Israel M. 8 BIGELOW

15923.771      Israel M. 8 BIGELOW, son of Eliphaz 7 ( Israel 6,  Isaac 5 , Isaac 4 Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Elizabeth (STUCKY) BIGELOW, was born in Dauphin county, PA on 02 April 1829. The family moved several times and ended in Huntingdon county, PA where he married about 1851. She was Mary Young - 1832 to 1889.(see below) They lived at McAlevy's Fort, and Ennisville. Israel died 02 March 1911 and is buried at Ennisville Methodist cemetery.

Children of Israel and Mary (Young) Bigelow:

15923.7711     Eliphaz W., b 18 March 1852 McAlevy's Fort, Jackson twnshp, Huntingdon, PA; d 19 Sept 1853.

15923.7712t    John Solomon, b 21 Oct 1853 McAlvey's Ft; d 17 June 1931 Belleville, PA; m (1)19 Oct 1878 Laura A. Withers (b: 12 Feb 1860, d: 01 Dec 1914), m (2) 12 Mar 1918, Nettie Lucretia Patton,aka Parson (b: 03 Apr 1876, d: 19 Jul 1952); 4 children from first mar. (see below)

15923.7713     Catherine E., b 04 April 1856.

15923.7714     David Young, b 08 Oct 1859 McAlvey's Ft; d 02 Dec 1950 Huntingdon co, PA; m 07 May 1895 Martha Matilda "Tillie" Ornur; 9 children,  (see below)

15923.7715     E. E., b 28 May 1862; d 04 June 1862.

15923.7716     James A., b 29 May 1863.

15923.7717     Wesley S., b 21 Jan 1866; d ; m 24 Feb 1891 Margaret Cummins at McAlvey's Ft.

15923.7718t    Israel Lebbeus, b 13 Feb 1868; d 12 March 1896; m_____ Mathilda Powell; 2 children. (see below)

15923.7719     Sarah R. E., b 03 Jan 1871.

15923.771A     Laura Althina, b 26 May 1873.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II, pg 416-417;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Biographical Encyclopedia of Juniata Valley, PA
Including counties of Huntingdon, Mifflin, Juniata and Perry, pub. by J. M. Runk, 1897.;
correspondence with descendants.
New  Note 29 Jul 06:
 Katie Bly-
John Solomon Bigelow
Sat, 29 Jul 2006 11:24:09 -0400

I have some info about my husbands family from you back in June of 2005 and I am still trying to sort out the family. I am sorry to bother you but I tried to get info from another Bigelow who I thought  may have info that I could use but the e-mail address is no longer useable.  Am including info from U.S. Census to you to see if you think it is enough info about  John Solomon Bigelow # 15923.7712+ (on page 416 of Volume II, [REAL]) to see that there are 4 children in this family with the Father being John Solomon Bigelow b: 21 Oct 1853, d:17 Jun 1931,Married 19 Oct 1878 to Laura A. Withers b: 12 Feb 1860, d: 01 Dec 1914. John also Married 12 Mar 1918, Nettie Lucretia Patton,aka Parson b: 03 Apr 1876, d: 19 Jul 1952. There were no Issue in this marriage...
(1)  Mary M. b:09 May 1879 d:27 Jun 1952  in Strasburg, Shenandoah Co., VA Married 03 Mar 1903 to William Luther Bly b:09 Jun 1871, d: 28 Jun 1941.( There are 7 Issue in this family with the 2nd son being my deceased husband Harry Merle Bly b: 08 Apr 1918, d: 23 Mar 2002 )
(2) David Clay b:19 Dec 1880, d:04 Jan 1951 in Belleville,Mifflin Co., PA...
(3) Carrie Etta b: 18 Oct 1882, d: 25 Apr 1884 in unknown place..
(4) Israel Merl b: 09 May 1885, d: 27 May 1959 in Minot,ND.
Will send Census . Katie Bly

This is the census info:
GIVN John Solomon SURN Bigelow
1860 Census of Huntingdon County, Jackson Twp, PA: Listed as John S. 9 years old, he is living with his parents and two siblings. He was born in PA.
1870 Census of Huntingdon County, Barree Twp, PA: Listed as John S., 17 years old, he is living at home with his parents and five siblings. He was born in PA, he is attending school and working as a farm laborer.
1880 Census of Mifflin County, Menno Twp, PA: Listed as John, 26 years old a laborer. He is living with his wife, Laura, 20 and a daughter Mary M., 1year old. He and his parents were born in PA.
1900 Census of Mifflin County, Union Twp, PA: Listed as John, 47 years old, married for 22 years. He is a carpenter who owns his mortgaged home. He is living with his wife, Laura and two children: David Clay, 19; and Israel Merle ,age 15. He and his parents were born in PA.
1910 Census of Mifflin County, Union Twp, PA: Listed as John S., 56 years old, a carpenter who owns his own home free of a mortgage. He is living with his wife, Laura. A. and they have been married for 32 years. MARRIAGE: The Belleville Times 14 Mar 1918: Listed as John S. married Nettie L. PATTON on 12 Mar 1918.
1920 Census of Mifflin County, Union Twp, PA: Listed as John S., 65 years old, his is living with his wife, Nettie. He is a laborer in a machine shop. He and his parents were born in PA. GRAVE: St. John's Lutheran Cemetery: John S. BIGELOW 21 Nov 1853 - 17 Jun 1931 77y 6m 27d. FATHER.

Descendant note:
My BIGELOW data is currently in the form of notes and letters collected by my great grandmother Adda Timmons MOSS in the 1890's. Perhaps of greatest interest to you and other researchers is a copy she made of notes of an interview with Dr. Eliphaz BIGELOW (probably the Israel Eliphaz Bigelow whose bio is on your site.) He was a nephew of her grandmother Mary Milvina BIGELOW who had married William D. Daugherty. Her mother was Mary Dimmis Daugherty. Adda's uncle G. W. Darety (sic) conducted the interview. The notes include the family information on the CUSTIS (not CURTIS) family and it's connection to George Washington. I have been amazed that the misspelling of this name as CURTIS persists. Most history books speak of the CUSTIS family relations to Washington. In my mother's possession is a cloisonne and pearl pin that is supposed to have been owned/worn by Martha Washington. I have no documentation of this but have heard of this and the CUSTIS family since I was a child. My grandfather, Adda's son had told the story. Finding the notes was both exciting and disappointing. Exciting because it leant credence to the pin's story; disappointing because it showed no direct relation to the CUSTIS family. Eliphaz's notes also include the battle his greatgrandfather Isaac was supposed to have been in the Rev War. I too, have had no luck finding his service.
Marguerite Atteberry Emmons

From:  Doris Bigelow Scheidemantle    E-mail
     Have you ever heard of Israel I. Bigelow, who lived  in McAlevy's Fort, Penna., in 1859?  He was my great grandfather, and I can't locate him ANYWHERE!  (Great grandmother was Mary Young Bigelow.)  Thanks for ANY help!!!
     These Bigelows - my forebears, lived in the Huntingdon area of Penna.,- McAlevy's Fort, Bald Eagle Valley, all in the
same area. My grandfather was David Young Bigelow, born Oct. 30 or 31, 1859, in McAlevy's Fort. My father was David William Bigelow, born Sept. 16, 1901, in the Huntingdon area. My name is Doris Bigelow Scheidemantle, and I live in
NY. I would dearly love to learn more of this of this line.  In the Spring we hope to stay a few days in that area and investigate. I was born and raised in Altoona, Penna..  I am hoping to find some kind of lead at Historical Societies, etc. Will let you know if and when I ever find out!!! (Incidentally, my grandfather, David Y. Bigelow, was married to my grandmother, Martha Matilda Orner, from the same area.)   Thanks for any help!!  With a name like Israel I. Bigelow, ggf MUST have been related to others of the same name!!!
     That's the one!!!  My grandfather's obit says his father was Israel I., but this is definitely the one, because the Mary Young is correct, the brothers and sisters are correct, and the Oct. 1859 date of birth is correct. (I just reread the obit and the dates for my grandparents are Oct. 7th and 8th, respectively>)  I am so excited  I can scarcely sit still.  THANK YOU so very much!!!  Now I have something substantial to go on!!!  Will stay in touch. And thanks again.  Your help is much appreciated!!!
More on Israel M.8 Bigelow's wife
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 15:57:48 EDT
  Hi Rod.  I wonder if you could help.    I have seen an obituary for Mrs. Israel Bigelow  (this would be Mary A. Young), and the date of the newspaper was 2/2/1889.  It stated that she was 70.  We all know how newspapers can get things wrong, but the date on the paper is 1889.   The dates given for her on Israel's page in the Bigelow Society are 1832-1899.   Is there any way we can find out for sure?   I have searched all over and cannot find anything more about her.   (I know this is the same lady because her survivors are my grandfather and his siblings, and the place of burial is correct.) Do you have any suggestions?    Thanks much for your help.Finding her has been a real challenge!            Doris
Subject: Dimples
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 16:29:23 EST
Hi.  I am wondering how many of our Bigelow clan sport a nice
dimple in the chin?   My grandfather had one, my father and five of his
eight siblings had one, and I have one.  Is this a Bigelow trait?     My
greatgrandfather was Israel M. Bigelow, married to Mary Young.  My grandfather was
David Young Bigelow, married to Martha Matilda Orner.   I am curious to
know if there are other Bigelows with this delightful chin feature.

Doris Bigelow Scheidemantle

Note 10/16/07:
Tuesday 10/16/2007
Name: Ellen Jane Bigelow
Location: Iowa City Iowa
Comments: From the Isreal Lebbeus Bigelow branch, quite a ways down there...John, Samuel, Isaac, Isaac, Isaac, Isreal, Eliphaz, Isreal M, Isreal Lebbeus, Oscar Ray,
Gene Lawrence...probably backwards from the way experts list them. Gene was my father. Excellent information in here!!

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