Marietta 9 BIGELOW

15336.5439      Marietta 9 BIGELOW, dau of  Elijah 8 ( Ebenezer 7 , Cornelius 6 , Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John1 and Aurelia 8 (BIGELOW) BIGELOW, was born at Buckingham, Papineau, Quebec on 24 May 1869. She married 29 April 1886 Elmer Beech Decker. They resided at Luther Lake and Cadillac, MI. Marietta died of tuberculosis 6 December 1898 at Luther, Lake county, MI. Elmer Beech DECKER, was born 30 January 1864 and died 14 October 1951 (see below)

Children of Elmer Beech and Marietta (Bigelow) Decker:

15336.54391    Floyd Sandovel Decker, was born 4 Oct 1887 at Luther, Lake co., MI. and was ordained a deacon of the Free methodist church in 1937.  On 10 Dec 1906, he married Anna Mable Williams.  She was daughter of Charles Avery and
Helena Jane (Willis) Williams, and born 19 Aug 1888 at Manton, MI.  She died 12 Apr 1986 at Central Lake, Antrim co., MI and is buried at Southern Cemetery with her husband.  Floyd Decker was a deacon, Free Methodist Church. They had five children.  He served churches in Central Lake, Scottville, Kinglsey, Soper, Mesick and Mancelona, MI. retiring in 1981 and settled in Central Lake.
Children of Floyd Sandovel and Anna Mable (Williams) Decker:

i.  Willis Decker, b 01 Sep 1907 Boyne City,Charlevoix co.,MI; d 1 Sep 1907 Boyne City,MI ;

ii.  Mable Helena Decker, b 16 Nov 1908 Cadillac,Wexford co.,MI; d 26 Sep 1973 Bryan,Williams co.,OH; m (1) 1924 Clarence Peter Archer; m (2) 12 Sep 1935 Ivan E. Coburn;
                     a.  Alice Archer, b ___ ; m ___ Wehman; 2 children:
                        1.Gary Wehman, b __ .
                        2.Christopher Judson Wehman, b 9 June 1984.

iii. Edith Ruth Decker, b 28 Feb 1911 Fiburn Quarry,MI; d 26 Aug 1955 Grand Rapids,Kent co.,MI; m(1) Elliot Lamarie; (2) Steven Phillips; (3) Martin Strehle; (4) Joseph Paonessa; (5) Robert Brown; Edith Ruth Decker had daughter Donna May (b 24 Feb 1928 - d 10 Sep 1989; m Kenneth William KOCH);(see below) by Edward C. Jenerou, not listed as one of Edith's five husbands. Edward JENEROU, b 9 Apr 1911; d _ June 1983;

iv. Floyd Elmer Decker, b 11 July 1911(1912?) Luther,Wexford co.,MI; d 14 Apr 1933 "auto accident" Carlsbad,MI; unm.

v.  Ethel May Decker, b 15 Jan 1914; d 31 Dec 1996; m(1) 21 Aug 1935 Ralph Dougherty; m(2) 1 Apr 1945 Clarence Robart; m(3) 1 Apr 1949 Charles Richard Sheler; 2 children:
     a. Mayrold Dougherty, b 13 June 1937; m Robert G. Williams.
     b. Caroline Dougherty, b 18 July 1939; m John Matzen.
     c. Kathy Ruth Robart, b 5 Jan 1950; m William Steffes.
     d. Lydia Robart, b 23 Jan 1946; m Gerald Lynn Steffes.

15336.54392    Olive Decker, was born 1 Nov 1890 at Luther, Lake co., MI.  On 07 Oct 1908, she married Herbert G. Ash at St.Ignace, Mackinac co, MI.  He was born 22 Oct 1884 at Selma twp., Wexford co., MI and died 23 Jul 1968 at Cadillac, Wexford co., MI.  He is buried at Highland View Cem., Big Rapids, MI. Herbert worked in lumber mills in Michigan.  They had four girls.  They were divorced and she married (2) Melvin E. Aldrich on 16 Jan 1922 at Manistique,
MI. There were two children born to this marriage.  He was born 17 Mar 1883 and died 28 Apr 1954. She married (3) Stephen W. Knox on 02 Mar 1935 at Gladstone, MI. He was born 08 Apr 1896 and died 15 Aug 1965.
     Children of Herbert and Olive (Decker) Ash: (see below)

   a. Sylvia Louise Ash, b 23 July 1909 Cadillac; d 24 Oct 1996 Caro, MI; m 27 Sept 1927 Frank Genry; m (2) 15 Oct 1930 William M. Preston; 2 children
   b. Goldie Marie
Ash, b 04 July 1911 St. Ignace, MI; d 02 Oct 1913;
   c. Marvel May
Ashb 27 Apr 1915 Boyne Falls, MI; d 02 June 2000; m Herb Blowers; m (2) Earl "Red" Weaver; 3 children; m (3) Charles Orville Ewing;
   d. Elizabeth Ash, b 06 June 1917 Dollarville, MI; d 29 Apr 1996 Manistique, MI; m (1) 23 Apr 1935 Edward MIKULICH; 2 children; m (2) 04 Dec 1981 David Sheldon  (see below)

15336.54393    Owen Decker, was born 21 Nov 1894 at Sparta, Kent co., MI.  On 6 Apr 1914 at Cadillac, Wexford co., MI,he married Regina Philena "Jenny" Barber, daughter of Frank and Minnie (Shattuck) Barber, was born about 1898 in Hobart, MI. Funeral notice of Anna Decker; Obit of Floyd; records of children. They had 9 children, but we only have names of 6. Funeral on 4 Nov 1966 was conducted by Rev. James L. Burleigh of Bath, MI.   

15336.54394    Wellington Deforest Decker, was born 1 Mar 1897 at Cadillac, Wexford co., MI.  He married Alberta Godeau in Louisiana on 27 May 1918.  He died in France of pneumonia having been a Private in W. W. I.  He enlisted in the army in Cadillac, 22 May 1916 and was sent to Fort McKinley, Portland, ME. He later transferred to the aviation field at Lake Charles, Louisiana where he was positioned when called to service in France on 3 June 1918 with Company G., Ammunition Train, American Expeditionary Force.  They had one child.
     Child of Wellington and Alberta (Godeau) Decker:
15336.543941  Wellington Deforest Decker, jr., was born 1919.  He served in the army during world War II.  He married Zelphia Loughlin and they had six children:  He died 17 Dec 1996 in Evangeline, LA.  He had half brothers:  Henry Clay and Robert Morgan Gay, Both of Jennings, LA and John Gay of Crowley, LA.
     Children of Wellington Deforest Jr., and Zelphia (Loughlin) Decker:
     1.Kenneth Decker, in 1996 he resided in Bata Cove, LA.
     2.Gerald Decker, in 1996 he resided in Bata Cove, LA.
     3.Donald Decker, in 1996 he resided in Bata Cove, LA.
     4.Gregory Decker, in 1996 he resided in Bata Cove, LA.
     5.Kathleen Decker, m Grady Pelissier of Evangeline, LA where they resided in 1996.
     6.Barbary Decker, m Shelby Thibodeaux of Evangeline, LA where they resided in 1996.

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Vol II, pg 362-363;
Funeral notice of Anna Decker;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America, page 471;
parish register of St. Stephen's Anglican church, Buckingham, Quebec;
research by and records of The Bigelow Society historian/genealogist;
a prayerbook of Ebenezer, jr.Bigelow, as copied by Gilbert Arnold;
funeral notice of Anna Decker; Obit of Floyd; records of children.
Four Decker Children, Floyd of Cadillac, MI and Olive of Manistique, MI, Owen and Wellington
correspondance from Phyllis Critz, 68 Channing Drive, Little River, SC 29566.
She was deceased before 1998.
Ms. Phyllis Critz, 68 Canning Dr., Little River, SC 29566, 29 April 1998,
FORGE: The Bigelow Society Quarterly Vol. 11  No. 4 Page 66-67:
Subject: Marietta Bigelow
Phyllis Critz   <>
Date: 05/23/2004

When you get a chance could you check what the Bigelow Society has on Marietta Bigelow dau of Elijah (15336.543) and Aurelia (15336.525) Bigelow. 
 She was my great grandmother.
 Her husband:
#1: Elmer Beech DECKER, b 30 Jan 1864 - d 14 Oct 1951
#2: Under (3) Edith Ruth DECKER,
      +Edward JENEROU b 9 Apr 1911 - d Jun 1983
#3:       (4) Donna May DECKER, b 24 Feb 1928 - d 10 Sep 1989
                +Kenneth William KOCH b 31 Jan 1924 - d Jan 1970
                   (5) Living KOCH
                   (5) Living KOCH
#4             +Living GEENE 
                   (5) Living GEENE
                   (5) Living GEENE
                 + Living HALLMAN
#5:  Under (3) Floyd Elmer DECKER,  b:  11 Jul 1912 - d 14 Apr 1933
#6:  Under (3) Ethel May DECKER, d: 31 Dec 1996
#7:     (3) Marvel May ASH, b: 27 Apr 1915 - d: 2 Jun 2000
#8:       + Herbert V BLOWERS,  b: 1 Apr 1934 - d: 7 Feb 1971
#9:         (4) Carolyn Sue WEAVER, b: 22 Jun 1944 - d: 16 Mar 1981
             +Edward MIKULICH     
#10           (4)  Living MIKULICH
#11                (5)  Living HOLMAN
#12                    + Living PAPADOPOLOS
#13                         (6) Living HOLMAN
#14                         (6) Living HOLMAN 
#15                    + Living CHINN
#16                (5) Living HOLMAN
#17                     +Living HALL
#18                         (6) Living HALL
#19                         (6) Living HALL
#20                     +Living GRAY
#21       + David SHELDON, b: 11 May 1916 - d: 2 Jan 2004
#22        + Chester BURROWS, b 13 Oct 1921 - d: 13 Sep 1993
#23            (4) Living BURROWS
                      + ROBBINS
#24                    (5) Living ROBBINS
#25                    (5) Living ROBBINS
#26                 + HOGAN
#27            (4) Living BURROWS
#28               + Robert J WOOD b:21 Sep 1944- d: 6 Jun 1995
#29                  (5) Living WOOD
#30            (4)  Living BURROWS
#31                  + Michael THOMPSON, b 24 Oct 1948 - d: 25 Jul 2003
#32         + Harold BOUCHARD b: 17 Feb1917 - d 13 Sep 1993
#33             (4) Living BOUCHARD
#34                  (5) Living BOUCHARD
#35                  (5) Living BOUCHARD
I don't know if this will make any sense but it was geared to what was submitted by another person.  These were the changes needed.  So if she got it from the Society somewhere you could check to see if these changes fit to what you have.  Maybe we're too far down the line and not "Bigelow" named and your not interested but if so it needs to be correct.  Thanks Phyllis Critz
Also I have Vol .II "The Bigelow Family Genealogy".  I am a the great great granddaughter of Elijah (15336.543) and Aurelia 15336.525) Bigelow. 
I question the part where it states "She was called Orilla or Rilly by the by the family and after being a widow, married (2) Alfred Fisher".
It also states that their daughter Raechel married (2) Alfred Fisher on 10 Jul 1898.
Is there any documentation to this or is there a correction to this statement. 
Also, someone in the Bigelow Society has me listed as dead.  I contacted the person who put it on the internet; but I don't know where she got her info.  She couldn't tell me. 
Anyway, my name is Phyllis Critz, and I am alive.
My lineage is: 
Phyllis-12  Mikulich Critz; Elizabeth-11 Ash Mikulich; Olive-10 Decker Ash; Marietta-9 Bigelow Decker; Elijah-8, Ebenezer-7, Cornelius-6, Paul-5, Cornelius-4, Samuel-3, Samuel-2, John-1
By the way, I live in Little River, SC (N. Myrtle Beach area).
Thanks for any help you can give.  Phyllis
More 08/20/05:
I understand the numbering system is the order of the children being born.  Olive and Owen are reversed. 
Olive Decker is the 2nd child of Marietta and Elmer Decker.  Her number should be: 
15336.54392 Olive Mae Decker.
15336.54393 Owen Decker 
Owen Decker is the 3rd child of Marietta and Elmer Decker. 
2.  15336.54394 is Wellington Decker.  You also show the same number for Elizabeth Ash. 
Elizabeth is the 4th child of Olive Mae Decker and Herbert G. Ash.  I believe her number then should be 15336.54392.4
Also under Elizabeth Ash and Edward Mikulich:  a daughter Phyllis Irene born 11 June 1936 in Wetmore, MI. Married (1) Joe W. Holman; (2) Donald Eugene Critz;  A son Edward Jack 18 Sep 1942 - 22 Sep 1942.
I don't think the step children names need to be shown.  They were all grown adults of this marriage. 
(Phyllis Irene Mikulich info will be listed in another area) 
Let me know if the above numbering system can be changed.
Thanks Phyllis. 
I will be sending obit's of the rest of the family and check the numbering system with each under separate e-mails

15336.54392.4   Elizabeth Ash, daughter of Herbert G. and Olive Mae (Decker) Ash (Marietta (Bigelow) Decker, etc; was born 06 June 1917 at Dollarville, Luce co, MI and died 29 April 1996 at her home.  She married (1) Edward Mikulich on 23 April 1935 in Munising, Alger co, MI.  He was born 06 September 1910 at Chatham, Alger co, MI and died 11 October 1977 at Petoskey, Emmit co, MI.
Edward was a Crane Operator, Manistique Papermill  and Elizabeth was a sales clerk.  He was in the U. S. Army 1942, World War II; She married (2) David Sheldon on 04 December 1981 at Gladstone, Delta co, MI, who survived her. Elizabeth spent most of her life in Manistique. She was employed at Trudeau's Grocery and the DMC Store there. a daughter Phyllis Irene Mikulich, born 11 June 1936 in Wetmore, MI. Married (1) Joe W. Holman; (2) Donald Eugene Critz;  a son Edward Jack 18 Sep 1942 - 22 Sep 1942.
Sources: Funeral notices; Floyd Decker obit.

Modified - 08/20/2005
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