Blue Gray Line


                                                                 Prepared by Belinda Lambour Kent
                                                                  Wife of Dwight Dean Kent who
                                                                   Is a Descendant of Silas and Hiram
                                                                   Kent, buried in Bigelow Cemetery.
                                                                                   In April of 2001

                                                                  There may be mistakes and a ? by
                                                                   Material that I am not sure of.
                                                                   This material should not be re-copied
                                                                   It is material collected by me and I have
                                                                   Not received permission to republish it.
Belinda Kent

The deaths in the early 1820’s resulted from  a decision the  pioneers made to not burn off the grass in the autumn and as a result it became wet and thick, creating the breeding ground for diseases, such as malaria.

Bigelow Cemetery has also been called Boerger/Burger or Weaver Cemetery. Plain City was once called Weaver town , Bigelow town and now Plain City. The cemetery sits just south of the Union County line in Pike Township in Madison co. Ohio.  West  from Plain City on Rt. 161 on Weaver Rd or Rosedale Rd.
You will find that most of these people are related to each other.
You will also find that some of these people were Champaign or Logan Co. early pioneers.

First Settlement-  James and Joshua Ewing 1798 at North Liberty from New Jersey
Second Settlement- Mitchell Settlement- 1799
Third Settlement- Green Settlement-
Fourth Settlement – McCloud Settlement – 1814
Fifth Settlement- Burnham and Howard Settlement- 1817

Some stones were found by Jeff Johnson and Belinda Kent, which were not recorded previously. They were discovered after the prairie grass was burned off.  A process that is done every 1 to 3 years.
The names on the stones were:

1.Abbot, Asa died Aug.2, 1832 28 yr.
   Asa married Esther Wood on June 1, 1820 in Rumford , Oxford, Maine
    Father of Asa Abbot:
    Mother of Asa Abbot:
    Stone has a Willow Tree indicating sorrow and bereavement or natural grief

2.Tinkham, Esther Ann died July14, 1841 aged 7 yr. 11 mo.
    Father of Esther Ann Tinkham:
    Mother of Esther Ann Tinkham:
    Her stone had a Wheat Sheave, which indicates divine harvest or Fruitfulness harvested

3.King, Margaret died  May? 1851 dau of H. & M. King 36 yr. 1 mo. 29 day
   Father of Margaret King: H              King
   Mother of Margaret King:                King

4. Kent, Clariet died Sept.19, 1830
    Father of Clariet Kent : Hiram Kent
    Mother of Clariet Kent: Margaret J. Morford
    Clariet was born in Union Co. Ohio on Jan. 28, 1830
    Her stone was made of Sand Stone and it had a Willow Tree at the top.

5. Wright, Luinglasc(g)  born        died March 29, 1851 aged 2 yr. 10 month ? day
     Father of Luinglasc Wright: O        Wright
     Mother of Luinglasc Wright:B.      Wright

6. Sabine, Asbury           born      died April 8, 18??     36 years 2 mo. ? day


Smith, Maria H.  wife of Orson  born:            1798?died: Sept.  8, 1831   33 years  Female
              Her stone has a urn and drapes which indicate immortality and the drapes signifying the last
              Partition between life and death.
             *Orson was in war of 1812. He was born in Barton twp. Orleans, Vermont on April 30, 1798
              ? First wife M.H., could be Harrin
               Orson married twice.
              2nd wife was              Kimball

               Father of Orson: Daniel B. Smith   ?
               Mother of Orson: Thankful  ?
               Info from Vital Records of Vermont (early to 1870)

Harrington, Jonah  born: April 27, 1771 died: Jan. 8, 1846    75years  Male
               Jonah was born in Marlborough twp. Cheshire Co. New Hampshire
               Father of Johah: Jonah Harrington
               Mother of Jonah: Damaris Warren
               Married Sally Bunker on July 13, 1806 in Middlesex, Washington, Vermont
               Info from Index of births and Index of marriages of New Hampshire and Vermont

Harrington, Katherine  born               1810?  died Aug.21, 1824  14 year  4(1)month  3 day Female
               Father of Katherine Harrington:
               Mother of Katherine Harrington:

Harrington, Serena born                                 died  Aug.22,  1824  12 year  1month 12 day  Female
               Father of Serena Harrington:
               Mother of Serena Harrington:

Kent, Silas  born abt.1782              died Aug.21, 1833  51year 2month 12 day   Male
               Father of Silas Kent: James Kent born in Virginia
               His stone has the Willow Tree  which indicates mourning or natural grief ,at the top and is made
                Of Sand Stone . The willow, has been associated with sorrow and bereavement ever since the
                Babylonian Captivity when the Jews became captives of Nebuchadnezzar in 597 B.C.
                The verse on his stone reads:
                His flesh shall slumber in the ground
                Till the last joyful  trump shall sound
                And burst the chains with sweet surprise
                And in his Saviours image rise.

               James Kent ,Silas’s father,Possibly married Elizabeth Bailey in Dutchess,
               New York in abt 1765,  (Info from LDS Patron sheet.)
               Elizabeth Bailey’s parents could be James Bailey and Lydia Stevens and she might have been
               Born in Saybrook, Middlesex, Conn. On Aug.2, 1746(Info from Sealings of the Dead LDS)or
               Her parents may have been Abner Bailey and Mary Baldwin and she would have been born in
               Newbury, Essex, Mass. On May 26, 1752(Info from Endowments for the dead LDS)
               James Kent most likely came from Samuel Kent’s line. And was connected to the Gray and
               Cushman and Taylor families.
               * James was a Soldier of 1812
               Mother of Silas Kent:?
               Silas Kent was born in New Jersey.  He married Olive West  from Conn.
               The Kents’ came to Ohio soon after the 1806-7 and moved from Franklin Co. to
               Greene Co. in 1810 and then to  Montgomery co. Ohio and then to Union Co. Ohio.
               They had 13 children: 1.Wesley, sheriff of Union co. Ohio
                                                    2. Rachael married Thomas Hollycross
                                                    3. Charlotte Kent
                                                    4. John Kent born in Va.
                                                    5. Hiram Kent born in Franklin Co. married Miranda Harrington
                                                        *Private in Old Militia
                                                    6. Sarah Kent married John Price in Madison co. Ohio
                                                    7. Meshack Kent married  Temperance Thompson and Amanda?
                                                        *Private in Old Militia

                                                        Children    1. Melissa Ann Kent born 1841 died Nov. 1845
                                                                               Mother of Melissa is Amanda
                                                                           2. Sarah Ann Kent born 1838 died Aug. 15, 1838
                                                                              Mother of Sarah is Temperance Thompson
                                                    8. Mary Kent
                                                    9. Daniel Kent – War Veteran moved to Appanoose Iowa with Olive
                                                         Children:  1. Marillam Kent born 1846 died July5, 1847 13 mo. 13 day?
                                                                           2. Albern C. Kent born 1850 died Sept.12,1851 11 mo.15day
                                                  10. Emerelis(Emerenis)?
                                                  11. Elijah Kent born1/14/1824(twin) died May 30, 1886 m. Charlotte Norris
                                                         (moved to Delaware Co. but buried in Union co. Ohio)
                                                         children:    1. Ellen Kent
                                                                            2. Dudley Kent
                                                                            3. Infant Kent
                                                                            4. Infant Kent
                                                                            5. Emily J. Kent born 1849
                                                                            6. George Kent born 1853
                                                                            7. Edward Kent born 1856
                                                                            8. Andrew Kent born 1858
                                                                            9. John Kent born 1860
                                                                          10. Silas Kent born Dec.27, 1863 died Feb.24, 1914 of
                                                                                Appendicitis married Harriet Ellis
                                                                          12. Benjamin Kent born 1865
                                                  12. Levice Kent
                                                  13. Silas Kent

               Info from Union Co. Probate Records and Union Co. and Delaware Co. History books as well
               The L.Vernon Briggs book ,  Genealogies of the different Families Bearing the name of Kent in
               The United States, Together with their Possible English Ancestry AD1295-1898 (1989)
                CS/71/K37/1898 (Information from this book was given by Daniel Kent , son of Silas Kent and
                Olive West Kent.) and a family register handed down in the family. (written by Malinda L. Kent
                 , daughter of Cicero Kent and Margaret J. Morford Kent.
                (David Mitchell lived on land then owned by the Caldwells)( Kents also owned land later owned
                 by the Caldwells)  The Kents are related to the Caldwells and Fullingtons)

Kent, Addie E. born March 31, 1867   died April 2, 1867    3 day  Female
               Father of Addie: Cicero Kent born July3, 1836  in Union Co. Ohio  died April 19, 1916 in
               Champaign Co. Ohio  death from paralysis  child of Hiram and Miranda (Maranda) Kent
               *Cicero was a Private in E.Company in the 86th Regiment and Corporal in B Company of the 86th
               Mother of Addie: Margaret J. Morford born Aug.28, 1841 died March 6, 1913 in Champaign co.
               Ohio from Pneumonia Lobar, child of Abraham Morford of New Castle Delaware and Ohio? and
               Margaret McIntyre of Ohio
               Info from death certificates in Champaign co. Ohio , Family History Register handed down  and
               The Union Co. History by Beers.

Kent, Charlie born May 1, 1849 in Union Co. Ohio  died March27, 1875   25year 10 month 26 day Male
              Father of Charles Kent : Hiram Kent
              Mother of Charles Kent: Miranda (Maranda) Harrington
              Charles married Sarah Rouse.  He died suddenly of heart disease
              Info from Union Co. History books

Bailey, Gilbert born       1850 died Feb10, 1851    10 month 26 day  Male
              Father of Gilbert Bailey: J.P.  Bailey?
              Mother of Gilbert Bailey: S. _J. Bilyeu ?
              J.P. Bailey married S.J. Bilyeu in abt 1848 In Missouri???
              His stone reads the same as Silas Kents:
              His flesh shall slumber in the ground
              Till the last joyful trump shall sound
              And burst the chains with sweet surprise
              And in his Saviors image rise.

Fairbank, Lavina Marie born Nov.6, 1829 died May 5, 1835 6year 6month  Female
              Father of Lavina Fairbank: Lewis Fairbank
              Mother of Lavina Fairbank: Lavina Tucker
              Born in Barnard Windsor, Vermont
              Info from Sealings for the dead, couples and children index, 1945-1957 Latter Day Saints

Kent, Hiram born July 26, 1807 in Franklin Co. Ohio died Nov.8, 1886  79year 3 month 15 day Male
               Father of Hiram Kent: Silas Kent born in New Jersey
               Mother of Hiram Kent: Olive West born in Conneticut
               Hiram married Miranda Harrington on April 26, 1829 in Union Co. Ohio
                *Hiram was a Private in the Light Horse Company, Old Ohio Militia, which organized in
                Milford. The Militia was also called the Corn Stalk Militia.
                They had 7 children:           1. Clarriet Kent born Jan.28, 1830 died Sept.19, 1830
                                                          2. James Kent born March4, 1832 died July17, 1836
                                                          3. Rolston Kent born March18, 1834 died Nov.3, 1858
                                                          4. Cicero Kent born July 3, 1836 died April 19, 1916
                                                              Married Margaret J. Morford on March3, 1864
                                                              *Private in Company Eof the 86th Ohio Infantry and Corporal of
                                                              B Company of the 86th
                                                               Children: 1. Albert C. Kent born March30, 1865 died Nov.30, 1921
                                                                                   Married Edith Poling on July 5, 1888 in Union Co.Ohio
                                                                                   Children: a) Roy Kent married Hazel Hildreth
                                                                                                       1.Leland Kent m. Ruth Ann Hall
                                                             5. Lucinda Kent born Oct. 12, 1842 died Aug. 23, 1894
                                                              married E.W.Barlow on Oct26, 1860 in Union co. Ohio
                                                              (E.W.Barlow was married to a Bigelow 1st)
                                                               E.W. Barlow was President of Barlow Kent Furniture Co.
                                                               In Urbana, Champaign Co. Ohio.
                                                                Children: 1. Linden C. Barlow
                                                                                 2. Elva R.Barlow
                                                                                 3. Earl W. Barlow
                                                                                 4. Eddie B. Barlow
                                                                 E.W. Barlow had a daughter by his first wife who was a Bigelow
                                                            6. George Ray Kent born Sept 28, 1843 died Dec.29, 1878
                                                                married Samantha E. Spain on July26, 1865
                                                                *Private in Squirrrel Hunters Brigade in 1862
                                                                *Company B of 136th  Ohio National Guards
                                                                        children:  Frank married Lena Hyde,
                                                                Grand-daughter of Mr. Hyde from Mechanicsburg that ran the
                                                                Underground railroad.  Frank and Lena lived in Urbana, Ohio.
                                                               Children: 1. Frank S. Kent born in 1871 died March, 10, 1950
                                                                                    Married Lena Hyde
                                                                                2. George L. Kent born    ?died May24, 1875 1yr.10mo
                                                                                     6 day
                                                                                3. Eddie G. Kent born 1867 died May3, 1868 10 mo. 6
                                                             7. Charles Kent born May1, 1849 died March 27, 1875
                                                                 married Sarah Rouse
                                                                 died suddenly from heart disease
                                                                          children: Donald Hiram Kent m. Gertrude Smith he died in
                                                                                          in Montgomery Co.Ohio on 11/28/1916. She died
                                                                                          in Champaign co. Ohio on 3/4/1917
               Info from Union Co. Probate records , a family register, Union Co. Ohio History, obituraries
               From The Urbana Daily Citizen in Champaign Co. Ohio ,Phone directories from Champaign
               Co. Ohio and a book on the Underground Rail road about Mechanicsburg found in the Champaign
               Co. Library.

a) Mrs. David (Carol Ann) Speicher
1.David Kent
2.Steven Kent
3.Robert Kent
4.Susan Kent
b) Richard Kent m. Janis
1.Teresa Kent
2. Terri Kent
3. Trisha Kent

c) Robert Kent m.Jane Evans(divorce)
1.John Kent
2.Jason Kent
3.Jennifer Ruth Kent
4. Jim Kent
                                                                                                        2.Dorthea Maxine Kent m. Marvin Snider
                                                                                                                Had no children
                                                                                                        3. Donald D. Kent m. Shirley Elleman
a) Dwight Dean Kent m.
Belinda Sue Lambour
1. Kyle David Kent m.
Jackie Sewell
2.  Michael Dean Kent m.
?not yet
                                                                                                        4. Infant Kent b. and d. Dec.5, 1920
                                                                                                    b) Harold Kent married Lena G. Pricer
                                                                                                        1.Mrs. D.Carl (Marjorie)Spain
                                                                                                        2. Mrs.James(Wanetta)Hastings
                                                                                                        3. Mrs. James (Connie) Degood
                                                                                                        4. William H. Kent
                                                                                                        5. Americus Kent
                                                                                                   c) Lena Kent married Howard Robinson
1. Eunice Kent?sp

                                                                                2. Addie E. Kent born March 31, 1867 died April 2, 1867
                                                                                3. David Harrington Kent born March 23, 1868 died
                                                                                    May 26, 1897
                                                                                    Married Leona Wood on May 26, in Madison Co. Ohio
                                                                                4. Margaret M. Kent born May 23, 1870
                                                                                    died June 6, 1919
                                                                                    Married Nov. 29, 1889
                                                                                5. William Lewis Kent  born Feb. 4, 1878
                                                                                    died Feb.12, 1916
                                                                                    Married April 4, 1910
                                                                                6. Malinda L. Kent  born Oct. 2, 1842 died Aug.23, 1894
                                                                                    Married July 1, 1860 to Dwight Horr both buried
                                                                                    In Mechanicsburg.

Kent, Miranda wife of Hiram,born Nov.8, 1807 died on Jan.10, 1892  84years 2month 2day  Female
              Miranda (Maranda) Harrington
              Father of Miranda Harrington: Paul Harrington
              Mother of Miranda Harrington: Mary Green
              Married Hiram Kent in Union co. Ohio on April26, 1829
              Union Co. History Books say she came from East Montpelier , Vermont
              A Endowment for the dead record of 1956-1970 Baptisms for the dead 1956-1970 from Latter
              Day Saints , says she was born at Shaftsbury, Benninton, Vermont


Baxter, Benjamin Robinson  husband of Lucinda Harrington born July10,1824 died Aug.28, 1861  37yr.
               Father of Benjamin Robinson Baxter: Steven Baxter
               Mother of Benjamin Robinson Baxter: Ann Gray
               Married on Jan. 15, 1840
               Info from Lee Housley Dallas Texas from an individual record in
      on the computer
               His stone has what looks like daisy petals in the corners but could be sun and rays.

Kent, Rolston  born  March 18, 1834    died Nov.3, 1858  23 years 7 month 16 day Male
               Father of Rolston Kent: Hiram Kent
                Mother of Rolston Kent:  Miranda Harrington
                Never married
                Stone has hand pointing to the Heavens: with a verse, “There is rest in Heaven.”

Fairbanks, Lovinia wife of Lewis born Feb.22, 1811 died Feb5, 1859   47year 11 month 13 day Female
               Father of Lovinia Tucker: Robert Tucker
               Mother of Lovinia Tucker: Sarah
              Lavinia was born in Barnard Twp, Windsor , Vermont
              Married Lewis Fairbanks on Aug.26, 1828 in Windsor, Vermont
              Stone had a hand pointing to the Heavens.

Fenner, Lotal born            died Feb. 1, 1851   1year 11months 13 day  Female
               Father of Lotal Fenner: Hezekiah Fenner
               Mother of Lotal Fenner: Lucinda Kimball
               Hezekiah Fenner’s father was Benjamin Fenner
               From the Liverpool, Madison Co., Ohio
               George Kimball was from Vermont and Rush twp. In Champaign Co. Ohio.

Fenner, Almira born          died Aug.8, 1863  18year 11 month  13 day Female
               Father of Almira Fenner: Hezekiah Fenner
               Mother of Almira Fenner: Lucinda Kimball

Fenner, Milan N. born             died Aug26, 1863 18 day  Male
               Father of Milan N. Fenner: Hezekiah Fenner
               Mother of Milan N. Fenner: Lucinda Kimball


Fairbanks, Mary L.  born  Aug. 1837        died Aug.28, 1849 12 year 15 day  Female
              Father of Mary L.Fairbanks: Lewis M. Fairbanks
              Mother of Mary L. Fairbanks: Mary Adelaide De Forest Smith
              Mary Adelaide’s father was William De Forest Smith from New York and her mother was Almira
              From Conn.,  The Smith’s were descendants of Rev. Henry Smith a congregational clergy
              Active in early times of the colony.  Henry’s father resided at Kent on the Housatonic River and
              Was born in 1728 .  The Fairbanks are related to the Debolts.
               Info from the Union Co. History book by Beers

Tucker, Robert husband of Sarah   born                died Oct 2, 1842   75 years  Male
               Father of Robert Tucker:
               Mother of Robert Tucker:
               English Decent
               Robert Tucker cont.
               Married Sarah?
               Info from the Union co. History by Beers

Patrick, Calista  wife of Levi  born March 22, 1819  died May14, 1843 24year 1 month 22 day Female
               Father of Calista Tucker:Robert Tucker
               Mother of Calista Tucker: Sarah
               Married Levi Patrick
               Children of Levi Patrick and Calista:
1. Lucia b. 1836 married Ira Fox
2. Levi Henry b. 1838
3. Moses Chauncie b.1840 *Cival War killed in Shiloh, Tenn.
4. Calista Sarah b. May2, 1843 d. 1851 at 8 yr.
               Levi’s parents were Moses Patrick from Mass. and Clarissa Geer
               Calista was born in Barnard Twp. Windsor Vermont
               Related to Lavina Marie Tucker Fairbank from Row 1 in this cemetery
               Info from Descendants of Moses Patrick by Duane L. Patrick II, Ref. 929.2 Pat from Plain City
               Library in Ohio.

               Info from Union co. History of Ohio by Beers and Individual records on on the

Tucker, Sarah wife of Robert  born          1787        died Dec.1, 1846 59year 7 month 13 day Female
               Father of Sarah
               Mother of Sarah
               ?????????Below a family of Tuckers????????    Kent and Boyer farm do connect?
               Married to Robert Tucker on Jan16, 1814 in Offwell, Devonshire, England
               Robert Tucker was born Sept.19, 1790 in Cotleigh, Devonshire, England
               Robert died on July 9, 1837 in Offwell, Devonshire, England
               Father of Robert Tucker: William Tucker
               William Tucker was born on 1764 in Cotleigh , Devonshire, England
               Mother of Robert Tucker: Mary Boyer
               Mary born abt. 1766 in Cotleigh, Devonshire, England

Green, Mrs. Susanna  wife of Amos S. born          died Sept. 9, 1845  55 year 7 month 13 day Female
               Father of Susan Forry:
               Mother of Susan Forry:
               Married Amos S. Green from Virginia

Flint, Olive wife of Asire(Asibel) born         died Nov.30, 1848  63 year  Female
              Father of Olive
              Mother of Olive
              Married Asire(Asibel) Flint
              (Cairo & St. Louis   page 185 of Union Co. History Book by Beers?)
              This was in the Marysville Tibune dated April 10, 1901- found in book in Plain City Library
               Christabelle E. Brown, Mrs. Capt. William B. brown died at home of her daughter Mrs. Weston
               Flint. She leaves a daughter Mrs. Andrew Sabin, two grandchildren ;Weston Brown Flint and
               Christabelle Sabin


Smith, Stephen  born   1822 died Aug. 8, 1833 11 year. Male
               Father of Stephen Smith: Orson Smith
               Mother of Stephen Smith:
               *Orson Smith was in the War of 1812

Savage, Ira  K. born       1818   died Aug 1833   15 year 6 month 25 day Male
               Father of Ira Savage: Austin Savage of Champaign Co. Ohio
               Mother of Ira Savage: Irena A.
               Info found in the Union Co. History book by Beers under Nesbit January on pg. 543
               Savages are from Montgomeryshire , N.Whales landed in Baltimore and then came to Delaware
               And then to the Darby Plains.
               It says on Ira’s stone:
                My soul doth long to go
                Where it shall fully know
                 The (beauties?) of my Saviour

Scott, Jefferson born May 20, 1808??  died Oct.31, 1838  30 year 5 month 11 day Male
              Father of Jefferson Scott:
              Mother of Jefferson Scott:
              Married Mary Newman on Dec.12, 1833 in Fayette Co. Ohio
              Scotts are from Washington Co. Penn.
              In a March 19, 1879 Marysville Tribune  from book at Plain City Library:
              A. Elliot murdered Maria Scott,  Ophelia Clark an Aunt

____, Olive wife of Philip
              Father of Olive          :
              Mother of Olive          :

Smith, Henry P. born               died  July 1837 (1817)?   13 year 8 month 13 day Male
              (look at school records to help determine date)
              Father of Henry P. Smith: John
              Mother of Henry P. Smith:
              Smiths’ came from Vermont
              Came in 1806

Smith, Orson F. born Jan. 1825 died in Vermont on April 1, 1825  3 month  Male
              Orson F. Smith cont.
              Father of Orson F. Smith: John Smith
              Mother of Orson F. Smith: Anna
              Lived in S W corner of Darby

Smith, Joel F.  born  Feb.?   1808  died Nov.13, 1831  5 year 8 month 25 day  Male
              Father of Joel F. Smith: John Smith
              Mother of Joel F. Smith: Anna

Smith, Charles born March 15, 1839  died March 22, 1839  10 year 7 day Male
              Father of Charles Smith: John Smith
              Mother of Charles Smith: Anna

Smith, Anna M.  born March 9 1830   died Aug.14, 1831 1 year 5 month 5 day Female
              Father of Anna M. Smith: John Smith
              Mother of Anna M. Smith: Anna

Smith, Maria born            died March 16, 1834  2 month 20 day  Female
              Father of Maria Smith : John Smith
              Mother of Maria Smith: Anna

Smith, John born             died June 28 (21) , 1839  1 year 9 month 20 day Male
              Father of John Smith: John Smith
              Mother of John Smith: Anna

Smith, John  husband to Anna born              died April 21, 1855   61year 6 month 20day   Male
              Father of John Smith:
              Mother of John Smith:
              Married Anna
              John Smith with his brother James bought 200 acres for $300 together until they built it up to
              1,400 acres in 1850 they split it in half. (Union Co. History)
              (The Smith family are natives of Mass. And Samuel and Sally Bailey Smith.  Samuel was a
                 Sergeant in the Rev. War and came in 1817 to Madison Co.)
Smith, Anna  wife of John born                    died April 26(23) , 1869  71year 10 month 14 day Female
              Father of Anna Smith:
              Mother of Anna Smith:
              Married John Smith


Scott, Melinda(Mahala) born March21, 1837  died Nov.4, 1838 1 year 7 month ? day
              Father of Melinda Scott: Jefferson Scott
              Mother of Melinda Scott: Mary Newman

Newman, Nathaniel F. husband of Elizabeth Lawrence born Nov. 1, 1783 died Oct. 6, 1865  Male
              Father of Nathaniel Newman :
              Mother of Nathaniel Newman
              Married Elizabeth Newman on April 9, 1812 in Ross Co. Ohio
               Note:Jacob Newman helped lay out Mansfield ,Ohio in 1808 in Union Co History by Beers pg156
*War of 1812
Nathaniel F. Newman is a native of Virginia
They came to Madison Co. in Pike twp. In 1836

Newman, Elizabeth wife of Nathaniel  born Nov.1, 1783    died Oct.6, 1865  Female
              Father of Elizabeth Lawrence:
              Mother of Elizabeth Lawrence:
              Married Nathaniel Newman on April 9. 1812 in Ross Co. Ohio
              Elizabeth Lawrence was a native of Delaware
              Children of Nathaniel and Lawrence:(4)
1. Henry L. Newman
2. George W. Newman married Martha Morse dau. of Caleb and Hulda Morse had 8 children
3. John Newman
4. Mary Newman

King, S. Arvilla  born     1838?    died Dec.3, 1862  24 year 8 month 19 day Female
              Father of S. Arvilla King: Henry J. King
              Mother of S. Arvilla King: M.E  (Erwin?  Check it out)

King, Cynthia  E.  born          1840?     died Sept. 8, 1841   1 year 2 month 19 day Female
              Father of Cynthia E. King: Henry J. King
              Mother of Cynthia E. King: M.E.

King, Phebe Ann born      died Oct.5, 1817  (1847) 5year 8 month 28 day Female
              Father of Phebe Ann King:W. E.(F) King
              Mother of Phebe Ann King: Diana E.  King

King, Dr. William F.  born           died April 11(14) , 1844   30 (50) year  11 month 5 day Male
              Father of Dr. William King:
              Mother of Dr. William King:

King, Phebe Ann  born                       died May 7(1) , 1840  15year 6 month 14 day Female
              Father of Phebe Ann King:Henry King
              Mother of Phebe Ann King: Katherine(Catherine Foos)

King, Katherine L. born          1827?     died April 25, 1840 13 year 3 month 11 day Female
              Father of Katherine L. King: Henry King
              Mother of Katerine L. King: Katherine King (? Catherine Foos)

King, Benjamin G. born        died Dec. 13, 1858 35 year 7 month 18 day Male
              Father of Benjamin G. King:
              Mother of Benjamin G. King:

Holycross, Ameline born              died Dec.(Oct) 30, 1847  12 year 23 day Female
              Father of Ameline Holycross: David   Holycross of Virginia
              Mother of Ameline Holycross: Phebe Fenner  of Rhode Island
              Children of David and Phebe:(9)
1. Ameline Holycross
2. Perry Holycross * 121 Ohio Volunteer Inf. Wounded at Chickamauga and died as a result of his wounds
3. S.B. Hoycross is oldest son * 136 Reg. Of Ohio National Guard in 100 day Service


King, Catherine Foos wife of Henry born July 9 1787 died Dec.13, 1880  Female
              Father of Catherine Foos:
              Mother of Catherine Foos:
              Married Henry King
              From Schuylkill County Pennsylvania
              Came to Pike twp. Madison Co. in 1828 . They were in Ross Co. for five years prior .

King, Henry husband of Catherine Foos born Mar.15, 1781   died Nov. 9, 1869  82 year 7 month 26 day
              Father of Henry King:
              Mother of Henry King:
              Married Catherine Foos
              From Schuylkill County Pennsylvania
               Children of Henry and Catherine King(11)
1. Hannah King
2. Sarah M. King
3. Henry J. King
4. Joseph King married Amanda M. Tarpenning daug. of Lawrence Tarpenning and Mary

Keyes, Ephraim husband of Esther Rogers  born  May17, 1781             died Sept. 21, 1822   42 year  Male
              Fatjer pf Ephraim Keyes.:Capt. William Keyes    check out Madison Co.?
              Mother of Ephraim Keyes: Hannah Scarbrough
              Married Esther Rogers in
              Ephraim was born in Ashford, Windham, Connecticut
              Info from Floyd L. Nordin of San Jose, California
              His stone has a sun with rays at the top.

Keyes, Esther wife of Ephraim Keyes  born Aug.12, 1780  died April 1, 1847 in 66th year  Female
              Father of Esther Rogers :  Abner Rogers
              Mother of Esther Rogers: Lydia Tilton
              Married Ephraim Keyes in abt 1800
              Info from Floyd L. Norton, San Jose California
              Ephraim came in the 2nd group and settled in 1814 in the McCloud Settlement . He was from New
              Hamshire and his father from Connecticut.
              Children of Ephraim and Esther;(?)
                           1. Loren Keyes

Keyes, Harriett born        died Sept.11, 1822  15(13) year Female
              Father of Harriett Keyes: Ephraim Keyes
              Mother of Harriett Keyes: Esther  Rogers
              (George Beecher married Rosanna Rogers dau. of M.W. and Mary Rogers of Penn.0

Keyes, Emily  born       died July15, 1824      5(3) year 6month  Female
              Father of Emily Keyes :Ephraim Keyes
              Mother of Emily Keyes: Esther Rogers

Keyes, Caroline H. born          died Sept.(Dec.) 3 1864   18 year 11 month  13 day  Female
              Father of Caroline H. Keyes:
              Mother of Caroline H. Keyes:

Colver, Renua E.  wife of Thomas Colver born         died Oct12, 1813  21 year 11 month  13 day Female
              Father of Renua E.            :
              Mother of Renua E.
              Married Thomas Colver
              ? Betsy Plummer \married David McCloud, he died and she married Standish Colver.
              Dr. Benjamin Davenport surveyed the land and selected the Darby Plains where his cousins, James
              Miller and the Culvers were already residing on extensive forms. Davenport also works into the
              Kent line.

Keyes, Loren  husband of Lydia A.Morse born May3, 1801 died Dec. 30, 1861 60 year 7 month 27 day
               Born in New Hampshire and came to Ohio in 1818.   Male
              Father of Loren Keyes: Ephriam Keyes
              Mother of Loren Keyes: Esther Rogers
              Married Lydia A. Morse
              (Info from Madison Co. History Book 1883)
              Loren was born in New Hampshire
              Children of Loren and Lydia:(?)
1. Pearly M. Keyes married Rose J. Bigelow dau. Of Eliphus and Eliza J. Bigelow (pg. 1057
                      Madison Co. History 1883)

Keyes, Lydia A. wife of Loren Keyes  born  March 11, 1804           died Nov.10, 1888  84 year 5 month 29 day Female
              Father of Lydia A.Morse: Joseph Morse
              Mother of Lydia A. Morse: Rheuma ?
              Married Loren Keyes  on
              Children of Loren and Lydia(12)
1. Perley M. Keyes m. Rose J. Bigelow daug. of Eliplus and Eliza J.Bigelow
2. Lydia E. Keyes
3. Esther  A.. Keyes
4. Elizabeth A. Keyes
5. Jeannette A. Keyes
6. Josephine A. Keyes
7. Albert L. Keyes
8. William H. Keyes
9. Emily Keyes
10. Harriett Keyes
11. Caroline H.?
12. ?


Stowe, Ann J. wife of Willard S. Stowe April 2, 1882 41 year Female
              Father of Ann J.          :
              Mother of Ann J.      :
              Married Willard S. Stowe

Stowe, George E. born         died Mar19, 1873  5 year 4 month 23 day Male
              Father of George E. Stowe: Willard S. Stowe
              Mother of George E. Stowe: Anna J.

Stowe, Raymon A.  (Ramon)?  born          died Mar.20 1882  14 day Male
              Father of Raymon A. Stowe: Willard S. Stowe
              Mother of Raymon A. Stowe: Anna J.

McKeever, Margaret M.  born        died May8, 1854 8 month 18 day Female
              Father of Margaret M. McKeever:J            McKeever
              Mother of Margaret M. McKeever:S

McKeever, Joseph B. born      died May 8, 1854  1 year 2 month 27 day Male
              Father of Joseph B. McKeever:
              Mother of Joseph B. McKeever:

Bigelow, Eliphaz   born       died Dec 2, 1864 62 year 9 month 17 day
              Father of Elphaz Bigelow:
              Mother of Elphaz Bigelow:

Bigelow, Lucy wife of Russell Bigelow born             died May12, 1824 57 year Female
              Father of Lucy Sanger:
              Mother of Lucy Sanger:
              Married Russell Bigelow
              Info from and Alan M Streit of Albany California
              Lucy and Russell were parents of Rev. Russell Bigelow, who was born Feb. 24, 1793 and died
              July 1, 1835 in Franklin Co. Ohio.  Rev. Russell married Magaret Irwin on May 29, 1817

Bigelow, Lucy born                  died Nov.24, 1817  28 year Female
              Father of Lucy Bigelow: Russell Bigelow
              Mother of Lucy Bigelow: Lucy Sanger
              Most likely born in Chesterfield,  New Hampshire
              Never married

Bigelow, Polly C. born    died Dec.10, 1817  15 year Female
              Father of Polly C. Bigelow: Russell Bigelow
              Mother  of Polly C. Bigelow: Lucy Sanger

Bigelow, Grata born       died April 15, 1818  18 year Female
              Father of Polly C. Bigelow: Russell Bigelow
              Mother of Polly C. Bigelow: Lucy Sanger

Bigelow, Benjamin A. born                died Sept 12(14) 1819 12 year Male
              Father of Benjamin A. Bigelow: Russell Bigelow
              Mother of Benjamin A. Bigelow: Lucy Sanger

Bigelow, Dimmie (Dimmis)born Oct 12, 1814 died Oct 9 1821 Female
              Father of Dimmie Bigelow: Alpheus Bigelow, son of Russell Bigelow
              Mother of Dimmie Bigelow: Ursula Case
              Info from Alan M Streit of Albany, California from

Bigelow, Joannah  born May 11(14) , 1820 died Dec.6, 1821 Female
              Father of Joannah Bigelow: Alpheus Bigelow
              Mother of Joannah Bigelow: Ursula Case

Bigelow, Julia Ann born May 8, 1822  died 05 Sept 1822 Female
              Father of Julian Ann Bigelow: Alpheus Bigelow
              Mother of Julia Ann Bigelow: Ursula Case

Bigelow, Infant born?    Died?Male
              Father of the Infant Bigelow: Alpheus Bigelow
              Mother of the Infant Bigelow: Ursula Case

Bigelow, Alpheus Hubbard ; husband of Martha Harrington  born 20 March 1819 died Aug.28, 1851   23 year Male
              Father of Alpheus Hubbard Bigelow:
              Mother of Alpheus Hubbard Bigelow:
              Married Martha Harrington on June 1, 1846 in Weston, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Bigelow, Delilah born         died Mar 14(11) 1854  4 years
              Father of Delilah Bigelow: Alpheus Bigelow
              Mother of Delilah Bigelow: Martha Harrington


Janes,(James) Harris B. husband of Julia Kingborn June 21, 1810 died Sept.1843 33 year  month 23day
              Father of Harris James: Obadiah James b. Jul.9, 1759 in Northfield, Franklin, Mass. Died
              East Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, married on Aug.2, 1781 in Hardwick, Worchester , Mass.
              Mother of Harris James:Polly Oliver b.abt. 1761 in Athol, Worchester, Mass. Died Aug.2, 1781 in
              East Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio
              Harris Janes married Julia King in abt. Bridport, Addison, Vermont
              Harris was born in Bridgeport, Addison,Vermont
              From Vermont and settled in 1814 on the McCloud settlement
              Obediah Janes Father : Ebenezer Janes b. July 31, 1736 in Northfield, Hamp., Mass. Died Jan. 22,
              1808. in Northfield, Hamp., Mass. Married Sarah  on March 1755 in Northfield, Franklin, Mass.
              Obediah Janes Mother: Sarah Field b. abt. 1738 in Northfield, Franklin, Mass. Died in 1766 in
              Northfield, Franklin, Mass.
              Ebenezer Janes Father: Jonanan Janes:b. Sept.30, 1693 in Northfield, Hamp., Mass died Feb. 19,
              1703 in Northfield, Hamp., Mass.  Married on April 19, 1732 in Northfield, Franklin, Mass
              Ebenezer Janes Mother: Jemima Graves: b. June 23, 1703 in Springfield, Hamp., Mass died June
              18, 1790 in Northfield, Hamp., Mass.
              Jonahan Janes Father: James Janes born Sept. 30, 1693 in Northfield, Hamp., Mass died  Feb.19,
              1703. in Northfield, Hamp., Mass
              Jonahan Janes Mother : Sarah Hinsdale born 1669 in Hadley, Hampshire, Mass. Died May13,
              1704 in Poscomac, Hamp., Mass.
              James Janes Father: William Janes born 1610 Essex, England died Sept.20, 1690 in Northampton,
              Hampshire, Mass. Married Nov.20, 1662 in Northampton, Hamshire, Massachusetts
              James Janes Mother: Hannah Bascom born 1638 in Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts died
              March 1681 in Northampton, Hamshire, Massachusetts
              William Janes Father: Abel Janes b. abt. 1585 in Essex, England married abt. 1609 in Essex,
              William Janes Mother: Hannah Bascom: born abt. 1590 in Essex, England
               In a book at Plain City Library most likely from a newspaper dated July 16, 1829
               Mrs Harlan Wood died of consumption on Monday
              In same book it says from a Jan.21, 1880 paper
              Michael S. Wood 79 Amirine Cemetery son in law of Smith Alexander
              In a March 3, 1880 paper
              Samuel Wood died March 3, age 69 yr. Buried at homestead
              In a paper Feb.23, 1831
              William Phillips and Isabella Wood were married

Janes,(James) Diadama (Diadanna) born           died Aug15, 1847  4year 7month 15 day Female
              Father of Diadama James: Harris  B. James
              Mother of Diadama James: Julia

Janes,(James) Mary E.  born              died Aug.21, 1854 18 year 6 month Female
              Father of Mary E. James: Harris B. Janes
              Mother of Mary E. James: Julia

Sabin(Sabine), Homer born        died Sept. 20, 1842  9 year  10 month 12 day Male
              Father of Homer Sabine: Asbury Sabine
              Mother of Homer Sabine: Sophia

Wood, Cynthia born              died Sept.9, 1821 6 years Female
              Father of Cynthia Wood:
              Mother of Cynthia Wood:

Wood, Uriah          died June9, 1826  52 year 5month 14 day Female
              Father of Uriah Wood:
              Mother of Uriah Wood:
              Married to               ? connection to a Bigelow
              Came in 1814 in the second group from New York  and settled in the McCloud Settlement
              Her stone had a Willow Tree at the top indicating mourning or natural grief.

Tarpenning, Samuel born June 4, 1772  died Aug.14, 1817     45 year 2 month 10 day Male
              Stone had a Willow Tree indicating mourning or natural grief.
              Father of Samuel Tarpenning
              Mother of Samuel Tarpennng:
              Samuel was born in New York. And died in Pike Twp., Madison Co. Ohio
              Married to Polly Bigelow  abt. 1794 in Connecticut
              Children of Samuel and Polly Tarpening:
1. Ransom Tarpenning born in  1802Cooperstown, Ostego, NY  Male
2.  Lorau Tarpenning born in 1804 Cooperstown, Ostego, NY Female
3. Abraham Tarpenning born1808 Cooperstown, Ostego, NY  Male
4. Isaac Tarpenning born 1810 Cooperstown,Ostego, NY Male
5. Laura Tarpenning born Mar.19, 1807 Vermont  Female
Died Oct.31, 1885 in Plain City, Oh
6. Israel Tarpenning born Mar.29, 1815 Cooperstown, Ostego ,NY Male
7.  Eliphaz Tarpenning born April 20, 1798 Cooperstown,Ostego,NY
Died Aug23, 1816 in Pike twp. Madison co. Ohio Male
8. Cynthia Tarpenning born June 2,1798 in Cooperstown,Ostego,NY
9.    Lawrence Tarpenning born Sept.21, 1800 in Cooperstown, Ostego,
                                                                 NY. Died Feb9, 1856 in Pike Twp. Madison Co. Ohio Male
                                          Info from the computer in

Sabin (Sabine), Nehemiah husband of                              born          died Dec.20, 1814      44 year Male
              Father of Nehemiah Sabine:
              Mother of Nehemiah Sabine:
              Married  to
              Was first school teacher of the Green Settlement in 1814 time period He was of the first group
              Of settlers.
              Born in Tolland Conn. Dec. of Dr. A. Sabin
              Sabin’s lived on the Little Darby near Post Rd in a little cabin

Tarpenning, Elphias born April 20, 1798 died Aug.23 1816 18 year 4 month 3 day Male
              Father of Eliphias Tarpenning: Samuel Tarpenning
              Mother of Eliphias Tarpenning: Polly Bigelow
              Elphias was born in Cooperstown, Ostego, New York and died in Pike twp. Madison Co. Ohio

Tarpenning, Isaac born       1810 ?       died Nov. 27, 1847  35 year Male
              Father of Isaac Tarpenning: Samuel Tarpenning
              Mother of Isaac Tarpenning: Polly Bigelow
              Issac was born in Cooperstown, Ostego, NY and died in Pike Twp. Madison Co. Ohio

Tarpenning, Samuel born        died Jan.17, 1846 17 year 9 month 1 day Male
              Father of Samuel Tarpennng:
              Mother of Samuel Tarpennng:

Tarpenning, Lawrence husband of Mary Ann Kingrn Sept.21, 1800 died Feb.9, 1856  Male
              Father of Lawrence Tarpenning: Samuel Tarpenning
              Mother of Lawrence  Tarpenning: Polly Bigelow
              Married Mary Ann
              Came from New York

Tarpenning, Mary Ann wife of Lawrence , born June 26, 1805 died Dec.7, 1854 Female
              Father of Mary Ann King: Joseph King
              Mother of Mary Ann King: Amanda M.?
              Married Lawrence Tarpenning on
              Came from Penn.

Tarpenning, Elphias born Dec.20, 1830     died July22, 1832
              Father of Elphias Tarpenning: Lawrence Tarpenning
              Mother of Elphias Tarpenning: Mary Ann

Tarpenning, Isaac born June24, 1839 died Sept.14, 1841 Male
              Father of Isaac Tarpenning: Lawrence Tarpenning
              Mother of Isaac Tarpenning: Mary Ann

Tarpenning, Samuel born Oct.16, 1826 died July17, 1846
              Father of Samuel Tarpenning: Lawrence Tarpenning
              Mother of Samuel Tarpenning: Mary Ann

Tarpenning, Polly born June 4, 1833 died April 5, 1852 Female
               Father of Polly Tarpenning: Lawrence Tarpenning
               Mother of Polly Tarpenning: Mary Ann


Sabin(Sabine), Phebe wife of                  born      died Sept. 23, 1815 44 year Female
              Father of Phebe
              Mother of Phebe
              Married to

Sabin(Sabine), William R. born         died June 24, 1835 22 year Male
              Father of William R. Sabine:
               Mother of William R. Sabine:

Bennett, Ellamay  born                died April 16, 1861 10 month 21 day Female
               Father of Elimay Bennett:John Bennett
               Mother of Elimay Bennett:S. Hardwick
               John and S. Hardwick married on Nov.15, 1810 in Halifax, Virginia
               John Smith was uncle to Nelson T. Bennett whom m. Hannah N. McCloud
               Bennetts were from Vermont .  Bennett bought some of the Smith farm.

ROW 10

Patrick, Moses  husband of  Clarissa Geer ,born          died Aug.23, 1850 78 year 6 month 9 day Male
               Father of Moses Patrick:
               Mother of Moses Patrick:
              Came with first group of people in area
                              Children:1.  Harriet Patrick married Samuel Rice Jr.
                                              2. Ira Patrick married Laura Tarpenning
                                              3. Levi Patrick married 1835 and remarried in 1852 to Jane Woddard Bryan
                                                   This Levi was born in Ontario , Canada in 1811.
               (Johnson & Sam Patrick came to Beaver Creek Clark Co. to Logan Co. in 1810
                ( Anthony Patrick from NJ to Trumble Co.)

Patrick, Clarissa Jane  born                   died Sept.29, 1841 15 year 10 day  Female
              Father of Clarissa Jane Patrick: John Patrick
              Mother of Clarissa Jane Patick: Lydia Geer of Canada

McCloud ,Charles  husband of Anna Benjamin (?)born  Died Feb.22(23) 1844 74 year 5 month 21 day
              Father of Charles McCloud:
              Mother of Charles McCloud:
              Married to Anna Benjamin
              Dr. Charles McCloud married Mary Jane Carpenter and he was a member of the convention for the
              Writing of the Constitution of Ohio
              Check the above out?
              Came with two brothers , James m. Melinda Converse and David , from Vermont in 1810
               Charles was born in Delaware co. Ohio.

Patrick, Clarissa wife of Moses Patrick born                died Feb23, 1850   76 year 7 month  16 day Female
              Father of Clarissa
              Mother of Clarissa
              Married Moses Patrick on

McCloud, Infant born             died Mar.13, 1831 Female
              Father of Infant McCloud: Charles McCloud from New Hampshire
              Mother of Infant McCloud: Polly  Andrews

McCloud, Sarah born            died Oct.27, 1827 21 year 9 month Female
              Father of Sarah McCloud: Chares McCloud
              Mother of Sarah McCloud: Sallie Taylor from Massachusetts
              Sallie came into Ohio in to Ohio in 1810 and settled in this area in 1814  from Montpelier Vermont

McCloud, Lucy born          died Feb 3, 1828   17 year 4 month(1 month) Female
              Father of Lucy McCloud : Charles McCloud
              Mother of Lucy McCloud: Sallie Taylor

McCloud, Anna wife of Charles born                   died  Sept. 28, 1823 40 year 9 month 11 day Female
              Father of Anna Benjamin:
              Mother of Anna Benjamin:

McCloud, Rodney   born      died Aug. 7, 1821 2year  6 month Male
              Father of Rodney McCloud : Charles McCloud
              Mother of Rodney McCloud: Anna Benjamin

McCloud, Sarah wife of Charles McCloud born      died Nov.1817  43 year 4 month 26 day Female
              Father of Sarah
              Mother of Sarah
              Married to Charles McCloud on

McCloud Elizabeth  born                died Dec. 1814   16 year 2 month 16 (14) day Female
              Father of Elizabeth McCloud: Charles McCloud
              Mother of Elizabeth McCloud: Sallie Taylor

Marquis, Cynthia  wife of Wesley born             died Feb.4, 1856 19 year 8 month 15 day Female
              Father of Cynthia:             McCloud
              Mother of Cynthia
              Married Wesley Marquis on Nov. 3, 1853
              Note: Francis Marquis b at 1843 d. 1887 married Susan Martha Ewing, her 2nd marriage.
                         Probably fits into this family.???
              Daniel Mitchell married Sarah Marquis of Madison Co. Ohio

McCloud, Anna J.  born            died Feb.16, 1854 9 month 18 day Female
              Father of Anna J. McCloud: John McCloud from Delaware Co. Ohio
              Mother of Anna J. McCloud: Laura Tinkham from Vermont
              Came in 1810.

Russell, Robert(Joseph?)          died Oct. 14, 1825  23 year Male
              Father of Robert Russell: James  Russell
              Mother of Robert Russell: Elizabeth
              From Loudon Co. Va. And lived at the Smith Place.

Russell, Polly  born       died Sept.20, 1816 14 yr. Female
              Father of Polly Russell: James Russell
              Mother of Polly Russell: Elizabeth

Russell, James husband of               born       died Aug. 27, 1829  55 years Male
              Father of James Russell:
              Mother of James Russell:
         Married to
              Came in 1812 and was listed as a head of a house hold
              Joseph Russell kept a hotel.
              Joseph Russell purchased a plot in 1813 for 25 London, Ohio.and another plot for
              55 dollars in 1817

Fairbank, Lewis husband of Lavinia born June 5, 1804 died May7, 1870 65 year 11 month 2 day Male
             Father of Lewis Fairbank:
             Mother of Lewis Fairbank:
             Lewis was born in Barnard Twp. , Windsor, Vermont
             Married to Lavinia Tucker on Aug. 26, 1828
             L.M. Fairbank & William DeForest Smith selected a piece of Virginia Military tract on the Big
             Near the Madison co. line.
             A lot of info on Lewis : to much to type

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