Horace Ransom 7 BIGELOW

16355.22     Horace Ransom 7 BIGELOW, son of  Erastus 6 ( Otis 5 Asa 4, Lieut. John 3, Joshua 2, John 1) , and Statira (RANSOM) BIGELOW, was born at Watervliet, NY on 13 March 1820 and married on 04 June 1862 Cornelia Sherrill. She was the daughter of Lewis and Clarissa (Burgess) Sherrill and born at New Hartford, NY on 17 December 1832. This family resided in St Paul, Ramsey, MN where he was a lawyer. He died there on 14 March 1894. His widow died on 30 May 1911 (29 May 1910?) at Torquay, England. In 1853 he left Utica, NY where he had studied law and taught school.  He went as far as St. Louis - not satisfied he took the boat up the Mississippi to the Minnesota Territories - St. Paul.  The river froze - so he stayed the winter and started practicing law in the spring.  He only left to marry his student in New Hartford, NY.  He worked with the Indians and was active in politics and great friend with James J. Hill, the RR magnate...Horace was not an easy person to get along with.  Descendant Cudlipp who sent information wrote "I have his 30 year diary.  Fascinating.  Later in life, Cornelia was very heavy and developed Adult diabetes.  See Family pictures (?).  During her summers she would "come east to see her relatives who lived in Franklin, NY, and bring her children with her.

Children of Horace and Cornelia (Sherrill) Bigelow:

16355.221     Lewis Sherrill, b 29 June 1863 New Hartford, NY; d______ 1933; m 13 April 1901 Mary Russell.

16355.222     Alice Ransom, b 12 June 1865 St. Paul, MN; d 12 April 1913; m 08 Oct 1890 Ethan Allen.

16355.223     George Norton, b 1866 St. Paul; d 1869 St. Paul.

16355.224t    Horace Erastus, b 17 May 1867 St. Paul; d 11 Nov 1942 St. Paul; m 1897(1) ca 1900 Grace Upham (div.) and (2) ca 1912 Louise Olsen; 4 children.

16355.225     Cornelia Bartlett (Bigelow) Lee, b 15 Jan 1877 St. Paul; d __ ; m 20 Nov 1907 Ivy Ledbetter Lee. This was his second m. (1) was to Virginia Street from whom div.

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Horace's diary as reported by descendant Cudlip.
From: Robert Billingsley <  robert_billingsley@yahoo.com  >
 Mr. Rod Bigelow,
Some time ago I sent you this note:
"Note from Robert Jerome Billingsley: My wife is a Bigelow. Her family line starts at John Biglo of Watertown,
then Joshua, John, Asa, Otis, Erastus, Horace, Horace, Horace, and Henry Upham (who is her father). I have been able to find
John - through Otis, but I still need Erastus. I also need the three who are named Horace."
There was an error in that note. I had three Horaces, there should have been only two. There is a third Horace but he was the brother of Henry Upham. I have since filled in all the other information I was looking for, thanks in great part to much of the information I was able to glean from your website(s). Thanks and best wishes,

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