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16355.15     Chandler Butler 7 BIGELOW, son of  Otis 6 ( Otis 5 Asa 4, Lieut. John 3, Joshua 2, John 1) , and Henrietta (BUTLER) BIGELOW, was born at Colchester, New London, CT on 14 May 1801. He married (1) on 28 March 1824 Amanda Wright who was born in New Haven, CT on 11 July 1805. She died in Bergen, NY on 26 December 1830 and he married (2) on 06 October 1834 Mary Walker Fulton. Chandler was a blacksmith by trade, but later became a farmer. He resided many years in Bergen and was State Loan Commisssioner. In 1852 he moved, with his family, to Dundee, Monroe, MI where he resided until his death there on 27 November 1872.

Children of Chandler and Amanda (Wright) Bigelow, born at Bergen, NY:

16355.151t    Horace Otis, b 17 March 1826; d 14 Aug 1904 Salt River, Isabella, MI; m (1)14 Oct 1847 Adeline S. Phillips, 2 children, (2) 06 April 1853 Mary E. Phillips 5 children and (3) in 1894 Lizzie Wing, 3 children; =10 children.

16355.152     Andrew Chandler, b 19 March 1828; d 21 Sept 1852 (aged 24) Sylvania, Lucerne, OH; m Maria Cosgrove; in l850 was of Jackson, MI; no children.

16355.153     Barton Bartlett, b ca 1829; d 07 Oct 1881 Heads Prairie, TX; m (1) Ann Daily and (2) Catherine E. Stough; we have no record of the 7 children he is said to have had by 1880. (see below)

16355.154t    Frances Amanda, b 24 Nov 1830; d at Poland, Chautauqua. NY; m 05 Oct 1859 Anson Smith; 2 children.

Children of Chandler and Nellie Walker (Fulton) Bigelow, all but the two youngest born at Bergen, NY:

16355.155     Olney Bacchus, b 09 Jan 1836; d 16 April 1847 (aged 11). 

16355.156     George Henry, b 09 Jan 1838; d 01 Dec 1900 (aged 62) .

16355.157     Mary Louise, b 15 Oct 1840; d 18 May 1855.

16355.158     Helen Josephine, b 24 April 1844; d 28 Oct 1852 (aged 8).

16355.159     Emma Gertrude, b 14 June 1846; d 09 Jan 1848.

16355.15A     Charles Franklin, b 19 May 1849; d 19 Jan 1922 Dundee, Monroe co, MI; m 13 Oct 1875 Mary Potter, b 24 Aug 1854 Walworth. NY; d 1942 (aged 8788) Dundee, Monroe County, MI. (see below)

16355.15B     Eva Gertrude, b 04 July 1852 Dundee, MI; d 18 Sep 1920 (aged 68)Dundee;

16355.15C     Harlow Church, b 04 March 1855 Dundee, MI; d 19 Oct 1926 (aged 71) Dundee, MI;(Harlow attended Barton's wife Catherine's  Funeral in Texas 1937)

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume. II page. 254;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
New Note2:
Hello, cousins.

This one is for Charles F. Bigelow, Dundee, Michigan, son of Chandler B. Bigelow and Mary Walker Fulton.  I am still hunting for obits for Chandler. 
I have transcribed the wills of Chandler's daughter Frances Amanda Bigelow Smith, and the wills of her grand-parents, Deacon Benjamin and Susannah Wright who mention Chandler B. as son-in-law.  The will of Chandler B. himself should be here next week. I am still looking for the proof that Chandler was son of Otis Bigelow, Jr. and Harriet Butler (Henrietta).  This a Mayflower line to John Howland and John Tilley.  (The things one does for one's grandchildren!)  I cannot find a record of the marriages, or the births of Chandler and Otis, Jr.  Do you have any clues about what does exist? 
Sarah Sully
Obituary for Charles Franklin Bigelow

Dundee Reporter, Dundee, Monroe County Michigan, 1922
Charles Franklin Bigelow was (torn) in Bergen, Genesee county, New (torn) May 19, 1849, and departed th (torn) Jan. 19, 1922. He came to Du (torn) Mich., with his parents May 1 (torn) which has been his continuous (torn) since that date. He attended district school until 18 years of age and followed the vocation of teaching winters and farming in the summer until the spring of 1903, when he was elected supervisor of Dundee township, which position he resigned to accept the appointment of R, F, D, mail carrier No. 1, the first out of this office. This work was followed continuously for nearly 15 years.
Mr. Bigelow was united in marriage at Petersburg, Mich., Oct. 13, 1875, to Mary Ann Potter, who survives him, together with one adopted daughter, (name omitted for privacy concerns), Of his father's family of 12 children, but one remaining, H. C. Bigelow of Dundee.
The subject of this sketch has been an ative member of Thomas Lodge No. 211, O. O. O. F., since Sept. 15, 1898. Also Maple Encampment No. 65 and the Rebecca Branch of the order nearly as long. He was made a Mason Mar. 2, 1909, in Dundee Lodge No. 74, F. & A. M., and served that body as secretary for 11 consecutive years.
His life work will live after him and speak in a language more eloquent than words of his loyalty to his country, faithfulness to his friends, devotion to his family and fraternity to his fellow man. He passed to his reward calmly and peacefully at the close of a long and busy life, as the birds of the air furl their wings at evening and flutter to their haven of rest.
Charles Franklin Bigelow was born in Genesee county, New York, son of Chandler Butler Bigelow and Mary Walker Fulton, who were married in Genesee County. Chandler's first wife was Amanda Wright, daughter of Deacon Benjamin and Susanna Wright, originally of Guilford, CT.
Siblings of C. F. Bigelow include:
(half-sibs) Horace, Andrew, Barton and Frances Amanda.
(full sibs) George, who lived to maturity and Olney, Mary, Helen, and Emma who died young.

New Note:
Subject: Pictures from the past
Date: 21 March 2004
From: Lisa Grandowicz
To make a long story short, I became the custodian of a turn of the century photo album from my grandmother who passed in December of year 2003.  I believe they are Bigelows.   My objective is to share these photos with someone who is truly interested in their Bigelow (from the same line) lineage. From a document I also received from my grandmother (from a Mrs. E.L. Bigelow Fairbanks, AK) we are descendants from Sarah, second wife of Jonathan Bigelow (Lt.).  Anyway, continuing down the chain to Chandler Bigelow, to son Charles Franklin Bigelow (married Mary Potter, Oct. 13 1875) who moved to Dundee Michigan and that's where our story begins. Apparently a Daniel Buck's wife died, leaving him with 13 children. He put them up for adoption and Charles and Mary adopted a less than a year old girl who was named Mabelle Gertrude.  She in turn married Arthur Hanson and had 12 children of her own, of which my grandmother Doris was the eldest.  My grandmother was very close with her grandmother (Mary Bigelow) and sometime in her 91 year life received this photo album from her grandmother. There is very little signage in the albumn itself.  There is a postcard type picture sent from a studio in Marion, NY....(Mary Potter Bigelow was born in Walworth, NY) and a newspaper picture from Dundee Michigan May I have no clue whether these are Bigelows or Potter family pictures....probably a combination of both.  For all I know, my great grandmother is one of the children featured in the book. So my question is.....whom do I contact to see if anyone can make heads or tails of this album......I don't want this lost (or it's heritage) in the years to come, when I pass..... Regards,

Lisa Grandowicz

Posted by: Sarah Sully     
Date: August 20, 2000 at 16:39:17
Amanda Wright's lineage is as elusive to me today as it was to my great-grandfather well over 50 years ago. Can anyone
suggest a way to find her parents? She was born in Guilford, New Haven, Connecticut, 11 July, 1805.
Subject: OOPS
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 21:43:45 EDT
From: Sarah Sully
I have not finished page on Frances Amanda 8........................ROD
That's Frances Amanda, daughter of "Charles" Butler Bigelow and Amanda Wright.  She was one of my Gr Gr Grandmothers.  My mother told wonderful stories about her, and my second granddaughter is named Frances Amanda.
Dear Rod,
Bless you for the website.  Through the years, it has been invaluable to me.

Although the only known photo of Chandler Butler Bigelow  is "safe" at my daughter's house, I think it wise to spread digital images of it around.  One is now at the Historical Society in Dundee, Michigan, but I would be much happier if you would accept a copy too.    
I also have photos of Frances Amanda (Bigelow) Smith as a young woman, 1855 or so, and shortly before her death in 1903, which I would be happy to send. 
I have now transcribed the will and inventory of Chandler Butler Biglelow.  It is posted at the Bigelow Message Board at Rootsweb. posted below:
I, Chandler B. Bigelow, of the Township of Dundee in the County of Monroe, and state of Michigan, being of sound mind do declare this to be my last will and testament.
1st. I give and bequeath to my three children by my first wife Amanda five dollars each. To Horace O. Bigelow five dollars, to Barton B. Bigelow five dollars, and Frances A. B. Smith formerly Frances A. Bigelow five dollars.
2nd. I give and bequeath to my son George Henry Bigelow his heirs and assigns the undivided one third of my farm situated in the Township of Dundee in the County of Monroe and State of Michigan, recorded and described as follows, to wit, North by section twenty-three and twenty four, East by east half of Section twenty-five, south by the river Raisin and lands of Calkin & N. Bishop, and West by lands of N. Bishop and River Raisin, on Section twenty-five and Township Six and Township Six South of Range Six East containing one hundred and fifty eight acres more or less together with all the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining to have and to hold the undivided one third of the premises above described to the said George Henry Bigelow his heirs and assigns forever.
My other children by my present wife Mary to wit Charles ( ), Eva ( ), and Harlow C. Bigelow I leave to the care and protection of their mother Mary Bigelow my present wife.
I give bequeath and devise to my wife Mary her heirs and assigns the undivided two thirds of my farm on which I now reside situate in the Township of Dundee in the County of Monroe and state of Michigan, recorded as follows to wit, on the north by Sections twenty-three and twenty-four, South by lands of Calkins and N. Bishop and the River Raisin, West by the River Rasisin and land of N. Bishop on Sections twenty-five and twenty-six on Township Six South of Range Six, East containing one hundred and fifty-eight acres more or less together with all the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appurtaining to have and to hold the undivided two thirds of the above described Premises to the said Mary Bigelow her heirs and assigns forever.

I give and bequeath to my said wife Mary after the foregoing bequests are paid and my debts and funeral expenses are paid All of my personal property moneys credits and effects of whatsoever kind or nature.
I hereby appoint my son George Henry and my wife Mary sole executors of this my last will and testament revoking any former will by me made.
In witness whereof I Chandler B. Bigelow have to this my last will and testament consisting of one sheet of paper subscribed my name and set my seal this 24th of November AD 1872.
Chandler B. Bigelow
Subscribed by the testator in the presence of each of us and at the same time declared by him to be to us rto be his last will and testament and thereupon we at the Request of the Testator sign our names hereto as witnesses this 24th day of November AD 1872. Dundee Monroe ....

Inventory. County of _______ (Monroe)
A ____ and Perfect Inventory of all the Real Estate, Goods and Chattels, Rights and Credits of Chandler B. Bigelow late of Dundee in the County of Monroe, deceased, which are by law to be administered, made by
Mary Bigelow and George Henry Bigelow Executrix and Executor of said deceased, --- That is to say:

Land situate in Dundee Monroe County Mich Bounded North by sections twenty-three (23) and twenty-four (24) East by Est half of Section Twenty-five (25) South by lands of Caulkins & Bishop and River Raisin West by land of Bishop and River Raisin on Section Twenty-five & Twenty-six (26) in Township South of Range Six East Containing one Hundred and fifty eight acres more or less $6320.00.

Personal Household goods 400.00
1 organ 150.00
Notes, moneys and credits 700
13 Milch cows $30-- 390.00
2 calves 15.00
3 sheep 15.00
6 hogs 60.00
1 team of mules 250.00
1 team of horses 400.00
20 tons of hay 200.00
40 bush of wheat 60.00
1000 bush ears of corn 200.00
300 bush of oats 75.00
50 bush of Potatoes 40.00
1 mowing machine 40.00
Sulky Hay Rake 30.00
1 _____ Mill 10.00
1 buggy 75.00
1 light wagon 50.00
1 lumber wagon 50.00
1 lumber wagon, old 15.00
1 pair of bob sleighs 20.00
1 light sleigh 15.00
2 buffalo robes 20.00
1 sawing machine and horse (?) 50.00
straw and corn stalks 50.00
3 harrows 15.00
2 cultivators 5.00
1 double harness 20.00
1 double harness old 5.00
45 fowles 10.00
All other farming tools not Enumerated 50.00
4 plows 20.00
Total of personal Property $3505.00
We the Undersigned Appraisers, Appointed by the Judge of Probate for the County of Monroe _____the foregoing Warrant, having first taken the oath prescribed by law for the faithful discharge of that trust under each appointment, do hereby certify that we have truly and justly estimated and appraised the goods chattels and effects of Chandler B. Bigelow late of Dundee in said County, deceased, as exhibited to us, and comprised in the foregoing Inventory, according to the best of our skill and judgment, as the respective sums placed opposite each item therein mentioned.
Dated January 4th 1873.
H. Watling (signature)
A. Wilkins (signature) Appraisers.
State of Michigan,|
County of Monroe | ss. Probate Court for said County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Chandler B. Bigelow Deceased.
George H. Bigelow, one of the executors of the last will and testament of said deceased and one of the Administrators of the Estate of said ________deceased, personally appeared and made oath that the foregoing is a true and perfect Inventory of all the Estate of said deceased that hath come to his hands and knowledge; and that if he shall hereafter become posesses of any further assets belonging to the Estate of said deceased he will give it into the Probate Office of said County to be of record herewith.
Sworn to and Subscribed before me, this 28th }
day of March A. D. 1873. }
George H. Bigelow
Otis A. Critchell Judge of Probate. 
Having made contact with another of Chandler's descendants, I was particularly unhappy about not being able to attend the reunion in Traverse City this year, for which my newly found cousin was the hostess.  Oh, well.  Maybe next year. 
Keep up the good work.
Sarah Sully

CHANDLER Butler Bigelow became CHARLES Butler Bigelow on page
Many thanks for the GREAT site.  Sarah Sully
I corrected Charles to Chandler and moved to /rod7/ directory........................ROD

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