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Subject: Tryphosa Bigelow
Date:         Thu, 02 Aug 2001 09:17:06 -0700
From:        "Sylvia Ross" <>
 Hello,  I'm looking for any proof that Tryphosa Bigelow who married
Clayton Rogers was the daughter of James Bigelow of Massachusetts.   Let me know
if you can help. Thanks, Sylvia Ross  33305 Meadow Drive, Springville, CA
93265 phone:  559 539 2338    e-mail

 Subject: Thanks
 Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001 16:53:55 -0400
 From: "Douglas A. Jones" <>

 Appreciate your listing of the pre-Edward Fuller material.  I'm just getting started on this stuff.  My great-grandfather,
Charles Parsons Jones, married Josephine E. Fuller, a direct descendant of Edward and Sam.

Doug Jones
Fairfield, CT

Subject: Turnock's
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 23:33:13 +1000
From: "Arthur Turnock" <>


                    Got your mail Address from the net and this is a test message to see if it is still valid.

I am at present trying to trace various branch’s of the Dreaded Turnock's, it's called Genealogy, a terrible disease.
 As you will probably now be aware Turnock's are pretty thin on the ground in most places and are all probably closely related back a few centuries, I would be pleased If you or one of your family can contact me in the near future.

 Arthur T.

Ps any idea which branch your from?

Subject: OOPS - connection

        Fri, 3 Aug 2001 21:54:20 EDT
Per your request, just wanted to pass along a link problem for the item
listed below.

Alfred 7 son of Joseph 6( Ezra 5 ,David 4, Lt. John3, Joshua2, John1)

I was trying to like to David, E and got the linkage message.


Michael Bigelow

        Bigelow family
        Sat, 11 Aug 2001 20:36:45 -0400
        Bill & Betty Menke <>
I live in West Bangor, N.Y. near Malone. In my family genealogy I
have a
Bigelow connection. It is back in the 1600's
Hannah Bigelow married Daniel Warren; Hannah was born 1689 in
Massachusetts ,Married May 24, 1711 died 1717 in
I have the Warren family back to 1320 .
I do not have any information on Hannah Bigelow other than this.
How can I get in your site to review the Bigelow records?
Thank you,       Liz .

Subject: King Philips War
        Sat, 11 Aug 2001 23:30:47 EDT
 I read your web page on the King Philips War and could not find  Capt
Turner's Regiment, probably out of Salem, Mass. I had family, ie;
John Wilde
who served under Capt Turner during that War in 1676.

Sources of that information was:
List of Emmigrants to America 1600-1700 : Hutton
Founders of New England : Drake
Soldiers of King Philips War : Dodge

If you have any further info I would appreciate it

Thank you

Roland Wildey
Hudson, New York

Subject: John Daniel Neal, son of Serena Bigelow

        Mon, 13 Aug 2001 13:43:02 -0700
        Jeane <>
John Daniel Neal has been found...he was my great, great grandfather.  The name our family has for
Serena is Surreney Ann.  John went to Hawaii and married a native, HALIETE PAHUKOAONALII
NAKAPAAHU.  They had twelve children, including my great grandmother,
Surreney Ann Kananiopuna Neal.  You can get more information, and
pictures, by visiting my webpage listed below . . . Kananiopuna's
Korner of Paradise.

Jeane aka roseStorm aka Scorpi

I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

We fear things in proportion to our ignorance of them." - Livy, Roman historian (64 B.C.-17 A.D.)

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Subject: Bigelow Cemetery and Kents
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 21:20:18 EDT
From: Belinda Kent
My name is Belinda Kent and I have done some research on the Bigelow Cemetery in Madison Co.  Our Kents are buried there.  I have discovered that the people in the cemetery are related to the Samuel Kent and Desire Cushman Kent family.  I found her Bible records in the Union Co. OGS, which I will send to you.  Everyone in the cemetery are related and related to the Kents from her Bible records.  Desire Cushman was the first white grand daughter born in the US.  She was grand daughter of the Howlands that came over on the Mayflower.  I believe my research is starting to prove that most of the people buried in the cemetery may be descendants of the settlers of Plymouth Colony.  I have discovered some stones that were not recorded , such as Tinkham. Which is also a name from the colony.  I have been researching our Kent line for two years.  I may have made mistakes, who doesn't.  I have not put everything I have found in my files yet.  This letter is to help you be aware that there is a very good possiblilty that we come from Plymouth Colony Descendants.  Our Kents are buried there and most also be related to Hannah Kent.  If you look at my notes you may start to see the connections. You may need to do a liitle more research because I have not sent you everything.  I can tell you off hand that Lucinda Kent married E.W.Barlow whom was first married to a Bigelow.  They had a daughter and his first wife died. He then married Lucinda , whom was the daughter of Hiram Kent who is buried in the cemetery.  Lucinda had a brother Cicero.  That is our line.  Our line is as follows: James Kent from VA Silas Kent from NJ married Olive West from Conn. Hiram Kent from Franklin Co. OHio married Maranda(Miranda) Harrington Cicero Kent from Ohio married Margaret Morford Albert Kent from Madison Co. married Edith Poling Roy Kent from Madison Co. married Hazel Hildreth Donald Dean Kent from Ohio married Shirley Elleman    still living Dwight Dean Kent born in Logan Co. Ohio married Belinda Lambour our sons Kyle David Kent married Jaclyn Sewall Michael Dean Kent not married.

I am sending three emails with three files.  This one is the Bigelow Research.
see bigkent.htm ; bigcem1.htm ; and kent2001.htm  ...............................ROD

        information on some of George W. Bigelow's decendents
        Tue, 14 Aug 2001 23:06:34 -0400
        "Jody Bigelow" <>
Hello -

My name is Jody Bigelow.  I am the great-great-geat granddaughter of George W. Bigelow (16313.373).
I am in the process of building my family tree on my father's side of the family.  I was very excited
when I found a connection on your website.  I can fill in some of the gaps for George W Bigelow's
prodigy.  I am also going to be joining The Bigelow Society.  I mailed my information to John Bigelow

Alice Minerva Bigelow (16313.3731), b Jan 8, 1859, married Wiberforce Frederick Gill on April 14, 1880 in
Northport, MI.  3 children
     -Boy, b July 20, 1881, d Oct. 10, 1881 in Gill's Pier, MI, no name found
     -Alice Martha, b Sept. 22, 1883 at Gill's Pier, MI, married Hugh Scott on Oct. 28, 1908 in Northport,
            MI, one son, David Gill Scott*, b Mark 10, 1910, in Northport, MI
     -Orlando William Gill, b Feb. 8, 1885, in Gill's Pier, MI, d Dec. 9, 1895
Alice Minvera Bigelow died Dec 11, 1893 at Gill's Pier, MI, no death date on on Wilberforce F. Gill.

*David Gill Scott married Harriet Susanne Frissel on June 30, 1934.  2 children
     -Nancy Christine Scott, b Nov. 23, 1935, in Williamantic, CT, no death date
     -Paul Hugh Scott, b May 13, 1938, in Traverse City, MI, no death date

George Gilbert Bigelow (16313.3732), b Mar 30, 1861, in Northport, MI married Eliza Howell on Apr 6,
1887 in Northport, MI.  George G. Bigelow died in July of 1944.  Eliza died on Apr 28, 1928.  They had 4
     - Royal Gilbert Bigelow, b June 6, 1888, in Gill's Pier, MI
     -Walter Lewis Bigelow, b July 9, 1890, in Gill's Pier, MI
     -Twins, Opal Rebecca Bigelow and a boy who died soon after birth, b Dec. 21, 1892, in Northport,
     -Ruby Minerva Bigelow, b Sept 1, 1896, in Northport, MI

Walter Lewis Bigelow married Clara Barbara Scherer on June 8, 1920 in Aurora, IN, 2 children
     -Harold Louis Bigelow, b Aug 12, 1922, in Monroe, WI, d June 30, 1982 in San Francisco, CA
     -Jack Albert Bigelow, b July 7, 1931, in Norwood, OH.
Walter Lewis died on Aug. 26, 1965 and Clara Barbara died on Oct 4, 1955.

Harold Louis Bigelow married Florine Peiser on Feb 1, 1945, in San Francisco, CA.  2 children
     -Bernice Bigelow, b Nov 6, 1946
     -Diana Bigelow, b July 6, 1951

Jack Albert Bigelow married Peggy Brake (b July 4, 1935 - d 1987) of Portsmouth, OH on Mar 2, 1957, in
Norwood, OH, divorced in 1964.  2 children
     -Vicky Lynn Bigelow, b July 8, 1959
     -Jeffrey Allen Bigelow, b July 29, 1961
Married Wanda Jean Anderson (b Apr 6, 1943) in Cincinnati, OH on July 1, 1965.  2 children
     -Jody Rae Bigelow, b Nov 8, 1969
     -Terri Jean Bigelow, b Oct 9, 1971

Opal Rebecca Bigelow, b Dec 21, 1892, d Feb 3, 1975, buried in Northport, MI
married Edmund Hurst on June 15, 1926 in Northport, MI.  1 son, Don Bigelow Hurst, b Aug 17, 1929, in
Traverse City, MI.  Edmund died 1936.  Opal married Reno Smith (b 1901 - d 1973), marriage date
unknown.  No children from second marriage.

Don Bigelow Hurst married Gudrun Hilda Conradi in St. Ingbert Germany on Mar 30, 1959. 2 children:
Giesela Anne (Jan 10, 1960) and Kurt Edmund Hurst (Nov 3, 1962).  Don currently lives in AZ

Ruby Minerva Bigelow, b Sept 1, 1896, d Sept 8, 1979, buried in Northport, MI
married Clayton H Denise (1895 - Jan 7, 1958) in Norport Michgan on May 19, 1920. No children

Please let me know if this is of use to you.  Thought it would be nice to fill in some of the information
on George W.(8) Bigelow.

Thank you for having the website!

Jody R. Bigelow

        tercentenary 300th Mass Bay Colony
        Wed, 15 Aug 2001 11:54:57 -0400
        "Hotmail" <>
tercentenary 300th Mass Bay Colony

I have a bronze medal or something that says Gov John Winthrop on the top and Maffachuefetts Bay Colony 1630
Tercentenary 1930 on the font and the back says presented by his excellency frank g allen gov of mass for the 300 ann
of the founding of the mass bay colony and the establishment of the civil gov the transfer of the royal charter from
England. What is it and what is it worth? Can you help?
Its the size of a belt buckle and has Indians on the left john winthrop in the center and tall ships on the right.

        Decendants of 15572.2 Henry Bigelow
        Wed, 15 Aug 2001 13:01:38 EDT


I found your web site through John Buczek's Marlborough, MA site.

I have information on the decendants of Henry Bigelo, son of Jacob
and Sarah Heartwell.  He had one daughter, Ellen who married John
D.W. Williams in Dec. 1832.

About 20 years ago at an "antique" flea market my parents found an
old bible that was for sale.  They bought it because it was lovely
and deserved a home.  The bible was presented to Henry Bigelow
Williams by his grandmother Sophia Field Bigelow.  It includes
births, marriages and deaths for most of Ellen Bigelow Williams'
decendants until 1917.  It even has a entry for Ellen's death, which
I saw was missing from your database, "Ellen Bigelow Williams died at
Concord, Mass., her summer home May 17th 1901. Aged 86 yrs. 6

I have attached a MSWord file that has a typed list of the data in
the bible.  I have also inserted into the document scanned images of
the actual pages.  Let me know if you have any problems opening the
document and I will send you the info by "snail mail."

Also, I am interested if any of Ellen's direct decendants have
contacted you.  I would be willing to "return" the bible to them.

Denny Mahoney
Henry Bigelow and Sophia Field married January 13th 1812
Ellen Bigelow married John D. W. Williams Dec. 4th 1832
Ellen S. Williams married James T. Eldrigde, Oct. 24th 1855
Henry Bigelow Williams married Sara Louisa Farthingham 10 O’clock, June 2nd 1869, Dr. Ellis’s  Church by Rev. Geo. Putnam
Henry Bigelow Williams married Susan Sturgis McBurney, May 3rd 1876, Arlington St. Church, by Rev. Rufus Ellis at 12 Pm
Margaret McBurney, married H. Remsen Whitehouse June 1st 1892 at Trinity Church Boston, by Rev. Phillips Brooks
Ida Prescott Bigelow Eldredge, married Franklin Quimby Brown June 12th 1893 at Dr. Ellis’s Church, by Rev. Stoffard Brooke
Christine Louisa Williams married John Linzee Snelling Oct. 17th 1894 at Emanuel Church by Rev. Laighton Parks & Rev. Samuel Snelling.
Edward Henry Eldredge married Mira Cressida Peruzzi di Medici, grand daughter of Wm. Story, Dec.       1900. Civil marriage at Palazzo Vecchio Florence & religious marriage in private chapel Peruzzi Palace.
Mary McBurney married Frederic Parker, Nov. 6th 1889
Arthur Stewart Eldredge married Emma Motley Snelling 1889. Oct 17th at St. Anne’s Church South Lincoln, Mass
Ellen Sophia Eldredge married Dr. Francisque Prudon of Borbonne les Bains, France, May 24th & 26th 1902 at Paris.  Civil in Mairie & religious marriage at the church of St. Phillipe du Roule.
Theodora Maria Eldredge married Harris Hooper Lawrence Dec. 14th 1905 at 199 Beacon Street Boston
Christine Louisa (Williams) Snelling married Russell G. Fesseden March 10th 1910 at her father’s home 56 The Fenway – Boston, Mass.
Dorothy Emma Brown married John Hoar of Concord, Mass. June 17th 1916 at Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.
Anna Rodman Eldredge married Stephen N. Bond June 24th 1913 at St. Anne’s Church, Lincoln
Christine Snelling married Loring W. Coleman of Chicago, Illinois, April 30th 1917 at Trinity Church Boston
Thomas Bigelow, brother of Rev. Jacob Bigelow of Ludlum (who was father of Dr. Jacob Bigelow of Boston, & of Henry Bigelow husband of Sophia Field) married July 4th 17    , Elizabeth Wales, & died leaving only one child, Susanna born Sept. 9th 1775, who afterwards married Mr. Stimson.  Mrs. Elizabeth Wales Bigelow married Joseph Field Dec. 29th 1778 for second husband, and they were the parents of the above named Sophia Field.
Elizabeth Parker married Jesse Hallowday Philbin of N.Y. May 26th 1917 at Bedford Catholic’s Church.}daughter of [Mary McBurney]

Henry Bigelow at Sudbury. Oct 11th 1783
Sophia Field born at Boston. July 16th 1790
John D. W. Williams born at Boston March 18th 1799
Ellen Bigelow born at Boston Nov. 11th 1814
Ellen Sophia Williams born at Elm Hill April 26th 1835.
Elizabeth Ann Williams born at Elm Hill January 19th 1837.
Emma Frances Williams born at Elm Hill June 12th 1840.
Henry Bigelow Williams born at Elm Hill February 14th 1844.
Ellen Sophia Eldredge born at Elm Hill October 28th 1856.
James T. Eldredge Jr. born at Elm Hill January 29th 1858.
Arthur Stewart Eldredge born at Elm Hill February 4th 1860
Ida Prescott Eldredge born at Elm Hill January 17th 1864
Edward Henry Eldredge born at Elm Hill September 13, 1866
James T. Eldredge born at Boston June 1st 1828.
Sarah Louisa Farthingham born at Milton Sept. 23rd 1851
Christina Louisa Whithredge Williams born at Boston May 4th, 1870
Elizabeth Evelyn Eldredge born at Elm Hill July 17th 1876.
Susan Sturgis born in Roxbury Sept. 7th 1845.
Mary McBurney born in Roxbury October 26th 1867
Margaret McBurney born in Boston Sept. 6th 1873
Theodora Maria Eldredge born in Milton June 27th 1879
Frederic Parker Jr. born in ?          ?  Sept 20th 1890
Emma Margaret Eldredge born in Lincoln, October 15th 1890.
Anna Rodman Eldredge born in Lampasas, Texas – September 23rd 1891
Elizabeth Parker born in Boston November 17th 1891
Ellen Williams Eldredge born in Lampasas, Texas, Feb. 14th, 1983
Ida Bigelow Eldredge born in Lampasas, Texas, Feb. 14th, 1983
Harry McBurney Parker, born in Boston April 11th 1893
Beatrix Whitehouse born in Ouchy, Switzerland July 9th 1983
Dorothy Emma Brown born in Boston March 10th 1984
Phyllis Wildes Brown born in Boston October 14th 1895.
Christine Snelling born in Grafton, Mass. June 19th 1896
Sylvia Eldredge Brown born at Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. June 21st 1898
Henry Bigelow Williams selling born at Newton Centre, Mass. Feb. 14th 1899
Arthur Stewart Eldredge, Jr. born in Lampasas, Texas Aug. 13th 1899
Franklin q. Brown, Jr. born at Dobbs Ferry, New York Feb. 9th 1906
Caroline Freeman Lawrence born in Boston Oct. 4th 1906
Dudley Williams Brown born in “Tanglewood” Concord, Mass. June 6th 1900
Harris Hooper Lawrence Jr. born in Weston, Mass. June 26th 1908
Barbara Lawrence born in Boston, Mass. July 3rd 1909
Theodora Lawrence born in Boston, Mass. Jan. 10th 1913
Frances Anne Lawrence born in Concord, Mass. June 23rd 1915
Dorothy Hoar’s little boy born in Boston, Mass. Oct. 23rd 1919
Doro Lawrence’s little boy born in Boston, Mass. Nov. 18th 1917

Henry Bigelow in Baltimore, August 10th 1815 Aged 31 yrs
James Thomas Eldredge Jr. died at Elm Hill, February 14th 1859 Aged 1 yr 17 days
Sophia Bigelow died at Elm Hill August 26th 1868 Aged 78 yrs 1 m & 10 days.
Sarah Louisa Farthingham Williams died at Elm Hill, July 13th 1871. Aged 19 yrs. 9 ms 13 days.
John Davis Weld Williams died at Elm Hill December 10th 1873. Aged 74 yrs
James Thomas Eldredge died at ?          ?,  December 18th 1873. Aged 61 years
Ellen Bigelow Williams died at Concord, Mass., her summer home May 17th 1901. Aged 86 yrs. 6 months
J. Linzee Snelling died at Newton Centre Jan. 11th 1905
Henry Bigelow Williams died Nov. 14th 1912.
Ellen S. Eldredge died – Jun 6th 1913.
Elizabeth A. Williams died March 14th 1916 at her home “Tanglewood” Concord, Mass. Aged 79 years

4 Handwriting was illegible, couldn't decipher place of birth
5 Handwriting was illegible, couldn't decipher place of birth

        Thu, 16 Aug 2001 13:09:35 -0400
        Dick Bolt <>
My Cleveland OH Barkwell  & Barkwill came from Devon.

See   for BARKWILL links.

           Re: John Daniel Neal, son of Serena Bigelow
           Thu, 16 Aug 2001 13:46:40 -0700
           Jeane <>
So glad I could be of help.  This was the first time that I have really been able to add information for
someone, and I was very excited.  My husband was laughing at me because I was bouncing around
the house singing "I've found him!"  I have only recently discovered the direct connection to Roger
Conant, and that was a thrill.

Hopefully, we can be of help to each other in the future.  Be well.

Jeane Rae Watkins

Rod Bigelow (Roger Jon12 BIGELOW)

P.O. Box 13 Chazy Lake
Dannemora, N.Y. 12929
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