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Subject:Bigelow name

   Date:Wed, 7 Nov 2001 21:11:16 -0700

   From:"Helen Everhart" <>

We have several family names in our file with the middle name "Bigelow."  They are in our Rowe family
History.  Do you know of a connection?
Helen A Everhart  Email:


   Date:Fri, 9 Nov 2001 22:54:43 -0500

Subject:nancy bigelow thomas

   Date:Sat, 10 Nov 2001 13:20:57 EST

 do you have information on how many children nancy and beals thomas had. my great,great grand father was beals
thomas born about the same time nancy bigelow thomas died

Date:Sat, 10 Nov 2001 17:35:25 EDT
From:"Loring and Louise Bigelow" <>

  16 or 18 years ago, maybe more?, I did exstensive research on the
Warren line and apparently proved that Howe's Warren line was untrue
and I got everyone mad at me, so I took an oath not to do anything
but Bigelow and even skip the female lines of such.  (My Warren work
was published, at the time, in several issues of FORGE - which see,
if interested).
  This Elizabeth Warren line is so far removed from Bigelow, I say
who cares.  What Bigelow could possibly be interested.  When my
daughters married, they were no longer Bigelows and their kids and
grandkids even more removed from Bigelow.  One has to cut this off
somewhere and the Bigelow Board of Directors, of pre Vol. I time,
agreed to try and stick to the male lines, but to keep the female
lines, if submitted in the Society library for reference.
  As to the Elizabeth being tried as a Salem witch - that was written
by Janis Pahnke who is/was a terrific researcher.  She always did
document her work exstensively.  This inquiry by a descendant as to
the "witch article" should be referred to Janis.
  I've said enough.

Subject:Elizabeth Knapp
Date:Sun, 11 Nov 2001 10:23:46 -0600
From:Janis <>

I'm the one who did all of the research on Elizabeth Knapp.
Elizabeth was never tried as a witch, nor ever accused of being one.
She was "possessed", and she accused others of being witches, but
the minister that she worked for was not caught up in the "witch
of the day, he calmed things down.  He DID report it to the heads of
church, and so her story is included in the stories of the Witch
in Mass.  At the time, Elizabeth lived in Groton, Mass., and most of
hysteria was centered in Salem, Mass.
    Since there is much written about this period of history in
Elizabeth's story is written up in quite a few books.  The references
given at the end of the article on the Bigelow web site will give you
list of the books that I got my information from.  I know if you go
any library, they will have more than one of these books on their
shelves.  I know you'll find the accounts VERY interesting.

    I researched these families (Knapp, Scripture, etc.) quite a bit,
and the different references did not all agree as to days, months, or
years.  After checking all of them, I used the dates that I felt were
most reliable. Vital records, when they were available, and when they
were not, then I used the date I felt was most likely accurate.  As
always, not all sources agree on exact dates.

If you have any questions, I'll be glad to help you, if I can.  I'll
give the references to any specific dates, that I used, that disagree
with the ones you have, and tell you where I got it.

Have you traced the Knapps back to Roger Knapp ?  Elizabeth's father
James, her grandfather was William Knapp who died in Watertown, MA in
1667, and his father was Roger Knapp, of England.

Good luck with your research!
Janis Pahnke

           Re: Clark/Bigelow
           Mon, 12 Nov 2001 13:38:07 -0500
           carol White <>

Thanks Rod for sending me the two Bigelow sites.  Nothing seems to
connect but
one has to continually keep trying and eventually (I hope) I'll get
something.  I did notice while I was in Peru that a Julius W. Clark,
son of
Elisha & Theresa P. Clark died April 26, 1834, aged 19 years.  I'm
if Praxa Clark might not have been Theresa P. (Praxa).  If Julius
died in 1834
at age 19, then he would have been born about 1815.  His possible
Luther was born in 1816 so the timing is right.  According to the
family Bible
Elisha & Praxa had a son Julius born in Peru.   Maybe this is finally
together - now if only I could find a birth record on Julius or
Luther.  Well,
I guess that's the next project.  Thanks for your help.

Carol White

Rod Bigelow wrote:

> Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I have another link for Jonathan
> Bigelow as well as Nicholas............................ROD
> see:
> carol White wrote:
> > Hello Ron
> >
> > I just stumbled across your web site while doing a search on
Peru, NY.
> > I noticed that you have a Nicholas Curtis Bigelow who married Ann
> > Clark in 1843.  I'm trying to research the Elisha and Praxa Clark
> > of Peru.  They had at least 3 children born there:  Julius,
> > Mary Ann, and Luther Drury.  Luther was born 11 Aug 1816 and
> > Elsie Maria hawks 12 Jun 1844 in Peru.  After that I have nothing
> > on Elisha or Praxa - no marriage or death dates or anything.
> >
> > We're going to be doing some sightseeing in Vermont (have a B & B
> > Swanton) and then driving over to the
Peru/Plattsburgh/Beekmantown area
> > as that's where my relatives moved to.  I was wondering if you
can give
> > me any hints as to perhaps a cemetery that was often used in
perhaps the
> > mid 1800's in case Elisha & Praxa are buried in Peru or anyplace
else I
> > might look for local records.
> >
> > Thank you so much for any help you might be able to give.
> >
> > Carol White
> > New Hampshire

Subject: Correction to A.J. Biglow page
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 18:27:26 -0900
From: mjb5491 <>

I just checked the Orvis Furman Bigelow webpage and noticed
some corrections and additions for you.

1.  Pingree is commonly spelled "Pingry," as noted.  Pingry
was Orvis's wife's family name, and she was the daughter of a Vermont
judge.  The family spells the name "Pingry."

2.  The fifth child is definitely NOT Fred Clark Bigelow, as
you have surmised, unfortunately for Pat Reed, but Fred Carlton

3.  The full names of the Bigelow children are:
Jessie Elizabeth
William Pingry
Frank Barna
Lucy May
Fred Carlton
Edward Rutheford

Source: The family Bible of the brother of Orvis Furman Bigelow.

Mike Biglow

I guess I had never bothered to read the website on A.J.
Biglow before, as we were the source of that information, I didn't see the
need!  Also, I had not realized for a long while that you, Rod, had done
such a tremendous amount of good work to get the genealogy onto the

Anyway, regarding this URL:

First, A.J. spelled the family name "Biglow" as did
apparently his father Barna, although A.J.'s brother Orvis Furman, the Amherst
physician, apparently used "Bigelow," at least as it shows in
contemporary newspaper articles.

Second, Adoniram Judson Biglow was definitely NOT the
missionary to Burma, nor has anyone in the family ever so stated.  However,
he WAS (obviously!!!!) named after Adoniram Judson, the famous
missionary to Burma, who's buried in New England and is listed in Webster's
Unabridged, 2nd edition, in the biographical section, among other places.
Adoniram Judson led a very interesting life, having spent most of his
life in Burma and translated the Bible into the local language.   A
websearch on "Adoniram Judson" brings up much biographical information
on his interesting life.

Whether the Biglow and Judson families were acquainted, I
have no idea.  I suspect it was one of those things done in an excess of
religiosity due to Judson's contemporary fame.  In any event, the Judson part
of the name has been appropriated into the "Antioch" Biglow family as a
popular middle name, and with several generations bearing it with one
version of the name up to a "V" by the 1990s!!

Thus, the sentence on AJB's webpage "One record states that
he was an early missionary to Burma, but we have been unable to
substantiate that" should be corrected to read "Adoniram Judson Biglow was named
after the famous first American missionary to Burma in the early 1800s,
Adoniram Judson.

Third, I was most interested to learn the source of the name
"Adoniram,", and it is truly a most bizarre name!  It was
replicated in the family only once in one grandson, who received it as a
middle name.  I went through a brief phase as a small child when I
asked why I was not named after my great-grandfather AJB, as his sterling
napkin ring was prettier than my other great-grandfather's, whose
initials I do share.  Fortunately, sane heads did prevail, and I of course
have long since retracted any such desire!! How Mr. Judson received his
Christian name I have no idea, although though your source as a
Biblical name certain makes sense, since his family was so religious.
On Marcus James Bigelow's webpage,  his wife's name was"Emily Jane Wallace,"
so the name "Emily" should be added before the Jane.

By the way, is there any movement a foot to add pictures of
any of these people on the web?  With today's scanners and jpeg formats,
it is an easy thing to do.  (This just occurred to me as I verified the
name order on Emily Jane Wallace Bigelow's portrait framed on my wall, half
of a pair with her husband born in 1802!)  I'd be happy to send scans,
if you are interested.
Mike Biglow

        1692A.33 Fannie
        Tue, 13 Nov 2001 13:46:12 -0600
   From: Cathy Brandstetter <>

is my great grandmother. I've been trying to fill in some blanks and
your page helped. Thank you.

Cathy Brandstetter
Business Manager
Decision Design Corporation
847.940.9200, x10

        Mary Ann Bigelow
        Fri, 15 Nov 2002 13:38:58 -0500
        Frances Kakos <>

There was a time a couple of years ago when I found Mary Ann
married to Archibald Bull, judge on your listing.  I no
longer can fnid

I am still searching to find the parents of my William H.
Bull who was
born in Troy, NY--whose father Archibald Bull, justice and
mother Mary
were shown as such on Wm.'s death certificate.

There is a marriage of Archibald Bull, Esq married 12/27/27
meaning 1827) Mary Ann Bigelow both of Troy ; Rev. Howard
This was the date of publication--the 9 translating to the
Troy Budget newspaper.  I have the book this info is
in--10,000 Vital Records of Eastern New York--1777-1834.
This is one of
a three volume series drawm from ealy New York newspapers.

The date of William's birth certainly coincides with the
marriage date
of Archibald and Mary as he was born 11 Oct. 1827/8.

Archibald Bull could have been married before--which would
have nothing
do  with the birth of Wm.-- as an announcement from the
Detroit Gazette
shows that Mary Bull died 28 Feb 1826--in her 35th year at
Troy, NY,
wife of Archibald Bull, sister of Mrs. Doty and Mrs. Rice,
who reside in
Mt. Clemens (Michigan?).  Another Mary? He probaly married
again after
her death.

Also, Archibald Bull 60, lawyer- Mary 38, and William
22,clerk were
shown in the Fed census of Troy in 1850.  Mary's age causes
Was she a young mother when she gave birth?

One more confusion is that there was another Archibald Bull,
judge who
died when he was 35 in 1820.  He is not the Archibald who is
mine as
Wm.--the son---was born later.

What information do you have on Mary Ann Bigelow who married
Bull, judge?  I think the listing I saw on your genealogy
gave her
father as Asa--not completely sure, tho.  Was there an Asa
married to a

Thank you for any info you may be able to give me.

Frances Y. Kakos

        Chief Red Spear Indian Remedies
        Sun, 17 Nov 2002 12:27:27 -0500
        "candace ridlon" <>

I am looking for information about Chief Red Spear. I think he was part of  the Healy & bigelow kickapoo
Remedy co. Do you have any information on him? Or where I can look to find some. I have a picture of
Chief Red Spear sitting in a chair any I don't know much at all about him.
                  Thank you

        15923.73C Isaac Leatherman 8
        Fri, 22 Nov 2002 14:25:47 -0700
        "James W. Bigelow" <>
        "Rod Bigelow" <>

Regarding the web page of: 15923.73C      Isaac Leatherman 8  BIGELOW, son of
Lebbeus Loomis 7 ( Israel 6 , Isaac 5 , Isaac 4, Isaac 3, Samuel 2, John 1 )
Thank you Rod for updating my grandfather's page information. I checked it over and
found that I failed to give you my correct addresses and I ask you to update them. They
Web Site:
Thanks again, Jim Bigelow
15923.73C93     James Wheeler 10

        Re: (no subject)
        Sat, 24 Nov 2001 12:14:58 EST

um............i can update you from john and mary (warren) bigelow up to my sisters birth in 1988.


        I recently was given a book Pure and I and inside there is an
        Wed, 27 Nov 2002 17:01:53 EST

I recently was given a book Pure and I and inside there is an inscription ( Miss Glady's
Bigelow   from papa) dated can't make out the month  day is 9th the year is1902. There is
also a picture inside the cover that was pasted on of I guess a lake scene with birch trees
in the forground and Glady's Bigelow printed below the picture. I was just curious if this
person was a relative. Just trying to research the value if any on this book. I couldn't even
tell you how my Dad came into possession of this book.



        Family history
        Thu, 28 Nov 2002 00:30:56 -0600
        pkbanbury <>

Hello Rod i read your web site very nice but one question  I am doing my family history and i have Richard
Butler of 1600 born Braintree Essex first married to a Hannah Banbury (my family) then his 2nd wife was
Elizabeth Bigalow Maybe I am on the wrong branch of the family tree.  Thanks for your time. Phoebe


Subject: Information
        Tue, 3 Dec 2002 09:08:05 -0500
        terri <>
        "''" <>

My name is Terri (Bigelow) Chandler.  My father is Jack Bigelow from Norwood, Ohio.   Is there any
information we can give you???

        Bigelow connection
        Mon, 02 Dec 2002 22:21:43 -0800
        dbshaw <>

Hi Rod,
  On your webpages for Bigelow genealogy, you mention Walter Bigelow who has a son Jack Bigelow from
Norwood OH.  I am related to Jack's daughter by marriage and would like to trace some of her family for
her.  Could you give me a few connections from Walter Bigelow, although they are not on your webpage?
Nice presentation of the material on your site, by the way.
Thanks ....David Shaw  Philadelphia


Rod Bigelow (Roger Jon12 BIGELOW)

P.O. Box 13 Chazy Lake
Dannemora, N.Y. 12929
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