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15923.7.        Israel 6 son of  Isaac 5 ( Isaac 4 Isaac 3, Samuel2, John l) and Mary (CHAMBERLAIN) BIGELOW, was born 31 August 1774. The family removed from Nova Scotia to New Hampshire and Vermont about this time. Israel married (1)11 June 1792 in Dummerston, VT, Eunice Kathan, daughter of Daniel and Ruth (Barrett) Kathan. She was born in Dummerston, Windham county 23 August 1774, granddaughter of Capt. John Kathan, one of the town's founders. They lived briefly at Dummerston, where their first child was born, then moved to Ballston Spa, Saratoga county, NY, where they remained until circa 1817, when with his brother Freedom , they moved to Ohio, and settled at Plain City, Madison county. There Eunice died 15 August 1823. He then married (2) Polly Clippinger. He is reported to have married (3) Mary "Polly" Brown, who is mentioned in the will. (see below) Israel died 28 May 1838. Israel was a doctor.

Children of Israel and Eunice (Kathan) Bigelow :

15923.71t    Israel L., b 20 Oct 1795 Dummerston, VT (bible says Westmoreland); d 08 July 1854 Westmoreland co, PA; m twice. 8 children.

15923.72t    Isaac, b 25 Aug 1797 Ballston Spa, Saratoga co, NY; d 11 Apr 1857 Plain City, OH; m 17 July 1815 Polly Bigelow -15923.35. 8 children.

15923.73t    Lebbeus Lummis, Dr., b 5 Apr 1799 Ballston Spa, NY; d 10 Feb 1854 Adamsburg, Greene co, PA; m 31 Aug 1820 Elizabeth Custis. 12 children.

15923.74t    Daniel Kathron, Dr., b 22 May 1801 Ballston Spa, NY; d 14 Nov 1859 Plain City, OH; m 07 Feb 1822 Lydia Custis. 11 children.

15923.75     Eunice, b 04 Feb 1803 Ballston Spa, NY; d 23 Sep 1823 Plain City, OH; unm.

15923.76     Dolly, b 17 Apr 1805 Ballston Spa, NY; d ____ ; m James Larner (d 1832); res Vineland, NJ.

15923.77t    Eliphaz, Dr., b 20 Oct 1807 Ballston Spa, NY; d 23 Oct 1868 Jackson Township, Huntington co, PA; m (1)19 Oct 1828 Elizabeth Stucky (d 1836); m (2) Elizabeth Fife (died 1846); (3) Leah Waidman; res Huntingdon co, PA 14 children..

15923.78t    Mary Milvina, b 4 Aug 1809 Ballston Spa, NY; d 20 Jan 1881 Butler, MO; m 1827 William Daughtery. 10 children.(see below)

15923.79     Almie, b 19 Aug 1812 Ballston Spa, NY; d 15 Aug 1880; m (1) 02 May 1827 Henry Brooks (d Plain City 26 June 1834); m (2) 01 Jan 1835 Zenas Martin (b 26 Feb 1811; d 20 Apr 1845); m (3) 27 Oct 1849 Abel C. Thomas (b 21 Aug 1803; d 18 Apr 1887).

15923.7A    Jarus R., b 10 July 1816; died young.

15923.7Bt   Timothy C., b 1 Mar 1819 Plain City, OH; d 10 June 1876 Camp Chase, OH; m 22 Mar 1838 Hannah Marshall. 12 children.
15923.7C    Henry B., b ___ ; d 1833.

Children of Israel and Polly (Clippenger) Bigelow :
Mary (Brown) Bigelow:??

15923.7C    Henry B., b ___ ; d 1833.

15923.7D    Diana E., b _ Feb 1825 Plain City, Madison co, OH; m (1) William F King, M.D., and after his death, (2) Avery Haines; res Plain City, OH.

15923.7E    Hosea Ballou, b 16 May 1830 Plain City, OH; d 25 Dec 1871 Peoria, IL; m 30 Sep 1856 Mary White (d 12 Dec 1876 Columbus, OH); res IL.

15923.7F    Chamberlain Brown; b ca 1838 ; d ____ ; m 13 Dec 1859 Sarah T. Scribner.

Bigelow Family Genealogy VOL. I. pp 277-278;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
History of Madison county, OH;
descendant note:
"I am a descendant of Mary Milvina BIGELOW, who m William D. DAUGHERTY. Their daughter
 Mary Dimmis DAUGHERTY m Thomas Foster TIMMONS in Sep 1858 Madison Co OH Their daughter
 Adda "DIMP" TIMMONS m Hugh Houston MOSS in 1892 Kansas City, MO Adda did genealogical reseach
 while awaiting the birth of her only child, Thomas Timmons MOSS, my maternal grandfather, 22 Aug 1895 St Louis,
 MO. For more information contact me. Adda collected letters (see link), Bible records and stories on her mother's family the DAUGHERTY'S and the BIGELOWS."  Marguerite Atteberry Emmons e-mail:
More From Marguerite Atteberry Emmons:
Subject: Israel's will etc.
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 16:32:42 -0800
 A fellow researcher has found and sent me a copy of Israel (#15923.7) Bigelow's will.  Israel is of the line of the 3 Isaac's.  She also found some biographical sketches of Israel and several of his sons and a son-in-law in a Madison Co History, copy 1883.  The biographical sketch mentions 3 not 2 wives for Israel:  (1) Eunice Kathron, (2) Miss Clippinger, and (3) Mary "Polly" Brown.  As you may recall, my great grandmother's notes spoke of a possible third wife.
The will mentions all living children and wife "Polly". The book contains some errors and further confuses the Custis/Custer question.  Please note the deathdate given for Dr. Daniel K Bigelow.
Marguerite Atteberry Emmons
see Will of Israel Bigelow...................................ROD
also see History of Madison co. for more......................ROD

descendant note:
My name is Jana Dress.  My husband's (Timothy) mother (Joan) was a Bigelow.  I am trying to connect her branch to the information on the web page.  Someday (after I get it all together) I would like to send what I have gathered to you.  As soon as I figure out who her Great grandfather was, the connection will be made.  As you know stories often conflict with one another.  Right now I have two different names for this grandfather, however;  the great great grandfather could be Dr.
Eliphaz (7) Bigelow son of Dr. Israel (6) Bigelow.  From what I read on the web page there is nothing listed for these people.  I will gladly share what I have (when I figure it out).
Sincerely,   Jana Dress   E-mail

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