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16321.68         John Spencer 7 Bigelow, son of John 6 ( John 5 , John 4, Lt. John 3, Joshua 2, John 1) BIGELOW and Temperance (SPENCER) BIGELOW, was born at Colchester, New London, CT on 14 March 1807. He married on 11 November 1829 Caroline Amanda Wells, of Haddam, CT. She was the daughter of Asa and Betsy (Treadway) Wells and was born on 12 February 1810 at Colchester. In 1833 this family moved to Napolis and in 1837, to Conewango, Cattaraugus, NY where he died on 26 March 1866. She was living in 1879.

Children of John S. and Caroline (Wells) Bigelow:

16321.681t    John Wells, b 05 Nov 1830 Colchester; d __ ; m 0l Jan 1852 Laura P. Wood; 1 child. (Wells J. Bigelow, born Nov. 5, 1830, married Laura P. Wood, and has one daughter, Caroline A. (Mrs. Franklin C. Burt). Mr. Bigelow owns and operates the Axeville cheese factory, which was built in 1870 by Morgan L. Worden.) (see below)

16321.682t    Emmaria, b 15 April 1833; d_____ 11 Oct 1853 James N. Burt; 2 children.
16321.683     Harriet EIiza, b 22 March 1836 Napolis.
16321.684     Francis Asa, b 15 May 1838 Conewango; d 15 June 1838 Conewango.
16321.685     Lydia Antoinette, b17 Sept 1839 Conewango; d __ ; m 1869 George E. Seager; no children.

16321.686     Mary Jane, b 05 July 1841 Conewango; d __ ; m 23 Nov 1864 Thaddeus Smith; 2 children, Frank, Ralph - no data.

16321.687t    Francis Marion, b 29 Jan 1846 Conewango; believed to have married and had 2 children.

16321.688t    Charles Asa, b 30 Oct 1849 Conewango; d 1895 Rugby, Benton, ND; m 01 Jan 1872 Ella (Van Delia) Van Slyke; 3 children.
16321.689     Hannah Amanda, b 13 March 1850 Conewango.

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By WILLIAM ADAMS, pub 1893
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John S. Bigelow was born March 14, 1807 He married Caroline A. Wells and his children were Wells J., Emmaria, Harriet, Antoinette L., Mary J., Charles A., Francis M., and Amanda H. Mr. Bigelow died March 26, 1866. Mrs. Bigelow survives and lives with her daughters Amanda and Harriet.

Wells J. Bigelow, born Nov. 5, 1830, married Laura P. Wood, and has one daughter, Caroline A. (Mrs. Franklin C. Burt). Mr. Bigelow owns and operates the Axeville cheese factory, which was built in 1870 by Morgan L. Worden.

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John Bigelow, grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was of Scotch descent, and was born in the State of Connecticut, Dec. 8, 1767. He married Miss Temperance Spencer, Sept. 29, 1791, and in that year settled in Colchester, Conn. In 1833 he removed to Copake, NY, where his wife died in 1834. In 1835 he moved to Connewango, Cattaraugus Co., and settled upon a farm where he died, April 14, 1844, having married Mrs. Mary G. Kelly in 1836, who was the daughter of W. Dudley and Sally Noyes, of Leon, NY. She died Jan. 17, 1865. 
     Mr. Bigelow was many years a Baptist minister, and always a strong pillar in that church. He helped to organize the First Baptist Church in his town. He was familiarly known as Deacon Bigelow. He was a man of earnest piety and great worth. His son, John S. Bigelow, father of Wells J., was born in Colchester, Conn., March 14, 1807. In 1833 he removed to Napoli, and in 1837 settled in Connewango, where he died, March 26, 1829 he was married to Miss Caroline A. Wells, a lady highly esteemed, who was born in Colchester, Conn., Feb. 12, 1810, and is now living in Connewango. Her father, Asa Wells, was born in Colchester, Conn., and died in Middle Haddam, in 1834. His wife, Betsey Treadway, was born in Colchester, Conn., and died in 1838. 
     Wells J. Bigelow, whose portrait may be seen upon another page of this work was born in Colchester, Conn., Nov. 15, 1830, and came with his parents to this county in 1833. Jan. 1, 1852, he married Miss Laura P. Wood, a lady of much worth, daughter of Gaius and Julana M. Wood. Gains Wood was a son of Gen. Seth Wood, who was born in Woodstock Vt., and came to Connewango in 1822, settling on lot 15. He removed to Ravenna, Ohio, in 1832, where he died in 1842. His wife, Priscilla Randall, was born in Woodstock, Vt., and died in Connewango, NY, in February 1853. Gaius was born in Woodstock, Vt., Sept. 25, 1802. In 1821, he came to Connewango. In 1826 he went to Jefferson Co., NY, where he remained until 1832, when he returned ton Connewango. He removed to Kirtland, Ohio, in 1837, thence to Missouri in 1838, and to New Hartford, Ill., in 1839. The same year he removed to Connewango, where he died, Oct. 15, 1876. He was married Nov. 9, 1827, to Miss Julana M. Brown of Watertown, NY. Her grandfather, Elijah Fields was a Revolutionary soldier during the entire war. He was of English descent, and born in Connecticut. After the close of the war he settled in Woodstock, Vt., and in 1806 he removed to Watertown, NY, where he died. His daughter, Philena Fields, mother of Julana M. Brown, was born in Woodstock, Vt., Aug. 29, 1786, and married to Robert Brown, of Watertown, NY, Feb. 23, 1808, who died Oct. 31, 1810. May 11, 1811, she was married to Felix, a brother of Robert Brown, who died Jan. 2, 1822. In 1823 she married George Frisbee, of Watertown, NY. They moved to Connewango, NY in 1832, where they both died, Mrs. Frisbee April 13, 1864, and Mr. Frisbee Feb. 25, 1868. Julana M. Brown, daughter of Robert and Philena Brown and mother of Mrs. Wells J. Bigelow was born in Watertown, NY, June 1, 1809, and died in Connewango Jan. 23, 1872. Carrie J. Bigelow, daughter of Wells J. and Laura P. Bigelow was born in Connewango, NY, July 10, 1867.
     Mr. W. J. Bigelow received a good common-school education, and pursued the business of farming until six years ago, since which time he has been engaged in operating factories for the manufacture of butter and cheese, owning the factories, and receiving the milk of one thousand cows. He is a master of his business, and is considered on of the best factory-men in the county. He is through and methodical in his business, and has the entire confidence of the people as being strictly honorable in all his dealings. 

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