15923.3      Isaac 6 Bigelow, son of Isaac 5 ( Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1 ) and Mary (Chamberlain) Bigelow, was born 18 or 13 (writing unclear) December 1765, according to records at Cornwallis, Nova Scotia. In the 1770's the family removed from Nova Scotia to Vermont, where they remained until 1800, moving then to Franklin county, VT, and a short time after to Quebec. At the onset of the War of 1812, he joined other relatives in Madison county, OH. He died at Plain City, Madison county, OH, July 1822.
     Isaac married (1) circa 1784 Electa ______( Electa/Electy Sargent dau of Thomas Sargent and Anna Stebbins...she died 09 May 1792 in Dummerston, VT (see below ), who died 09 May 1792 at Dummerston, Windham county, VT. Isaac then married (2) at Dummerston on 06 February 1794, Lucy Sargent of Brattleborough, VT. Lucy died __ Oct 1822 at Plain City, OH.
1790 census: VT-Windham-Dummerston-Isaac Bigelow: l-1-2-0-0.

Children of Isaac Bigelow by his first wife Electa _____ .

15923.31     child, stillborn 14 May 1785 Summerston, VT.

15923.32t    Isaac, b 06 Jan 1787 Dummerston, VT; d 01 Sept 1822 Plain City, Madison co, OH; m (Franklin co, VT) 10 Sept 1809 Sally White. 2 children.

15923.33     Electa, b 19 Aug 1789 Dummerston, VT; d ____ ; m (before 1811) Augustus Wright; res VT.

Children of Isaac Bigelow by his second wife, Lucy Sargent:

15923.34     Lucy, b 04 Jan 1795 Dummerston, VT; d ; m James Peasley; res Granville, OH. Family unknown.

15923.35     Polly, b 08 Feb 1797 Dummerston, VT; d 12 Dec 1863 Plain City, Madison co, OH; m 17 July 1815 Dr. Isaac Bigelow-15923.72, her cousin; res Plain City. 8 children.

15923.36t    Catherine, b 29 Jan 1799 Dummerston, VT; d ____ ; m __ Sept 1823 Henry Neal; res Milford, OH. 8 children.

15923.37t    Abigail, b 30 Nov 1802 ____ ; d ____ ; m 21 Aug 1825 (Licking co, OH) Moses Lester Pratt; res Granville, OH. 5 children.

15923.38t    John Chamberlain, b 09 Jan 1804 ; d ____ ; m 25 Dec 1825 (Licking co. OH) Polly Martin; res Newark, OH. 5 children.

15923.39t    Serena, b 18 May 1806 ; d ____ ; m, date not given, William Neal, brother of Henry Neal above. 2 sons.

The Bigelow Family Genealogy  Vol. I Page 274;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
vital records of Cornwallis, from Canadian Archives;
vital records of VT, from VT Archives;
early censuses; marriage records in OH;
cemetery records of Plain City, OH.
Subject: VT Bigelows
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2000 19:45:06 -0500
From: Marge Howe <  >

Hi:  My husband is related to the Bigelows through the Sargent family and while looking at your pages which are great as a matter of fact I saw some things you might be able to add.
Lucy Sargent, d/o John and Mary (Kathan) Sargent, b 1777 Brattleboro married Isaac Bigelow 6 Feb 1794 in Dummerston, VT (VR)........I think you have his death and other things right but I read that his parents removed from Nova Scotia as early as 1785 and later they moved to Chesterfield, NH. I think Isaac Sr. and Mary are buried there but will have to check....I think I have all the kids right but forgot to right them down to check. But the other thing is this Isaac also married Electa/Electy Sargent dau of Thomas Sargent and Anna Stebbins...she died 9 May 1792 in Dummerston, VT (VR).....they had 3 children
1. ___ ,  born 14 May 1785 Dummerston; died 14 May 1785 Dummerston
2. Isaac, born 6 June 1787 died 1 Sept 1822; m. Sally White (I have more on them)
3. Electa born 19 Aug 1789; m. Augustus Wright (I have more on them)
Will have to look at your page again with my records and see if you are missing anything else....probably not but I did notice you didn't have a few dates or who Electa was... Best regards, Marge Howe.....Williamsville, VT

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