16251.2     James 6  BIGELOW, son of  James 5 ( James 4 , Jonathan 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Mary (SAWYER) BIGELOW, was born in Templeton, MA 1 Jan 1766. With his parents and family he migrated to Maine's Kennebec Valley after the Revolutionary War. He cleared a farm in the wilderness, settling at Skowhegan, Somerset county, ME. He married, circa 1796, Betsy Davis. We do not have their dates of death, but it was before 1850, and James spent his last days in the home of his son Amasa.
1790 census: ME-Lincoln-Skowhegan-James Bigelow: 1-0-0-0-0.

Children of James and Betsy (Davis) Bigelow, all born Skowhegan,Somerset co, ME:

16251.21t    Joshua Cushman, b 15 Dec 1797; d 9 May 1887 Norridgewock, ME; m (1)7 Oct 1823 Eliza Pishon, and (2)26 Aug 1833 Thankful Bowden; farmed at Norridgewock. 13 children.

16251.22t    Amasa, b 22 Sep 1799; d 3 June 1871 Skowhegan, ME; m, unknown date, Mary Davis. 2 sons.

16251.23t    Mary, b 5 May 1801; d l9 Jan 1830 St. Albans, ME; m Mar 1827 Joseph Merrill; res St. Albans. 2 children.

16251.24t    Susan, b 29 Dec 1803; d ____ 1891 Bloomfield, ME; m 22 June 1826 Sullivan Lothrop; res Bloomfield. 11 children.

16251.25t    James, b 18 Mar 1805; d 12 Feb 1873 St. Albans, ME; m Louisa Abbey; res St. Albans 13 children.

16251.26t    Joanna, b 21 Sep 1808; d 25 Dec 1876 St. Albans, ME; m (1) __ Hawes, and (2) Israel Vining; res St. Albans.
 Total of 5 children.

16251.27t    Jonathan, b 17 Oct 1811; d __ July 1868 Kansas Terr; m ____ 1832 Melissa Abbey; they lived St. Albans, where his first wife died 1853; in 1855 he took the 2 youngest children and moved to KS. He served in the Civil War, and died as a result of his wounds. 12 children.

16251.28t    Betsey, b 23 Aug 1814; d after 1889 St. Albans, ME; m 20 Oct 1835 Jabez Foss; res St. Albans. 6 children.

16251.29t    Sarah, b 20 Dec 1817; d 1 Jan 1877 St. Albans, ME; m Ira Atwood; res St. Albans. 4 children.

16251.2At   Hannah, b 27 Apr 1820; d 25 Apr 1882 St. Albans, ME; m 25 Mar 1840 Seth Emery. 7 children.

16251.2B     Louisa, b 20 Jan 1824; d 20 Sep 1850 St. Albans, ME; m 28 July 1850 Amasa B. Pratt-16251.95. No issue.

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Big Soc errs in assigning 16225.2 for James;
Howe, Bigelow Family of America;  page 244-245;
Bigelow and Knowles, History of St. Albans, ME;
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From: "Dick Bigelow" <  bigelow@pivot.net  >
Rod,  I was going through some old papers that had accumulated in my truck and found a slip of paper from a day when my wife and I had gone to my fathers grave in Skowhegan.  We came across a few gravestones with "Bigelow" on them and wrote them down, knowing that my family had come from that area.  We figured someday we would be able to work them into my genealogy. Some of them were in the line you sent me.  Some I have no idea.  I am sending them to you and maybe they will make some sense to you.
James (5)Bigelow d 1829 (this matches James 5 )
Robert Bigelow 1900-1966
Forest Bigelow 1808-1904
Rosco G. Bigelow 1867-1937 (w) Carrie E. 1869-1959 (this matches 16251.2771, son of Wilson 8 )
Levi (?15251.A)'s wife Sally d 1886 (yes this matches this Levi 6 )
Charles d 1853
Amasa Bigelow (this could be Amasa 7 , son of James 6 )
Benjamin Bigelow (this could be Benjamin Flagg 8 (1839-1919)
Vincent Bigelow (this could be son of Benjamin; (1872-1872) 16251.A11)
Charles Bigelow
Ephrim and Sally Bigelow (this could be Ephraim (7) )
Hannah 6-13-1794 to 9-4-1855 (this is Hannah 7 , dau of George 6 )
We plan on going back to Skowhegan and checking out some of these and looking for others. We really didn't have much time that day so we didn't get to look over the whole cemetary or write down some of the dates.  I will let you know when we find any more.   Dick

New Note:
From: Aimee Bigelow   < sea_aggie96@yahoo.com >
Date: 07/07/05
We were up in the South Side Cemertery Skowhegan doing some looking and came across the following
In a rather large grouping are the following graves 
Levi (6) Bigelow died July 2 1868 aged 86 yrs
his wife Sally died March 13 1886 aged 92 yrs 11 m 13 d
Their children:
Charles died 31 Dec 1853 aged 26 yrs 6m 4 days
Charolette E (not K) wife of Deacon Joseph Robinson born Dec 23 1824 Died Aug 1 1903
Frances wife of Clarendon Flagg born Feb 7 1834 died Feb 25 1920
Amasa  Bigelow born Sept 22 1799 died June 3 1871
his wife Mary born April 21 1809 died Dec 13 1902
thier son Corporal Amasa Bigelow Jr 3rd ME INF Co C
Ephraim (7) Bigelow died Nov 16 1890 age 76
his wife Sarah B Flagg died Dec 19 1896 aged 80 yrs
their sons Benjamin F born Dec 20 1839 Died Dec 31 1919
and Charlie died July 24 1855 aged 10 m 21 days
also Grandson Vincent son of Benjamin and Sarah R Bigelow died Aug 10 1872 aged 3m 24 days
I hope this helps those who are looking to fill in the holes
A. Bigelow

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