Adda’s Bigelow Notes

The following is a transcript of the copy of the notes my great grandmother Adda Timmons Moss made in the 1890's, probably while she was awaiting the birth of her only child, my grandfather Thomas Timmons Moss.  Adda had waited until late in life to marry, and she seems to have been a concientious researcher.  She carefully explains what she is copying, from whom she got it, when it was done in some cases, and who at that time had the original.  Where she was uncertain of spelling due to making out the handwriting, she indicates her difficulties.  The Bigelow notes were only a few of the pages she had copied, and were found among my grandfather’s effects when he died in 1973.  My mother left them stored in a trunk in her basement until I retrieved them in 1995.  I made numerous photocopies of the originals, and then set to work deciphering them, while I put the originals up for safe keeping.  No attempt will be made to correct spelling or other mistakes or misconceptions.
The Bigelow notes from my great grandmother's papers.  Adda Timmons (Mrs. Hugh Houston) Moss was the daughter of  Thomas Foster Timmons and Mary Dimmis Daugherty of Madison Co, OH.  Mary Dimmis was the daughter of Mary Milvina Bigelow, daughter of Isreal 6 and Eunice Kathron.

1.  Copy from notes in the possession of Col. Geo. W. Darety (Daugherty) said notes being a copy from notes made by Eliphas Bigelow, son of Daniel K. 7 Bigelow

G. G. G. Father Isaac 4 Bigelow lived in the state of Connecticut during the Revolutionary War & was the father of Rev. Isaac 5 Bigelow, Timothy 5 & 2 daughters one of which married Major Lebbeus Summers of said war.

G. G. Father Rev. Isaac 5 Bigelow  was Drum Major in the revolutionary war and served the entire seven years.  (his wife went up the mountain & heard the cannons at the Battle of Bennington Vermont) Died in 1810 or 1811 in Vermont --his father gave him a gold-headed cane and a gold watch to be handed down through the Isaac’s which is now in the hands of Isaac Bigelow present mayor of Newark Ohio.

G. Father Israel 6 Bigelow. M.D.  Born Aug 21st 1774 Died May 28th 1838 aged 65 yr. 9 mo. 7 da.  his wife
Eunice Kathron Born Aug 28th 1774 Died Aug 15th 1823 at (Pleasant Valley now) Plain City Ohio
Dr. Israel Bigelow Born in Vt.;  Eunice “ his wife “   ” Ny.

Great Uncles Isaac 6 & Russel 6 Bigelow came to Ohio in 1811 or 1812 from Canada where they moved from Vermont the year before.
Dr. Israel 7 Bigelow Jr.  Born Oct. 20, 1794
Dr. Isaac 7 Bigelow  Born Aug. 25th 1797
Dr. Lebbeus S. 7 Bigelow Born Aug. 5 1799
Dr. Daniel K. 7 Bigelow born Mar 22 1801
Eunice 7 Bigelow  Born Feby 4 1803
Dolly 7 Bigelow  Born April 17 1805 married James Larimer
Dr. Eliphaz 7 Bigelow Born Oct 20 1807
Mary Milvina 7 called Polly Bigelow Born Friday Aug. 4th 1809 Married Wm Daugherty.
Almie 7 Bigelow Born Aug. 19th 1812 m (1) Henry Brooks, (2) Zenas Martin and (3)Abel C. Thomas.
Jeraus P. 7 Bigelow Born July 10 1816

--there was a second if not third wife = these may not be all of the names of 2nd set children
Timothy C. 7 ,b 01 Mar 1819  m Hannah Marshall. d Jan 10th 1876
Diana 7 b-- m. (1) Dr. Wm King who studied medicine with Dr. Israel Bigelow and (2) Avery Haynes
Hosea Belew 7 (Blue)
Chamberlain 7 --
Timothy C. 7 Bigelow died Jan 10 1896 born Mar 1 1819 in --ville Pa.
moved with his father to Ohio 1828   (could not decipher all seemed to be two names of places)

3.  Paul Custis born ____ Died Nov 10 1783
Sarah Custis his wife born ____  died Dec 10 1799
She was Sarah Ball a sister of George Washington’s mother married at ??

Their Son
George Custis Born Dec. 3rd 1744 Died  Dec 17th 1829 aged 85 years & 2 days? (so stated by the notes)
His Wife Catherine Custis Born April 7th 1765 Died  Sept. 22 1844 aged 79 yr 5 mo 15 da.
She was a daughter of Nathaniel Leatherman and Catherine Boyer.
They were married Nov. 28 1784
Their children were:
Daniel Custis Born Oct 18 1785
Susanah Custis Born Oct. 18 1787 married Daniel Moser.
Catherine Custis Born June 13 1790 married Samuel Littell.
Magdalene Custis Born April 22 1793 married Wm Gants.
Joseph Custis Born Sept. 16 1797
Jonathon Custis Born Dec. 30 1798

4. Mary Custis Born Nov. 14 1801 married William Moser.
Elizabeth Custis Born Sep 13 1802 married Dr. Lebbeus 7 Bigelow..
Lydia Custis Born Apr. 24 1806 married Dr. D. K. 7 Bigelow ..

Grand Father George Custis’ first wife was a daughter of John Long.  Her name was Susanah Long born May 13th 1755.  died Oct. 17th 1781.  and
Their Children:
____ Custis ____ 17__
George Custis Born July 30 1776
Sarah Custis Born June 16 1778 married James ____
David Custis Born Feb. 27 1780
Jacob Custis Born Mar. 13 1782
Hannah Custis Born Aug 11 178(4) married Samuel Ache Born Mar 5-1780.

Eliphaz 7 Bigelow , b _ Oct 1829 married to Elizabeth Stucke.
Isriel M. Bigelow B. Apr. 2 1829 ( Israel 8 Bigelow  b 02 April 1829; d 02 March 1911)
John S. Big. B. Jan. 5 1831
Eliphaz W. Big- B Apr. 28 = 1832
Benjeman F. Big- B Mar. 9- 1834
Elizabeth-wife Big- July 31 1817
Mary Elizabeth Born Aug. 1 1838
Lebbeus Samuel April 3 1840
Nancy Catherine Born Oct. 10 1841
Lewies Alford Bn Feb. 19 1843
James Harvey Sept 18 1844
Sarah Rebecca   Mar 3 1846
Leah Weighnan wife of
Eliz. Born Jan. 24 1818
Jacob Weidman Bigelow
Born Sept.  13 1848
Brown Elixandrew Big. Sept. 25 1850
Barbaery Eunice B Apr. 18 1854
Almery Francisco Elixandrew B Nov 6 186

(italics) are my notes............ROD 1/8/98

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