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Subject: Dimples
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 16:29:23 EST
From: Augwedann50@aol.com

Hi.  I am wondering how many of our Bigelow clan sport a nice
dimple in the chin?   My grandfather had one, my father and five of his
eight siblings had one, and I have one.  Is this a Bigelow trait?     My
greatgrandfather was Israel M. Bigelow, married to Mary Young.  My grandfather was
David Young Bigelow, married to Martha Matilda Orner.   I am curious to
know if there are other Bigelows with this delightful chin feature.
Doris Bigelow Scheidemantle

(E mail me directly if you wish.)
see Bigelow, Israel M. 8,#15923.771,(1829-1911)......................ROD

Subject: interested in knowing more history
Date:Sat, 6 Apr 2002 07:37:12 -0500
From:"Vic & Kellie" <vk93@tampabay.rr.com>
      I 'm interested in knowing more History about the mansion and the people who lived there and the
history of tampa thk u
sincerely Lidia Delafuente my e-mail is ldelafuente2@yahoo.com
Bigelow Mansion, Tampa, Florida, built by Silas Leland 8 Bigelow.......................ROD

Subject: Elvira Bigelow (1828-1880)
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 15:46:31 -0800 (PST)
From: George Miner <grm1@rocketmail.com>

 I have been tracing my family tree; one of the
surnames on my fathers side is Colegrove.  Dewitt
Clinton Colegrove married a Clarcia Bigelow, possibly
in 1850.  I have also seen her name written as
Elarcia.  Could this be the Elvira Bigelow
(159B3.122)on your website?  I'll be glad to share any
information I have.
Thank you.
George Miner
see /rod7/geo7b312.htm .................................ROD

Subject: from Maureen in Mpls
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 22:52:00 EDT
From: NanaHana15@aol.com

Hey Rod...was just checking out some old email queries you received and was taken aback about a
connect between a Charley Bigelow and Jesse James...since old Jesse spent a lot of time in
Mn..wondered if you had any info I could pass on to the GASP pages of our local thing...ie...gossip and
intrigue...I thought we were all as pure as the driven snow!   Maureen,  I am from the Gershom line down
thru Gannett and Woodward...
see Bigelow, Charles 8, (Texas Charley),#15133.425,(1855-1917).....................ROD

Subject: Betsy Bigelow
Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 08:03:01 -0400
 From: denise <ebachand@snet.net>
I think I have noticed a typo, you have: 14263.2     Betsy 6
BIGELOW, daughter of James 5 ( Joseph 4, Daniel 3, Daniel 2, John 1)
and Mary (GRAHAM ) BIGELOW was born 4 Oct 1787 at Spencer, Worcester
County, PA.
Think it is supposed to be MA.
corrected see /rod/bet62632.htm ........................ROD

Subject: Horace Bigelow
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 2002 22:19:05 -0500
 From: Becky Teubner <mbteubner@neto.com>
 Rod, I saw the link to your homepage from the message boards
posted on Rootsweb.  I did not see this name in your index.  If you
find something about this family please let me know!
Mary Irene Bigelow married into my Robinson family in 1892.
She had a son from a previous marriage but he carried the surname
"Bigelow". I have not unraveled this mystery yet.  No children by the 2nd marriage.
Per her death record her mother's name was "Kier".  Per her
obit her father died at her birth (1865) or soon after in Chicago.  Her
mother moved to St. Louis and died there when Mary was 7 (about 1872).  She then
went to live with her uncle and aunt, Alex and Jennie George.  I don't
know whether this is paternal or maternal relatives. By 1880 Alex George was
dead.  Jennie was from NY.  I don't trust the birthplaces listed for
Irene's parents in this record because hers is wrong. She was born in IL not MS.
1880 Census Place: Manchester, Delaware, Iowa
  Source: FHL Film 1254336  National Archives Film T9-0336 Page 416D
  Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Jennie GEORGE Self F W W 31 NY   Fa: NY Mo: NY
Irene BIGELOW Niece F S W 16 MS Occ: At School Fa: PA Mo: PA
Thos. DEACON Other M  W 23 IA Occ: Painter Fa: IN Mo: IN
Mathew FRANCIS Other M  W 21 IL Occ: Painter Fa: FRA Mo: NY

Then just the other day I was running some names thru the IL
marriage Records Online and found this wonderful record!
A     ADAMS       07/18/1863    /

I believe these are the parents of Mary Irene Bigelow.  But
no idea yet how the aunt and uncle fit into the picture.

As you seem to be collecting the Bigelow surname I thought I
would send this family to you for your records and assistance.
Thank-you! Becky T.

Shem, and Ham, and Japheth, three:
All sons in Noah's family.
And everyone you'll ever see
Is just a leaf on this old tree.
Brother Goose

Subject: query
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 05:11:37 +0100 (BST)
From: Nichole Michaels <saganstruth@yahoo.com>

 I recently discovered your website - where you mention
a lot about the Hamon Massey and other Barons of
Dunham in Cheshire... Yet, I could not tell how the
Masseys' family line is related to the Baguley? I am a
direct decendant of Hamon the IV thru his son William
older brother of Hamon the V. Any information that you
have would be useful- I also have information that
predates Hamon the I going back to the year 949..

On the subject of Herluin de Burgh - in my
research, his marriage to Frendsindis, only produced 2
children, both of whom were sons. While his marriage
to Arletta, produced 6 children , one of whom was the
unknown de Conteville who married William de la Ferte
Mace.  Emma tends to be the child that raises skeptism
on whether or not if she is a child of Herluin and
Arletta. Most of the 6 children, were sons, and only 2
were daughters. The sons did fight along their half
brother William the Conquerer.
  thanks again, Nichole
see /rod/baguley5.htm .........................ROD

Subject: maine
Date:Thu, 18 Apr 2002 05:12:35 -0700 (PDT)
From:julie soucie <pugimo@yahoo.com>
Hi there,
I am having a hard time figuring out my Bigelow tree.
My great grandmother was Eva Bigelow Her father was
Edwin(Lonnie) Bigelow and his father was Benjamin
Flagg Bigelow. Edwin was born in Bath ME and Benjamin
married a Sarah Robinsson of Cornville ME.
Any help?
see /rod8/ben81a11.htm ...........................ROD

Subject:Re: another branch of family
Date:Fri, 19 Apr 2002 19:16:35 -0400
 From:"Arlene Bigelow" <ambigelow@willex.com>
Hi Rod, enjoyed the website but didn't see any of the local and current Bigelows here in the
Willsboro/Essex/Keene Valley area in NYS.  My husband (age 82) is Robert Palmer Bigelow and his father
was Ralph Bigelow of Essex NY.  His brother, Herman Vincent Bigelow, died a short time ago this year at
age 79 and his younger brother, Donald Frank Bigelow is still alive at 75 and a sister, Phyllis Beth Bigelow
Bancroft, at age 72 in Apopka, Fla..  There are 11 nieces and nephews in this area and many greats.  How
does one get into the registry?.  Years ago (20) Bob and I belonged to the Bigelow Society and received
their newsletter but over the years it got lost in the shuffle.  Don't have any idea of how to do geneology.
Just thought we would make contact.
Arlene Meier Bigelow

Subject: Walter Ellsworth Bigelow
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 16:16:43 -0700
From: " Nancy Vytlacil" <NANCYV@sbcglobal.net>
I am looking for any information on Walter Ellsworth Bigelow he was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts
1902. Both of his parents were born, lived and died in New England.  He was married to Florence Ayers who
was born in Beverly, Massachusetts in 1902.
Thank you,
Nancy Vytlacil

Subject: In Scottish Highlands
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 03:11:32 EDT
From: Ignacio Gonzales     igonz3732@aol.com
To whom it may concern,
I have an art print which is called "In Scottish Highlands" I believe was
printed by Brown & Bigelow and has an artist name and serial number for
authentication. The picture is of some cattle grazing next to a river and
mountain site. I want to know if this picture is of any value or a collectors
item. This picture shows well. Please reply and give me some sort of
direction, Thank You! Ignacio Gonzales

Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 14:23:40 -0400
From: Gerald Clarke <GCLARKE1@nyc.rr.com>
What a sensational website.  As a relatively newcomer to
using computers, I suppose I'm not the most authoritative critic, but your stuff on Robert Bigelow of
Jacksonville, FL and Arlington offered so much more than I ever knew that I'm really
at a loss for words.  So what if one link broke at the end of a long
chain of information-packed pages.  Will comment more when I
have more time.
Gerald Clarke

Subject: Howell and Gill
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 2002 17:40:53 -0700
From: "Lynn Gill" <lynn.gill@cox.net>
I intersect with the Bigelow family in the Howell and Gill lines, and can provide additional details (if you
want to go up or down those paths). Wilburforce Gill was an interesting guy, his father William Gill was one
of the first settlers of Northport in 1854, and the family became wealthy in mercantile and lumber
businesses. I unfortunately descend from William's younger brother Thomas (the poor Gills!). It's fun to
have a place name, Gill's Pier, in Leelanau County where I grew up. It was pronounced Gillspear, and I
didn't realize there was a Gill in their until I first saw it on a map!!
Two Howell bothers married two Gagnon brothers.  My grandmother was a Gagnon.
see /rod8/geo83373.htm ...................................ROD

Subject: William Henry Bigelow
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 14:29:11 EDT
From: Cmck14519@aol.com
I would like to share with you some information that I've collected and verified.

Attached is a listing of the descendants of William Henry Bigelow.  You will see that he was married first to Mary Elizabeth Carpenter and then to Caroline "Carrie" Peck.  I have based all my searches on the information found in a Bigelow Family
Bible, and with just a few exceptions, the information has matched burial records, death certificates, gravestones etc.

Jennie Bigelow and Ival Percy Bigelow, from the first marriage, and Hugh Bigelow, from the second marriage have eluded me.
I have been unable to find their names anywhere except for the family bible.  Feel free
to use this information in any way you'd like, because as they say "you can take it to the bank."
Enjoy and Regards,
Cornelius J. McKenna
1361 Paddy Lane
Ontario, NY  14519
Descendants of

William Henry Bigelow Family   -   Jay, New York

( Last Update 22 April 2002 )

 William Henry Bigelow (1M) Mary Elizabeth Carpenter William Henry Bigelow (2M) Caroline "Carrie" Peck
 January 1, 1824 October 20, 1901 January 19, 1827 July 27, 1861 January 1, 1824 October 20, 1901 December 1, 1841 October 24, 1907
  North Jay Cemetery
 Married December 17, 1846 Married July 13, 1862

 Clarence Adelbert Bigelow Frankie A.Bigelow
 July 17, 1847 - March 08, 1848 February 11, 1863 - June 01, 1864
 North Jay Cemetery Jay Central Cemetery

 Celia Isadore Bigelow Catherine "Katie" E. Bigelow
 March 08, 1849 - April 17, 1850 March 02, 1865 - September 29, 1942
 North Jay Cemetery Union Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NY

 Hellen Lydia Bigelow Jennie Bigelow
 January 23, 1851 - March 19, 1861 May 1867 - July 7,1867
 North Jay Cemetery Jay Central Cemetery

 Albert Arthur Bigelow William Henry Bigelow
 April 09, 1855 - About 1918 September 20, 1869 - 1954
 Bisbee, Arizona Union Cemetery, Mooers Forks, NY

 Charles P. Bigelow Hugh Bigelow
 June 29, 1857 - October 02, 1933 November 16, 1871 - ?
 Brainardsville Center Cemetery

 Jennie Bigelow Frederick A. Bigelow
 April 1860 - April 1860 September 24, 1875 - 1956
  Union Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NY

 Ival Percy Bigelow Jessie M. Bigelow
 April 12, 1861 - August 04, 1861 January 25, 1878 - July 23, 1947
   Union Cemetery, Hudson Falls, NY

  Guy Clifton Bigelow
  May 02, 1882 - March 11, 1963
   Glens Falls Cemetery, Glens Falls, NY

Alman (sp?) Bigelow died Dec. 4, 1868 - 72 years old.

The information shown in 8 point, italics has NOT been verified

Subject: Baker
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 18:24:22 -0700
From: "Janet Taylor" <jantaync@bellsouth.net>
I am searching for information on a Palmer M Baker who married  Anna Havens Bigelow  10-29-1829 in
Ticonderoga, NY. She was born 10-22-1807 in Ticonderoga, NY Essex Cty. Her father was Samuel Bigelow
and mother Mara Howe.  I'm trying to find out who their children were and maybe make a connection with
my Baker's.  In some of my original notes from prior interviews with great uncles, there was a sketchy note
referring to one of our Baker's marrying a Bigelow.  My gg grandfather was John William Baker born on
Upper Jay, NY in 1836 died 1864 (civil war) I don't know anything about who his parents were or siblings or
I was referred to you by Jim Baker, Palmer is not his Baker but Anna Haven Bigelow is part of his family. I
also had written to the historial society in Ti, since Palmer Baker was in Ti 1830, 1840 and 1850. Thought
maybe 1850 census would list children. Have not heard back from them yet.
I would appreciate any information you may have.
Thank you,
Janet Baker Taylor
see /rod/ann655e6.htm .........................ROD

Rod Bigelow (Roger Jon12 BIGELOW)

P.O. Box 13   Chazy Lake
Dannemora, N.Y. 12929
< rodbigelow@netzero.net >