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15923.2      Russell 6 Bigelow, son of Isaac 5 ( Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1 ) and Mary (Chamberlain) Bigelow, was born in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia 28 November 1763. The family removed circa 1776 to New Hampshire. Russell married on ______ 1788 Lucy Sanger (b 15 Feb1767, daughter of Nathaniel Sanger and Hannah Bishop see link) of Hinsdale, NH. Russell lived some years in Chesterfield, NH, but in 1796 removed to Pittsford, VT. In 1800 he moved to Franklin county, VT, and is said to have been the first Methodist in the town of Franklin. In 1802 they moved to St. Armands, Quebec, but when the War of 1812 broke out, Russell elected to move to the frontier, so taking his wife and family and his mother, they went to Ohio. He settled first in Worthington, but in 1813 moved to Darby Plains, Madison county. He died in Galena, Madison county, 13 June 1838. His wife Lucy died 12 May 1824 at Milford Centre. The old Chuckery cemetery where Lucy and some of their children are buried has been renamed as Bigelow Pioneer Cemetery, and is set aside as a nature preserve of the state of Ohio, for having never been plowed, it remains in its original state of prairie grasses and wildflowers, some now quite rare.(see below)
1790 census: NH-Cheshire-Chesterfield-Russell Bigelow: l-0-2-0-0.

Children of Russell and Lucy (Sanger) Bigelow:

15923.21     Lucy, b 16 Dec 1789 Chesterfield, NH; d 24 Nov 1817 Milford Centre; unm.

15923.22t    Irene, b 02 Sept 1791 Chesterfield, NH; d 16 Jan 1845 Pekin, IL; m 18 May 1813 Joseph Mitchell; res OH and IL. 10 children.(see below)

15923.23t    Russel (Rev.), b 24 Feb 1793 Chesterfield, NH; d 1 July 1835 Columbus, OH; m 29 May 1817 Margaret Irwin; res OH. 7 children.

15923.24t    Alpheus, b 27 Jan 1795 Chesterfield, NH; d 27 Sep 1849 Galena, OH; m (1)16 Jan 1814 Ursula Case; (2) 08 Dec 1833 Harriet Starke; (3)18 Jan 1840 Jane A. Phillips. 16 children.

15923.25     Dimmis, b 24 Oct 1796 Pittsford, VT; d 08 Oct 1813 Worthington, OH, age 17; (see below)

15923.26t    Annah, b 05 Oct 1798 Pittsford, VT  d 3 Oct 1851 Union co, OH; m  l5 June 1818 William B. Irwin. 9 children.

15923.27     Grata, b 04 May 1800; d 15 Apr 1818 Milford Centre; unm.

15923.28t    Eliphaz, b 15 Feb 1802 Franklin, VT; d 02 Dec 1864 Milford Centre, OH; m 19 Jan 1824 Miriam McCloud. 1 son.

15923.29     Polly Chamberlain, b 09 Sep 1803 St. Armands, Que; d 10 Dec 1817 Milford Centre, OH.

15923.2A    Abigail Skinner, b 18 May 1805 St. Armands, Que; d 17(11?) Mar 1813 Milford Centre, OH. (see below)

15923.2B     Benjamin, b 31 May 1808 St. Armands, Que; d 12 Sept 1819 Milford Centre, OH.

The Bigelow Family Genealogy  Vol. I Page 274-275;
this volume has children listed wrongly as 15923.4_, not 15923.2_.
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;  page 212;
vital records of VT;
marriages of Union and Madison counties, OH;
cemetery records, OH;
newspaper articles on Chuckery cemetery;
correspondence with descendants.
Parents info from Tim Janzen. email
Subject: Russel Bigelow
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 23:04:21 EDT
From:  Robin Chenoweth
I'm a writer from Columbus, Ohio, doing a story on Bigelow Prairie Cemetery in Madison County, Ohio.
I'm looking for information on the family of Russel Bigelow, born Nov. 26, 1763 in Nova Scotia, son of Isaac Bigelow and Mary Chamberlin. I'm particularly interested in information about his wife, Lucy Sanger Bigelow, and his children Lucy, Polly, Grata and Benjamin, who are all buried in the prairie remnant cemetery. Lucy the daughter died 11/24/1817 at age 28; Polly
died 12/10/1817 at age 15; Grata died 4/15/1818 at age 18; Benjamin died either 9/12 or 9/14/1819 at age 2 and mother Lucy died at age 57 on 5/12/1824. After reading info on Abigail Skinner Bigelow, who died in the Plains on March 1816, I'm now wondering if hers is one of the unidentified graves there.
I'm trying to locate living relatives who can provide more information about these six, how they died (three of the children died within 6 months), and the struggle of this family trying to tame the Darby Plains. Can you help?
Also, I noticed that the website spelled Russel's name with two L's, while cemetery records show it with only one. Any idea which is correct? Thanks so much.
My address: Robin Chenoweth
397 Piedmont Rd.
Columbus, OH 43214
tele. 614-261-6248    email:       Sincerely, Robin Chenoweth

More 2:
Some of this repeats notes above, but adds all Bigelow Society info so far: 08/19/99:
Russel Bigelow (Spelled with one "L") son of Isaac 5 ( Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1 ) and Mary (Chamberlain) Bigelow, was born in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia 28 Nov 1763.  The family removed circa 1776 to New Hampshire.  Russell married in 1788, Lucy Sanger, d/o Asa Sanger of Hinsdale, NH.   Russel lived some years in Chesterfield, NH, but in 1796 removed to Pittsford, VT. In 1800 he moved to Franklin Co., VT. In 1802, moved to St.Armands,Que.  When the war of 1812 broke out Russell moved to the frontier with is wife and family and his mother, they went to Ohio, Worthington.  In 1813 to Darby Plains,Madison Co.  This is the Bigelow for whom the Chuckery Cemetery in Madison Co., OH is named.  In Aug. 1979 it was re-named "Bigelow Pioneer Cemetery", and was set aside by the state of OH as its first nature preserve.  It is the first cemetery to be included in the state's 46 preserves.  It has never been touched by a plow or grazed by domestic animals, part of a huge grassy plain known since the first settlement of OH as Darby Plains.  This cemetery should not be confused with disputed Bigelow Cemetery at Plain City (Also in Madison Co.), i located on Rosedale Rd., abt. 1/4 mi. so. of OH 161 between Irwin and Chuckery. Established by Benjamin Hough, soldier of the Rev. war, the cemetery and adjoining land have changed owners many times.  Predominant names there are members of the King family, but the State chose to honor Russel Bigelow 1763-1838 in renaming the small plot.  His wife, Lucy (Sanger) Bigelow is buried there, and at least three, if not six of their children.  Her grave and headstone was featured in the Springfield (OH) "News-Sun" 12 AUG 1979.
Russel Bigelow was b. in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia 26 Nov. 1763.  He came to Chesterfield, NH in his childhood and married there in 1788 to Lucy Sanger. Before 1796 they moved to Pittsford, VT then to Franklin, VT.  A convert to Methodist Church, he next moved to St. Armands, Que. but returned to states at outbreak/war of 1812.  He took his wife, mother, and 11 children to Madison Co., OH where he settled in Darby Plains in 1813.  Lucy d. at Mildord Center 12 May 1824. (not 1821 as in paper article)  Between 1813 and 1821, wife Lucy, Dimmis, Grata, Polly, Abigail and Benjamin, ages 11 to young adults, all died either at Worthington or Milford Centre.  Three graves are marked in the Cemetery.  Three sons and two daughters survived, married and raised families. Irene (Bigelow) Mitchell, 1791-1845, Rev. Russel Bigelow 1793-1835,
well-known Methodist minister & circuit-rider of his day; Alpheus Bigelow 1795-1849, of Galena, OH; Annah (Bigelow) Irwin 1798-1851, Union Co., OH; and Eliphaz Bigelow 1802-1864 of Milford Center, OH.
News clipping was sent by Janice Buehl of London, OH, supplemented with data from "Howe's Bigelow Family in America."
Howe, "Bigelow Family of America";
vital records of VT;
marriages of Union and Madison counties, OH;
cemetery records, OH;
newsppaper articles on Chuckery cemetery;
correspondence with descendants.
See "Kansas Saplings" by Beatrice Messer, descendant, published 1997.
New Note:
Sunday 10/27/2002 2:00:26pm
Name:  Bobbie Bassore Pruente
Location:    southwest missouri
                       I descend from Isaac Bigelow through Irene Bigelow Mitchell, daughter of Russell and Lucy
                       Sanger Bigelow. Visited Canning Nova Scotia two years ago and what a beautiful place!
                       Walked on the farmland once owned by Isaac. What a thrill for me!

Abigail S. Bigelow, dau of Russel and Lucy Bigelow

Dimmis Bigelow

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