Elisha 6 BIGELOW

15336.8      Elisha 6 BIGELOW, son of Paul 5( Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Hannah (OBER) BIGELOW, was born 30 January 1780. Like his brothers, he was trained in metal-working of all kinds, and was of an inventive nature. With his brother Benjamin, he is credited with the invention of a machine for the manufacture of cut nails. Many other inventions are credited to him, none of which he ever patented. A good biography is available, as listed below.
     He was married (1) 27 January 1796 at Brookline, Windham county, VT to Elizabeth Cheney; after a number of years they were divorced, and she returned to Connecticut with her three children. She died in Connecticut _ December 1858. Elisha married (2) circa 1805 Eliza Plagette Sumner, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Holland) Sumner, and they had one son. Eliza died 08 May 1832 in Ohio. Elisha married (3) in 1841 in Virginia a lady whose identity is unknown, but who died 17 June 1849 in Darwin, IL. Elisha married (4) _ August 1855 a Mrs. Drummond at Newport, IN. She apparently outlived him, and Elisha died 1856 also at Newport, Vermilion county, IN.

Children of Elisha Bigelow by Elizabeth Cheney, his fust wife:

15336.81     Eliza Ann, b 02 Feb 1799 Brookline, Windham co, VT; d 08 Jan 1854 North Lea, CT; m (1) Dr. ____Parker, and (2) Hiram Bidwell.

15336.82t    George Frederick, b 04 Dec 1801 Brookline, VT; d 22 Aug 1877 Crawford Co, WI; m 18 Jan 1826 Rebecca Wilmot. 4 children.

15336.83t     Levi Lewis, b 13 Dec 1802 Brookline, VT; d 11 Mar 1895 North Haven, CT; m Belinda Pierpont. 6 children.

Child of Elisha Bigelow by Eliza Sumner:

15336.84t    Thomas Sumner, b 12 Aug 1808 Jarnaica, VT; d 20 Nov 1878 Preemption, Mercer co, IL; m (1) 8 Mar 1827 at Portage co, OH, Lydia Searls, which marriage annulled; (2) _ Oct 1832 Clarissa (Jacobs) Warner. 8 children.

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