Abigail 6 BIGELOW

 16228.2     Abigail 6  BIGELOW, dau of  Joel 5 ( Benjamin 4 , Jonathan 3 , Joshua 2, John 1), and Abigail (CALL) BIGELOW, was born 16 March 1778 in Springfield, Windsor county, VT. She married Joseph Osyer, b 08 March 1769, and died 25 December 1831 at Townsend, OH. They lived a few years in Ontario. She married (2) in 1842 Josiah Tucker, with whom she lived a few years at Enterprise, OH, when they separated. She went with her family to Michigan, and died at Unadilla, MI 05 October 1851.

Children of Joseph and Abigail (Bigelow) Osyer:

16228.21     Sally M. Osyer, b probably Salisbury, VT; supposedly died young.

16228.22     Joseph Marshall Osyer, b 27 Sep 1800 Salisbury, VT; d 3 July 1853 Belleville, OH; m 1831, Philenia Phelps, daughter of David and Anna (Phillips) Phelps, b 16 Aug 1809 Alexandria, NH, d 13 Mar 1850 Belleville, OH. They had:
                      a. D.N. Osyor; res Columbus, OH.
                      b. Hannah Custard; res Harrod, OH.
                      c. Cyrus M. Osyor; res David City, NE.

16228.23     Consider V. Osyer, b ca 1802; died young.

16228.24     Laurilla Osyer, b 14 Apr 1804; d 1869 Dexter, Washtenaw co, MI; m 6 Jan 1824 Cyrus Waggoner, son of George and Mary Waggoner, b 24 May 1802 Genoa, NY; d 9 June 1850 York twp, Washtenaw co, MI while on a journey from OH to MI, by being thrown from a horse.
(see below)They had:
                       a. J. Marshall Osyor Waggoner, b 8 Oct 1826; d 24 Oct 1902 Detroit, MI; a lawyer in Toledo, OH.
                       b. William T. Waggoner, b 29 Aug 1828; d 16 Aug 1867.
                       c. C. E.G. Waggoner b 8 Apr 1832; d 28 Sept 1864.
                       d. Mary Abigail Waggoner, b 11 June 1834; d 12 Feb 1863; m __Thompson.
                       e. James Q.M. Waggoner, b 2 Apr 1837; res CO.
                       f. Joel V. Waggoner, b 18 Mar 1840; res CO.

Bigelow Family Genealogy Volume I page 311;
Big Soc errs in assigning 16227.2 to Abigail.
Howe,Bigelow Family of America;
Bible inscriptions Waggoner family, Detroit public library.
Subject: Cyrus Waggoner & Laurilla Osyer
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 12:52:56 -0700
From: "Elaine Waiters" <edwaiters@charter.net>
I saw your website on the Bigelow family and am interested in your reference to your
listed source, "Bible inscriptions Waggoner family, Detroit public library."  I am descended
from George and Mary Waggoner through a brother of the Cyrus Waggoner who married
Laurilla Osyer, daughter of Abigail (6) Bigelow.  I have researched the Waggoner family for
several years.
Does the library have an actual bible or was there a book which quoted the bible?  Could you
please tell me whose Waggoner bible it was and what names are listed in it?  Do you think
the Detroit library would make copies of family pages if I wrote to them.  I would greatly
appreciate knowing more about this bible.  If you have copies of the family pages, could I
pay for copying and postage?  Thanks so much for your time and any help you can provide.
Elaine Waiters

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