The Bigelow Mansion of Tampa

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Front view of Bigelow Mansion, (later known as Bayside Hospital) picture taken in 1970-1980's.
Originally built and owned by Silas L. 8 Bigelow
Known as Biglow Home- corner of Bayshore and Gandy.
found on page 44 of "The Bayshore" Boulevard of Dreams by Charles A. Brown 1995 Tampa Hist. Soc.

(bighse0e.jpg) This is an artist's rendering of the present appearance of The Biglow-Helms Mansion. 4807 Bayshore.

(dogsteps.jpg) This is Mrs Helm's dog on the front steps of Bigelow Home.

(gate.jpg) A gateway on the property of Biglow Home.

(tree1.jpg) An interesting tropical tree (Banyan) on property of Bigelow Home.
Banyan trees were destroyed in Tampa area during two bad freezes in the early 1980's.

(treeline.jpg) A treelined path on grounds.

These photos were taken by Ric ___ of Silent World Dive Shop, Key Largo, FL. I believe the pictures were taken in 1973-1974.
Beginning Research 12 Apr 2000:
There was a Silas L. 8 Bigelow in Tampa, who was the executive secretary of Ybor City Savings and Loan. He was of Bayshore Boulevard (picture in Pizzo Collection)
     Other prominent pioneers that helped further develop this historic boulevard were the Bigelow and Trousdale families. In 1908 Mr. Bigelow purchased a large tract of land that today is located at the corner of Bayshore and Gandy Boulevard. He built a spacious mansion and lived there until his death in 1913. His widow sold the property to Dr. John Helms. For a brief period of time this home was not only a doctor's office, but also a hospital. Mr. Trousdale, who was the general manager of the Florida Brewery purchased property and built a home just north of the Bigelow Mansion on Bayshore Boulevard shortly after the Bigelow family finished their home. Surrounded by 18 acres of property, it was known as one of the most unique properties on the Bayshore.

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