Albert Smith (Bert) 8 BIGELOW

1555C.113      Albert Smith (Bert) 8 BIGELOW, son of  Horatio Ripley 7 ( Horatio , Abraham 5, Abraham 4, Thomas 3, Samuel 2, John 1 and Anne Lenthal (SMITH) BIGELOW, was born at Boston, MA on 11 February 1846.  (Howe states birth year 1848 but 1850 census states Bert (Albert) to be 4 years of age).  He married Mary DeFord on 04 November 1875 at Baltimore, MD.  She was born 22 April 1852 at Baltimore and died 13 April 1915 at Boston.  He died 17 September 1928 at Cohasset, MA.  Unconfirmed reports state that he was "a copper magnate and made some $25 million in mine speculations" (see below).

Children of Albert and Mary (DeFord) Bigelow:

1555C.1131     Horatio, b 12 Jan 1877 Cambridge, MA; d ____ ; m 03 Aug 1899 Mary J. Reise; 3 sons no data. (probably Horatio, Samuel, and Raymond )(see below)

1555C.1132     William DeFord, b 29 Jan 1878; d ___ 1942; no marriage info.; (Lt. Col. William DeFord Bigelow) 'Overseer' at Harvard and an important member of the Massachusetts Legislature.  

1555C.1133     Albert Francis, b 04 Oct 1880; d 19 June 1958 Belmont, MA; m 18 Feb 1903 Gladys Williams; several children, little data. (see below)

1555C.113?     Nancy Bigelow, b ____ ; d _____ ; m ____ Hudgins; res New Jersey; (see below)    

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Horatio Bigelow married Mary Riese in 1899.  His brother,
Albert Francis was a law partner with Theodore Hoague 1908-1914 with the Boston firm of Warren, Hoague & Bigelow. Theodore Hoague was father of Inquirer, Mrs. Harland W. Huston, 31453 W. Hill road, Hartland, WI 53029, 27 July 1997 to Helena Roth who forwarded it to genealogist.  She also states:
"Because of the "Bigelow House" in Guana and the history of the island, I am interested in learning more about the Louis Bigelow (see below) who developed the island.  I know he is dead and that his widow lives in Florida (27 Jul 1997).  Could you give us his background and tell us how he was able to purchase a whole island and live out his life there?  I have read about mining interests of the Bigelows but have no knowledge of what afforded Louis this wonderful life.  Can you shed any light on this?  (We have friends who also have been to Guana and she is pushing me to find out more about Louis!)
     And another friend is intrigued by the life of the Albert Bigelow, who died in Walpole, MA 1993.  Albert was commanding officer to my friend, (WWII), and he has read a book about the murder of Albert's first wife, Josephine Rotch.  Could you tell me who this Albert's parents were?
    And who was the Bigelow who owned the house which now houses the L'Espalier Restaurant on Gloucester Street in Boston?
     I realize these aren't earth-shaking questions but would appreciate any information you can give.
Helen Huston  Phone 414-367-6453
Fax:  414-367-2595
Mrs. Harland W. Huston, 31453 W. Hill Road, Hartland, WI 53029
More on Horatio:
Subject: Horatio Bigelow

Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 10:46:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Paul Chase < >
Dear Rod. Bigelow,
I came across you name on the Internet. Please forgive my intrusion.
I  seek biographical information on one Horatio (nmi) Bigelow born of wealth in 1877 in Massachusetts.  I am not related to the Bigelow family.   This Horatio was, in his time, a very well known writer - considered one of the best - of sporting literature (hunting [mostly] and fishing) with 4 books to his credit. My purpose in obtaining information is simply to write an article about this gentleman, whom I very much admire, in one of the sporting publications.
A handsome and distinguished gentlemen, he graduated Harvard in 1899 after attending Milton Academy and was employed for about the next 12 years (or longer) in the Norwich-Montville area of eastern Connecticut as a railroad superintendent.  I suspect he had a son (also Horatio) who attended the Norwich Free Academy for two years before his family moved south around 1917. Subsequently, he moved to Palymyra, Virginia where he lived at his estate, 'Glen Burnie.' Subject Horatio married May (or Mary).  He had a sister, Nancy Bigelow Hudgins of New Jersey. There were 2 brothers, one being Lt. Col. William DeFord Bigelow, b. 1878, d. 1942, 'Overseer' at Harvard and an important member of the Massachusetts Legislature.  
I suspect that various interested people, over the years, have sought info. on this gentleman without much success (that I'm aware of).
I very much appreciate any leads that you may have at your disposal.
Thank you.
Very truly yours,
Paul Chase
Montville, CT
More from Paul:
Re Horatio Bigelow 1555C.1131 b.12 Jan 1877. His son, Horatio, had at least one sibling, Samuel, as noted in former's book, Gunnerman, published in 1939. In the reading of Bigelow's books, I also discovered that Horatio, born 12 Jan 1877, had three sons:  Horatio, Ray (Raymond?) and Sam (Samuel), Horatio being the youngest.
Paul Chase

Rod Notes:
In the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mt, NY, there is a large hunk of copper from the Bigelow mine  located somewhere in Northern NY State.
The Louis Bigelow mentioned above was Louis Kimball 9 Bigelow (15591.8632), son William Reed 8 Bigelow
.....................ROD 2007

Subject: Albert Smith Bigelow
Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 20:02:19 -0400
From: Melissa Burrage <  >

I'm interested in Albert Smith Bigelow, but I am not able to get into your
page.  Could you recommend other places where I could find information on him?
Thank you.  Melissa

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