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15336.43      Robert 7 BIGELOW, was the son of  Benjamin 6 ( Paul 5 , Cornelius 4, Samuel 3, Samuel 2, John 1) and Eunice (AIKEN) BIGELOW, was born 17 October 1797 at Norfolk, Litchfield, CT.
There is an interesting oral history about Jacksonville that mentions the Bigelow Plantation:
Arlington is an eastern suburb of Jacksonville that includes Floral Bluff
There is more history of Jacksonville including cemeteries and houses including Robert Bigelow at:
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Methodist Church (arl8b.jpg)

     About 1873 a church colony was established at what was called Arlington Bluff. but it was a sectarian resort for only one denomination with the promoters in New Jersey and due to its exclusiveness it ended as such organizations usually do.
A little later another church colony was started at Egleston, it also failed probably from similar causes together with its extreme civic restrictions. About the same time a settlement was begun at Floral Bluff and all were welcome regardless of creed or wealth and as the motor boat begun to be considered a feasable and reliable means of communication that community grew and is now a prosperous village though considered in the same community as Arlington.
     The principal impetus that caused Arlington to grow to the prosperous conditon which we residents are pleased to think it enjoys now, was the organization of the Alderman Realty Company, their purchase of the Richard Mill Grant and sub-division of it into building sites and inducing home builders to live thereon. The Company was organized in 1913 when not a house existed on the area of their purchase of 1,100 acres but up to date there has been many score built and equal progress has been made on adjacent sub-divisions, all of which, however, we consider as belonging to the same community.
     Among the activities of the Alderman Realty company was the establishment of a ferry with Jacksonville which affords a sure and convenient fifteen minute service across the river.

Bridge near Gilmore (arl9.jpg)

     There never has been an "Arlington Boom" nor has it ever been advertised except to a slight extent when the site was first surveyed. Whoever lives here now or ever lived here has done so from unbiased choice, the only appeal being the physical advantages of accessibility and healthful location. Dissatisfied or discontented people are not desired for they do not make good citizens and the owners of vacant property have refused to sell to such.
The most advance :n the upbuilding of this locality has taken place within the last five years, all by steady and unsolicited growth The comparatively rapid advance has been caused primarily by the ferry passing out of the hands of the original company into the control of an indidual, at present. The Arlington Ferry and Land Company: of which A. C. Macy is General Manager.
     The facilities consists of ferry landin,..zs at the foot of Beaver Street in Jacksonville and St. Johns Street in Arlington. Two ferry boats capable of loading eight automobiles at a time. each, and making fifteen minute schedule. The river crossing is one and one fourth miles, and during the pleasant summer evenings affords a delightful recreation trip.

Several good hard surfaced roads have been constructeel.'Rl~he connecting the ferry landing with the noted Atlantic Beach Highwa3

Looking East from near ferry. (arl7a.jpg)

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