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15198.132    John Allen 8 BIGELOW, son of Jotham 7 ( Abel 6 , Josiah 5 , Jotham 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Esther Susan (MONTAGUE) BIGELOW, was born at West Bloomfield, Oakland, MI on 16 September 1839. In the Zion church at Pontiac, MI, he married Isabel Whitehead - 24 May 1864/6. She was the daugher of Almaron and Ann (Mais) Whitehead and born at Waterford, MI on 07 June 1844. John Allen served in the Union Army during the Civil War (see below) and lost an arm as a result. He was also wounded four times. At the close of the war, he was appointed postmaster at Birmingham, MI until 1884. He was elected County Treasurer from 1885 to 1889. Both died at Birmingham - she on 25 March 1925 and he on 04 October of the same year.

Children of John A. and Isabel (Whitehead) Bigelow, all born at Birmingham:

15198.1321t    Mortimer Osborne, b 05 Nov 1870 Birmingham, Oakland County, MI; d 11 Dec 1934 (aged 64) Imperial Beach, San Diego County, CA; m (1) 1899 Martha Agnes Hennessy (1871-1901), m (2) 1909 Elizabeth Simpson; res. NY; 1 child.(see below)

15198.1322t    Bertha Alliene; b 24 June 1875 Birmingham, MI; d 10 Nov 1963 (aged 88) Royal Oak, Oakland County, MI; m 25 Sept 1902 Irwin R. Neff; res. Birmingham; 2 children. (see below)

15198.1323t    Elizabeth Eloise "Bessie", b 25 Nov 1879 Birmingham, MI; d 14 Feb 1979 (aged 92) ; m (1) 1910 Timothy Reynolds Donovan (1867-1931), m (2) John Graham (1905-1986); 2 children. (see below)

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II , p 335;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;
Correspondence between Bigelow Society historian/genealogist and family members.
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     Captain J. Allen Bigelow, a Civil War veteran and grandfather of the late TV personality Mort Neff, was instrumental in obtaining the Confederate cannon which was supported on a custom made cement base. The cannon was melted down during World War II, but the cement base can still be seen on the BIRMINGHAM HISTORICAL MUSEUM's lawn at the corner of Southfield and Maple. It is very obvious since it still bears a "FORT MORGAN" inscription.
From: Michigan Volunteers 1861 -1865:
     Bigelow, John Allen, East Bloomfield. Enlisted in company G. First Cavalry, as Bugler, Aug. 13, 1861, at Pontiac, for 3 years, age 22. Mustered Sept. 7, 1861. Paroled prisoner. Honorably discharged at Washington, DC, June 16, 1862. Re-entered service. Enlisted in company A, Fifth Cavalry, as Bugler, Aug. 26, 1862, at East Bloomfield. Mustered Aug. 26, 1862. Cheif Bugler Nov. 1, 1862. Honorably discharge to accept promotion Jan. 25, 1864. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, company E, Aug. 18, 1863. Mustered Jan. 26, 1864. Wounded in action at Winchester, VA, Sept. 19, 1864. Commissioned First Lieutenant Oct. 27, 1864. Mustered Dec. 19, 1864. Brevet Captain, U.S. Volunteers, March 13, 1865, for gallant and meritorious services during the war. Honorably discharged for disability April 5, 1865, on account of wounds received in action. Present residence Birmingham, Mich.

John Allen Memorial
Greenwood Cemetery; Birmingham, Oakland County, MI

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Isabel Obituary

Mortimer Morty Memorial
                                                                                                           Holy Cross Cemetery; San Diego, San Diego County, CA
15198.1321t    Mortimer Osborne, b 05 Nov 1870 Birmingham, Oakland County, MI; d 11 Dec 1934 (aged 64) Imperial Beach, San Diego County, CA; m (1) 08 Feb 1899 Martha Agnes Hennessy in Manhattan, NY, NY(1871-1901), m (2) 1909 Elizabeth Simpson; res. NY; 1 child: Catherine Bradley Bigelow, b 18 Nov 1901 Manhattan; d. 19 Feb 1997, Spokane, Spokane, Wash; m. Dr. Josef William Rochlitzer, Esq, b. 09 Dec 1888, Gratz, Styria, Austria; d 26 Oct 1948, Goleta, Santa Barbara, CA

Bertha Mem  Irwin
Bertha (Bigelow) and Irwin Neff   Greenwood Cemetery; Birmingham, Oakland County, MI

15198.1322t    Bertha Alliene; b 24 June 1875 Birmingham, MI; d 10 Nov 1963 (aged 88) Royal Oak, Oakland County, MI; m 25 Sept 1902 Irwin R. Neff; res. Birmingham; 2 children: Mortimer Allen “Mort” Neff and Irwin Hoffman Neff Jr.
Bertha Obit

Bertha Bigelow Donovan Marriage 1

15198.1323t    Elizabeth Eloise "Bessie", b 25 Nov 1879 Birmingham, MI; d 14 Feb 1979 (aged 92) ; m (1) 1910 Timothy Reynolds Donovan (1867-1931), m (2) Graham John Graham (1905-1986); 2 children.

Eliz memDonovan mem Graham mem
                                                 "Elizabeth Graham"                                           "Timothy Donovan"                                                               "Graham J. Graham"
Elizabeth and Graham buried in Greenwood Cemetery; Birmingham, Oakland County, MI   Timothy buried St. Mary's cem. Lynn, Essex County, MA

From: John W. Coumoundouros  < >
I am researching the history of our subdivision here in Waterford, Michigan. A vital part of that history is the first and second owners of the farm that became the sub. Almeron Whitehead was the first resident of the farm. One of his daughters married John Allen Bigelow, who not only was a civil war hero but was said to own a dry goods store.
     The second owner of the farm, George Henry Kimball, was from the Boston area. Mr. Kimball speaks in his autobiography about working in a dry goods store in the Boston area owned by a Bigelow as a young man in the 1865 era. I am wondering if there is a connection here between Mr. Kimball and perhaps a relative of John Allen Bigelow who owned the store in Massachusetts?
Here is the relevant section of my history regarding John Allen Bigelow and Isabel Whitehead for your review. Please let me know of any errors!
Isabel Whitehead Bigelow—June 17, 1844 – March 25, 1925

Isabel married John Allen Bigelow on May 24, 1864.  Chapman writes: “John Allen Bigelow had few educational advantages in his youth. He lost the use of his left hand as a carpenter and then embarked in a mercantile business for himself. The following August, the martial spirit of his Revolutionary grandfather, and his own loyalty and patriotism induced him to dispose of his store and to enlist in Company G, 1st Reg., Michigan Vol. Cav., then forming, going out as bugler.
“Mr. Bigelow remained with his regiment until the retreat of General Banks down the Shenandoah Valley. On May 23, 1862, he was made prisoner. After 10 days, however, he managed to escape and with 72 companions captured a train and ran it from Martinsburg to Harper's Ferry. This action caused their arrest by order of General Crawford, and they were sent to Washington. There, discipline was somewhat relaxed, and the party was detailed to go to work on fort building.
“This, however, did not appeal to Mr. Bigelow's sense of right, and he protested, successfully, that he had entered the army as a cavalryman, and was sustained in his contention by Secretary of War Stanton, being honorably discharged June 16, 1862. On the 13th of the following August, Mr. Bigelow re-enlisted, entering the 5th Michigan Reg., Vol. Cav., under the name of John Allen, and in the following November was made chief bugler. In the spring of 1863, the famous Michigan cavalry brigade was formed, and in June, General Copeland was relieved and General Custer placed in command. From this time on until his final discharge, Mr. Bigelow (Allen) participated in all the hazardous campaigns in which his regiment won glory, and he was the first man to use a sabre, the incident taking place June 30th at Littlestown, Pennsylvania. On August 8, 1863, his gallantry was rewarded by promotion to the rank of lieutenant and until April 1, 1864, he was engaged in recruiting. On May 4, 1864, he crossed the Rapidan in advance of his brigade, and this event inaugurated the Wilderness campaign[1]. General Sheridan oversaw the cavalry at Petersburg. In August 1864, it will be recalled, the cavalry corps was sent to the Shenandoah Valley against General Early; in the charge at Opequan, a bullet struck Lieut. John Allen (Bigelow), which shattered his left elbow bone, necessitating a field amputation, an operation of such anguish that we, of these days of merciful anesthetics, shudder to recall. This injury kept the brave soldier at Winchester until Christmas, 1864, and then he came home, only to endure a second and, later, a third operation on the remains of his once strong left arm. Indeed, during the never-to-be-forgotten winter of 1864-65, the poor lacerated stump was in such a condition that the artery would not grow together, and for 50 agonizing days and nights, the artery was held by faithful friends, to prevent the suffering patient from bleeding to death. However, Nature finally came to his relief, and the arm, although it still does and always will trouble him, has not interfered with his successfully holding many offices of trust and responsibility and his filling them with the same fidelity with which he served his country on the battlefield.
He was wounded five different times but never consented to leave his regiment until the injury just mentioned. Among the many adventures in which he displayed personal bravery was one night when, in company with Lieut. Percy Leggett[2] (Mortimer Leggett’s brother), he recrossed the Rappahannock River and brought some prisoners from General Hood's army. Lieut. John Allen (Bigelow) was discharged April 15, 1865, having taken part in 84 battles and skirmishes with the Michigan Cavalry Brigade.”[3]
At the close of the war, John Bigelow was appointed postmaster of Birmingham, Michigan. He was elected County Treasurer from 1885 to 1889.[4]  He will become executor of Almeron’s estate in 1883.
     John and Isabel’s son, Colonel Mortimer O. Bigelow, graduated from West Point and was commanding officer of 164th Depot Brigade at Funston Kansas in August 1917.[5] He served in World War One and ultimately retired from the U.S.  army.
     Isabel's grandson, Mortimer "Mort" Neff (1903-1990), was the original host of "Michigan Outdoors", a popular Detroit area TV show.
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