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1555C.1      Horatio 6 BIGELOW, son of Abraham 5( Abraham 4, Thomas 3, Samuel 2, John1 and  Hepsibeh ( JONES ) BIGELOW, was born 30 May 1790 at Cambridge, Middlesex county, MA. He graduated from Harvard in 1809 and studied law, after which he worked on a Boston newspaper. He married, circa 1812 (marriage notice listed in Columbian Centinel, issue of 12 Dec 1812), Anna Maria Ripley, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Conkling) Ripley. She was born 1794 at Sag Harbor, Long Island, NY. She died 14 June 1816, also at Sag Harbor. Horatio then left Massachusetts, and is next found on the 1820 census at New Orleans, LA. His children had been left in the care of his grandparents in MA. In a note to J. Sibley at Harvard University, his son stated that Horatio died in March of 1824 in Louisiana. (see below)

Children of Horatio and Anna Maria (Ripley) Bigelow:

1555C.11t     Horatio Ripley, b l3 Nov 1813 Cambridge, MA; d 25 Oct 1888 Boston. MA; m 10 Nov 1840 Annie L. Smith. 6 children.

1555C. 12     John Ripley, b ca 1815 (bapt 30 July 1821 at Cambridge, age 6 yrs); d 28 June 1836, aged 21, Cambridge, MA; unmarried. 

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History notes from internet:
     Dissatisfaction over the "concession" of Texas to Spain precipitated the last major filibustering expedition to attempt to establish a Republic within Spanish Texas. With financial backing from the uncle of his wife, Gen. James Wilkinson, Col. Dr. James Long of Natchez, a former U.S. Army surgeon in Carroll's Brigade in the War of 1812 under Gen. Andrew Jackson, raised arms and followers with the objective to establish a Republic of Texas by connecting with insurgents in Mexico which could be used as a base of solidifying independence in the whole of Mexico. Long, an idealist experienced with the futility of war and violence for greedy ends, was a man of some means and staked his entire fortune on the venture. Soon after the war he met and married Miss Jane Wilkinson with whom he retired to his plantation at Natchez. Through presumably Wilkinson associations he became very familiar with the earlier experience and fate of Phillip Nolan and directly with individuals having an active familiarity with Texas. The group is thought to have been encouraged by General Andrew Jackson and others in high echelons of the USA government, although official policy of the United States was neutrality in regard to Spain. A force of near 300 occupied Nacogdoches, then troops were spread with outposts from there to the coast and a government was established on 23 Jun 1819 with Long as President and Commander of the Army.
     Among his "Supreme Council" of advisors were Stephen Barker, Horatio Bigelow, John G. Burnet, Hamlin Cook, J. Child, Peter Samuel Davenport (photo left), Pedro Procello, John Sibley (photo below from Lindenwood College), W.W. Walker, and Bernardo Guti�rrez, former commander of the Republican Army of the North. In addition to Long, Vicente Tarin, former Commandant of the Second Flying Company of Alamo de Parras and anti-Spanish resistance leader in Texas, was a signatory to Dr. Long's Declaration of Independence where he is identified as "Secretary."
     Horatio Bigelow was a newspaper man who edited the Nacogdoches Texas Republican in 1819, was captured with James Long and other members in 1821.  He later returned to Nacogdoches, where he worked with the Nacogdoches Mexican Advocate.
     Dr. John Sibley (1757-1837) was U.S. Indian agent for the Orleans territory between 1805 to 1814.  He is credited with maintaining US-Indian relationships friendly to the United States from the Sabine River to Matagorda Bay.  Consequently, he was an object of intense observation by Spanish authorities. His correspondence with Thomas Jefferson and the US government departments as well as to US newspapers were rich with information on Texas in the period and is credited with shaping US government policy.  He operated from his long time home in Natchitoches and participated with Long Expedition in Texas.

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