This is Jared's new stone, inscribed: "JARID BIGELOW ; 1788-1842".
(A newer headstone placed over the old one, which was broken in many places and buried under this one.)

# 16314.13     Jared7, son of Ezra6, (Ezra5, David4, Lt. John3, Joshua2, John1) BIGELOW and Rachel (WHEELER) BIGELOW, was born at Manchester, Bennington,VT on 07 March 1788. About 1803, the family moved to Clinton county,NY There in 1806, Ezra was named in his father's will. In 1810 at Peru,Clinton,NY, Jared married Sarah BEAMAN, known as Salley, a Mr. Cochrane, Justice of the Peace, officiating. She was born 1786 and was living in 1870.see headstone picture and info below
Jared served as an army teamster in the War of 1812 and his widow tried to claim pension, but was rejected because teamsters were not considered part of the armed forces. Jared died 18 April 1842 at Schuyler Falls, Clinton,NY. Big. Soc. had no dates for Sally.
* Headstone for Jared found in Turner-Roberts Cemetery. This stone is laying down, face up, and looks like a recent copy of an older one. This new one has inscription:"Jarid Bigelow; 1788-1842." There is a second stone to the east, very close, laying face up:"J.IRAD Bigelow;died Apr 18, 1812; in 51 year" The date is most likely 1842 which would agree with Big. Soc. information. This second stone was found by the Historical Society, buried under the first stone and moved to it's present location.second headstone picture below.

The following is an estimate by the Bigelow Society and my additions "*" through research of the family of Jared and Sarah (BEAMAN) BIGELOW:

16314.131       a daughter, born cir 1812 (age 15-20 on 1830 census).

16314.131*     Tamson 8, b cir 1813?, Schuyler Falls,Clinton,NY;died 12 Sep 1874 Plattsburgh,Clinton,NY;m cir 1830 to Isaac T. AYER, who died 23 Mar 1889;they are buried next to "Sally Beman wife of Jerrey Bigelow" in the West Plattsburgh Union Cemetery,Morrisonville,NY;see headstone picture below. There is no mention of Tamson in Bigelow Society records as of this date.

16314.132       Amy 8 , born circa 1814 (age 10-15 on 1830 census);married (1)*Hiram FRENCH and possibly (2) Stephen CALKINS; was living in 1870; *Amy born circa 1812, died 22 Aug 1896 Plattsburgh,Clinton,NY; *(headstone information found in West Plattsburgh Union Cemetery,Morrisonville,NY, buried next to Stephen CALKINS, who died in Civil War?)see link *Headstone of child "Jared;son of;Hiram & Amy FRENCH;died June 27,1843;age 4 yrs; 6 mo". see link

16314. 133       Hiram 8 , born 10 July 1817; died 27 June 1879 Chateaugay, Clinton,NY; married Mary Ann _______; residence Brainardsville,Clinton,NY. *10 children.

16314.13?      *Ezra, 1880 Census Chateaugay lists Uncle Ezra 64 yrs old staying with Harmon (son of Hiram(8));Ezra b. ca 1816 would fit, have to be born Schuyler Falls?; Ezra b. 1818,,NY. was listed in the 1850 Census as a farmer in town of Burke,Franklin Co.,NY.(Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II, page 535)with children: Laura b.1840,Eli b.1842, Polly b.1844, and William b.1847; There was Ezra with Hiram in Chat.in 1840 Census and in Burke 1850 Census and then later age 64 with Harmon 1880. which would be birth ca 1816. Could use some help on this!!

16314.13?       *Fanny 8 (Fannie) BIGELOW, born 3 Feb 1819; died 13 Feb 1915 Plattsburgh,Clinton,NY;(Stone is inscribed wrongly as 1945);married Stephen RICE on 29 Nov 1845 in Peru,Clinton,NY; he was born 4 Sep 1821 Manchester, Bennington,VT;and died 28 Oct 1904 Plattsburgh,Clinton,NY; they are buried in the West Plattsburgh Union Cemetery,Morrisonville,NY; Stephen RICE..#16314.126 was son of Isaac RICE and Mercy BIGELOW, and brother to Laura M. RICE BIGELOW ( my great, great grandmother, wife of John8) Not sure if Fanny is daughter of Sally Beaman BIGELOW, their headstones are just a short ways apart. see headstone picture below.

16314.134       Alzina, born cir 1821 (age 5-10 in 1830 census);married _______ DAVIS; she was a widow, as was her sister Amy in 1850, both living with their mother Sarah; probably born in Schuyler Falls.

16314.135       John 8 , born cir 1824 (age 5-10 in 1830);married 29 Jan 1846 in Pownal, Bennington,VT to Laura Mercy RICE, daughter of Mercy (BIGELOW) and Isaac RICE; Laura was first cousin, her mother Mercy was sister of Jared; Laura was born 18 May 1814 in Bennington, Manchester,VT; John died Cir 1902?; Laura died 14 Jan 1894 Plattsburgh,Clinton,NY; she is buried in West Plattsburgh Union Cemetery,Morrisonville,NY with her son Hiram; Marriage place found in LDS file Cornwall(microfische)4/26/95 RJB.

16314.136      a son,(age 5-10 in 1830).

16314.137      a daughter, (under age 5 in 1830).

Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol I,pg 325.
Bigelow Society,The Bigelow Family Genealogy Vol II,pg 233.
1830 census records;
pension application Jared Bigelow's widow Sally;



These are 2 pictures of Jared's Headstone found under the new stone in Turner-Roberts Cemetery in Schuyler Falls, Clinton, NY. It was moved to it's present location by the Historical Society and is resting just east of new stone, face up. It is badly broken, but is inscribed: "Jarid Bigelow; died April 18, 1842; in the 54 year of his; Age." Polly (Bigelow) Roberts' stone is to the right

The stone to the left says "Sally Beman; wife of; Jerrey Bigelow; died; Feb 1, 1876; AE 89; Thy mother shall rise again." To the right is: "Tamson Bigelow; (broken)wife of?; Isaac T. Ayer; died; Sept 12, 1874; AE 62" To the right of Tamson is: "Isaac T. Ayer; died; Mar 23, 1889; AE 81"
There is a stylized "R" at the top and the inscription is:" Stephen Rice; Sept 4, 1821 - Oct 28, 1904; his wife; Fanny Bigelow; Feb 3, 1819 - Feb 13, 1925." There are more pictures on the fanny.htm page.

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