15923.72      Isaac  7 BIGELOW, son of  Israel 6, Isaac 5 , Isaac 4 Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Eunice (KATHAN) BIGELOW, was born at Ballston Spa, Saratoga co, NY on 25 August 1797 and married his cousin Polly Bigelow (15923.35), daughter of Isaac 6 and Lucy (Sargent) Bigelow on 17 July, 1815 (Howe). County records give marriage date of 14 July, 1816. Isaac was a physician and this family lived in Plain City, OH where he died on 11 April 1857. She also died there on 12 December 1863. (see below)

Children of Isaac and Polly (Bigelow) Bigelow, all born at Plain City:

15923.721     Israel Sargent, b 03 Nov 1817; d 21 Nov 1847; unm.

15923.722     Sophia Catherine, b 03 Sept 1819; unm.

15923.723     Polly Ann, b 25 Oct 1822; d 25 Apr 1894; m 27 April 1845 Rev. Henry Hudson Ferris; 7 children. (see below)

15923.724     Juliaett, b 03 April 1825; m 12 March 1845 George A. Hill; res. Columbus, OH; 3 children.

15923.725     Eliphaz, b 21 Feb 1828; d 20 July 1845; unm.

15923.726     Permelia, b 13 July 1830; m 24 Jan 1850 Philander B. Case; 5 children. (see below)

15923.727     Lucy Eunice, b 25 Nov 1832; d 14 Aug 1853.

15923.728     Serena Neal, b 03 March 1835; m 15 Oct 1856 Ralph O. Graham; res. Columbus, OH; 4 children.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II, pg 138;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Madison Co., OH marriage records.
History of Madison county, OH:
     Dr. Isaac Bigelow, son of Dr. Israel Bigelow, was born August 25, 1797, near Balston Spa, Saratoga county, New York.  At the age of seventeen, in the year 1814, he came on foot from Center county, Pennsylvania, to make a payment for his father on a land purchase from his uncle, Isaac, the land being that where Plain City now stands.  Returning to Pennsylvania, he studied medicine with his father, Dr. Israel Bigelow, and in 1817 returned to Ohio and located on Trickle’s creek, in Champaign county.  He remained there one year, and in 1818 came to Madison county and laid out the town of Westminster, in Darby township.  This name was afterward changed to that of Pleasant Valley, but in 1872, after Doctor Bigelow’s death, the citizens petitioned their representative in the Legislature--William Morrow Beach--for an act to change the name to Plain City, which was done, the reason therefore having been the fact that there were four or five towns in Ohio of the name Pleasant Valley, and perishable merchandise, shipped by railroad, was often sent wrong, thus becoming a loss to the receiver before reaching the proper destination.  In about 1828, after his father had located for practice in this county, Dr. Isaac Bigelow went out of practice and became a general trader, diligent, perservering and active in all his enterprises.  He had kept a hotel and store on the southeast corner of Main and Chillicothe streets until after the year 1838, when he sold out to Samuel O. Wearington.  He built a large brick dwelling house on the northwest corner of the same streets, about the year 1842.  He was mayor of Pleasant Valley at one time, and was postmaster during Polk’s administration.  He married, July 17 1815, Polly Bigelow, daughter of Isaac and Polly Bigelow, who then lived where Plain City now stands.  He died in Pleasant Valley, April 10, 1857, of pneumonia.
(from History of Madison co., OH)

Subject: Bigelow Family
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 23:27:32 -0600
From: Victoria Givens  >
My name is Victoria Ellis Givens.  I am the Great Great Granddaughter of Morris Bigelow Case.  Son of Philander B. Case
and Permelia Bigelow.
 My mother ,I guess she would be your cousin, is Carolyn Case Ellis.  Great Granddaughter of Morris Bigelow Case.  I was
just playing around on the internet to see what I would find if anything and came across your information.   I was so excited.  I have about six pages of names and 3 Obituaries.  Philander's is one of them.
 I am  just getting started.  I would like to continue my search with this side but this is all I have.
 My Great aunt Mildred Case Bruce has given this information to my mother.  She also has in her possession a Bigelow Bible.  She said it has very little in it and she can barely read the writing.
Victoria Givens
  Houston, Texas

New Note 03/25/06:
Subject: Bigelow Family
Date: 03/25/06
From:  Terry Ferris Vaughan  
I came across the Bigelow website.  It is very interesting.  I do know for a fact one bit of information.  on the following entry  Polly Ann married Rev. Henry Hudson Ferris.  I know this because Henry is/was my gggrandfather.
15923.723     Polly Ann, b 25 Oct 1822; m 27 April 1845 Rev. Henry Hudson Perris; 7 children

Polly Ann died April 25, 1894 and Henry died March 15, 1875.  both are buried in Green Lawn Cemetery in Columbus Ohio.  You wouldn't happen to have any other information on them would you?
once again.  Great job.

Terry Ferris Vaughan
New information found in Bigelow Society Library.....2008

15923.723     Polly Ann 8 Bigelow, b 25 Oct 1822; d 25 April 1894; m 27 April 1845 Rev. Henry Hudson Ferris; 7 children of which we only know one:
     1. Pearl Bigelow Ferris, Male, b ___ ; d ____ ; m Mary Stevens (A. Mollie?); 1 child known:
           1. Flora Ferris, b ___ ; d ____ ; m Mark Woodruff; 4 children known:
                   a. Harry Woodruff, b ___ ; d ____ ;
                   b. Mark Woodruff, b ___ ; d ____ ;
                   c. Carol Woodruff, b ___ ; d ____ ;
                   d. Lula Woodruff, b 13 Oct 1904; d ____ ;

Source of information: Marie Berry; Plain City, OH

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