Charles Asa 8 BIGELOW

Eva D.Bigelow age 18, Hattie Bigelow age 8, and Mrs C.A. (Ellen) Bigelow pic.taken 1893

16321.688         Charles Asa 8 Bigelow, son of John Spencer 7  John 6( John 5 , John 4, Lt. John 3, Joshua 2, John 1) BIGELOW and Caroline (WELLS) BIGELOW, was born at Conewango, Cattaraugus, NY on 30 October 1849. He married on 01 January 1872 Ella (Van Delia) Van Slyke (pic above) at Stockton, Chautauqua co, NY. She was born 15 March 1851 Ellicottville, NY, dau of Andrew and Eleanor (Green) Van Slyke. They resided at Pleasant Lake, ND. Charles died 1895 Rugby, Benton co, ND. Ella died in 07 August 1915 at New Rochford, ND.

Children of Charles. and Ella (Van Delia) (Van Slyke) Bigelow:

16321.6881    Eva D. (Evangeline), b 16 Nov 1874 Sinclairville, Cattaraugus co., NY; d 15 Apr 1960 Portland, Multnomah co, OR; m 01 Jan 1903 Fred Lane ELY; child Charles Bigelow Ely age 5 in 1908; (pic above)(see below)

16321.6882t    John Spencer , b 30 June 1879 Sinclairville, Cattaraugus co., NY; d 16 Oct 1946 Rugby, Benton co., ND; buried Rugby, Benton co., ND; m 06 May 1913 Sally Angeline Thompson; 6 children;

16321.6883     Harriet Louise (Hattie), b 06 Mar 1885 Sinclairville; d ___ 1898 ; (age 8 in 1893);(pic above)

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Subject: Bigelow  Photographs
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 13:27:03 -0600
From: Bob Schmeling <   >
My name is Bob Schmeling, I found some old pictures at an antique shop in Newport, Ore. on the coast.They had the  following names on them Eva D.Bigelow age 18 Hattie Bigelow age 8 and Mrs C.A. (Ellen) Bigelow pic.taken 1893 the other picture had the following Charles Bigelow Ely age 5 and Irene Herndon Bigelow age 4 this picture was taken in Rugby, North Dakota in 1908. I thought maybe I could re-unite them with  family.
Bob Schmeling

Charles Bigelow Ely age 5; Irene Herndon Bigelow age 4; 1st cousins Picture taken in 1908 in Rugby, ND.
(Irene, daughter? of John Spencer Bigelow)
16321.6881    Eva D. 9 (Evangeline) Bigelow, dau of Charles Asa 8 ( John Spencer 7 , John 6, John 5 , John 4, Lt. John 3, Joshua 2, John 1) BIGELOW and Ellen (VAN SLYKE) BIGELOW, was born 16 Nov 1874 Sinclairville, Cattaraugus co., NY. She married on 01 January 1903 at Rugby, Pierce co, North Dakota, Fred Lane ELY. He was born at Center, Ralls co, MO on 04 January 1869 and died 16 July 1917 at New Rockford, Eddy co, ND. He and Eva are buried in Persilla Watts cemetery, Rugby, ND. Eva died 15 April 1960 at Portland, Multnomah co, OR.
Children of Fred and Eva D. (Bigelow) ELY:

16321.68811   Charles Bigelow 10 ELY, b  28 Oct 1903 Rugby, Pierce co, ND; (child pic above) d 24 July 1985; m 07 Sept 1929 Jean Hutchinson (she b 30 Dec 1904 at LaMoure, LaMoure co, ND; d 29 July 1970 at Eugene, Lane co, OR); Both are buried in Williamette National cemetery, Portland, Multnomah co, OR. child:

    a. Fred Hutchinson Ely, b 24 Mar 1934 Portland,, OR; d 29 May 1996 Otis Lincoln co, OR; buried at Williamette National cemetery, Portland, Multnomah co, OR.; m twice child:

        1. Charles Allen Price ELY, b 12 Mar 1958 Wichita Sedgwick co, KS; still living.

 Thanks to Charles Allen Ely, , who identified photos from my Bull Board post as his family. He also supplied copies of photos above and further info.

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