George 6 BIGELOW

 16251.3     George 6  BIGELOW, son of  James 5 ( James 4 , Jonathan 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Mary (SAWYER) BIGELOW, was born 17 Jan 1768 at Templeton, MA. With his parents he came to Skowhegan, ME at a time (circa 1781) when the Kennebec Valley was unbroken wilderness. He married, at unknown date, Mary Clark, of whom we have no information. They lived in the township of Bloomfield, ME, where he died 22 May 1855, "an honest and upright man."
1790 census: ME-Lincoln-Skowhegan-George Bigelow: 1-0-0-0-0.

Children of George and Mary (Clark) Bigelow, all born Bloomfield, ME:

16251.31     Hannah, b 13 June 1794; d 4 Sept 1855 ; m William Weston; res Bloomfield, ME. (headstone:Hannah 6-13-1794 to 9-4-1855)

16251.32     Mary Sawyer, b June 1796; d ____ ; Oliver Goodrich; res Clinton, ME.

16251.33t    Aholiab, b 1 July 1798; d ____ 1859 Buda, IL; m Rebecca Bray.

16251.34t    John E., b 19 Mar 1800; d ____ ; m Cynthia Hopkins; res Corinna, ME.

16251.35t    Abraham, b 12 Aug 1802; d ____ ; m Lydia Knowles; res Corinna, ME.

16251.36t    Joseph, b 13 May 1804; d ____ 1884; m Laura Russell; res Skowhegan, ME.

16251.37t    George, b 28 May 1806; d after 1888; m 17 June 1830 Martha King Boardman; res Skowhegan, ME. 8 children.

16251.38t    Josiah, b 13 Aug 1808; d __ Oct 1888 Burnham, ME; m Susan Perkins; res Burnham, ME.

16251.39t    Benjamin F., b 6 July 1812; d ca 1896; m Louisa Herring; res Neponset, IL

16251.3At   Hiram, b 3 Apr 1816; d 12 Feb 1892 Oatville, KS; m 13 Jan 1848 Harriet McPeters; res Oatville, KS. 4 sons.

16251.3Bt   Nathan, b Sept 1818; d __ July 1855 Bloomfield, ME; m Sophronia Richards; res Bloomfield, ME.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume I page 317;
Big Soc errs in assigning 16225.3 for George;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America;
1850 census ME;
correspondence with descendants.
From: "Dick Bigelow" <  >

Rod,  I was going through some old papers that had accumulated in my truck and found a slip of paper from a day when my wife and I had gone to my fathers grave in Skowhegan.  We came across a few gravestones with "Bigelow" on them and wrote them down, knowing that my family had come from that area.  We figured someday we would be able to work them into my genealogy. Some of them were in the line you sent me.  Some I have no idea.  I am sending them to you and maybe they will make some sense to you.

James (5)Bigelow d 1829 (this matches James 5 )
Robert Bigelow 1900-1966
Forest Bigelow 1808-1904
Rosco G. Bigelow 1867-1937 (w) Carrie E. 1869-1959 (this matches 16251.2771, son of Wilson 8 )
Levi (?15251.A)'s wife Sally d 1886 (yes this matches this Levi 6 )
Charles d 1853
Amasa Bigelow (this could be Amasa 7 , son of James 6 )
Benjamin Bigelow (this could be Benjamin Flagg 8 (1839-1919)
Vincent Bigelow (this could be son of Benjamin; (1872-1872) 16251.A11)
Charles Bigelow
Ephrim and Sally Bigelow (this could be Ephraim (7) )
Hannah 6-13-1794 to 9-4-1855 (this is Hannah 7 , dau of George 6 )

We plan on going back to Skowhegan and checking out some of these and looking for others. We really didn't have much time that day so we didn't get to look over the whole cemetary or write down some of the dates.  I will let you know when we find any more.   Dick

Subject: Family tree
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001 23:46:37 -0500
From: Elaine A Sortors <   >
I am researching my family tree and cannot find any information on my relative Augustus Sidney Bigelow.
He was born August 24, 1848 in Skowhegan, Somerset, Maine.
He was married to Eudora Mary Pine on December 25, 1876.
He died September 4, 1934 in Live Oak, Sutter, California.
If you have any information on this person, would you please share it with me.
Thank you,
Elaine Sortors
possible grandson of George (6) above............................ROD

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