16251.34      John E. 7 BIGELOW, son of George 6 ( James 5 , James 4 , Jonathan 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Mary (CLARK) BIGELOW, was born at Bloomfield, Somerset, ME on 19 March 1800. There is a bit of confusion about his marriage(s). Howe states that his wife was Cynthia Hopkins, (born ca 1797; died 31 July 1825 in the 28 year of her age, leaving 2 children and John (see above). His wife is listed as Mary on 1850 census leading to the possibility of him being married twice or an apparent error by the census taker. We have no data on that marriage or that of Cynthia (Mary) except she was born 1804 in ME. John was a farmer and this family lived in Corinna, Penobscot co, ME.
(Lucinda's mother, Polly Bunker Bigelow. Her name was probably Mary and she may have been the daughter of Enoch Bunker) (see below)

Children of John E. and Cynthia (Hopkins) Bigelow, all born Penobscot co, ME:

16251.341     Clarissa, b ca 1822.

16251.342     Emily, b ca 1828?. (see below)

Children of John E. and Polly (Bunker) Bigelow, all born Penobscot co, ME:

16251.343     Cynthia, b ca 1830.

16251.344     Mary, b _ Jan 1832; d ca 1857?; m Isaiah Burgess? (see below).

16251.345     John, b ca 1835; m Aggie _____

16251.346     Lucinda, b 1 June 1836 Corinna, ME; d ___ ; m 07 Dec 1859 Harrison Mower of Dexter; (see below)

16251.347     Arthur, b ca 1840. 

16251.348     Almira, b 02 May 1850. ( Almira A., b 02 Mar 1850; d 13 Nov 1926; m 24 Dec 1866; Charles Nelson Knowles;  4 children.) (see below)

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 214;
The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume I;
Howe,Bigelow Family of America, page 246;
1850 census ME.
Posted by: Jeanne Wright
Date: January 29, 2001 at 17:56:01
Does anyone have any information on the birth date and place, and the parents of John E. Bigelow who was the father of Lucinda Bigelow of Corinna, ME? Lucinda was b June 1, 1836.
Also looking for Lucinda's mother, Polly Bunker Bigelow. Her name was probably Mary and she may have been the daughter of Enoch Bunker. Lucinda was born June 1, 1836 in Corinna and married to Harrison Mower of Dexter on Dec. 7, 1859.
Thank you so much for sending this info through. I think we have to surmise, that John E. Bigelow remarried to a "Polly." I have been in touch with Gil Bunker, who has all the Bunker history though, and he says there aren't any Bigelow's in the Bunker line. I'm not sure what to think. The Corinna town office records states "Bigelow, John and Polly", with the 4 children I gave you before. At least your posting has given me the ancestors for John E. Bigelow and I'm grateful for that. Did you know there was a silver mine on the family farm in Corinna? John E. Bigelow, in a deed dated May 26, 1842, gave a perpetual lease to a John Reed for $1000 for 999 years to mine the silver there, if they wanted to start a company. In your info to me you noted that John, b. ca 1835, m. Aggie. That should be Abbie F.
I should note that the birthdate for Lucinda has been given in different places as June 1, 1836 and June 1, 1837. Would you like further information on Lucinda and her family? I have pictures of her and of her husband in his Civil War clothing and also copies of  letters they wrote before and after the Civil War. They only had one daughter and that child only had one daughter (my grandmother). We have diaries written by both the daughter and the granddaughter. My grandmother kept diaries all her life and she died a few days short of becoming 99 years old. Her mother died at age 93. I'm hoping for their good genes. Again, thanks.
I went to the Maine State Archives again yesterday to try to figure out who John E. Bigelow's wife was.  As a reminder, I am looking for Polly Bunker. Your records have Cynthia Hopkins. I again found the town records on film that John E. Bigelow and Polly had the four children I gave you.  The earlier record I had I got while at the Corinna Town Office.  They match.  There was no record of marriage in Corinna for John E. Bigelow, but town records didn't start until 1816 when the town was incorporated.  I didn't  find any Hopkins family.  I did find in that record, however, that Lucinda Bigelow was born June 1, 1837, not 1836.  I have had that conflicting information for a while and am glad to have the correct date confirmed.  Further, I found a picture of her gravestone which indicates the year 1837.
     I know I've already asked for your help, so if you see anything that can clear up why verbal history indicates Polly Bunker as John E. Bigelow's wife, but you have Cynthia Hopkins I would appreciate it.  Remember that I also have their names (John E. and Polly) on two deeds, although she is of course shown as Polly Bigelow.  Perhaps John E. married Cynthia first and then Polly?  I see that you show 8 children for John E. and Cynthia.  Do you think that perhaps some of them were Cynthia's and some of them Polly's?
     I have a copy of a letter from John E. Bigelow to his daughter Lucinda in Lawrence, MA when she and her husband Harrision Mower were there both working in the factories.  They were trying to raise money to buy their farm in Maine.  (They went out one noon and got married and went back to work -- as stated in a letter home from Harrison to his mother.)  The letter from John was written July 28, 1861 from Corinna and addressed to "Absent Daughter".  He signed it "J E Big".  John discussed the "...terrible rejoicing by the Rebil party round hear by the defeat of the union forces at Bull Run in Virginia  I hope soon that there rejoicing will turn to mourning for there lost Brother Rebils"  Harrison returned to Maine and joined Co. G. of the 9th Maine Regiment on Sept. 19, 1861.  He was in the service for 3 years and re-enlisted on 9/17/61.  He mustered out for the last time 7/13/1865.   Luckily we still have his original records.
     Lucinda followed him again when he went to Lawrence, MA to the factories again after the war, and then up to St. John, New Brunswick to work in the factories there.  He finally settled on the family farm around 1877.
Subject: Knowles Updates
Date: Sat, 02 Jun 2001 11:05:14 -0400
From: Carl D Smith <  >
 I'm new at genealogy, but the following dates appear in the Descendants of John Knowles 1660-1978. 

16251.348     Almira A. Bigelow, b 02 Mar 1850, d 13 Nov 1926, Corinna, ME; m 24 Dec 1866 Charles Nelson Knowles;

4 Children: Knowles all born in Corinna

1.  Albert Charles Knowles, b 24 June 1869; d 05 Nov 1943 Corinna; m 29 Mar 1893 Susan E. Wheeler, Dexter, ME; 

2.  Harvey E. Knowles, b 27 Oct 1876; d._ July  1940; m 24 June 1902 Ollie J. Morrissey; .

3.  Mary E. Knowles, b. 08 Apr 1879;  m 14 Sept 1897 Robert R. Palmer

4.  Mabel Knowles. b 06 Sept 1886, m Richard Ober.

No information on Frances Bigelow. 
Edwin b. 20 Feb 1840. 
George Gilbert b. 20 Mar 1851.
16251.35  Abraham m 6 May 1839, Lydia Knowles b. 8 May 1811
   ch.  16251.351  Edwin b. 20 Feb 1840
          16251.352  George Gilbert b. 20 Mar 1851

Carl Smith, Corinna, ME

Subject: Mary Bigelow
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008 16:03:13 EST
Can you tell me any thing of Mary Bigelow wife of Isaiah Burgess?  Mary Bigelow b. Corianna ME Jan 1832 and d. ME about 1857.  
I will appriciate any info you can give me.  Thank you,  Marlyn Hudson

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