Abel 6
Franklin Cemetery; Franklin, Oakland County, MI

15198.1    Abel 6 BIGELOW, son of Josiah 5 ( Jotham 4, John 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Sarah (CULVER ) BIGELOW, was born about 1780 in Guilford, Windham county, VT; the birth was not recorded. About 1800 the family removed to Pompey, Onondaga county, NY, where the father and older sons soon cleared up a large tract of land. However, the parents died within a few years. Abel was married, circa 1803, to Sarah Clark, her parents and exact birthdate unknown. Judging from the 1850 census, she was born about 1778 in MA. They lived a number of years at Manlius, Onondaga county, then removed to Batavia, Genesee county, New York. Just before 1820, they moved again, to Sandwich, Ontario, where the last child was born. About 1825 they next pushed onto MI and took up land in Franklin township, Oakland county. There they remained until their deaths. A good vein of clay was found on the farm, and Abel Bigelow and sons formed Bigelow Clay Products, a brick-making business that was in the family over 4 generations. According to their headstones, Abel died Apr 1846, Sarah in Aug 1853.

Children of Abel and Sarah (Clark) Bigelow:

15198.11t    Townsend Bigelow, b ca 1800; d 1867 Scipio twp, Hillsdale co, MI; m Diana Conklin  (b 1802; d 20 Feb 1876); one child known: George Washington Bigelow, b 1844 Scipio twp; d ____ ; m Maria ___ ; child George M; ( Bobbi Boyd, claims Townsend was son of Abel and Sarah Clark, listed in 1850 census, but not listed in Howe's book. Obit Forge Jul 2015 V 44 No 3 of Louis Bigelow,  (1937-2015) in Oklahoma City, OK, he was grandson of George M. Bigelow) (see below)

15198.12t     Lucy, b 4 Feb 1804 Manlius, NY; d 22 June 1894; m Jerrod Stocking. 11 children.

15198.13t     Eliza Ann, b 28 Oct 1806 Manlius, NY; d 23 May 1898 Wichita, KS; m (1) in Canada, Hugh Malcolm, and (2) 1 Mar 1830 James Markle. 7 children.

15198.14t     Jotham Richardson, b 07 Feb 1808 Manlius, NY; d 27 Jan 1876 Williamston, MI; m 23 Jan 1835 Susan Esther Montague. 6 children.

15198.15t      Sarah Clark, b 09 Sep 1809; d 16 Mar 1905 (aged 95) Southfield, Oakland County, MI; m 24 Feb 1830 Joseph Merwin Irish. 5 children.

15198.16t      Mary, b 18 Aug 1813 Batavia, Genesee co, NY; d 22 Apr 1878; m 17 Aug 1834 Ariel Levi Benjamin; res Farmington, MI. 5 children.

15198.17t      Electa, a twin, b 29 Sep 1816 Batavia, NY; d 01 Jan 1900 Oakland county, MI; m ____ Bentley Sabin. 5 children.

15198.18t      Lura, a twin, b 29 Sep 1816 Batavia, NY; no death date; m 12 Nov 1834 Eldad Smith; res Oakland co. 4 children.

15198.19t      Levi Houghton, b 02 July 1817 Batavia, NY; d 26 Sep 1887 Conway twp, Livingston co, MI (near Fowlerville); m (1)1 Nov 1840 Susan Mary Capen; (2) 2 May 1878 Eliza Mathews; res Fowlerville, MI. 10 children.

15198.19At      Thomas Allen, b 19 July 1820 Sandwich, Ontario; d 17 May 1883 West Bloomfield, Oakland co, MI; m (1)16 June 1844 Sarah Benjamin, and (2) 09 Sep 1849 Tryphena Malcolm (daughter of Hugh Malcolm and his wife Eliza Bigelow--15198.12). 16 children.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I , p 225-226;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America; page 182-183;
cemetery records Oakland county, MI;
Livingston and Oakland county, MI marriage records;
LaVerne Brown, The Abel Bigelow Line.
(Much of the data on the above 9 families of Abel 6 was collected by a descendant of Abel's son, Levi. LaVerne Brown, of Detroit Conservatory of Music, was so impressed by tales of his family's pioneering days that he spent his spare time interviewing and researching. In the 1930's, he distributed a mimeographed booklet to all of his relatives, in which he also related their ancestry on several lines. These manuscripts are still extant around the family and it is from them that we have collected dates, corroborating them from tombstones, county records, etc. since Brown's book, written strictly for the family, had no proof-of-date, so necessary to the genealogist. It is regrettable that LaVerne Brown left few places of death among his records).
Notes 2022 from Bigelow World:
I have seen a Bigelow Family book in the genealogy research library. My friend found it online also and I was able to look through it page by page. I am very frustrated though because I have a 3Xgrandfather that is not in the book. My family wrote his story when his son was alive. Townsend Bigelow showed up in the 1850 census but he was born in 1800. His parents were Able Bigelow and Sarah Clark, supposedly. I have found them, but Townsend is not listed as a child.
I am on Family Search but haven't found anything about Townsend on there. The family biography I have that was written by Townsends' granddaughter is pretty detailed but I just can't find anything in print before the 1830 census. I even found the wedding announcement for Townsend and Diana: "Albany New York Gazette" on Friday, June 9, 1826.. Bobbi Boyd
In my data base I have Townsend Newkirk Bigelow B 1800 in Michigan who was the oldest child of Abel and Diana H Conklin. He was the oldest of 10 children. Abel parents were Josiah Richardson Bigelow 1754-1803 and Sarah Culver 1758-1806. Abel was one of 9 kids. I have what I think is the family line back to John 1: Kenn Bigelow

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Sometime ago, I visited your web site and learned that
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What am I doing wrong?
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I shall refer him anyway to your web site, but I am curious
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