The Bigelow Plantation

of Floral Bluff

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Main business district of Arlington, looking west..circa 1920. Arlington Ferry or Bigelows??

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15336.43      Robert 7 BIGELOW, was the son of  Benjamin 6 ( Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Eunice (AIKEN) BIGELOW, was born 17 October 1797 at Norfolk, Litchfield, CT. He was a graduate of Yale and moved to VA sometime after, for a short time, and then to GA where he engaged in teaching. A move to Jacksonville, FL saw him engaged in the mercantile business. He served as QM in the Seminole War, purchased two plantations on the St. John's River, a slaveholder that treated his slaves kindly and humanely. He took no part in the Civil War, but was a strong southern man in principles. His opinions, regarding law and public affairs, were highly regarded. Prior to his death, he resided on his plantation on the East side of the St. John's River, known as Floral Bluff. He had married, on 03 April 1832 Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Broadalbane, a Florida native, born 12 December 1805. He died 03 April 1868 near Jacksonville:
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This is a map of Arlington/ Floral Bluff area. There is at least 1 error pointed out by a past resident of the area:
"Bigelow's" notation is in the wrong spot. This is the Arlington Ferry Dock.
The Bigelow Ferry Dock is the one labeled "Floral Bluff"

The original site of the Bigelow Plantation house is marked by an "X"
cemetery by "OVAL"; there was a path from house to cemetery, but little remains
There is also little left of the Bigelow Ferry Dock, just a point of land with an old trailer
and houseboat at the end of the road.

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