16228.8     Levi 6  BIGELOW, son of  Joel 5 ( Benjamin 4 , Jonathan 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Abigail (CALL) BIGELOW, was born 18 December 1786 at Springfield, Windsor county, VT. He married, on 28 March 1807, Margaret Kilbreath, daughter of John Kilbreath. She was born at Point Cardinal, Edwardsburg, Ont, 25 April 1789. Her father John Kilbreath was a United Empire loyalist, and as such, all his sons and daughters were entitled to receive land grants from the Crown, as John had served in the British forces in the America Revolution. After Levi's marriage, he went to live at Ogdensburg, NY, then removed to Canada and taught school a year prior to 1812 at Rednersville, in the township of Ameliasburg. During the War of 1812, he received the appointment of Sergeant in the local militia, and in that capacity served in the Quartermaster's department during the war. He then moved his family to York (north Toronto) and lived there until 1823, then moved to Port Hope, Ont. While in Toronto, he was in the mercantile business two or three years, then Deputy Sheriff at York four or five years, and resigned when he moved to Port Hope to take up a farm in lot 26, 3rd Concession, for his services in the War of 1812. He was a prominent member in the Masonic Order. His wife died 16 September 1854 at Bowmanville, Ont. Levi then lived with his daughter Sarah Maria, at Port Hope. He died as a result of a fall on the stairs in her home, living but four days after the accident. He died 22 December 1869.

Children of Levi and Margaret (Kilbreath) Bigelow:

16228.81     John, b _ Mar 1808 Ogdensburg, NY; d there 10 June 1809.

16228.82t    James Kilbreath, b 23 Dec 1809 Ogdensburg, NY; d ____ ; m 06 May 1837 Mary Duff; res 1888 Chicago, IL. 5 children.

16228.83t    Ellen Sophia, b 03 Sept 1812 Ameliasburg,Ont; d ___ ; m 14 Feb 1837 John Beavis; res Oak Park, IL. 8 children.

16228.84     John, b 23 Feb 1815 Toronto, Ont; d 04 Sept 1851.

16228.85t    Sarah Maria, b 06 Mar 1817 Toronto, Ont; d 25 Dec 1874 Port Hope, Ont; m 24 Nov 1839 Robert Charles Smith. 8 children.

16228.86t    William, b 29 Mar 1819; d ____ ; m 09 Nov 1850 Rebecca Ann Graham; res Marmora, Ont. 5 daughters.

16228.87t    Margaret Catherine, b 20 June 1821 Toronto, Ont; d 30 Oct 1883 Peterborough, Ont; m 1 Jan 1850 Dalton Ullyott. 6 children.

16228.88t    Robert Charles, b 15 Sept 1824 Port Hope, Ont; d ____ ; m 26 June 1849 Clarissa Walt; res 1888 Chicago, IL. 5 children.

16228.89     Robert, b 5 June 1826 Port Hope, Ont; d 6 Nov 1829 Port Hope, Ont. [The unusualness of this younger son named for the elder one, leaves some doubt as to whether there might not be an error here.]
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Big Soc errs in assigning 16227.8 to Levi; and lists Levi 5 as father.
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citizenship papers for Benjamin Bigelow;
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court records and church records Charlotteville, Ont;
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     As a young man, Levi followed two of his older brothers who had emigrated to Canada; Joel, who settled in Newmarket, Ont; and Benjamin, who lived first in Toronto and then at Charlotteville, Norfolk co, Ont. On 28 Mar 1807, Levi married Margaret KILBREATH, who was born 25 Apr 1789 at Point Cardinal in Edwardsburg Twp., Grenville co, Ont. Her father, John KILBREATH was a United Empire Loyalist who had served with the British forces during the American Revolution. he and all his children were therefore entitled to receive land grants from the British Crown in Canada. A federal land grant is registered to a Margaret BIGELOW residing in Edwardsburgh Twp. on 16 June 1807 for lot 4, Concession 10 in Winchester Twp., Dundas co.
     After their marriage, Levi and Margaret lived for a few years just across the St. Lawrence River at Ogdensburg, NY where their first two children were born. They then moved back to Canada where Levi taught school in 1811 at Rednersville, in Ameliasburg Twp, Prince Edward co. During the war of 1812, he served in the Quartermaster's department with a rank of Sergeant in the 4th Company of the Inc. Militia Regiment.
     After the war, Levi moved his family to Toronto, York co, where he was in the mercantile business for a few years. He then served as Deputy Sheriff of York. A land lease for Lot 27, Concession 7 in Edwardsburgh Twp. is registered on 23 Nov 1816 to a Levi Bigelow residing in York. Another federal land grant is registered in the name of Levi Bigelow, residence York, on 16 Feb 1821 for Lot 26, 3rd Conc. in Madoc Twp., Hastings co. This land was given to him for his services in the war of 1812. There is some confusion with this land grant as The Bigelow Genealogy, Vol. I indicates that Levi and his family settled near Port Hope in Durham co. His mother Abigail's history states that after being widowed, she went to live with her son Levi at Bowmanville which is in Darlington Twp., Durham co. She died there on 2 May 1849, aged 92 years.
     Levi, during his lifetime was a prominent member of the Masonic Order. Margaret died 16 Sept 1854 at Bowmanville, Ont. Levi then went to live with his daughter Sarah Maria at Port Hope, Ont. He died as a result of a fall on the stairs in her home, living four days after the accident. he died 22 Dec 1869 at Port Hope.

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