchester, New London, CT; m.
            SARAH LOOMIS, August 20, 1725.

               62. iv. JOSEPH DAY, b. September 27, 1702, Colchester, New London, CT; d.
               October 26, 1793.

               v. BENJAMIN DAY, b. February 07, 1703/04, Colchester, New London, CT; d.
               December 22, 1777; m. MARGARET FOOTE, March 06, 1726/27.

               vi. EDITH DAY, b. September 10, 1705, Colchester, New London, CT; d. January 19,
               1745/46; m. DAVID BIGELOW, December 11, 1729, Colchester, New London, CT.

               vii. DANIEL DAY, b. March 09, 1708/09, Colchester, New London, CT; d. 1711,
               Colchester, New London, CT.

               viii. DAVID DAY, b. July 18, 1710, Colchester, New London, CT; d. September 05,
               1775; m. HANNAH KELLOGG, November 20, 1740.

               ix. DANIEL DAY, b. December 1711, Colchester, New London, CT.

x. ABRAHAM DAY, b. March 17, 1711/12, Colchester, New London, CT; d. March 18,
               1792, Colchester, New London, CT; m IRENE FOOTE, b. 18 Mar 1722, Colchester, New London, CT
                (they had son named Ephraim Day see: Job 6 Bigelow ) (see below)

               xi. ISAAC DAY, b. March 17, 1711/12, Colchester, New London, CT; d. March 07,
               1765; m. ANNA FOOTE, July 23, 1740.

               xii. DANIEL DAY, b. 1714, Colchester, New London, CT; d. March 07, 1765.

My Children Notes follow:
Lydia, b 11 Apr 1698
Mary, b 14 Aug 1699
John, b 6 June 1701; d 25 Aug 1780; m 20 Aug 1725 Sarah LOOMIS;(see pic above)
Joseph, b 27 Sept 1702
Benjamin, b 7 Feb 1704
Editha, b 10 Sept 1705; d 19 Jan 1746; m David BIGELOW(see link)
Daniel, b 9 Mar 1709
David, b 18 July 1710
Daniel, b Dec 1711
Abraham, b 17 Mar 1712
Isaac, b 17 May 1713 Colchester, New London, CT; d 7 Mar 1765 Colchester; m 23 July 1740 Anna FOOTE.Buried in Colchester Common cemetery (see Photo below)
Daniel, b 1714 Colchester; d 7 Mar 1765(same as Isaac?)

This is headstone of Isaac DAY d Mar 1765 52 yr of age ; right of Isaac is Jacob DAY Mar 18 1777 departed as small boy 4 yrs old. Also buried nearby is John Day d Oct 1754 77 yrs old? and wife Lydia ? To the left is Eli DAY son of Noah and Mrs. Anne DAY b 15 May 187? ; d 24 ?? 1781 infant. Lydia daughter of Noah and Mrs. Anne DAY; d June 1776 4 yrs?
{Don't know where Noah fits in.} Noah and Ann (Loomis) Day also had daughter Anna who married James 6 Bigelow. (see below)

John's Father:
John (2) DAY
B: 1645 Hartford, Hartford, CT
D: 29 Apr 1730 Hartford, Hartford, CT
M: ca 1671
To: Mary GAYLORD b. 19 Mar 1651 Hartford, Hartford, CT (see below)
4 children:
Joseph, b 1672
John, b 24 Sept 1676; d Oct 1754; 77 yrs old Colchester?( headstone above?)
Mary, b 1678
Infant, b 1680 Hartford;

John's Father:
Robert (1) DAY (see below)
B: 1604/5 Ipswich, Suffolk, Eng.
D: 16 Oct 1648 Hartford, Hartford, CT
M: ? date; Stanshead Abbot, Hereford, England
To: Editha STEBBING or STEBBINS b. abt 1613 Woodham Essex Eng d. 24 Oct 1688 Hartford, Hartford, CT
5+? children
Thomas, b ca 1630 Springfield, Berkshire, MA
Thomas, b ca 1635 Hartford, Hartford, CT; d 27 Dec 1711 Hartford; m Sarah COOPER
John, b ca 1637 Hartford, Hartford, CT; d 1730
Thomas, b ca 1638 Hartford, Hartford, CT; m 27 Oct 1659 Sarah COOPER
John, b ca 1639 Hartford, Hartford, CT; d 29 Apr 1730; m Sarah BUTLER and 1 other;
Sarah, b ca 1640/1641 Hartford, Hartford, CT; d 19 Sept 1677 Hatfield, Hampshire, MA; m 17 Nov 1658 Nathaniel GUNN;
Mary, b 28 Oct 1641 Hartford, Hartford, CT; d 17 Oct 1725 Hatfield, Hampshire, MA; m 28 Oct 1659 Samuel ELY and 2 others.(see below)
John, b 1645 Hartford; d 29 Apr 1730 Hartford; bur W.P. 5 May 1730; m 1675 Sarah BUTLER Hartford, and 3 others.

Robert's Father:
Richard (-1) DAY
B: abt 1575 Kilburn, York, Eng
D: 24 Oct 1628 Eng.
M: ?
To: ?

6 children (Richard, Robert, Margaret, George, Giles, Alice)

Richard's Father:
John (-2) DAY
B: abt 1544 Eng.?
D: ?
M: 1570 Eng.?
To: Elizabeth WENTWORTH b abt 1544 Eng.?
4 children (Richard, William, Wentworth, Thomas)

(3) Grace SPENCER
B: 27 July 1674 East Haddam, Middlesex, CT
CHR: 24 Sept 1676 Hartford, Hartford, CT
D: 12 May 1714 Colchester, New London, CT
Grace SPENCER's Father:
John (1) SPENCER, b 17 Aug 1636 Stotfold, Bedford, Eng; d 3 Aug 1682 Haddam, Middlesex, CT; m 1665
Father: Ensign Jared SPENCER (see below)
Mother: Hannah HILLS
Other Wives:Rebecca HOWARD
Grace SPENCER's Mother:
Rebecca HOWARD, b 17 Aug 1648 Windsor, Hartford, CT; d 1684 Haddam, Middlesex, CT
Father: Robert HOWARD (HAYWARD)
Mother: Lydia KILBOURN
1. Rebecca, b Mar 1666 Haddam, Middlesex, CT; d 1736 East Haddam,

Direct Descendants of Gerard Spencer (Ensign Jared)?

1 Gerard Spencer 1614 - 1685
.. +Hannah [Hills?] 1618 - 1683
.... 2 John Spencer 1638 - 1682
........ +Rebecca Hayward 1648 - 1682
........... 3 Grace Spencer 1674 - 1714
............... +John Day 1674 -
.................. 4 Edith Day 1705 - 1746
This information from LDS files on CD-Rom and Charlton Simons's page edited 10/97..........ROD

Subject: Re: [Re: John Day]
Date: 10 Apr 99 21:20:54 America/Fort_Wayne
From: Jeff Day   <  >

I sent a return message to you but I think my mail system trashed it as I never received a receipt. I'll try to some it up in a few sentences. As it turns out, my missing generation to the past is the same generation where your John Day-Sarah Loomis leaves off. Has anyone done research on their off spring or any of the others of John Day-Grace Spencer other than what is listed on
your site? My G-G-G-G Grandfather is listed as John Day Jr. on the 1800 Federal Census of Delaware County NY. The county was primarily settled by the people of the Colchester-New London CT area in the early 1790's. My John Day
settled at a place called Dickinson City (later named Cannonsville) in 1787. It's near the town of Colchester NY. ??? Any idea's? If the families can be connected it would bring your DAY lineage up to date and take mine back to 1604.
Let me know what you think. Jeff Day
More from Jeff Day 5/8/99:
Thought I would provide you with an update to what I belive is the link in the missing generation. With some help, I've found that the Stephen Day I refered to previously was the son of John Day and Sarah Loomis. Ira and Orin were Stephen's son's. His brother John Day was my John Day Sr. The difficulties have been that it was my John Day Sr. that was ommitted from further recording in Rev. Geo. Day's book on the decendant's of Robert Day. The book recorded his birth as the eldest son of Deacon John Day and Sarah Loomis but no other information. SO, I still have my work cut out on researching Colchester CT for John Day (b. 1738). I believe he may have married a Martha Hatton in Colchester in 1757. The LDS records show that a Martha Hatton had been the second wife of John Day the(I) but he had been dead for nearly 100 years before the marriage date so it would be a fair assumption that someone OOPS'ed. If Martha Hatton did marry John Day in 1757 it probably was my John Sr. as my John Jr. was born in 1759 and John the III in 1797.
Jeff Day

Subject: Bigelow/Day Connection
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 01:12:53
From: Valerie Day <   >
First of all, thanks for a great website.
I have another Bigelow/Day connection. This is my husband's line. I hope someone may find the information useful.

Sally W. Bigelow (15336.A5 ) married Dudley Day, res. East Ashford, NY. Dudley's line is as follows:

1. Dudley Day, b. abt 1810, Winhall, Bennington, VT

2. Salmon M. Day, b. 10 May 1785, Winhall, VT m. Abigail _____ b. abt 1784

3. Ephraim Day, b. 10 Jul 1741, Colchester, New London, CT m. Sarah Ackley, b. 15 Sep 1743, Colchester, New London, CT;
(there is a child of Ephraim Day and Sarah buried in Bull Hill cemetery, Colchester: "Day, Ephraim, son of Ephraim & Sarah, died Mar. 6, 1769, age 7 mos".......ROD)

4. Abraham Day, b. 17 Mar 1712, Colchester, New London, CT m. Irene Foote, b. 18 Mar 1722, Colchester, New London, CT

5. John Day, b. 24 Sep 1676, Colchester, New London, CT m. Grace Spencer, 27 Jul 1674, East Haddam, Middlesex, CT

6. John Day, b. abt 1645 (not exactly certain of his wife and the mother of John. Is it Mary Gaylord, Sarah Maynard, or Sarah Butler?)

7. Robert Day, b. abt 1604 m. Editha Stebbins b. abt 1613

The above information is from the book by George E. Day, "Genealogical Register of the Descendants in the Male Line of Robert Day of Hartford, Conn., Who Died in the Year 1648."

Valerie Day
Subject: Bigelow Family Page
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 21:56:15 EDT
From: John W. Ladwig
Hi Rod,
 My wife descends from Robert Day.  I have information on the parents and lineage of Anna Day, wife of James Bigelow (1764 - 1840) if you are interested.  Her parents were Noah Day and Ann Loomis.  I didn't know if you already have the information and just
haven't posted it, if you don't have it, or if it's a family that you're not really interested in.  But I thought I'd make contact with you in case you'd be interested.
Let me know if you would like more info., including her birthdate, etc.
I really enjoyed visiting your page.  The cemetery pictures are a very  nice touch.
Take Care!
John W. Ladwig
Henrietta, New York
also see James 6 Bigelow ...................................ROD

Subject: Day family genealogy
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 22:43:15 -0500 (EST)
From:(Daniel Stevenson) 
Descendants of John Day

1. John Day, sp: Elizabeth Wentworth

2. Richard Day (about 1575 of Kilburn, York, England-24 Oct 1628)

3. Robert Day (1604/5 Ipswich, Suffolk, England-16 Oct 1648 Hartford, CT) sp: Editha Stebbins (1613 Woodham, Essex, England-24 Oct 1688 Hartford, CT)

4. Mary Day (28 Oct 1641 Hartford, CT-17 Oct 1725 Hatfield, Hampshire Co., MA) sp: John Coleman (7 Apr 1639 Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT-21 Jan 1711/2 Hatfield, MA) m: (16 Dec 1696 Hatfield, MA)

5. Lt. John Coleman, Jr. (11 Apr 1669 Hatfield, Hampshire Co., MA-will 7 May 1746 Wethersfield, Hartford Co., CT, son of John Coleman and Hannah Porter) sp: Hannah Wright (about 1673 of Wethersfield, CT-1 Aug 1741 Wethersfield, CT) m: (24 Apr 1695 Wethersfield, CT)

6. Nathaniel Coleman (about 1712 of Wethersfield, CT-16 Apr 1767 Wethersfield, CT) sp: (1) Ruth Beadle (4 Mar 1720 Salem, Essex Co., MA-20 Feb 1750/1 Wethersfield, CT) m: (19 Jan 1743/4 Wethersfield, CT) par: Benjamin Beadle and Abigail Hammond; sp: (2) Comfort Talcott (about 1715 of Wethersfield, CT-21 Oct 1786 Glastonbury, CT) m: (23 Nov 1752 Wethersfield, CT) par: Nathaniel Talcott and Elizabeth Robbins

7. Mary Coleman (4 Mar 1745 Wethersfield, CT-19 Jan 1800 Fort Ann, NY) sp: Abda Dolph (25 Oct 1743 Middlesex or Fairfield Co., CT-26 Oct 1833 West Andover, Ashtabula Co., OH) m: (17 Mar 1766 Fairfield Co., CT) par: Joseph De Wolf Dolph and Tabitha Johnson

7. Benjamin Coleman (21 Apr 1747 Wethersfield, CT-)

7. Sarah Coleman (20 Jul 1749 Wethersfield, CT-)

7. Nathaniel Coleman, Jr. (30 Dec 1755 Wethersfield, CT-)

4. John Day (about 1645 Hartford, CT-29 Apr 1730 Hartford, CT) sp:Mary Gaylord (19 Mar 1651 Hartford, CT) m: (about 1670)

5. John Day, Jr. (24 Sep 1676 of Colchester, New London Co., CT, died 4 Nov 1752 or Oct 1754) sp: Grace Spencer (born 27 Jul 1674, chr. 24 Sep1676 Hartford, CT-12 May 1714 Colchester, CT) m: (21 Jan 1696 Colchester, CT)

6. John Day III (6 Jun 1701 Hartford, CT-25 Aug 1780 Colchester, CT) sp: Sarah Loomis (of Colchester, CT) m: (20 Aug 1725)

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