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 Date:Mon, 11 Nov 2002 02:55:26 -0700  
From:"James W. Bigelow" <jamesbigelow@qwest.net>

Here I am again requesting more work from you. But I do appreciate this project you accepted and the work you are doing. It is a project of its own just researching my line of the family, much less the entire Bigelow history.

I've been updating my information regarding the Bigelow family and now have some changes and addtions to be made to the
(15923.73C Isaac Leatherman 8 Bigelow) page,
http://bigelowsociety.com/rod9/dol973c9.htm should it be proper. Deletions have strikethroughs and additions are in red.

Also, I have two photos I'm sending; one of Isaac and Nancy, and a photo of their gravestone, to add if you see fit.

From: 15923.73C93 James Wheeler Bigelow10. The son of:

15923.73C9      Dollar Richard 9 BIGELOW, son of  Isaac Leatherman 8  ( Lebbeus Loomis 7 , Israel 6 , Isaac 5 , Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel
2, John 1 ) and Nancy Jane (JEFFRIES) BIGELOW
Already I'm asking for a change, but this time before the change is made, that is, I want to correct a change. The marriage location should read Ash Grove.

15923.73C9t Dollar Richard, b 05 April 1893 Bentonville, Benton Co. AR; d 25 April 1947 Claremore, OK; m 31 Dec 1921 Greenfield Ash Grove, MO Flossie Wheeler; res. AR, MO, OK; 8 children
Thank you,  Jim

        Bigelow & Garfield
        Sat, 9 Nov 2002 13:12:57 -0600 (CST)
        CMMercerCleasby@webtv.net (Christine Mercer-Cleasby)
Hi Rod,
Long time since we've chatted. Stll working on the Bigelow Tree? Hope
I need your help.
Mercy Bigelow b. 1686 married Lieut. Thomas Garfield, of Weston Mass. on
Jan. 2, 1706/7.  Do you know if her parents were Joshua Bigelow and
Elizabeth Flagg or Samel Bigelow and Mary Flagg. Hope you can help!
Sincerely, Chrissy

Subject: BIGELOW-Bowers-Locklin-Roblin-Wessels FAMILY TREES
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 15:33:46 -0600
From: "TDLane" <tdlane@sympatico.ca>   
 Dear Rod.
Well I have finally found some relatives from my Grandmothers Side.
So I am sending you the updated version in a WORD Document.
 see /rod2003/wessels1.htm for parts of document..........................ROD

Subject: Locklin Wessels in Bigelow Family
 Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 10:01:06 -0700
 From: Glenn Edwards <glenned@shaw.ca>
Hello Rod,
My name is Natalie Edwards - the last few weeks I've been corresponding with Terry Lane  re Wessels and Locklin family members - Joel
Locklin md Jemima (Preston Wessels). etc.  (She just sent some beautiful photos on email).
Terry referred me to your site, but I just can't find any of the Wessels and Locklins - please tell me how to find them in your Bigelow
website - I usually don't have problems!
Thanks muchly,
see /rod2003/wessels1.htm for Wessel/Locklin..........................ROD

Subject: Link Problem
 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 11:27:07 -0600
From: "Kay Warren" <bkevans99@hotmail.com>
  Was just browsing when I clicked on your "Merritt Harmon" link - as requested, I got the "oops" message.  :)

Subject: Elizabeth Bigelow
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 20:25:05 EST
From: Judith Sanborn        Swtjudiblu@aol.com
   My greatgrand mother was Elizabeth Bigelow m. John Walcott.  Her daughter my grandmother was Madeline Walcott. Do you have any information on any of these people. I would surely appreciate the assistance as I am new to this search process.
Sincerely Judith Sanborn

Subject: Cooks and Bigelows
 Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 13:27:18 -0700
 From:  "Rem70" <rem70@ctaz.com>
Hi again, I forgot to mention that Mary Bigelow died in 1801.Her husband Jonathan Cook was born Oct 13, 1727 and died March 19,1809.
Their son Jonathan was born in Westborough,MA on Oct.7,1760. As I mentioned before he married a Charlotte Maynard about 1783,she was   born about 1764, and in  the 1780s they  moved to a mountaintop in NH called "Red Hill". From here on down I have my Cook genealogy from a booklet that was printed about the "Red Hill" Cooks, a copy of pages  from their journal, also Moultonborough,NH vital records  and information that was given to me by my family. I don't have any info as to where Mary and Jonathan died, nor do I have any info on where the Native American blood  came in. Also, I know that the first Jonathan's parents were Cornelius Cook and Eunice Forbush but I have never been able to find out who the parents of Cornelius Cook were. If you have any interest in the line from Jonathan and Mary Bigelow down thru the Cooks let me know.   L.E.Mathews

        We are part of the Bigelows in Shiawassee county and we were looking for ancesters.
        Tue, 22 Oct 2002 19:22:23 -0400
        "Sascha" <whiskeysour_69@hotmail.com>

  My husband is Leonard J. Bigelow Married Nancy Lee Silvers(ME0
My Husbands father was Elmer Bigelow he married lila Belle Sibary
His dad was Robert Bigelow  who married a Mary Gunloch we have no info on him at all except his name.
Robert's father wasElijah Bigelow 1830- 1912 He married Arilla Smith
His Father was Ebenezer Bigelow 1800 and he married Ellen Blair and thats all we know as of now but we have lots of Bigelows in
I would love to get some info one the rest of the Bigelows out there
Thanks so Much Nancy Lee (Silvers) Bigelow at E-mail(nannygoatt@hotmail.com)

Subject: Healey & Bigelow
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 11:49:01 -0300
From: "Ruth Whitehead" <WHITEHRH@gov.ns.ca>

Dear Sir:  saw your website, and just wanted to tell you that we have just
published the autobiography of a Mi'kmaq Indian from Nova Scotia, who worked
for Healey & Bigelow, and then for Buffalo Bill's wild west show.  you might
find it interesting.

Dr. Ruth Holmes Whitehead
Assistant Curator, History Section
Nova Scotia Museum, Halifax NS Canada
B3H 3A6

Rod Bigelow (Roger Jon12 BIGELOW)

P.O. Box 13 Chazy Lake
Dannemora, N.Y. 12929
< rodbigelow@netzero.net >