Richard 7 BIGELOW

12116.31      Richard 7 BIGELOW, son of John 6( John 5, Timothy 4, Jonathan 3, Jonathan 2, John 1), and Clarissa (HILLYER) BIGELOW, was born 22 August 1797 Hartford, Hartford, CT. On 03 September 1823 he married Martha B. Smith, daughter of Deacon Normand Smith of Hartford. She was born 28 November 1798 Hartford. She died 07 December, 1877, Hartford. Richard was a man of considerable wealth and an authority on the early Bigelows of Hartford. He died, Hartford, 06 November,1863.

Children of Richard and Martha B. (Smith) Bigelow, all born Hartford:

12116.311     Mary Elizabeth, b 0 Mar 1826: d_____ ; m 07 June 1848 George R. Lockwood.

12116.312t    Richard Hillyer, b 22 Aug 1827; d ; m 25 Sept 1851 Columbia L. Johnson.

12116.313     Frances, b 01 Sept 1829: d ?; m 13 Oct 1853 William A. Doanne of St. Louis. MO.

12116.314     Eliza King, b 24 Sept 1831; d ______ ;.

12116.315     Alfred, b 25 Sept 1833; d 12 Mar 1834.

12116.316     Martha, b 02 Apr 1835: d 04 Feb 1896: m 20 Apr 1859 Eben Mason.

12116.317     Edward, b 27 Mar 1837; d 22 Jan 1852 at Hartford.

12116.318t    James, b 25 Feb 1839: d 04 Oct 1871; m 23 June 1870 Mary E. Duryea.

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From: Anne Brown < >
Dear Mr. Bigelow, 
There were two infant Bigelow burials in NYC in 1834 and 1836 that I am having a problem identifying.  The most likely parents seems to be Richard Bigelow and Martha Smith, but they don't quite fit in with all the other children born to this couple.  I'll attach an annotated vault listing.  If you ever have a chance, could you give it a look?  Some of the other families in the vault were connected to th American Tract Soc. in NYC, if this rings a bell. 
Thank you for any suggestions - Anne
* * * * * * *
Anne W. Brown, Trustee
NY Marble Cemetery

From : Pat Kolesar <>
Subject : Bulletin Board Message from Anne Brown, 11/14/04  
Date : Mon, 13 Dec 2004 13:10:23 -0600
Rod, I have a bit of information that may or may not be of interest to Anne
Brown who was looking for information about Richard and Martha Bigelow of NYC. 
I stumbled across a Richard and Martha Bigelow, originally from NYC, in the
course of researching my ancestors in Northwood, Worth County, Iowa.  Richard
and Martha turned out to be not related to me, so I'm afraid I didn't pay much
attention to them except where I got confused by records referring to "R.
Bigelow" where I couldn't be sure if they were talking about Richard or
Roswell, my GGG grandfather.  Richard and Martha had an adult son (sorry, forget
his name at the moment) also living in Northwood.  This would have been in the
1860-1890 time period.  I believe I've turned them up in the census at some
point in that time span, so perhaps it might help Anne to take a further look in
Pat Kolesar

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