# 16228.      Joel 5 son of Benjamin 4 (Jonathan 3, Joshua 2, John1) and Love (WOOD) BIGELOW, was born 10 June 1747 at Weston, Middlesex, MA. He married, circa 1775, Abigail CALL (or McCALL), daughter of James CALL. She was born 14 January 1757. A descendant writes: "She was one of the first Methodists in VT, a model wife and mother, and an intelligent excellent woman." The Call family is supposed to be one of the Scots-Irish families of Presbyterian faith who moved from Northern Ireland to New England 1718-1725. Joel Bigelow settled in Springfield, VT where he lived several years. About 1791 he moved to Salisbury, Addison co, VT where he gave a deed to Abel JOHNSON, dated 16 January 1793. He met with an accident that crippled him for life, and in this condition was thrown from a horse and killed in March 1815. His widow went to live with her son Levi in Bowmanville, Ont, and died there 02 May 1849, aged 92 years.

1790 census: VT-Addison-Salisbury-Joel Bigelow: 1-4-5-0-0.

Children of Joel and Abigail (CALL) BIGELOW are:

16228.1        Hannah, b 04 Sept 1776 Springfield, VT; d 2 Mar 1849 Jefferson, Richland co, OH; m 16 Dec 1801 Timothy EVARTS; 13 children

16228.2        Abigail, b 16 Mar 1778 Springfield, VT; d 05 Oct 1851 Unadilla, MI; m (1) Joseph OSYER, by whom 7 children; and m (2) Josiah TUCKER.

16228.3        Joel, b 13 Nov 1779 Springfield, VT; d 27 Jan 1806 Newmarket, Ont; m 31 Oct 1802 Cynthia FISK; 2 children.

16228.4        Martha, b 03 May 1781 Springfield, VT; d 25 June 1861 Schroon, NY; m 30 Oct 1796 Ebenezer FISK; 13 children.

16228.5        Betsey, b 21 Dec 1783 Springfield, VT; d 09 Feb 1866 Malone, NY; m 03 May 1812 Joshua SEAVER. 6 children.

16228.6        Benjamin, b 14 Feb 1785 Salisbury, VT; d between 1851-1861 Charlotteville, Ont; m (1) 04 May 1805 Sarah Kise BELDING, by whom 3 children; div, and m (2) Hannah ___ , by whom 3 daughters. Shoemaker by trade. His Canadian citizenship papers, dated at Charlotteville, leave no doubt as to his identity.

16228.7        Levi, died young.

16228.8        Levi, b 18 Dec 1788 Salisbury, VT; d 22 Dec 1869 Port Hope, Ont.; m 29 Mar 1807 Margaret KILBREATH; 9 children.

16228.9       James Call, b 07 Aug 1790 Salisbury, VT; d 12 May 1879 Bangor, NY; m 16 Jan 1823 Lucretia FRANK; 7 children.

16228.A      Sarah, b 06 July 1793 Salisbury, VT; d 14 June 1829 Toronto, Ont; m 31 May 1817 Harvey GILBERT; 7 children.

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Joel Bigelow b. 1747-8 & Rev. War
Posted by: Marilyn Everts Critari
Date: October 31, 1999 at 09:49:03
    I just received form back from Archives saying they had no record of Joel Bigelow b. 10 Jun 1747, Weston, Middlesex, Ma., d. Mar 1815, Salisbury, Addison, Vt. He served, I thought, as private with Capt. Rice's Company, Col. Williams' Charlotte County New York militia. Is my information correct? And, if so, to whom do I write to in New York to get pension info? Thanks for any help.
Subject: Bigelow / Garfield
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 07:39:23 -0500 (CDT)
From:   (Christine Mercer-Cleasby)

Dear Rod,
Last fall I came across your info on the web on Martha Bigelow. I am researching the Garfield family tree. I was wondering if we could talk
further regarding your info? Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank-you, Christine
When one is working on ones family tree, they should make sure not to work so hard on it, that they find out they may have married their own cousin! - Chrissy
I came across your info on Martha last fall. On #16228.43 - Fanna Fisk -You have a death date of 02/17/1866, according to the print out I got from Schroon, NY her death date was 02/07/1866. I was wondering your source, so I can double check that one and these records from Schroon. They also list her place of birth as Whiting,VT. You have her married to a Seelacius. All records I have, have his named spelled Selucius. You have him as the son of Elisha. Records I have, have him listed as the son of Elijah. My interest in all this, is that it seems this Elijah is my G.G.G.G. Grandfatther. And after running into a few brick walls, I decided to try going down some of the spouses lines to see if I could find out anything more.
#16228.46 - Ansel - is that a male or a female?
#16228.4D - Stephen Bateman - how does he fit into all of this?

Now in regards to Mercy Bigelow....... I too had her as a daughter of Joshua Bigelow and Elizabeth Flagg. Where does Bond correct himself? Also I was wondering about this Howe error.
I would REALLY appreciate any info you have or come across on the Garfields, ESPECIALLY ELIJAH. It seems according to all the records I have read that he originally moves to Schroon with out any family, then two sons join him in 1806 at young ages, but there is no mention of his wife coming or being buried there or of his son Caleb C. Garfield, my G.G.G. Grandfather, ever going there. After calling and writing to everyone I can think of in NY and VT, I still have not come across any real info on either one of them. So I would really appreciate any help you may offer on those two.
Sincerely, Christine

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