Hannah 6 BIGELOW

 16228.1     Hannah 6  BIGELOW, dau of  Joel 5 ( Benjamin 4 , Jonathan 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Abigail (CALL) BIGELOW, was born 4 Sep 1776 at Springfield, Windsor county, VT. She married, on 16 Dcc 1801, Timothy Evarts, son of Gilbert and Rebecca (Chapin) Evarts. He was born Addison county, VT 2 May 1775. Family tradition says "they both attended the Academy of Middiebury, VT," and he afterwards taught school in that town, but subsequently became engaged in a general transportation business on Lakes Champlain and Ontario. He removed to Canada in the interest of his business, and settled at Hamilton, Ontario circa 1807.
     On the breaking out of the War of 1812, he refused to take the oath of allegiance to the Crown, and consequently was arrested and his property confiscated, which left him destitute with a family of nine children. He was released on his parole of honour, and at the close of the war, after suffering many deprivations, he and his family with other American expatriates, managed to reach Buffalo, NY, and spent the winter in barracks. In the spring following they moved up the lake to where the Huron River (MI) flows into the lake, and lived there several months.
     After many more hardships, with the assistance of friends, he settled on an 80 acre farm in Jefferson twp, Richland co, OH. He soon after was appointed to teach the first school in the locality. Both Timothy and Hannah were respected members of the community, and he died there 28 July 1846, she on 2 Mar 1849.

Children of Timothy and Hannah (Bigelow) Evarts:

16228.11     Chistopher Columbus Evarts, b 3 Dec 1802 Middlebury, VT; d KY May 1841; m 5 Sep 1822 Sarah Coleman, daughter of Richard and Susan Coleman, b 8 June 1804 Oldtown, MD; d 9 Aug 1880; he left home for KY 1841 and is said to have died there.

16228.12     Gilbert Chapin Evarts, b 12 Dec l803 Middlebury,VT; d l2 Mar 1886 Robinson, KS; m 14 Dec 1826 Catherine Walters, daughter of George and Mary A. (Shaffer) Walters, b 15 July 1811 Steubenville, OH, d 20 Mar 1885; res Robinson, KS. Large family.

16228.13     John Joel Evarts, b 4 May 1805 Middlebury, VT; d 26 July 1830; m 22 July 1829 Mary Spayde, daughter of John and Catherine (Leed) Spayde, b 1813 Reading, PA.

16228.14     Timothy Evarts, b 14 July 1806 NY; d 5 Aug 1876 Sigourney, IA; m 20 Mar 1831 Charlotte Baxter, b 21 Aug 1811 Mt. Vernon, OH, daughter of Peter and Mary (Leonard) Baxter; d Sigourney, IA 28 Sep 1883.

16228.15     Elisha Evarts, b 8 May 1808 Hamilton, Ont; d 10 Dec 1887 Marengo, OH; m 12 Apr 1838 Elizabeth Ann Miller, daughter of John and Elizabeth (McCord) Miller, born 15 Jan 1812 Millon, PA; living 1888.

16228.16     Reuben Evarts, b 12 Dec 1809 Hamilton, Ont; d 21 Dec 1888 Belleville, OH; m 5 Apr 1840 Rebecca Howard, daughter of Henry Howard, b 12 Apr 1818 Somerset co, PA; d 21 Sep 1876 Belleville, OH, and had:
                         a. Andrew Evarts, b 29 July 1840; m 17 Sep 1874 Maria Stanton.
                         b.Cyrus Evarts,b 10 Feb 1842; d 8 Feb 1844.
                         c. Eli Evarts, a twin, b 31 Dec 1843; m 22 Dec 1868 Sarah Lafferty.
                         d. Levi Evarts,a twin, b 1 Jan 1844; m 28 Dec l875 Ella Ridenour.
                         e. Annette Evarts, b 30 May 1846; m 28 Dec 1875 Adam Zimmer.
                         f. Reuben Evarts jr, b 28 Nov 1847; m 20 Feb 1871 Annette J. Rhodes.
                        g. Comfort Ann Evarts, b 14 Nov 1849; m 2 Dec 1874 James M. Reed.(see below)
                         h. Alvorda Evarts,b 19 Jan 1851; m 24 Sep 1874 Peter Horn.
                         i. Robert Evarts, b 17 Feb 1853; m 10 Oct 1877 Abigail Cutting.
                         j. Rebecca Evarts, b 3 Mar 1855; m Joseph Shelly.
                         k. John Howard Evarts, b 18 May 1857.
                         l. Sarah E. Evarts, b l8 Apr1859; d 30 Apr l88l.

16228.17     Esther Evarts, b 22 Feb 1811 Hamilton, Ont; d 27 June 1853; m 3 June 1838 Robert Cutler, son of Robert of Sarah (Wrinch) Cutler, born Aug 1808 Beccles, Eng.; res Hebron, NE.

16228.18     Benjamin Franklin Evarts, b 22 Feb l8l2 Toronto, Ont; m (1)9 Mar 1836 Elizabeth Stealts, daughter of William and Catherine (Shewey) Stealts; (2) 29 Aug 1849 Catherine Jolliff, daughter of John and Catherine (Shaffer) Jolliff, b 29 Apr 1819 Wooster, OH; d 10 Apr 1880; res Bryan, OH. (see below)

16228.19     William Henry Evarts, b 14 Apr 1813 Toronto, Ont; d 28 Feb 1885; m 6 May 1838 Nancy Allison, daughter ofWilliam and Jane (Patton) Allison, b 13 June 1814 near Pittsburg, PA; res Clyde, KS.

16228.1A     Margaret Evarts, b 06 Apr 1815; d 1815.

16228.1B     Rebecca Evarts, b 28 June 1818 Jefferson, OH; 1888 res Eugene, OR; m (1)7 May 184_, William Smith of PA; (2) Oct 1853 Wilson Fisher, b OH 28 Sep 1817; b 1 June 1863.

16228.1C     Levi Evarts, a twin, b 20 Oct 1819 Jefferson, OH.

16228.1D     Lucy Evarts, a twin, b 20 Oct 1819 Jefferson, OH.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume I page 310-311;
Big Soc errs in assigning 16227.1 to Hannah.
Howe,Bigelow Family of America.
Hi, I noticed you have 2 Jolliff's in your database online.  Do you have any more info?
Charles Jolliff
Catherine Jolliff
Would really appreciate any additional info.Thanks
Marilee Meador Jolliff      Mmj1945@aol.com
Only info from volume I pp 310-311:
Catherine Jolliff, b 29 Apr 1819 Wooster,OH; m 29 Aug 1849 Benjamin Franklin Evarts; d 10 Apr 1880; res Bryan,, OH; dau of  John and Catherine (Shaffer) Joliliff
Subject: Hannah Bigelow
Date: Sun, 2 May 1999 02:09:43 -0500
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Just starting researching ancestors and see a Hannah Bigelow who married Timothy EVARTS (my paternal line) in 1801 or 1802 in Vermont. Couple weeks ago, I got on a link that gave an exhaustive Bigelow history and now can't find it.  Can you help?  (My father's middle name was Bigelow). Thank you for your assistance and I am enjoying your site.
Marilyn Critari      critari@vsta.com
Subject: Question
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 17:33:17 EST
From: Nicole Reed      NBoberg99@cs.com

I am looking for information on my great grandmother, Comfort Ann Evarts (born Nov 14, 1849), who is related to the Bigelow family.  She was married to James M. Reed from Ohio on Dec 2, 1874.  When we enter Evarts name, Bigelow
appears and we would just like more information on this.
Thank you!
Nicole Reed
Akron, OH

16228.12 Gilbert Chapin 7 Evarts, son of Timothy Evarts and Hannah 6 Bigelow, dau of  Joel 5 ( Benjamin 4 , Jonathan 3 , Joshua 2, John 1) Bigelow, was born 12 Dec 1803, Middlebury, Addison co., VT.  On 14 Dec 1826 he married Catherine Walters at Richland co., OH.  He died 12 Mar 1886 at Robinson KS.  Catherine Walters (see below) was born 15 July 1811, at Steubenville, OH, the daughter of George and Mary A. (Shaffer) Walters. Catherine died 20 Mar 1885, Robinson, KS.

Child of Gilbert and Catherine (Walters) Evarts:

16227.121   George Walter Everts, was born 17 Dec 1840 at Knox co., OH.  On 24 Dec 1861 he married Emeline Marcella Bell at the M. E. church in Bellville, Richland co., OH.  Emeline was born 26 June 1843, Hancock co., OH and died 27 August 1903 at Murphysboro, IL.  George Walter died 3 May 1913 at Veterans' Hospital at Leavenworth, KS.  He was a Civil War Veteran.  Both are buried at Tower Grove Cemetery, Murphysboro, IL.

Children of George Walter and Emeline Marcella (Bell) Everts:

1.   Francis Arthur Evarts, was born 4 Dec 1862 in Bellville, Richland co., OH.  On 16 May 1894 he married Annette Gurney at
Bellville.  He died 21 Oct 1928 at Washington DC.  They had one daughter known, Frances.

2.   Emma Bell Evarts, b  03 Mar 1864 Crestline,Crawford co.,OH; d 28 Feb 1865;

3.   Carrie Edna Evarts, b 02 Feb 1867 Crestline,Crawford co.,OH; m 16 June 1898 Andrew Watson; d 26 Apr 1899 Murphysboro, IL; bur. Tower Grove Cem., Murphysboro,IL.

4.   Charles Dewey Evarts, was born 14 Oct 1871 in Crestline, Crawford co., OH.  On 9 Feb 1898 he married Lizze Randall at
Greenville, Wayne co.,MO. He married second to Charlotte Elizabeth, and died 16 Sep 1952 at Belleville, St. Clair co., IL.

5.   Alma Gertrude Evarts, b 15 Oct 1873 Crestline,Crawford co.,OH; d 30 Apr 1946; m(1)10 Mar 1892 Owen E. Wheelock; m(2) 14 Oct 1896 G.Willis Moore; m(3) J. W. Lawrie. 1 child: Celia Emeline Wheelock; m ____ Boyer

6.   George Hoover Evarts, (twin) was born 15 Nov 1875 in Lexington, Stark co., OH.  He died 5 Sept 1965 at Vets Hospital, Marion, IL. George was a Spanish-American War Vet. Buried Ava Evergreen Cem,Bradley twp.,Jackson co, IL.

7.   Rezin Gilbert Evarts, (twin)b 15 Nov 1875 Lexington,Stark co.,OH; d 5 Sep 1948; bur. Ava Evergreen Cem.

8.   Egbert Evarts, b 30 Sep 1877 Doylestown,Wayne co.,OH; d 05 Aug 1878.

9.   Lee Edgar Evarts, b 20 July 1879 Doylestown,Wayne co.,OH; d 10 May 1880.

10. Roy Garfield Evarts, was born 11 Feb 1881 in Doylestown, Wayne co., OH.  On 11 July 1900 he married Gertrude M. McMahon in Murphysboro.  He died 26 Nov 1950 in Chicago, IL.  Gertrude was born 22 Sept 1881, DeSoto, IL and died 25 Jul 1945 Murphysboro, IL.  Both are buried at Tower Grove Cemetery, Murphysboro, IL.  Gertrude was daughter of Michael S. and Emma (Kolb) McMahon and grandaughter of Matthew and Prudence (Spaulding) McMahon.  Mathew McMahon was born in Co. Clare, Ireland. Roy and Gertrude had two children.
                a. Justin Bigelow EVERTS, was born 25 July 1903 in Murphysboro, IL.  About 1925 he married Gladys Dyer
                in Chicago, IL.  Gladys was daughter of Victor and Sarah (Payne) Dyer.  Gladys died in August 1985 in Omaha,
                Nebraska.  Justin died 20 Jul 1973 in Chicago, IL. They had two daughters: Marilyn L. EVERTS m 22 Sep1965
                Donald David CRITARI; and Carol A. EVERTS.

                b.Violet M. EVERTS, b ___ ; unmarried.

11. dau EVERTS, b 25 Mar 1883; d 25 Mar 1883.

12. Bertha Elizabeth Evarts,  9 May 1887 Onida, Sully co., SD; d __ 1914.

Marilyn Critari
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E-mail:  critari@vsta.com....letter in June 1999 with information from Gilbert Chapin Evarts to Marilyn.  "Evarts/Everts used

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  Could not get to Catherine Walters information on link

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