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Subject: Louisa de Haven
Date: 09 Sept 2004
From: Jim Conway < Conway@ci.monterey.ca.us >
Mr. Bigelow,

In 1941 when Louisa de Haven died she willed to the City of Monterey her art collection. After 18 years of legal wrangling, which you are
familiar with, the City acquired the art through a third party. Over the years the collection has become an important collection because of the
California Artist she had collected. While researching more about Louisa I found your web site which is most interesting. What an important
family in American History.
Although I have read the will, and much of the probate, along with the 1920 Readmission hearing before the House's Committee on Immigration
there is much I don't know. It makes me more interested in how she came to Monterey. It has the makingsof a great study and journal article.

We have several early pictures of Joseph Edwin de Haven, George A.
Bigelow and Abraham Bigelow with his midshipman son George. They were
part of Louisa's estate. What we don't have, and would like to have, is
a picture of Louisa or as the family called her Gussie. Do you know of
any pictures of her?
Jim Conway
Historian/ Museums Coordinator
City of Monterey
see abe655c3.htm .......................ROD

From: Jo Tunstall    < jotunstall@earthlink.net >
Date: 07/19/04
I reached your site and the Bigelow Society site and was much impressed. I'm going to be spending days and days tracking down family members. Thanks.
I can send you some information on Folger A. Bigelow as soon as I dig into my files and have a chance to xerox what I have.  He was the son of Daniel Folger Bigelow, the artist, and was, I think, an even better artist than his father. Unfortunately, he died in a gun accident when he was 24 and that was that. We have several of his paintings, including a charming one of what we think was his house and dog, done when he was only 14.
Jo Tunstall 
see folgera8.htm and lou86333.htm ..........................ROD

also see Page 2 etc. for new pictures .............................ROD

From: Jacqueline Sleeper Russell   Jackisr@aol.com
Date: 07/16/2004
See attached photo of MRS. FRANCIS BIGELOW (presumed of Worcester)

and 2 daughters before the era of Jazz.
Jacqueline Sleeper Russell
Finally got around to doing some census research and discovered that FRANCIS BIGELOW lived next door to my great grandfather HERBERT J. RUSSELL.  He was first married to KATHERINE A. FIELD who died in 1910 and then married 2) LYDIA BIGELOW BAKER  GREAT granddaughter of DAVID BIGELOW and DEBORAH HEYWOOD.  Any help on FRANCIS' line of BIGELOW's would be greatly appreciated.
His father was HORACE H. BIGELOW according to 1880 census.  JSR
see hor82429.htm ....................................ROD
also see joshua4a.htm for info from Worcester Historical Society ............................ROD

Hello, cousins.

This one is for Charles F. Bigelow, Dundee, Michigan, son of Chandler B. Bigelow and Mary Walker Fulton.  I am still hunting for obits for Chandler. 
I have transcribed the wills of Chandler's daughter Frances Amanda Bigelow Smith, and the wills of her grand-parents, Deacon Benjamin and Susannah Wright who mention Chandler B. as son-in-law.  The will of Chandler B. himself should be here next week. I am still looking for the proof that Chandler was son of Otis Bigelow, Jr. and Harriet Butler (Henrietta).  This a Mayflower line to John Howland and John Tilley.  (The things one does for one's grandchildren!)  I cannot find a record of the marriages, or the births of Chandler and Otis, Jr.  Do you have any clues about what does exist? 
Sarah Sully


see cha75515.htm . also new photo.........................................ROD

Out of Order-Old email

Subject: History of the Bigelow Family, 1880
Date: 12/26/2003
From:  Dale Turner < dt@daleturnerarchitect.com >  

Dear Rod Bigelow:
You've done a great website.  Thanks!
On your page on Timothy 6 BIGELOW, you say:  "Fred Biglow devotes a page to say that Turner was a hard drinker, and as landlord of the country tavern that Timothy Bigelow had founded, was frequendy a difficult individual."
I am VERY INTERESTED in having a copy or transcript of that page (whether by e-mail or fax) about Elisha Turner and Sally (Streeter-Bigelow) Turner.  I've looked all over for the reference you cited, Fred Biglow's [sic], History of the Bigelow Family, 1880, but cannot find it.  Do you have access to that book, or know someone who will do look-ups? 
By the way, both Elisha and Sally (Streeter-Bigelow) Turner went to McHenry County, IL.  They are found together there in the U.S. Census, 1860 Illinois, McHenry Co, p. 367: "2772, 2671, Elisha Turner, age 75, M, Farmer, 2200 RE,  300 Pers, CT;  Sally Turner, age 80, F, NH; Ellen Turner, age 19, F, VT."  Ellen Turner might be Elisha's granddaughter on the Turner side, dau. of Paschal Turner, although she is also listed with her parents that same census year, U.S. Census, 1860 Illinois, Bureau Co., Berlin Twp, P.O. Malden.
Elisha Turner died 22 May 1869 in Coral, McHenry, IL.  His will mentions Chaney Bigelow, who I believe would be Sally's grandson Chauncey James Bigelow [son of Timothy and Julia (Edwards) Bigelow; grandson of Timothy & Sally (Streeter) Bigelow] since he lived nearby in Union (or Seneca?), McHenry co, IL.
Please let me know if you can be of help finding Fred Biglow's [sic], History of the Bigelow Family, 1880.   
Dale Linden Turner
see tim69245.htm ......................................................ROD

Lucy Note:
Subject: Baguley Family
From: Steve Aderholdt   loungeleviathan@hotmail.com  

Date: 05/24/2004

Hello. I recently saw your site on the Bigelow/Baguley family. I descend from this family,from Ellin Baguley who married John Leigh(Venables).
On your chart of the Descent of Baguley/Bigelow family in England (http://bigelowsociety.com/rod/baghist1.htm) you have Ellen as dau. of William,son of John,son of Ralph,son of Richard. On another part of your site (http://bigelowsociety.com/rod/baguley5.htm)you show this a bit differently. Could you confirm or deny the descent of Ellen as shown on the chart?
Also I see that you show Lucy/Lucia Corona as a dau. of Edw. II,not Ed.I as I would think by the dates,in one spot,but show Ed.I as her father in another. I gather you meant Ed. I in both areas.
I thought you'd be interested that Lucia also married Hugo de Corona (Jr.),who also married Anabell de Bamvill;Lucia had son Thos.de Corona with husb. Hugo de Corona (Jr.)(Ref.Visitation of Cheshire,1580,pedigree of "Pro Leigh de Lyme".
Sincerely,   Steve Aderholdt   Lutherville,Maryland
see links above...........................................................ROD

Subject: Rev. Andrew Frank Bigelow
Date: 26 May 2004
From: Lancaster, NY
From: Sheila (Goodfellow) Vester  blueyedmomster@yahoo.com 
Hello....I really enjoyed the photo of my great-great-grandfather, reverend Andrew Bigelow. One of his daughters, Amelia, was my great-grandmother. I am interested in any more photos of the Bigelow family and am also planning a trip to northern NY this summer and would be interested in meeting more Bigelows! Please feel free to contact me. thanks!
see andrew7.htm ..........................................ROD

Name: Barbara Jane Bigelow McGuigan    Barbara.McGuigan@state.de.us >
From: Delaware - Born in Bangor, Maine (65)
Time: 05/07/04
Comments: My father is Robert Ashley Bigelow, born 1940 in Springfield,Massachusetts My Grandfather was Robert
Sicman Bigelow died in 1997. My Grandmother Muriel Ashley Bigelow now resides in Farmington, Maine.

I'd like to add information about the descendants of Robert S. Bigelow    14511.2713t
http://bigelowsociety.com/rod/jam81271.htm   I also have family pictures of Robert S., Arthur Lynds, Mary Ann Lynds, Robert H. and James M. and their wives? I can also send information about his wife (my grandmother) that goes back to the Mayflower if you'd like?
See links below for more pictures from Barb
...................ROD 05/25/04


see link above ....................................................ROD

Subject: Anna Bigelow
Date:14 Dec 2003 15:26:57 -0400
From:George E. Schafer <georgeschafer@fuse.net  >

 I am a descendant of Thomas Hastings and Margaret Cheney of Watertown,
MA. Recently I had contact with a descendant (a distant cousin) who is a
descendant of Samuel Hastings and Anna Bigelow; Samuel was a gr grandson of
Thomas and Margaret. Anna (as per Lydia Nelson (Hastings) Buckminster's "Hastings
Memorial...") was a d/o Capt.  Joseph Bigelow
and Martha Brigham. Anna was b. 14 June, 1737 (Probably in Shrewsbury, MA).
see ann55137.htm ...................ROD

Subject: Etchings
From: Beth Rice BRice5623@AOL.com
Date: 05/15/04
Dear Rod-You may not know anything about these etchings-They were given to me
in 1957 by a Dr. in Wichita Kansas-He received them at Christmas time from a
funeral home. There are 4 etchings and at the top in very small printing is
Brown & Bigelow.St.Paul,Minn. Printed in U.S.A. It states inside the folder
that Lionel Barrymore authorized that they could be reproduced in Talio-Chrome.
There are 4 etchings all done on the island of Nantucket-which was Lionel's
favorite place to sketch. It states that he surprised everyone when they
discovered he had this other talent. Those originals are collectors's items. I don't
know much about etchings but they are lovely! But I am wondering if someone in
your family has some originals. It has taken me all this time to finally frame
them. It was ironic that the Dr. gave me these and cautioned me that they
were not junk(I was only 20 years old at the time)and the ironic part is that my
g-grandfather and 6 of his siblings were all born on that island.
Sincerely, Beth Rice BRice5623@AOL.com
see /rod9/her92371.htm ........................ROD

Subject: Stearns
From: Nancy Snape SPAZZY779@aol.com
Date: 12/10/2003

I am looking for a Samuel Stearns who married a Susana Harris. They had a
son named Absalom Stearns. Absalom is my great grandfather. Absalom Stearns
married a Biancy Laurette Jewell on September 25, 1852 in Stoneham, MAINE. I
cannot find any information on his parents. Have you ever came across any of
these names in your research. I noticed you had some of the same areas I am
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Nancy Snape
Nothing more than on link above.................ROD

Subject: DF Bigelow painting
From: Bill Hobbs    Vandy65@aol.com
Date: 12/15/2003
Dear Rod,

While searching the Internet for info on D. F. Bigelow I accessed your webpage. I bought a Bigelow oil painting outside of Richmond, Va. this weekend that came from an Antique dealers estate. The dealer had lived in Virginia Beach, Va. for 30 years after moving from Boston, Mass. The painting which measured 7" by 10" was in a gold frame that was inclosed in a glass covered shadow box. Someone though it was valuable and wanted to protect the surface which appears to be like new.
The painting is almost identical to the one titled River Scene on your webpage with the exception that all the trees are green, a few less rocks, and in my painting there are sailboats on the water. On the back of the stretcher in pencil are the words "Near Westport,New York." Westport is on the west shore of Lake Champlain so I think the mountains are the Green Mountains of Vermont and the water is actually Lake Champlain. Look like he painted more than one of the same setting. Thought you might be interested in all this info.
Bill Hobbs
see folger.htm ...........................................ROD

Subject: Cynthia Bigelow
Date: 04 May 2004
From: Heather Nash <   Heather.Nash@anu.edu.au 
Hello Rod
Some time ago I was in contact with you concerning the Ernest A Bigelow family, descendants of Alanson Bigelow, who lived in East 56th Street, NYC during the first half of last century. I have uncovered quite a bit of information and am now seeking contact with descendants of Cynthia Bigelow (b.1903) who married JJ Hendon Hyde in 1923.
They had two children and I am wondering if their children are still living and contactable. Would it be possible to place this email message on the website, adjacent to my email correspondence of July 2001?
Thanks and best wishes,
Heather Nash
see /rod7/ala75881.htm .........................................................ROD

obit from Larry Baxter <larrybaxter@ns.sympatico.ca> :
Irene was a member of our 2002 Reunion Planning Committee and will be sadly missed.
 Her lineage is:
Irene(11), Ralph M.(10), Charles J(9), Thomas Ebenezer(8), Justus(7), Ebenezer(6), Amasa(5), Isaac(4), Isaac(3), Samuel(2), John(1)  
BARKHOUSE, Irene Sheila - 61, Canning, Kings Co., passed away Monday, April 5, 2004, in Valley Regional Hospital, Kentville.
see /rod9/cha91114.htm .for more...................................ROD

From: DAVID HARRIS <davidzay@msn.com>
Date: 03/18/2004
I am trying to connect Nancy Maria Paul to her parents Alvah Paul and Nancy Hill Bigelow. In the two volumes of The Bigelow Family Genealogy it states her as their oldest child. She was born Oct. 30, 1830. Do you know where they got this information. Or where I can find some sources to prove this? Thank you for your time. Zay Harris
see /rod7/nan71753.htm ........................................ROD

Name: Jim Gardner
E-Mail: jpgmn@earthlink.net
Date: 2004-03-18
Dear Mr. Bigelow:
I recently looked up Herbert Bigelow on Google while performing some genealogical research
I am not sure of the veracity of some of my facts but you may find my side of the story interesting
According to my mother, Roberta Bigelow Galloway Gardner(1908-1972), also present on the fatal fishing trip was Charles Ward.
see /rod9/her92371.htm for more..................................ROD

Name: Melvin Temple, Jr.
E-Mail: CaretakerJr1962@webtv.net
Date: 2004-03-08

Under your info. below there is the Temple Family info. for Anne
(Temple) Bigelow. Anne Temple, Bigelow is mentioned toward the bottom of this page.
Sincerely, Melvin Temple Jr.
see /rod7/noa73715.htm for more on Temple family..................ROD

Name: Jane Skinner
E-Mail: bskinner@cfl.rr.com
Date: 2004-03-07
While cleaning out a closet I came across a small (5 x 7) watercolor landscape bearing the signature D. F. Bigelow. In checking the internet to see if there might possibly be information on this artist I came across your web pages. The signature seems the same and the subject matter appropriate to your examples of his work. I'm sending you a scanned picture of the watercolor to see what you think.
Jane Skinner
see /rod2003/folger
3c.htm for picture...............................................ROD
From: "D. J. McMahon" <dmcmahon@pacbell.net>
Date: 02/25/2004
Dear Rod,  
Thank you so much for the
Bigelow Society site.  I was doing some family history research, put the name Ezra James Lee (my great grandfather) in a Google search, and out popped all of your wonderful family history information.  Ezra's mother was Mary Bigelow.  I have attached a picture of the Ezra Lee family, another with the names (photo back), as well as a list of descendents of Ezra James Lee.  This later file includes mostly the descendents of Samuel W. Lee (my grandfather), although there are a few others that I know about.
see mar72521.htm for lots more ................................ROD

Name: Robert Perkins
E-Mail: <bobperkins@comcast.net>
Date: 2004-03-05
Link to 15145.4412t Etta C., from her father does not work.
Also the birth year for her sister Lillian probably should be 1882 instead of 1852.
Regards,  Robert P. Perkins
also Busted link
should be http://bigelowsociety.com/rod/mar72142.htm
see wil85441.htm .................................................ROD

From: Post <postjo@yahoo.com>
Date: 03/29/2004
Hi, just for a kick I typed in Anson Bigelow on the computer--what a surprise to find the listing.
My husband and I have lived in an old brick house outside of Ausable Forks for 23 years. We once
tried to trace back deeds at the county clerks, but found we got lost in the scribe of the day.
Recently, a previous (short term) owner mailed me all the deeds up till she bought the place. The
first mortgage deed was dated 1883 from Anson to Irad Bigelow, stating Anson had been a farmer and
lived on the farm "in his lifetime". Not sure if he built the house, or his father built the house
and what year. I was wondering if you had any information--the place originally had 167 acres.
(Old pictures of this house are greatly sought after if you know anyone who has some and may be
able to scan
see /rod7/ans74621.htm ........................ ROD

From: dacartwright@ft.newyorklife.com
Date: 04/12/2004


I was trying to get information on Olive Bigelow, daughter of Harry Foster Bigelow.  She was the wife of my g-g-uncle, Frank Marple (Moses Franklin Marple).
Link now works ......................................ROD

Date: 04/01/2004
From: Pam & Jack <Chiefy_1@charter.net>
Thank you so much for putting your site on the computer.  My ancestors are the Sherwoods and the Tabors of Upham, and Poodiac Kings co., NB.  My gr grandfather was Archibald Sherwood and my gr grandmother was Hulda Tabor.  Archibald was the son of Jesse Sherwood, son of Andrew Jenks Sherwood.  So many of your names were familiar.  When I went to NB a few years back I went to the cemeteries.  It was such a pleasure to view your site.  THANK YOU
Pam Kerouack
see rub692cb.htm ...........................ROD

Subject: Bigelow family
Date: 03 April 2004
From: Atlee Caldwell  atleec@comcast.net
Hello Rod,

My name is Atlee BIGELOW CALDWELL. I was looking at your information about Commodore Abraham (6) BIGELOW (my g-g-g-grandfather) and wanted to comment and also give you some information from my files
. Also, I'd be interested to review the information behind the links to Abraham (4), Thomas (3), Samuel (2), and John (1) and Louisa Angeline,
see abe655c3.htm for updated links................................ROD

Name: f harris
E-Mail: olibiam@yahoo.com >
Date: 2004-04-05

Dear Sir,
I purchased a set of book ends at a moving sale a few years ago.  They are covered with leather and pictures of a horseshoe creat on the top and a horse on the bottom.   
On the bottom of one of them reads: Brown & Bigelow, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55-379
One of them has a gold inscription on the front that reads: Charles A. Ward.
I was doing some research and found the following information regarding Charles Ward:(Inevitably, Herbert Bigelow met head-on with the U.S. government, which was having difficulty enforcing its 1913 income tax law. The law W2S being widely ignored, and in the post Teapot Dome era, in the early 1920,s, the federal government chose to prosecute a few selected businessmen from each geographic area. One of these was Herbert Bigelow, who expected to be fined, but instead was sentenced to three years in prison. He served the minimum eight months at Leavenworth penitentiary, and it is typical of the man that while he was in prison he spent his time and money ameliorating the lot of his fellow-prisoners and their families. In particular, he became interested in one Charles Ward.For many years after Bigelow's release from Leavenworth, the company followed the policy of employing ex-convicts whom they considered worth rehabilitating. Among these was Charles Ward who rose. first to general manager, and eventually company president after Bigelow's death.)I am trying to find out more information regarding Mr. Ward and possibly the value of the bookends.  They are in very good conditionCan you help. 
Please email me at olibiam@yahoo.com
see /rod9/her92371.htm ..........................................ROD 

Name: Allen Jess
E-Mail: < aljess@shaw.ca >
Date: 2004-04-09-07:52
Good Morning, Rod,
I am researching the descendants of George JESS, Sr. and Louise Catherine 'Lisette' PAYZANT.  That of course brings me into the Weaver and Bigelow families...descendants from the first generation of seven children.  On page 284-5, the descendants of Martha JESS and Benjamin WEAVER are listed.  However, I need your help, please. The four children for Benjamin BIGELOW and Ruth COX in the Payzant-Jess-Juhan book are not the same as listed in http://bigelowsociety.com
If you can help me on this I would appreciate it.  I am also researching the Payzant descendants as well.
At the Jess-Payzant family reunion at Port Williams 18-19-20 July 2003, I presented my research of the Jess family of North Kingstown, RI, Falmouth, NS, and Scott's Bay, NS.  If you wish I can e-mail it to you.  As my research of the Jess family progresses, I place a copy in the Kings County Museum.  So far, I have submitted two editions.  The third one may be ready by June 2004.
Allen Jess
Sherwood Park, AB
see /rod8/ben8c141.htm and /rod2004/payzant1.htm etc.................................ROD

Subject: Hobart B. Bigelow
Date: 08 Mar 2004
From:  "Jean A Eichhorn"<  jean0305@comcast.net  >

I am researching my father's family.  I am the only chick from
a second marriage. Although I knew some of the family, we lived in Maine
and they all lived in and around New Haven ... a long trip in the 50's.
In my grandfather's obituary, it says he was "... affiliated with the
Bigelow Company for over 50 years". I know, from my half sister who
actually knew him, that it was Bigelow Manufacturing. I have seen him
referred to as a "secretary" but the wording always makes me thing that
it was more like what we would call a Vice President in charge of "X".

see hob86834.htm for more ..........................ROD

Subject: Ainsworth Bigelow
Date: 08 Mar 2004 
From: Sara Birdsall <sunshine21503@hotmail.com>
My name is Sara and I have been selling items on ebay for awhile now. I came
across a large amount of sheet music with the names Fern and Ainsworth
Bigelow on the front of them.  In the pile of music there was a photo also. 
On the back is said Ainsworth Bigelow-August 1962-61/davenport.

There is a man standing by a boat an the boat numbers are IL 3167 H. I find
this sort of stuff very interesting and we aquired it from an auction not
long ago. I was wondering if this was some sort family pass down or just
something your family had in their possesion and decided to sell.  Could you
please email me back and let me know. I am thinking about keeping it and not
putting it up for sale. Thank you for your help.
Maybe somebody can help here
Subject: Averille, MI
Date: 09 Mar 2004
From: Cory Nimer <milesnimer@yahoo.com>
While doing some genealogical research I have run into
a snag trying to locate Averille, Michigan.
Apparently the town no longer exists, but I found
mention of it in an e-mail posted on your Bigelow
family history site
(http://bigelowsociety.com/rod7/eli72353.htm). If you
could please tell me where it is located, particularly
the county it is in, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your assistance.
Cory Nimer
I can't find it either...............ROD

Subject: Mary (8)
Date: 13 Mar 2004
From: TMatthew <kmcg1@prodigy.net>
this was where I was headed!
PS.... I'm enjoying reading about the Bigelows. Mary Armstrong, wife of Hiram Bigelow was a sister to my ggg grandmother. Especially appreciate the pictures!
see /rod8/mar8831b.htm .......................................ROD

Subject: Guy Marcellus
Date: 21 Jan 2004
From: Henry McDonald <henrymc@mindspring.com>
I saw your webpage on Guy Marcellus Bigelow. You indicate that he married
(second marriage) Mary McDonald, but have no further info on this couple. I
am descended from Mary's brother, Henry McDonald (1858 - 1934), and have
info on Mary's and Guy's children. Guy Marcellus Bigelow and Mary McDonald
(12/14/1861, NYC - 1915, ?) were married on March 16, 1886 and had the
following children:
Louise Bigelow (?-?)
Dennis Bigelow (?-?)
Cecil T. Bigelow (?-?)
Henry Bigelow (?-?)
Donald Asa Bigelow (9/30/1898, Colchester, CT - 6/3/1918, France, WWI)
see /rod8/guy82389.htm .for more..................................ROD

Subject: Bigelow inquiry
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 13:29:13 -0600
From: "Witty, Neal" <neal.witty@h-gac.com>
This is a longshot, but I am trying to get information on a high school
friend that died on 10/28/94, Brian Bigelow. We lived in Missouri City Texas
when I knew him. He may have lived in the adjacent Houston Texas after
p.s. it might actually be a 10/31/94 death, per Texas Harris County death
records I ran across
nothing yet......................................................ROD

Subject: Cecil J. Bigelow
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 01:48:03 -0500
From: richard biglo <brricard@glen-net.ca>

I am searching for a Cecil J. Bigelow who lived in St.Thomas,Ontario.Canada.
The last known address I have on Cecil is:
Box 2004,
This address is from 1976 and I guess many things could have happened to
him in the time span.
I would appreciate any information,from him or wife,Children or
Grand-Children.Does  concern an important family matter.Please put his in
the FORGE also.
Thank You,
>Richard Bigelow
>Box 747,
nothing yet......................................................ROD

From: "Jim Tilley" <tilleyjim0809@hotmail.com>
Subject: Bigelow Family research
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2004 17:26:21 -0800
I was surfing through the net and came up with your web site for the BIGELOW Family. I am a descendant from Mary WARREN and John BIGELOW through Joshua BIGELOW, through Eleazer BIGELOW, through Joshua BIGELOW, through Eleazer BIGELOW, through Dr. George BIGELOW, through Lyman Goodale BIGELOW, through Ada Lilas BIGELOW, through Dee Lawrence TILLEY to me.  Would you be able to help me with dates etc..?
Jim Tilley
20416 125th st ct. east
Sumner,Wa  98390
see /rod7/lym74328.htm .....................................ROD

old family friends of poultney bigelow the avinoffs and shoumatoffs of napanoch
"He Who Stands Firm" <hewho.standsfirm@verizon.net>
Thu, 11 Dec 2003 01:53:14 -0500

My father and mother often talked of Poultney and somewhere I have a black and white of him in his homberg on the porch and a note congratulating my mother on her engagement. They were part of that crew that included claudia lyons, frank seamann of yama farms, mark miller,my uncle andrey avinoff and his sister elizabeth shoumatoff both artists and george innes jr of cragsmore it sounds like and from many photos i have that they had a roaring good time on a higher level often
Nicholas A. Shoumatoff
see /rod8/poultney.htm ...............................ROD

Dad 2000
Mr. Roger Lynn Bigelow
July 02, 1917 - November 26, 2003
Bigelow, Roger, 86, of 147 Marconi Ave., Bristol, husband of Ruth L. (McGee) Bigelow died Wednesday, November 26, 2003 at Plainville Healthcare Center, Plainville. Born in Dannemora, NY on July 2, 1917 a son of the late John and Pearl (Hoff) Bigelow he lived in Bristol for several years. He was a corrections officer for the State of NY for 36 years retiring in 1976. He was a US Army Veteran of WWII and a 31 year member of the BPOE #1010 and a 57 year member of the American Legion. Besides his wife he leaves one son Roger Jon Bigelow "Rod" of Chazy Lake, NY, three daughters Sheri Thompson of Bristol, Kandi Banko of Wallingford, CT and Kelli Klemonski also of Bristol; a sister Ruth Banks of Fountain Valley, CA, 11 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. The funeral will be held Saturday 2 pm at DuPont Funeral Home, 25 Bellevue Ave., Bristol, with Rev. Dr. Mark Hansen, Pastor of St. John’s Episcopal Church officiating. Visitation will be Saturday 1 hour before the service at the funeral home. Burial will be at the convenience of the family in NY.
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Subject: More On Hiram Rollin & Carolyn Bigelow Descendants
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 11:51:03 -0500
From: "Richard M. Anderson" <randers@comcast.net>
 Dear Mr. Bigelow,
How have you been?  I want to thank you for the opportunity to submit information about the descendants of Hiram
Rollin & Carolyn Bigelow (see: http://bigelowsociety.com/rod/mar79a53.htm ).  Just a few days ago,  a couple that live
in Theodore & Charlotte (Anderson) Rollins old house in Wellesley, MA. came across the Bigelow website & contacted
me! They gave me some useful information & hoped that I had old photos of their house. They're in the midst of
restoring it.
Now I have some new information about Leighton Rollins (copied from my website about Anderson ancestors &
descendants. It's http://home.comcast.net/~randers/Andersons.html )  and a typo that I discovered . It turns out Leighton
was married & had two step-children (see new info.below). The mistake is Theodore Rollins' year of death mentioned
 in the first sentence of  "The Technology Review--News from the Classes" that you posted for me- 1909 should be
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