Timothy 5 BIGELOW

 15924     Timothy 5 BIGELOW, son of Isaac 4 ( Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1), and Abigail (SKINNER) BIGELOW, was born 18 November 1739 in Colchester, New London, CT. He was married in Colchester 02 December 1762 (Howe's Bigelow genealogy errs in giving this as 20 Dec) to Rhoda Williams. She was born at Colchester. They lived a few years at Colchester; he was a blacksmith by trade and in 1765 moved to Bernardston, MA where he had bought land of Sampson Howe on 07 September 1764. On 19 July 1769 he sold land at Bernardston to Jonathan Ashby of Breenfield, and bought land at Greenfield the same year. On 01 April 1771 he sold land in Bernardston, saying his residence was Bernardston, but there are no church or town records concerning his family.
    He served in the Revolutionary War. Having been active in the Williamstown militia, he was a 2nd Lieut. in Capt Nehemiah Smedley's 4th Co, 2nd Berkshire Regt. He was commissioned in 1777, and in 1778 was a 1st Lieut. in Capt. Judah Williams' Co, also in the 2nd Berkshire Co. He served throughout the war.
    At Wllliamstown he adopted the Shaker doctrine, and with all his family entered the Shaker colony at Tyringham, where his wife Rhoda died 22 April 1807, aged 63 years, and he on 12 September 1818, age 79. (see below)
1790 census: MA-Berkshire-Richmond-Timothy Bigelow: 2-2-4-0-0.

Mass Sold & Sail of Rev War, Vol II:
  Bigelow, Timothy, Wllliamstown. Lieutenant, Capt. Nehemiah Smedley's (4th) co., 2d Berkshire Co. regt.; list of officers of Mass. militia; commissioned May 3, 1776; also, 1st Lieutenant, Capt. Judah Williams's (2d) co., Col. Simonds's (2d Berkshire Co.) regt.; list of officers of Mass. militia; commissioned April 25, 1778; also, Capt. Samuel Clark's co., Col John Brown's (Berkshire Co.) regt. [service not given]; company called out by Brig. Gen. Fellows at the request of Maj. Gen. Schuyler and ordered to Fort Ann. Roll endorsed Dec. 6, 1777.
  Biglow, Timothy. Private, Capt. Samuel Clark's co., Col. Benjamin Symonds's Berkshire Co.) regt.; pay roll for 3 days service between Oct.12 and Oct.19, 1780; marched to the Northward by order of Gen. Fellows, on an alarm.

Known family of Timothy and Rhoda (Williams) Bigelow:

15924.1     child, died in Colchester 15 Oct 1763.

15924.2     child, died in Colchester _ Sept 1764.

15924.3     Rhoda, b Coichester 20 Aug 1765.

15924.4     Jerusha, probably b Bernardston, ca 1768; d at the Shaker community Hancock, MA 7 Apr 1840, aged 72 years.

15924.5t    Timothy, born, according to Howes Bigelow genealogy, ca 1770; d 1814 Herkimer, Ontario co, NY; m ca 1800 Sally Streeter, after leaving the Shaker colony. 5 children.

15924.6     Huldah, b ca 1775 Wllliamstown, according to Howe's Bigelow genealogy; d at Tyringharn Shaker colony 11 Dec
1852, aged 77 years.

15924.7     Amasa, b ca 1777; d at Tyringham Shaker colony 26 Mar 1833, aged 55 years.

15924.8     Abel, b ca 1780; d 29 Apr 1844 at Shaker colony in Tyringham, aged 64 years.

15924.9     Elsa, supposed to be a daughter or Timothy Bigelow; however, the 1850 census shows her to be 80 years old, i.e. born ca 1770 in RI. She died at Hancock, MA Shaker Colony 19 July 1854.

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Note from Janice Farnsworth   Farns10th@aol.com:
Epitaphs from the Cemetary of Worcester Common

With occasional notes, references, and an index

Written by W.S. Barton

Printed by Henry J. Howland 1864

237. " Timothy Bigelow, Esq , commander of the 15th Massachusetts Regt in the Revolutionary War with Great Britain;" b. Aug. 12, 1739; d. Ap. 4, 1790; a. 50.
" Here lie his remains."
[He was an active and eloquent patriot of the Revolution, a member of the Worcester Committee of Correspondence, of the famous " Whig Club," in which he was associated with Warren, Otis, and other eminent individuals, a delegate in the Provincial Congress, and filled many important offices with honor and ability. A good account of his life, character and services may be found in Linc. Hist. p. 277, and chapters 6 and 7.]

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