Wilson 8 BIGELOW

16251.277      Wilson 8 BIGELOW, son of Jonathan 7 ( James 6 , James 5 , James 4 , Jonathan 3, Joshua 2, John 1), and Melissa (ABBE) BIGELOW, was born at St. Albans, Somerset co., ME, on 10 Jan 1842 and married on 27 Sep 1866 to Esther Lathrop who was daughter of Sullivan and Susan (Bigelow) - 16251.24) Lathrop, ended in divorce in 1876.  Esther was born 11 July 1840 in St. Albans and died at Skowhegan, ME in 1933.  He married second on 27 Aug 1882 Lydia A. Morrill, who was daughter of Americus and Sarah (Philbrick) Morrill.  Wilson died at St. Albans on 25 Mar 1904.(R18661)
(see note below)

Children of Wilson and Esther (Lathrop) Bigelow:

16251.2771     Roscoe G., b 21 Apr 1867 Cornville,,ME; d _____ ; m 10 Jun 1893 Carrie ROLLINS-(R25851)

16251.2772     Ruth L., b 08 Apr 1869 Cornville,,ME; d _____ ; m 29 Nov 1894 Edward E. LATTY-(R25853); 2 children

16251.2773     Mildred E., b 20 July 1871 Cornville,,ME; d 22 Jun 1897 Hartland,,ME ; m 1893 F. Parker TURNER- (R25854); 1 son Ellery no details.

16251.2774     Sullivan Lathrop, b 27 Jan 1874 Cornville,,ME (Skowhegan); d 15 Nov 1938 Sherburne,,VT; m 08 Apr 1898 Jennie A. FALKENSTROM-(R25856); 5 children:
    1. James Lathrop BIGELOW-(R33036); was born 3 June 1905 in Branford, CT.  On 18 Aug 1928 he married in Branford, CT Priscilla Linsley who was born 26 Oct 1904 in Branford, CT. Source:  Charles C. Bigelow, brother, 7225 S. W. 53rd Court, Miami, FL 33143,  Sep 24, 1972.  Howe, "Bigelow Family of America".
Children of James Lothrop and Priscilla (Linsley) Bigelow:
      a. James Linsley BIGELOW-33040; b 02 Nov 1931 New Haven,CT;
      b. John Atwood BIGELOW-33041; b 08 Jun 1934 New Haven,CT; married to Elenor Gerber. child: Matthew Karel Bigelow (1956) married to Janet Ann New (1957).  Matthew was
          born in Conneticut, but raised in VT.  (see below)

    2. Charles C. BIGELOW-33034

3. Frank Vining BIGELOW-33035; Frank said his branch of the family went up to the state of Maine, perhaps because his great great great grandfather James Bigelow had been up there with a regiment of the Massachusetts Militia.  James was a Major and his job was to incept the British on their way down from Quebec to attack Fort Ticonderoga and then to NY.  Unfortunately, the "old boy" got lost and climbed up what is now known as Mount Bigelow in Maine to try to find out where the British were.  He took up the rear so they could not retreat back to Quebec and that was the end of the British Army of Invasion.  There is a small town nearby Bigelow Mountain with a population of about 300 (?).  Frank said he had to turn back to find the place because he had gone through the town and didn't know it. One of his family, according to Aunt "Carrie" took off for California and prospected for gold and struck it rich, perhaps he "put it in the Bigelow Bank of Ogden, Utah."  Frank's grandmother had told him of an "Aunt Bell" in Oakland CA. Some names listed in Mother Lothrop and Aunt Carrie's album were: Maxwell; Ford; Aretta Bell; Wing/ Foss; Ladd; Atwood; Chapman and Knowles."
His letter was to Laurel Bigelow Barklow, Rte. 2, Bx. 450, Ontario, Oregon. Source:  Charles C. Bigelow, brother, 7225 S. W. 53rd Court, Miami, FL 33143, Sep 24, 1972.  Howe, "Bigelow Family of America".  Frank Vining Bigelow's letter 6 Feb 1963 to Society.  He became a member of the Sons of the American Revolution in Washington, DC, in Connecticut #4231 through General David Humphrey's Branch.  See DAR Vol 138 #137879.

    4. William Bryant BIGELOW-33038
    5. Mellen Eastman BIGELOW-33037

Children of Wilson and Lydia (Morrill) Bigelow:

16251.2775     Americus, b 21 May 1883 St. Albans,, ME; d _____ ; m 21 Sep 1901 Cora E. ROLLINS-(R25864); Res. Bingham, ME, 2 children.

16251.2776     William Leroy, b __ 1884; d 13 June 1885 St.Albans,, ME;

16251.2777     Vernon A., b __ 1886; d 15 Sep 1896 St. Albans,, ME;

16251.2778     Thomas A., b 11 Apr 1889 St. Albans,, ME; d ____ ; m 06 Apr 1912 Lillian M. CORSON-25865; 1 child.

16251.2779     Clyde W., b 29 July 1891;

16251.277A     Ralph B., b 25 July 1893;

16251.277B     Vivian C., b 18 Apr 1896;

The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II, page 212;
The Bigelow Family Genealogy, Volume II,
Howe,Bigelow Family of America;
Abbe Genealogy; 1913.
Subject: Re: Bigelows in Bingham/Bridgton etc. Maine
Date: Sun, 7 May 2000 21:03:40 -0400
From:  "John & Tanya Underwood" <  ayuh72@midmaine.com  >

     I am searching for Bigelows in Bingham, Bridgton areas, originally from the mountains i.e. Bigelow mountain etc.  were founding family in this area,  Vern Bigelow, Philip Bigelow, Wilson Bigelow, Albert Bigelow (Somerset)Bingham, Me 04920  Bernice, Dorothy, Frances , Roscoe are all from this line of Bigelows I am searching for.
     Thanks for any suggestions where I can find this information.
Sincere Thanks
Tanya (Bigelow) Underwood
Subject: Need genealogy help ASAP!
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 16:45:11 EST
From: Munkyphan@aol.com
 Hello Rod Bigelow,
This is Kristen Bigelow (1983).  I'm trying to research our family tree; I have ALOT of information, but I'm having great difficulty finding out which branch I'm directly related to.  Here is the information I have: My father is Matthew Karel Bigelow (1956) married to Janet Ann New (1957).  Matthew was born in Conneticut, but raised in VT.  My grandfather is John Bigelow (born
between 1934-1938) married to Elenor Gerber.  My Great grandfather is James Bigelow (1905) married to Pricilla Lindsley (1904).  My great grandfather's name is Sullivan Bigelow, I'm unsure of his d.o.b. and whom he married.  I need this information ASAP so I can complete a research project for American History (and also so I will have it on file for future generations).  Thank
you so much, ~Krissy
PS I am unsure of the spellings

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